Snehituda Telugu Full Movie || Nani, Maadhavi Latha || Satyam Bellamkonda || Sivaram Shankar

Dear. Son. How long
will you sleep? Get up.
Oh, God! Oh, God! My little kid
is sleeping and you’re shouting?
l am not shouting.
– Then? – l am waking him up.
Really? As if you are
waking up dogs in the outhouse.
Tommy, get up. You know who he is.
He is the prince of this house.
That’s how you wake up a prince?
Then how do we wake him up?
– Hold this.
”lt has dawned.”
”The moon is gone.
Shall we get up now?”
What, Mom? – You booked
tickets in advance to see..
..first day’s first show of
your favorite star’s movie, right?
You should go there now, right?
Now get up, dear.
You are my dear son,
aren’t you? Get up.
The show’s at 11 o’clock, Mom.
– lt’s already 10.30.
Get up.
– lt’s already 10.30? – Yes, son.
Have this coffee
first and take a bath.
l will prepare the breakfast.
You come with me.
Son, look how tasty
pancake is. Have a bit, son.
Leave the pancake, this gaari
(food item) is better.
You wait a minute.
Leave the gaaris.
Forget gaaris and all.
Don’t force him. Have this chutney.
Someone’s remembering you.
Have some water.
Good morning, Dad.
Good morning, Mom.
You could’ve hired a
maid when go out of town.
l see. She might have a
problem from me, right?
What can we do? Self-service.
No gas. lt means no coffee.
No water. No bath.
lf he sees me now, l will
face third degree torture.
You must be wondering why
l am afraid of a watchman.. spite of being the
owner of such a big apartment.
This is not my apartment.
You got a shock, didn’t you?
l will give you another shock.
The black and white
candidates in that photo..
..are also not my parents.
You got one more shock, right?
When they are not my parents
and when this is not my house.. must be thinking
what l am doing here, right?
To know that you
must know who l am.
To know who l am you
must know my flashback.
You must’ve seen
flashbacks in so many movies.
Come closer. A bit more.
‘l don’t know who my
mother is, but great mother..’
‘She left me near a gate.
But l didn’t stay quiet. No.’
‘l cried hard enough to
shatter the gate. And that was it.’
‘The house-owners came
out hearing my cries.’
What is it? – He is a small kid.
Someone left him here.
First, make him stop crying.
– How?
How? Feed him some milk.
Stop it. Feed him milk. From a
bottle. Not your milk. Go inside.
Calm down, dear. Have milk.
Have milk. Have milk.
Dear, he’s laughing, isn’t he?
– Quite naturally.
Just now he had a bottle of milk.
– Come on. Don’t talk like that.
Dear, shall we keep him with us?
– Keep him with you.
l will keep someone else.
What else l say?
l am already suffering..
‘My laughter melted mummy..
l mean that man’s wife..’
‘..but that dad, her husband
didn’t have mercy on me.’
‘That’s why he left me in
front of the adjoining..’
‘No, in front of the
opposite house’s gate.’
Dear, finally he came
in front of our house..
l think God has sent him to us.
– Who sent him? God?
He came back to our house
because we left him here.
Next time, l won’t do this.
Colony change.
‘At a time when l
should’ve been sleeping..’
‘ my mother’s lap my
life’s journey began.’
‘ln this way, l changed gates,
hands, wheelchairs..’
‘..and became big enough
to change apartments.’
Dear. – What?
– Did you lock all the doors?
Yes, l did.
– The bedroom? – Yes, l did.
The cupboard?
– Yes, l did. – The storeroom?
Oh ! lf l lock your mouth and
throw the key in the manhole..
..l will get rid of this problem
forever. – Oh ! Don’t be angry.
l know you very well.
You would even block..
..the drainage hole to
make sure mice don’t enter.
‘Even though my fate
never cooperated with me..’
‘ age and size cooperated
with me well to enter houses.’
Dear. – What?
– You forgot to lock the main door.
Thank God you are my wife.
l forget almost everything.
‘And l became the
owner of that empty house.’
‘l played all the games
present there just like Tendulkar.’
‘When l got bored l watched TV..’
‘..and when l wasn’t, l cycled.’
‘When l was hungry l pounced on
whatever l got in the fridge.’
‘When my stomach was full l
slept like a tiny Kumbhakarna.’
‘And when l heard the
door’s sound l realised that..’
‘..the owners have returned
and so l checked out silently.’
‘That’s all. l think
l am really lucky.’
‘As soon as l came out,
l saw a nice Muslim family.’
‘They were shifting house and
l joined them as one of them.’
Kids, you sit in the backseat.
Boy. – Sir. – My car will be
going ahead. You follow me.
Okay, sir.
Come on, dear.
Come on. Come on, kids.
‘l thought l would join that
family as a wicketkeeper..’
‘..that looked like
lndian cricket team.’
‘But that family’s captain,
l mean those kids’ father..’
‘..treated me as extra
player and threw me out.’
‘But l didn’t lose my confidence.’
‘l saw another house.’
‘From that day onwards,
l shifted from one house..’
‘ another house and
one bungalow to another one.’
‘Whichever house was locked,
it was mine.’
To put it simply l
am like air and light.
They would enter the house
even if there is no one.
But l come only when
there is no one around.
You must be wondering
how l enter these houses.
l won’t tell you. Just
watch it on your own.
Why did you press the calling bell?
– l pressed your bell?
lf you didn’t press it how
did the calling bell ring?
How would l know?
– You rang the bell to misbehave..
..with me as my husband is
not there at home, right?
Oh, really! Have you seen
your face in the mirror?
You look like a ghost
with magnifying glasses.
You called me a ghost?
You are a skeleton.
l am not a skeleton.
You are an elephant.
Get lost, you airless tyre.
– Go away, gasless cylinder.
Get lost.
– You get lost.
How would the bell ring
if you didn’t press it?
You have gone mad?
– You did it to trouble me.
Get lost.
– You get lost. – You get lost..
Hey, stop. Who do you want?
l came from Secundrabad House.
Secundrabad House?
Where is it located?
Beside Hyderabad House.
– l see.
Flat number 903 has ordered pilaf.
l came for door delivery. – lt’s
been two days since they left.
They won’t return till
tomorrow afternoon. – ls it so?
Thanks, Brother. Take this.
– Why?
For giving me information.
l told him there is no
one at home and he says..
..l gave him information?
How would l care?
Thanks to Mr. Samaran..
..l got a pilaf
packet today. Superb!
Personal diary.
Hey, if anyone reads this
diary without my knowledge..
..his head will
shatter into thousand pieces.
That’s not for me. That’s
for others. l should read it.
My name is..
– Samaran.
She is my wife. Her name is Kanakam.
l have one son. His name is Jagadam.
– Oh !
His name is not Jagadam.
The movie we saw last night..
..on TV is ‘Jagadam’.
His name is Sharanam.
Swami Sharanam.
– Sharanam. Sharanam.
That’s the problem with him.
He forgets everything.
You know what happened once?
lt was our neighbour
Lakshmi’s son’s birthday.
The three of us went to the party.
We had the dinner and went on
to the stage to give the gift.
And that was it. Everyone
was giving the child a gift..
..along with a peck on the cheek.
He too gave a peck..
..not to the child,
but to his mother.
That was it. She slapped him hard.
l didn’t do it intentionally. After
l got on to the stage, l didn’t..
..know what l should give whom
and l did that in confusion.
That’s what is called
forgetful nature.
You have a big network. l know it.
But whoever knows about
our network in this city..
..shouldn’t be there in activation.
Sir, l am the one who called.
– Who are you?
l am the president
of this apartment.
The theft took place in the
ninth floor. – At what time?
l was in the office till 12 o’clock.
lt must’ve taken place after that.
– l see.
Hey! Where were you at night
instead of doing your duty?
l was here all night.
l don’t know when they entered.
– Were you sleeping?
– Why did police come here?
There’s been a theft
in your adjoining flat.
The owners are not present
since four days. This flat.
Come on. Come.
Hey, there’s been a
theft in our adjoining flat.
l wonder what happened to our flat.
l am going inside.
You bring the luggage.
Oh ! What’s this lift problem now?
l will have to carry the
whole luggage l think.
– ls it Dr. Samaran?
l am not Dr. Samaran.
l am reporter Samaran.
Was there a theft in your apartment?
– Yes, right.
There was a theft in our apartment,
but not in our flat.
You do one thing. Call
me after ten minutes.
l will give you a full report then.
l will tell you.
Why are you worried?
Yes, what do you want?
– l don’t want anything.
l just came to tell you
that a number of thefts..
..are taking place in
this area. Close your doors.
Okay, thanks.
By the way who are you?
– l see.
Excuse me!
ls your husband the one who
forgets everything? – Yes, son.
But how do you know that
my husband has weak memory?
l am a salesman, but he
was calling me policeman.
Did he say that? Thank God
that he called you policeman.
He called his own wife a
maid once. You know that?
Really? And the maid?
– l feared that he might.. her wife, so, l fired her.
– You did the right thing.
You know what happened once?
– No. l already read it.
Now when you go home he might say..
..he didn’t open the door,
then how did it open?
First of all, go and see that.
– He might even say that.
He is a forgetful husband.
Lock. Door. Door. Lock.
Why are you still standing here?
– No.
The house-key is still in my hand.
Then who opened the door?
– You said that?
That kid told me right
then that you might say so.
Which kid?
– That salesman kid.
But there is no one over there.
Like megastar sees..
..Mahatma Gandhi in
‘Shankardada Zindabad’ movie..
..has she seen some salesman?
lt’s getting late.
Why doesn’t he come yet?
Greetings, sir.
– Greetings.
The one lawyer Jogarao sent..
– lt’s me.
What’s your name?
– Sheikh Christopher Shastri.
What’s that three-in-one name?
l came to give fake evidence,
sir. That’s why l got that name.
”lgnore if it’s right or wrong.”
”Grab whatever you get.”
”You are the king of thieves.”
”Know what would happen next.”
”You’ll be in trouble
when you are caught.”
”You will get a
thrashing in the jail.”
”You are a hero if you could
grab dollars in white collar.”
”The biggest thieves end
up in the central jail.”
”But there are many
sections to outside..”
”Life is a party if
you have money, brother.”
”Life is a party if
you have money, Brother.”
”lgnore if it’s right or wrong.”
”Grab whatever you get.”
”You are the king of thieves.”
”lf you have the credit
card and the debit card..”
”..the whole world
will be in your pocket.”
”You are wasting your life..”
” making calculations.”
”Your life is short.
Live it to the fullest.”
”lf the talk-time is over,
lt will be a big zero.”
”So, forget all the
logic and enjoy life.”
”Because that is how
life is, Brother.”
”That is how life is, Brother.”
”lgnore if it’s right or wrong.”
”Grab whatever you get.”
”You are the king of thieves.”
”Abracadabra. This is an illusion.”
”Whatever you see in front
of your eyes is an illusion.”
”Have faith in your talent.
Trust me, Brother.”
”Get that fire in your body.”
”We won’t get what we want.”
”Golconda fort has no king.”
”ln this confusion, grab
whatever you can get.”
”Because that is how
life is, Brother.”
”That is how life is, Brother.”
”lgnore if it’s right or wrong.”
”Grab whatever you get.”
”You are the king of thieves.”
Take a bath.
”Clouds have gathered..”
Mummy seems to have
cooked a different variety..
ln this house, there are
no humans. There are ghosts.
Greetings. My name is Sai.
l swear on my mother..
..l am not a thief. And also,
this is not fair.
Owners lock their
doors and go out..
..but they don’t stay inside.
Listen, please don’t
look at me so seriously.
l am really not a thief.
l enter empty-homes..
..and stay for a night and
leave in the morning. Honestly.
Now, you tell me, since
the time l came here..
..l roamed only in the
hall and the kitchen..
..but l didn’t go towards the
bedroom and the safe, did l?
lf l was a thief l would’ve
first gone there, right?
l didn’t go there, did l?
So, l am not a thief, right?
Don’t look at me like
Goddess Ammavaru in the temple?
l am feeling scared. Say something.
l said talk to me,
not to the policemen.
Please say something.
– lf you want me to leave you..
..then you will have to do as l say.
– Yes, tell me, madam.
Do you have a bike?
– That’s the only thing l have.
ls this really your bike?
– This is mine.
Actually what
happened in 1984 is that..
Cut the chase and take me to
some mid-night restaurant.
Two chicken pilaf.
Two chicken chop-suey.
And two chicken Manchurian.
One diet Coke.
And one Sprite. Okay?
– Okay, madam. – Get it fast.
Yes, madam. Sure.
Hey, why did you get
lump in the throat?
No, l mean you ordered
all my favourite dishes.
Sorry, madam.
Why are you staring like that?
lf you too are hungry
order coffee or tea.
Coffee or tea?
All right, madam. All right.
Do you have money?
l have a bracelet, madam.
– Hand it over in the counter.
Oh !
Hey, Chiru, what happened?
Lousy woman. She escaped.
She must not have gone too far.
Search her in every lane.
She must be in front of me.. an hour. Go.
– Come on, move.
Excuse me! Do you have
only that one house..
..or do you have one more house?
– Why?
Will you break into that house also?
No, l asked it just like that.
– Shut up and keep driving.
Okay, madam.
She looks great.
Where did you catch her?
You didn’t catch her?
So, she caught you?
Great. Once upon a time,
would chase girls..
..but now girls are
chasing boys. New generation.
By the way, where are you from?
– Hyderabad.
Local. Hey, she’s a
local girl. She’s our girl.
Hey, this is not college-time,
this is not even tuition-time.
Where are you two
going at this time?
ls it love?
– No. Lust.
Yes. We like each
other and decided upon it.
So, we are going to the lodge now.
To the lodge? What for?
You don’t know what a young
couple goes to lodge for?
l know that. But do your
parents know about it?
They are the ones who
encouraged us and sent out.. it was not possible at home.
– Really? – Really.
– l swear on you.
So, that’s the matter.
We need not say anything to them.
lf their parents sent them
on a date as simply as..
..sending them to the EAMCET exam..
..then we should first arrest
them to teach them a lesson.
What’s your father’s name?
What’s his phone number?
Tell me, girl.
– Then note it down. 100.
l didn’t ask you to tell
me the police control room.
l too told you my father’s office
number. – So, your father is..
– Commissioner?
Which commissioner?
– lnspector, you are working.. the police department
and you don’t even know.. many commissioners
are there in the city?
ln this city there
is one commissioner..
..five joint commissioners,
..44 assistant commissioners,
..7182 police constables,
in total there are..
..8132 people working in
the police department.
First of all, go and find out who
they are, what their names are..
..what are their phone numbers,
who are their relatives..
..who are their friends,
who are their near ones..
..who are their dear ones, and
then stop people like this, okay?
Now, just move away.
Enough of staring. Come on.
Sir, is this girl really
commissioner’s daughter?
Or how else would she
get so much information?
l doubt it.
– l don’t have any doubt at all.
Are you really commissioner’s
daughter? – No.
l just said it to escape from him.
Then how did you get
those numbers right?
l didn’t say that. Pavan
Kalyan said that in ‘Annavaram’.
ln this city what one commissioner..
..five joint commissioners,
..44 assistant commissioners,
..7032 police constables,
the entire police department..
..of 8132 policemen couldn’t do..
That reaction is enough.
Now, let’s go.
Where shall l go?
– ls there petrol in your bike?
The tank is full.
– Then ride it till its over.
What other option do l have?
For entering your house..
You left me sleepless
and now, you are sleeping?
Finally, we reached your home.
Hello! Your home..
– You ruined my action dream.
Really? Your home is here.
– My home?
She’s home. Catch her.
Why did you bring me here?
– lsn’t this your house?
Did l say this is my house?
– What are these new twists.. midnight, madam?
lsn’t this your house?
Oh, God! They are coming. Please go.
– Catch her.
Who are they and where shall l go?
Oh, God! l beg you. Please take
me somewhere first. – Get her.
Hey, come on.
Catch her. Catch her..
You acted as if you are
the owner of that house.
Because of you, l lost my bracelet.
My bike broke down
and l almost died.
lf that was not your house
what were you doing there?
l am asking you.
Who are you? Tell me.
Oh, God! He is asking me who l am.
What shall l tell him now?
What shall l say? What shall
l say? Savi, come on. ldea!
Think of some idea.
Think of some idea.
”Has anyone ever
seen a walking star?”
”l am the portrait that
can leave one spellbound.”
My name is Savitri.
My friends call me Savi.
l don’t have anyone.
l am a chorus singer.
Mr. Keeravani liked my
voice and promoted me.. the main singer.
l took all my friends to a pub.. celebrate that occasion.
Someone tried to trap me
there and spiked my drink.
Without knowing about it,
l had that drink.
l didn’t have any idea
what l did in that state.
And when l got over that high,
l was in that house.
Then l realised that
someone had kidnapped me.
You know what happened after that.
Did he believe me?
He must’ve believed me.
Do you feel like you saw
my story somewhere else?
l don’t feel like l saw it,
but l feel l heard it somewhere.
So, he didn’t see that movie.
Then that’s my flashback.
Fix upon it.
How does it matter to me
what your flashback is?
Whatever had to happen
has already happened.
Now onwards, you go your way
and l’ll go my way. Goodbye.
Hey, you are leaving?
– What else do you expect?
To sell my bracelets
and helmets? Get lost.
Please. Please. Don’t go.
l am scared of the dark.
These days even ghosts are
afraid of the dark? Get lost.
He is throwing attitude.
l thought of giving him company.. he is there alone and
he is throwing attitude.
ldiot. Hey, are you a man?
When a guy sees a girl alone,
he thinks of taking advantage.
But you are leaving
me here in the rocks.
Don’t you have a mind?
Oh, God! Did l say too mind?
Has he really left?
What shall l do now?
What are you doing?
– Removing my jacket.
Can’t you see it?
– What for?
Just now, you asked me if
l am a man or not, right?
l too had a doubt.
l just wanted to make sure..
Right since my childhood
l never got a chance.
This is the first time.. Just once.
Just once..
– What does it mean?
l mean that.
– That means?
That means that. Come on.
Have you seen your
face in the mirror?
Anyone with half a brain
would want to see America.
Or want to see London.
But just because one is free one,
won’t go to see Sri Lanka.
lt will take me just two
minutes to do something to you.
But l won’t do anything.
Not just me, but even if..
..someone else does something
l will be blamed for it..
..because police saw
us together. Come on.
Where? – Till you find a path,
l will keep you with me.
Did you mean it in a
straight way or a wicked way?
Who cares?
He is afraid of policemen.
So, it would be safe
for me to be with him.
Are you coming?
– Hey, stop!
Hey, who is that?
Just because the owners are not..
..there at home, you thought
the watchman took a leave?
Watchman Lingaraju is still on duty.
Hey! lf you are courageous
come from the front..
..but not from the back. Hey!
Hey! Don’t mess with Lingaraju.
Hello! Enough of staring.
lf you go and take a bath..
..we can go to sleep.
What’s wrong with him!
Earlier he said he would keep me..
..and now he is saying
we would go to sleep.
What is there in his mind?
– There’s only one thing in mind.
What any lecherous man
would have in mind..
..for a young girl, he too
had the same thing in his mind.
What are you staring at?
Go and take bath.
That demon planned to
enter the bathroom..
..while she takes bath in
the bathroom to molest her.
To know what problem
that girl faced..
Why did you stop? Go.
– No, l won’t.
You won’t take a bath?
– l won’t.
– My body. My wish. l won’t bath.
Okay, don’t bathe. We were
roaming outside since morning.
Our bodies got completely sweaty.
So, l thought you won’t
stink beside me while sleeping.
How would it trouble
you when we go to sleep?
Because you would sleep next to me.
Did l say l would sleep next to you?
You didn’t say that, but you
said you are afraid of the dark.
l thought you would feel
safe to sleep next to me.
To feel safe?
And also, it’s not dark here.
There are lights all around.
l will switch them off.
– You will switch them off? Why?
lf we don’t switch them
off someone might notice it..
..and both of us will be in trouble.
Hey, you saw my figure and you got..
..evil thoughts in your mind, right?
Figure? You?
lf you feel so arrogant for this.. should Anushka feel then?
How should Eliyana feel?
How should Asin feel?
You have gone mad
before going to bed. Go. Go.
She thinks she’s got a great figure.
Lingaraju. Lingaraju.
– What?
Good morning, sir.
– What’s the smell? Did you drink?
l didn’t drink, sir.
Actually, the alcohol drank me.
How are you guarding the house?
l am guarding the house
with my eyes closed, sir.
All right. All right.
Because of that particular reason..
..your master handed me your..
..and the home’s
responsibility to me.
They are great people, sir.
– Sign here.
l am not big enough to
give autographs, sir.
Then how big are you?
– Very small, sir.
Sign here.
– Okay, sir.
Welcome to Gemini News.
Additional A.C.P. Mr. A.K. Khan..
..released photos of the
suspected gang which..
..breaks into locked
homes at night and robs them.
Their age is estimated
to be between 25-30 years.
There are more than 50
complaints against them.
A.K. Khan said that they
will be caught at the earliest.
Some day his photo will also
appear on TV in the same way.
No way. Come, we shall sleep.
After working all night,
my body is aching.
Now, l have to get fresh
and get back to the job.
When l was a kid an
astrologer said that l would..
..lead a king’s life, but l
didn’t understand it then.
l think he was talking about this.
l might not be a king, but
l am leading king’s life.
Who’s there? Start the music.
What’s this? The music
started as soon as l ordered.
l see. l am a king.
l should swing a bit more.
”Enjoy, my dear. Enjoy, my dear.”
”We were born. We grew up.”
”We were born.
We grew up. What for?”
”lt’s for the same reason.”
”Enjoy, my dear. Enjoy, my dear.”
Where’s the towel?
lt’s not here.
l kept it here, but it went there?
lt’s such confusion.
That’s why we shouldn’t do
anything without drinking.
Now, brushing is done. No one
will know even if l won’t bathe.
Master is not at home.
l should comb my hair at once.
She’s not there.
Spirit. She’s a spirit.
All these days l got drunk..
..and thought l was
alone in this house.
Only now when l am sober
l learnt that there is..
..a female spirit in this house
along with me. She’s a spirit.
Keys. Why are you
staring at me in this way?
You.. you.. – Surekha, your
boss’ girlfriend. – Surekha.
Surekha, have you
given him the keys?
Who is he?
– My boyfriend. Suresh.
But just now you said you
are my boss’ girlfriend.
Yes, l am his girlfriend
and he is my boyfriend.
Lingaraju, if Kittu calls
tell him we went outside, okay?
Who is this Kittu?
– Your boss.
But his name is Ramesh.
– Yes, it’s Ramesh.
l call him Kittu.
Why are you confused?
– l am really very confused.
How did you enter
the house last night?
You’re the one who took us inside.
– Me?
You forgot it?
– Me?
Kittu did tell us that you
don’t remember anything..
..when you are sober.
Wait, l will get him to talk to you.
– No, sir. No.
A few days ago when
he asked me to go to..
..Gandhi shop and
bring some boondi (snack)..
..l went to brandy
shop and brought wine.
And he deducted half my salary.
Now, if you call him, he
will deduct my entire salary.
No, sir. – All right. l am
leaving you only because you are..
..requesting so much.
But we came here..
..on some confidential work.
No seventh eye
should know about this..
..other than your boss and us.
– Seventh eye?
Two eyes of mine. That girl’s
two eyes. Your boss’ two eyes.
How many?
– Six.
That’s why l said no seventh
eye should know about it.
l too saw it. l too have two eyes.
lt doesn’t matter at all.
– Why so?
Because we are a team.
You are already with us.
That’s why we don’t count you.
You carry on.
– Stop.
You said we are a team, but
you didn’t give me anything.
l didn’t ask for a slap.
– Then?
l asked for a bottle of alcohol.
– Oh ! That?
l will bring it when l come back.
– Okay. – You carry on.
Kids. Come on. Come on. Come on.
l am here. l brought
them for everyone.
Here. This is for you.
This is for you.
You are wondering
why a nomad like me..
..brought you here?
l might be a nomad..
..but there are many other
nomads waiting for me here.
l like this place and these
kids very much. You know why?
Because l was also
born and brought up here.
Hello! Don’t get too sentimental.
l didn’t bring you here to show
them to you and win you over.. a typical Telugu movie hero..
You are also just like me.
Just wanted to show you some..
..nomads. l mean l thought
of introducing you to them.
You can treat them as friends
or relatives or near ones..
..whatever you wish, but
treat them as your people.
Chintu, where are
you going? Come here.
”Who are you?”
”Who are you?”
”Who are you?”
”How are you related to me?”
”Why am l so important to you?”
”Before you, no one..”
”..came so close to me.”
”One moment you make
me angry, next moment..”
” make me smile.
You make me forget the world.”
”What is this bond?
What is our relationship called?”
”l have no answers
to this question.”
”Who are you?”
”How are you related to me?”
”Why am l so important to you?”
”l can’t explain the
reason behind it..”
”..but l met you when
l needed you the most.”
”You have stolen my heart.”
”You made a place in my heart.”
”l wonder what spell
you have cast on me.”
”l feel like walking
in your footsteps.”
”Who are you?”
”How are you related to me?”
”Why am l so important to you?”
”l was wandering
without direction..”
”..and you have given
birth to dreams in me.”
”When you shout at me
and teach me things..”
”..l have seen myself in you.”
”Oh, dear time, oh,
dear destination, tell him..”
”..that he has become my life.”
”How are you related to me?”
”Why am l so important to you?”
”Before you, no one..”
”..came so close to me.”
”One moment you make
me angry, next moment..”
” make me smile.
You make me forget the world.”
”What is this bond? What
is our relationship called?”
”l have no answers
to this question.”
Sir, sir, sir.
– What? – l was waiting for you.
Why? For your alcohol?
– No, to tell you the matter.
– Yes, her boyfriend.. Your Kittu..
Did he make a call?
– No, he would call everyday..
..but he didn’t call today.
– How will you get his call..
..if the wire is cut?
– What did you say?
That we brought half bottle
in place of quarter bottle.
– Don’t thank me, Lingaraju.
We have got some important
work inside. Don’t disturb us.
You come with me.
There’s important work inside?
What can be most important.. this age?
So, l would get a free show today.
l will have this half
bottle and watch that full show.
No one weaves it so loose.
lt was so difficult to sleep.
Hello! This is not for sleeping.
lt’s for sitting.
lt’s called ‘diwan’.
– l know it. You carry on with it.
What’s the rush?
What are you staring at?
– l mean you two inside..
What can you see from here?
Why don’t you come inside and
see it directly? – Directly?
Yes. – lt won’t look
nice if l see it directly.
l will tell you how it would look.
Surekha. – Yes, Suresh.
Why did you call me? – Look,
Surekha. Lingaraju’s peeping..
..from the hole to see
what we are doing here.
From the hole?
What’s this, Lingaraju?
What can you see from the hole?
lf you had asked me l would’ve
opened the door for you.
Yes. And why do you hesitate
in front of us, Lingaraju?
Suresh said that
we are a team, right?
Even if we are a team,
l can’t see you from here.
l would just be disturbing you.
– Disturbance?
You are thinking just too much.
We won’t feel any disturbance.
You won’t?
– Yes.
Why? – Because we would
be busy with our work.
Why would we feel disturbed?
Okay, do one thing.
You sit on the sofa and watch it.
You can see it clearly.
– Clearly?
Why are getting so shocked?
Actually, how can l
watch it from afar..
..when l should also
be doing something?
Then you too
participate in it with us.
l think l would get a
heart attack from the shocks.. are giving me. You do
your work, l’ll save my heart.
You can go outside, but
what you saw here.. – No, no.
l won’t let any
seventh eye know about it.
The offers you gave me,
even my master Ramesh..
..l mean your Kittu, even he
didn’t give me such offer.
Happily do your job.
– You may go now.
What’s wrong with him?
He doesn’t want to watch TV.
And when we ask to join
us in our work he says..
..he says it would disturb us.
What happened to him?
Do we need to worry about him?
We have a lot of work.
We need to do some serious pulling.
Hey, Lingaraju, come out.
– Please come, sir.
What? You want my autograph?
You are not a celebrity
to give us an autograph.
Let’s go inside.
– What for, sir?
Come on. – My name is not
‘come on’, sir. Lingaraju.
Oh, really! Come in now.
Cheers! – lt’s strange.
We are getting bumper offers today.
When your time’s good
that’s how it happens.
Sir, have you ever
seen someone doing that?
That means..
– l mean that..
But natural. Anyone
would slap in this way.
But why are they so open?
Mr. Lingaraju.
– Sir.
No one should know
that we drank here.
Sir, l don’t have the habit of
talking behind people’s back, sir.
You will really not
tell anyone, right?
That’s what irritates me,
sir. You have been coming here..
..since two days. Did l tell
you that they are there inside?
You think l will tell them
about you? – They are inside?
Who are they?
– They are our people, sir.
They came here on
some confidential work.
No seventh eye should
know that they are here.
Don’t ask me. Oh !
Now you have only five eyes.
Tell the sixth one.
Who are there inside?
There are my boss girlfriend
and her boyfriend, sir.
Your boss’ girlfriend?
– Yes, sir.
This is called one
cutting one’s own leg.
Hey! – Hey! Open the door.
– Open the door.
Open the door.
– Open the door.
Who’s there?
– Open the door.
Open the door.
– Open the door. Can’t you hear us?
Who’s there? – Who’s there?
Open the door. – Open the door.
Sir, they are running away.
Hey, catch at least this couple.
We would get a promotion.
Sir, let’s go on the jeep.
– What for the jeep? Run. – Ok.
”Hail Mother!”
Oh, God!
– Sir, l can’t run further.
Hey! – What, sir?
– Did any boy and girl go this way?
l don’t understand
his language. Let’s go.
”Hail Mother!”
”Hail Mother!”
Hey! – Sir. – Did Arundhati
have a bottu (dot on forehead)?
Yes, she has one, as
big as one rupee coin.
Then why is this
Arundhati not wearing one?
What are you saying, sir?
She has one.
Sir, l don’t know what
happened to your eyes..
..but there is L. B.
Prasad eye institute nearby.
Shall we go and get checked, sir?
– Cut it.
l’ll beat you to pulp. Let’s go.
What happened now, sir?
Who is the heroine in
the movie ‘Arundhati’?
Anushka, sir.
– Do you need to blush for that?
He blushes for everything, sir.
Then why is there a new
heroine in this movie?
Sir, Arundhati is running.
– Catch them.
Stop. Stop.
– What happened now, sir?
We shall separate. You two
go this side. – And you?
l will go this side.
– Shall we run? – Run.
Hey, they are coming this way.
We won’t catch them.
We will attack them at once.
– lt’s difficult to hit them..
..with eyes open, Brother.
– Then close your eyes.
Okay, then.
– Oh, God! O God!
Hey.. it’s me, your S.l.
– Sorry, sir.
You two planned this beforehand.
l will teach you both a
lesson in the station.
Sir, we can see that later.
They are running.
Let’s catch them first.
– Stop.
Where will they go?
You two go this side.
l will go this side. – You went
on that side and got thrashed.
What’s the need for that, sir?
We shall run together
in the same direction.
Then run !
– Run !
Have they gone that side?
l think they will come to this side.
We are lucky. You sit here.
l will manage them and come.
Come fast.
Sir, it’s him.
– Catch him.
Excuse me, sir!
– Yes. – lt’s my vehicle, sir.
– Yes, sir.
Then how did your vehicle’s
door open with my remote?
lts lock is not working well,
sir. Anyone can open it.
l think that’s your vehicle.
– Oh ! l am sorry.
lt’s okay.
Please. Thank you.
Same colour. Same model.
Hey, l will kill you if
you get smart with me.
They must reach here by morning.
Greetings, Sister Rehna.
– Greetings.
What’s the matter?
You left then and came here now?
What shall l do, sister Rehna?
l took advance from you.. bring a nice girl.
l searched all over Hyderabad..
..but l didn’t get
even a single girl.
Then why did you come here now?
To show me your face?
There is a girl inside.
l will show you. – Show me.
You thought l didn’t
see you, right? Come.
l have left the door-lock open
only to trap girls like you.
Great! She looks
like a piece of moon.
Then will you fix
the rate for this moon?
Samba, settle his account.
– Come with me.
Shall we go inside?
– The girl’s great.
Where did you get her?
– Come on.
l won’t come. Leave me.
Hey, open the door. Please.
– Hello, sir! – What?
There’s a new figure.
lt’s a fresh piece.
She’s firsthand. She’s really great.
l am not in the mood right now.
– Come here just now.
You will get into
that mood on your own.
All right. l am coming.
Hang up the phone.
”My pet name is Susheela.”
”My body is full of spice.”
”My hometown is Cheerala.”
”l am a fully grown-up girl now.”
”My dress says that
l am a big girl now.”
”Your looks say that l
must raise my rate.”
”My pet name is Susheela.”
”My body is full of spice.”
”When l shake my waist..”
”..a crowd gathers around me.”
”How do l hide my beauty?”
”When my heart beats hard..”
” skip a beat.”
”What is my fault in this?”
”When l am dying, my body..”
”A baby crow comes and bites me.”
”l am in trouble. l am in trouble.”
”One guy shows me notes.”
”One guys shows me his car.”
”And another one pulls my hand.”
”One guy gives me his house.”
”One guy brings scotch for me.”
”And another one
buys me a diamond ring.”
”When l was wearing a
sari on my terrace..”
”..three young kids
were staring at me..”
” different places,
at different places..”
”My pet name is Susheela.”
”My body is full of spice.”
”My hometown is Cheerala.”
”l am a fully grown-up girl now.”
”My dress says that
l am a big girl now.”
”Your looks say that l
must raise my rate.”
Come on, sir. Please come. Sit down.
– Sister. – Bring the girl.
Trying to get smart
with us? Come on. Move.
The girl’s very cute, sir.
She’s a fresh candidate.
Leave me.
Come on.
You won’t leave her if you
see her once. – Come on. Move.
Sister, someone is taking her away.
Hey, Salim, Samba,
Malli, Mastan ! Get her.
Come on.
Come on.
Who are you all?
How did you come inside? Watchman !
We are called thieves.
Those who scream on
spotting us are called owners.
A thief matures and
turns into a murderer.
When an owner screams..
..he dies.
They must’ve gone to this side.
Come on. – Come on.
Not here. Let’s go
to some other house.
They are there outside. – Still it’s
okay. Let’s get out of here first.
You stay quiet.
Did you understand now why l
am saying not to go inside?
A person is dying here
and you are saying..
..that we should just ignore him?
We will die if we stay here.
Come what may,
we must save him first.
Savitri, listen to me.
– Listen. – l am serious.
– We shall first get out of here.
What are you searching for?
lf they come here..
Don’t leave your
fingerprints all around.
Let’s not get trapped
in unnecessary cases.
He needs first aid. – You want
to save his life with first aid?
lt’s not possible now. Listen to me.
We’ll get out of here first.
Shut up and search it.
Enough of searching, girl.
Let’s get out of here first.
Call police first.
– Police?
lt’s a murder case.
Can’t you see it?
lf you go inside once,
you can’t come out.
Wipe it first.
– Listen.
Listen. First of all let’s
get out. We can think of..
..these things afterwards.
– Phone..
Who are you calling?
– Hello! Ambulance!
Please come here fast.
A man is dying here..
Come here fast.
He lost a lot of blood.
Don’t beat me. l don’t
know anything. – Speak out.
You saw that? That’s
what is called third degree.
Now, tell me. Did you
stab him or you stabbed him?
Or you stabbed him together?
– Sir, we are not murderers.
Really? Hey! – Sir. – They
say they are not that type.
Then what are you? Robbers?
Sir, you have misunderstood us.
Yes. Then make me understand
it correctly, girl.
What were you two doing
there at that time? Dating?
No, sir. We were
walking on the road and..
..we heard loud screams. We went
inside to see what happened..
..and that man was lying on
the floor drenched in blood.
We gave him the first aid
immediately and then called you.
ls it so? After you threw
Pavan Kalyan’s dialogue at me..
..and fled l too started
watching Telugu movies.
Say something else.
– Sir, l am telling the truth.
And what about being
commissioner’s daughter?
lt’s.. – No one will give
anyone a chance to fool one twice.
l am no different.
Sir. – Good evening, sir.
– Prithvi. – Sir.
l asked you to tighten the
security at the C.M. house.
Have you done it?
– Yes, sir.
l sent two patrolling S.l.s
and four extra constables, sir.
Very good. Any more reports?
– Sir, we arrested.. boy and one girl in
road number 15 murder case.
What? The murder attempt
case of that financer?
Yes, sir. – That financer
came to senses. – Sir.
He said that boy and
girl didn’t stab him. – Sir.
He has also given a
written statement. Leave them.
But we caught them on the spot, sir.
– Then do one thing.
Sir. – Take their details.
lf required we’ll call them again.
Okay, sir. 203.
– Sir.
Take their statements.
– Okay, sir.
You come, boy.
– Yes.
Greetings, sir. – Greetings.
– Please come. Sit down.
You called me here urgently?
– You filed a complaint..
..that you daughter has gone
missing, right? She’s there.
Actually, l filed the
complaint without your knowledge.
A wave is a part of the ocean
only till it’s with the ocean.
Once it reaches the
shore it become separate.
lt’s no way related
to the ocean anymore.
C.l., my man filed the
complaint by mistake.
l don’t have a daughter.
The one l had died long ago.
My father’s name is Srinivas Rao.
For him, reputation, dignity,
discipline are very important.
Not just in our village, but
even in the nearby villages..
..he was well-respected.
ln order to save that respect,
he would not mingle freely..
..not just with the villagers,
but even with his family members.
One day, when he was not at home..
..we all planned a
program to have some fun.
Uncle’s coming.
Shyamala, l can’t hear any sound.
Who is the next participant?
Hey, deaf woman..
– What are you saying?
Who is the next participant?
– Blind man.
Who else? Your elder son.
What? Our elder son
is also walking today?
Not just today, father,
l go for a walk daily..
..but today l didn’t go for a walk,
l went to city on work.
l see. So you are
coming from the city?
l thought you were
walking on the ramp.
What ramp?
– lt’s not ramp, Brother.
lt’s camp. Camp.
Father thought you
returned from a camp. – Yes.
Right, Father? – ls that so?
Then that’s what it is.
l asked you to go to Panchayat
(village council) office, didn’t l?
l was going there, but l
stopped when l saw you.
l shall go now, Brother-in-law.
– l am also coming.
Bhargav, where is Savitri?
She is studying in her room, Uncle.
– Coming.
What is it? – Tomorrow, at 10am,
a family is coming.. see Savitri for a match.
Tell her that. – Okay. – Brother.
– Savitri is still studying.
Do we need to get
her married so soon?
l got you married when
you were studying, right?
l know very well when
things should be done.
How can l tell him that?
Please you too come with me..
Tell him.
Go tell him.
Daddy, with whose permission
did you arrange this meeting?
Just because there is
no one to question you.. think you can do
just about anything?
l am going on a tour
to Goa tomorrow.
Cancel this meeting
with that family?
There’s no response at all.
Daddy’s not here.
Look behind.
Daddy standing behind you.
– Brother-in-law.
What is it? You came to talk to me?
l don’t want to get
married so soon, Daddy.
l mean l still want to study.
– What do you want to study?
l am doing my graduation right now.
– Yes.
Then PG. Then specialisation course.
And then?
– Then? Then l would get married.. the suitable groom
you would choose for me.
Right? The suitable groom
that you would marry then..
..has approached us now.
That’s why we have arranged
this meeting. – But Father..
l thought about it well
before taking this decision.
Stop worrying about
unnecessary things..
..and go to sleep.
– Daddy. – Goodnight.
Mr. Ram Mohan Rao,
the priest told me..
..everything about you.
Having an alliance with your
family is our good fortune.
Hasn’t your son.. – He said my
decision will be final decision.
Even though he studied in Oxford..
..he respects his parents a lot.
– That’s really wonderful.
Sir, the auspicious moment
will pass in another half an hour.
lf you could call the girl now..
– Sure. Anjali.
Son, you shouldn’t suck
your thumb. Remove it.
No. Don’t do that. lt’s very
dangerous when he opens his mouth.
What danger! He is not a kid
any longer to such his thumb.
Remove it, son.
– Shiva, she hasn’t come yet.
Tell them to bring her fast.
– Okay, Brother-in-law.
Uncle, sister is not there at home.
She left home this morning.
Anjali, where is Savitri?
– She is not there at home.
What happened?
– lt’s..
Why are you so disturbed? Wondering
where your daughter has gone?
She must’ve gone to
meet one of her friends.
ls this the first time
she left home in this way..
..or has she gone earlier as well..
l mean to meet her friends.
We got some great
matches for my son.
But we thought we won’t be
able to handle a city girl..
We thought a village girl would
be traditional and well-cultured.
But after coming here we
learnt that good culture..
..depends not on places,
but on upbringing.
Has she gone with one
of her female friends..
..or has she eloped with some..
l am sorry. l didn’t
mean it.. Please don’t mind.
And also these days it’s
quite common for girls.. leave home and come back.
We shall go now. Let’s go.
‘And also, these days it’s
quite common for girls..’
‘ leave home and come back.’
What happened, Savitri?
Ma’am, l need to go home urgently.
Ask the driver to take me back.
– lt’s not possible, Savi.
We are 200km away from the village.
lt’s not easy to go back.
– Then l will get down.
What’s this, Savitri?
lf there is something.. should’ve
sorted it out beforehand..
..but after coming this
far you changed your mind?
Only after going far away we
know the value of our near ones.
l don’t want to go any
farther from them, ma’am.
Hello! – Mummy, l am Savi.
l need to talk to daddy.
Okay, dear.
Dear, it’s Savitri.
We might be able to bear to
see an irresponsible son..
..but we won’t be able to
bear a disgraceful girl at home.
We don’t have a daughter.
The one we had died this morning.
lf anyone talks to her or
lets her enter the house again..
..will see my dead
body in this house.
She is as slim as the
latest laptop. Superb! Get down.
Wow! The desktop’s great.
– Yes, Brother.
Hey, babe! Don’t be serious.
lf you would cooperate with
me a bit l would check you..
..your files, their space and
properties in a cool manner.
– We don’t need to talk to her.
Hey! Cool.
– Leave me.
Just because we got a
shock at the table..
..we won’t direct our
anger on the CPU, will we?
We would cool it down.
This is also the same. – Leave me.
lf we throw her in our
flat for a couple of days..
..she would invite us
for chatting on her own.
Get her inside. – Get in.
– Lower the volume and get in.
Then they threw me in a
guesthouse with force.
l didn’t know what l should do.
But l was lucky that
he got a call then..
..and all of them went out.
l thought this is a nice
chance to escape. But no way.
l was thinking what l should
do and then you came there.
l thought of using you to get out.
That’s why l lied to you.
l am sorry.
Oh, God!
The way you started
it l thought you had..
..a flashback like Arundhati.
You call this a flashback
and you call this a problem?
What’s the name of your village?
My daddy likes to jog every morning.
Everyone jogs for a good health..
..but my dad jogs to
remember his love story.
When my daddy was a teenager,
he saw a girl.
And he fell in love with her.
And then he started..
..going out with her.
Like all love stories, my
dad also had a common problem.
Both of them got
married to different people..
..and got separated.
My dad didn’t forget her yet.
That’s why he named me
after her and goes to.. their love spot
everyday and feeds red fish.
Other than that aunt and
my dad no one else knows..
..that there are red fish there.
You are thinking how
l knew about it?
l read my dad’s personal diary.
Hey! Hey! What are you doing here?
Don’t shout. Red fish.
They will escape.
Red fish? How did you know
that there are red fish in this?
My mom told me.
– Your mom told you?
What’s your mom’s name?
– Savitri.
”Oh, beautiful jasmine!”
”Oh, beautiful jasmine, oh,
beautiful parrot..”
”Who is my beloved one?
Who is my soul-mate?”
”When will he enter my life?”
”Oh, beautiful jasmine!”
Did your mom come with you?
– Mom?
She got into the water for
the red fish and drowned in it.
What does it mean?
– lt means she is dead. – Dead.
My mom loved this village,
these trees..
..that stream very much.
When she was alive l
couldn’t bring her here.
At least now if l stay here l
will feel like she is still with me.
Mother. – Then.. where are you
staying in this village, son?
l don’t know anyone in this village.
So l settled here.
ln the farms?
You don’t need to stay
here as long as l am there.
Come, let’s go to my house.
– To your house?
You are asking me so
many details since so long.
Who are you? What do you do?
Actually.. Actually my
name is Srinivas Rao.
l am a headman of this village.
Srinivas Rao?
My mom said that she has her
near ones in this village.
Are you that person by any chance?
”He comes into my
early morning dreams.”
”l want to see him,
but he closes my eyes.”
”That handsome guy, my match..
Where is he?”
That means she too didn’t forget me.
What’s your name, son?
– Srinivas Rao.
”Oh, stars, when will he come
in front of me?” – Srinivas Rao.
”Oh, beautiful jasmine..”
”Oh, beautiful jasmine, oh,
beautiful parrot..”
”Who is my beloved one?
Who is my soul-mate?”
”When will he enter my life?”
Uncle. Uncle.
– ”Oh, beautiful jasmine..”
lt seems you have
gone somewhere else.
Come, we shall talk at home.
– Okay, Uncle.
What’s this? Not even a
single servant is visible.
Where have they gone?
Where are you all?
What? You think he is a servant?
No, he is my elder uncle.
His name is Anand.
He is like a nice poppadum.
My uncle loves me a lot.
When l left the house he
was not there at home.
Even if he was there he
couldn’t have done much.
lf Vikram had three
shades in ‘Aparichitudu’.. uncle has two and half shades.
You see only half now.
You will see the rest later.
l am coming, brother.
Did you call me, Brother?
The room above is vacant, right?
– Yes, it is vacant.
Take him there. – Okay, Brother.
– Who is he, brother?
ls that necessary?
– Okay.
– Brother, it just slipped. Take it.
So what’s your name?
– Srinu.
Okay. Who do you know tiger?
– ls he tiger?
That’s what he thinks he is.
Tell me what the matter is.
We are very close. We are
very close. We are very close.
Really? Are you that close?
Without my knowledge?
Tiger doesn’t give
anyone even an old vessel..
..without a reason. How come
he gave you a room for free?
l told you that ours is
a special relationship.
That’s why l get this extra care.
– l see.
l can see that you
are good-for-nothing.
l saw that. Put your hand now.
Look, he might have
given you the room for free..
..but l am very strict. There
are some rules and regulations.. this house.
– lt’s all right. You can tell me.
l will hear you for free.
– We close the main gate after 10pm.
You can close it. l
will jump over the gate.
You think you are smart.
lf you jump over the gate..
..there will be dogs over there.
– l have biscuits.
l can manage a few things.
ls this my room? – Yes.
l will go now if you give my bag.
Oh, God! He is not an
ordinary guy. He’s quite stubborn.
l will see.
Bring the oil.
Brother, give me those..
Lower your voice please.
– Hi!
Why are you staring
at me in that way?
Didn’t Mr. Anand tell you about me?
– He thinks he is the C.M.
As if we have to make an
announcement before his arrival.
Mr. Anand, l am talking to you.
You didn’t tell them about me?
l forgot it. His name is Srinu.
Brother’s good friend.
He is staying in the room
above for free. Goodbye, son.
Sir. Sir. You are leaving?
– l already introduced you to them.
Now, them?
– You introduced me to them.
Won’t you introduce them to me?
– l see.
l have to do that as well?
She’s my sister-in-law.
Tiger’s wife. She is a pussycat.
‘That means she is Savi’s
mother.’ Greetings, Aunt.
She’s my mother. She can’t hear.
He’s my father. He can’t see.
And he’s my younger brother.
He talks all the times.
She is our sister.
– Greetings. – He’s her husband.
– She is their daughter.
And he’s my son. Stop doing that.
She’s my wife. She’s my daughter.
We all live together.
That’s our family photo.
All the people in this
photo are present here.
Nice. Then who is this girl?
Why are you silent?
Tell me who she is.
l am asking you and
you are looking at uncle?
At least you tell me, uncle.
Look, l asked you to
stay in this house..
..but l didn’t ask you to
interfere in our matters.
You better stay in your limits.
You got it?
You named him Tiger?
You should’ve called him fighter.
Why did he become so serious
when l asked about that girl?
Son, uncle reacted that
way because he must be..
..stressed due to something.
You please don’t mind.
The girl in that photo is our
daughter Savitri. – ls that so?
She is not around here.
Where has she gone, aunt?
Actually.. Actually.. – She lives
in the hostel, Sister-in-law.
Right. And why did you all
stop working? Get back to work.
Yes. You come on.
We celebrate this festival
at our home in a grand way.
Today, after
worshipping Lord Krishna..
..everyone touches elders’
feet and take blessings from them.
l don’t know the exact
reason why they do this..
..but this is our
family’s tradition.
No one should miss this occasion.
lf someone misses it
elders think it is inauspicious.
But for the first
time l am missing it.
”Oh, Rama, Radhe Shyama..”
”Govinda entered the
house like a thief.”
”He stole the butter and threw
mud at us and stole the saris.”
”Oh, Rama, Radhe Shyama..”
”Govinda entered the
house like a thief.”
”He stole the butter and
threw mud and stole the saris.”
”He plays the flute and
pulls you towards him.”
”He mesmerises you
and troubles you.”
”He plays the flute and
pulls you towards him.”
”He mesmerises you
and troubles you.”
”O Rama, Radhe Shyama..”
”Govinda entered the
house like a thief.”
”He stole the butter and
threw mud and stole the saris.”
”On the banks of
Godavari when she dances..”
”..l shall swing in joy.”
”ln the farms while
singing in joy..”
”..l want to enjoy the honey.”
”When the parrot smiles
sugarcane offers itself.”
”When you bite a
chilly it makes you cry.”
”Look at the beauty around you.”
”Adorn your door with the flowers.”
”Boil the milk and
enjoy the festivities.”
”Adorn your door with the flowers.”
”Boil the milk and
enjoy the festivities.”
”O Rama, Radhe Shyama..”
”Govinda entered the
house like a thief.”
”He stole the butter and threw
mud at us and stole the saris.”
”He is there all around us.”
”Sun shines at us and makes us day.”
”When you catch a fish
there’s party at home.”
”When the crops grow well
there’s party all around.”
”lt’s time to celebrate.”
”l am content with whatever l have.”
”lf you are by my side l
don’t want anything else.”
”l am content with whatever l have.”
”lf you are by my side l
don’t want anything else.”
”O Rama, Radhe Shyama..”
”Govinda entered the
house like a thief.”
”He stole the butter and threw
mud at us and stole the saris.”
”He plays the flute and
pulls you towards him.”
”He mesmerises you
and troubles you.”
”He plays the flute and
pulls you towards him.”
”He mesmerises you
and troubles you.”
Hey. Look what the problem is.
– Yes, sir.
Whom is he taking upstairs?
Ms. Savitri, you know
this room better than l do.
So, get fresh and relax.
l will arrange the food.
Hey! – Why are you crying?
– Why are you crying like a kid?
l didn’t know if l could ever
step into this house in this life.
Oh !
Why are you peeping into that room?
Something’s going on inside.
– Something’s going on inside.
You are father of two kids.
You don’t know even that?
That guy went inside with a girl.
– Really?
Really. l saw it on my own.
‘To know his relationship with
Tiger, this is the right chance.’
‘l have to catch him
red-handed.’ Yes.
Why did you hit me again? – l will
tell you later why l hit you.
lf l don’t see that girl when
l go inside l will thrash you.
Take care.
Where is that girl?
Where is that girl?
Where is that girl?
Yes, l called you.
Where is that girl? Where is she?
lt’s.. lt’s..
– Tell me where the girl is.
Tell me where is she?
ls she in the cupboard? Tell me.
Where is she? ls she under this?
– No. – Tell me.
Tell me where she is.
ls she in this? Tell me.
Come on. Tell me. ls she here?
lf she is not there and if she
is not here, then where is she?
Leave him, sir. Why
are you beating him?
l should leave him?
l should kill such a person.
What does he think of you?
You are such an intelligent guy.
You are such a nice guy.
Such is your relation with brother.
Such is your bond with brother.
Without knowing this..
Tell me what you are, son.
– What’s the need for all that?
There is no need for all that.
You are a very nice kid.
You are Lord Ram in pant and shirt.
You are Harischandra in goggles.
l am the one who doubted you.
Forgive me, son.
l shall go now, son.
– Go. – He might have doubted me..
..but you didn’t.
Why do you believe so much, sir?
You are worth believing,
son. How can l not believe you?
Thanks, guru. Come on.
Let’s get drunk.
l don’t drink and all.
– But he said you drink Bagpiper.
Who said that?
– Your face.
l mean l can read faces.
l can see one’s face and
tell you what one drinks.
Oh, God!
– Why did you cover your face?
lf l don’t cover my
face you will also know..
..the foreign brands that l drink.
Enough. Enough, son.
– You look like a dangerous man..
..but you can’t drink
too much. Right, sir?
What do you mean? You are
saying that just because..
..l am mixing soda?
ldiot. You don’t know me well.
Sir, please drink slowly.
What does Srinivas think of me?
You are calling your
brother by first name?
Does he think he is some hero?
ls he a national leader that l
can’t call him by first name?
What does he think of himself?
That poor girl Savitri..
– The one who studies in the hostel?
No hostel, nothing. He asked
her not to come to the house..
..because she didn’t listen
to him. Hey, Srinivas Rao!
Come on, sir. l can also
scream behind his back.
You should have courage
to say it in front of him.
l see. You are saying that l
can say it behind his back..
..but l can’t say it in front
of him, that l am scared of him?
Srinivas Rao.
Srinivas Rao, l am coming.
Where are you going?
– l will teach him a lesson now.
That’s what l too want.
Hey, Srini.
l am calling you. Come outside.
Come on.
– l think he got drunk again.
What? You think you are some hero?
lf you think you are a hero
l am a bigger hero than you.
Why are you staring at me?
– Oh, God. – Come on.
Come forward if you
are courageous. Come on.
what’s this! Listen to me.
Listen to you? ls he
some kind of hero?
We live in such a big bungalow,
but even if we..
..want to buy few flowers we
need to take his permission?
l asked him to talk
about Savitri, but he is..
..talking about flowers?
Plan number one failed.
Give me my share of the property.
l will also live like a hero.
– Listen to me, brother-in-law.
Shut up. l don’t care anybody.
l am not scared of anyone.
Srinivas, what are you staring at?
– Brother-in-law.
You think l got drunk and am
screaming just about anything.
Give me my 30 acres of land that
l should get. l’ll live my life.
Just because you were born
two year me l gave you..
..all the powers and you
devoured the whole property..
..and left me with an empty bottle.
Hey, l will kill you
with a whiskey bottle’s cup.
What are you staring at!
lf l see you tomorrow
morning l am going to kill you.
Have it. Or else uncle
will beat you. Have it.
Good. Have it.
Old habits die hard.
You won’t change your habits.
Now, pay the price.
Just one piece. Throw it this side.
Catch it.
You lost your share of
property in gambling..
..and now you are
asking for property again?
Look, you, me and our kids are
still living in this house..
..because of his mercy.
Don’t forget that.
l too remember that.
– lf you remember that..
..why did you drink again?
Take this.
l swear on our kids. l didn’t
drink intentionally. – Then?
That idiot. He said he knows
facing-reading and all that..
l thought he would say something
like Radio Mirchi (radio station).
But he got me drunk
and put me in trouble.
lf l get him l will..
Our house is like TTD channel,
but someone brought..
..a girl here like it’s FTV.
l can’t leave him.
Vijji. Oh !
She gave me this and left.
She doesn’t stay here
when it is most important.
Hey, baldy, come here.
– Coming.
Come here.
– What?
You were right.
He brought a girl here.
Who brought a girl?
– That Srinu.
Oh ! Why did you slap me?
– What else do you expect?
Who do you think he is?
He is Mr. Srinivas Rao’s..
l mean our brother’s close friend.
He is one of his closest people.
And you doubt such a VlP?
l won’t accept it.
That’s not the thing. Look there.
– l won’t look anywhere.
lf you doubt that boy
again l will beat you to pulp.
What’s wrong with him?
He is throwing my dialogues at me?
l will have to tell brother about
this and enter the house again.
Best of luck.
– Tomorrow.. – Brother. Brother.
Hey, didn’t l tell you to
step into the house again?
Brother, you gave that boy
too much liberty, right?
He is not a good guy, brother.
He is a rogue.
What? You got drunk again?
l am not drunk. That’s why l
am talking straight, Brother.
He brought a girl to our house
which is like a temple for us.
Look there once.
Oh, God! She’s our girl.
lnstead of trapping him,
l got trapped. l am dead meat.
lf l see you again in
this house l will kill you.
Our eldest son is
shouting on someone. Why?
Why? You are asking
when our granddaughter..
..Savitri’s birthday is?
lt’s tomorrow.
He is upset with her.
He won’t celebrate her birthday.
He is showing that
anger on the whole village.
l don’t know what he is up to.
l wonder what my dear
child must be facing.
– l will tell you. l will tell you.
l am asking where
you are taking me to..
..and you are saying
you will tell me?
How is it?
Hello! lt’s your birthday.
l thought you will be happy.. cut the cake.
What’s that expression?
l don’t want all this right now.
– What happened?
You already came into the house.
You will mingle with
them in a few of days.
Do you really need to feel so
bad for such a simple thing?
Sai, shall l tell you something?
– What?
lt’s not my birthday alone today.
Today, it’s my
daddy’s birthday as well.
He is always serious,
but on this one day..
..he used to mingle with us.
And today he is behaving as
if this day is not important.. him at all. lt shows
how much l must’ve hurt him.
So that’s the problem.
Will you be happy..
..if your daddy cuts the cake?
Watch it tomorrow.
l think it’s less here. A bit here.
Hey! Hey! What’s going on over here?
Birthday party, uncle. Come on.
– l don’t like all this.
l don’t want to celebrate my
birthday. Remove all this.
What? lt’s your birthday today?
What a co-incidence, uncle!
l have been noticing it
since the time l met you.
Our names, our hobbies, even
our birthdays are the same.
What? lt’s your birthday today?
– Yes, Uncle.
This says that there is some
relation between us, right?
Where are you going, uncle?
Cut the cake.
l told you l don’t like it.
– Okay, carry on.
lf my mother was alive today,
she wouldn’t have..
..left me in this way. She would’ve
sang ‘happy birthday’ song..
..and fed me with
her hands. She left me.
Mother, why did you leave
me and make me an orphan?
l want to cut the cake, but
no one is cooperating with me.
What shall l do with this
cake now? Shall l eat it alone?
Mom. – Mom? lf brother
stopped when he took..’s name, then there
must be some relation..
..between brother, him
and his mom. l will see.
Look, don’t call
yourself orphan ever again.
l.. am there for you.
Come on. Come on.
Everyone can come out now.
”Happy birthday to you !
Happy birthday to you !”
”Happy birthday to you !
Happy birthday to you !”
”Happy birthday to you !
Happy birthday to you !”
”Happy birthday to you !
Happy birthday to you !”
Hi, Aunt. Why are
there tears in your eyes?
ln my eyes? lt’s nothing like that.
You are missing your
daughter, right?
l think it’s your daughter’s
birthday as well today.
How did l know?
l know everything, Aunt.
You want to see your
daughter right now, don’t you?
Come with me.
– Where, son?
Aunt, it is my birthday today.
No one should say no to me today.
You’d follow me silently.
Come on.
Come on.
– Mother.
Where were you all these days?
Where were you? Why did you do this?
Come on, Aunt.
You are older than me. How can you..
Father. – What? – Don’t think
that just because you can’t see..
..we are cheating
you and drinking here.
We are not drinking,
Father. Don’t misunderstand us.
Hey, stop it. Quiet.
l know your honesty.
– Thanks, Father.
Son, it’s hard to drink
without any stuff. For my father.
Will you get an omelette for him?
– Okay.
Father, we are drinking..
– Don’t think so, Father-in-law.
We are not drinking. – Yes.
– Not drinking at all. – All right.
You brought it so fast?
– She brought it.
– Your girl. – Our girl?
l mean your maid.
What’s wrong with you?
Whoever we talk about
you say ‘your girl’..
That’s what love is, son.
lt is filled in our hearts.
That’s why father-in-law
is drinking..
..and we are looking at him.
Right, Brother-in-law?
Yes. Yes. Father, don’t
think that we are drinking.
We are not drinking at all.
– Great.
Son, we are sitting idly here.
Bring two omelettes for us too.
We will eat it.
– First, pounce on this.
l mean eat this. l will get it.
God bless you. Go.
Till now whichever
girl we talked about..
..we felt like talking
about our girl.
But now whoever we see we
feel like we see our girl.
Right. Even now we
feel like our girl Savi.. there in front of us
right now, Srinu. Go, son. Go.
Being his father, l know
how much he is suffering..
..unable to share his pain
with anyone for his daughter.
He is missing her every moment.
– Coming, sir.
– Sir.
Keep this photo in the warehouse.
– lt’s Ms. Savitri’s photo.
l know it.
Just do what l say.
Okay, sir. – Take it away.
This is Tiger. This is Srinu.
And this is his mother.
What is the relation
between Srinu’s mom and Tiger?
Mr. Anand, how are you doing?
– Come here.
You came here at the right time.
l want to ask you something.
Can l ask you?
– What is it?
Guests stay over for a day or two.
But you just settled here.
Can anyone leave such a big house?
Look, son, one shouldn’t stay
for so long at others’ house.
Others’ house? Who said that?
This is my house.
Yes. Mr. Srinivas
personally said that to my mom.
Your mom? Who is she?
– Mrs. Savitri.
Mrs. Savitri. l think l
heard this name before.
Remember well. 20 years ago..
She’s my mother.
Oh, God! The
connection that we thought.. disconnected 25
years is still there?
Srinivas Rao, just because l
lost my money in gambling..
..and came to you, you
treat me in such a cheap way?
l will teach you a lesson.
Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law.
Vijaya. Come here urgently.
Like Sai Baba opened his eyes..
..and Lord Vinayaka drank milk..
..Lord Srinivas is
talking to me. Come here fast.
Oh ! lt’s me, Sister-in-law.
lt’s you? l thought lord
Srinivas came online. What is it?
You know that Savitri..
How did he know that
Savitri is upstairs?
He can’t keep anything secret.
l need to get rid of him.
No, Savitri, nothing.
You go. l need to worship.
Savitri is there.
He is fooling all of us.
No one is fooling anyone. You go.
Listen to me, sister-in-law.
– Hail Lord Govinda!
l won’t listen to anyone.
You go now.
Oh, God! Only because
you are so innocent..
..Tiger is doing all this. No use.
l need to give
someone this breaking news.
Look, who is the guy who
came to our house? – Mom.
That Srinu is Tiger’s keep’s son.
– What?
We should find a
suitable bride for you?
What’s wrong with you?
You have such a nice wife.
That’s not the thing,
mother. You can’t hear anything.
You are deaf. You are
giving me a hard time.
That baldy left his wife?
– He didn’t leave his wife.
l think our wives would leave us.
Oh, God! He’s here. He will
kill us if he sees us here.
Why is he going upstairs?
He must be..
Why is he going upstairs?
lf he sees her..
Oh, God! Uncle.
– Hey, don’t you have any shame?
Only because of my shame,
l am unable to stand.. front of you, Brother.
– Shut up!
l told you not to come
to this house..
..but you are eating
here three times a day?
l am not eating,
Brother. Just to survive.
At least you tell him,
What shall l say? Why
are you arguing here?
Let’s go downstairs and talk.
– You wait.
A man should have some self-esteem.
Wait, brother.
l really learn my lesson.
Today onwards, l won’t..
..indulge in any bad habit.
Even if l get nice cards..
..l won’t indulge into gambling.
l will mend my ways, brother.
l swear on my daughter.
For one mistake she did
knowingly or unknowingly.
For Dasharath’s one mistake
Rama had to go to the forest.. live life in exile. For
crossing Lakshman’s boundary..
..just once, Sita
was dragged to Lanka.
By leaving the house just once..
..your daughter ruined
my reputation in society.
That’s not the thing. How
can we do this to our daughter?
Who is our daughter? You
think so and l think so.
But does she think so?
Savitri is here downstairs. lt
means the matter has leaked.
Manage it, Sai. Hello,
Uncle! Hey, everyone is here.
The girl in that photo.
Greetings. My name is Srinu.
When did you return from the hostel?
What? You never saw
her in this house before?
l saw her.
ln the photo. l asked you who
that girl is and you got upset.
Aunt told me that she
is your daughter. – No.
She is not my daughter.
– He is her father.
Shut up!
And what is this, Aunt!
She returned from the hostel.
And instead of
asking her to get fresh.. have called
for this meeting here?
She didn’t go to the hostel.
She left home without telling me.
She left without
telling you? lsn’t it wrong?
Now onwards wherever you go.. should inform your father.
– Hey! Hey!
Tell him what the matter is.
– Son, come here first.
Actually what happened is that..
– Such a thing happened?
That’s not the thing, son.
– Really? – The thing is that..
We didn’t tell him
anything and he is reacting.. if he heard everything.
Whatever you say what
you have done is wrong.
Say ‘sorry’ to dad. Say it.
– Sorry, Daddy.
That’s all. The problem is solved.
You go upstairs. You too go upstairs.
– Hey! Srinu.
What’s the big deal now, Uncle?
Savitri lost a good match.
That’s all, right?
lf you say ‘yes’ l will fix
the same match again. – Hey!
Yes. Trust me. l take the
responsibility to convince them.
We will get Savitri
married in such a grand way.
Hey, Srinu !
Sir, you forget it. You
forget about it. Leave it to me.
Just leave it to me.
Just leave it to me.
Uncle has said ‘yes’. What
are you still waiting for?
Take her upstairs.
– Okay, son.
You convinced them
somehow and brought them here.
Thanks a lot, sir.
– lt’s all right, son.
Can’t l do this much for
Mr. Srinivas Rao? – Well-said.
Lingaraju, the driver, new post.
– Greetings.
What, sir?
– l forgot the glasses in the car.
You go inside. l will bring it.
Please go inside, sir.
– Yes.
You? Stop.
Here you are..
– Great, Lingaraju.
New dress. New car. New post.
– Don’t divert me.
Even though l was a watchman there..
..l would live like
the king of Nepal.
You turned my life
into a double-decker bus.
Come on. Don’t complaining.
You are driving an AC car.
And yes, that girl in
high-heels with you.. Where is she?
This is that girl’s house..
– But my boss said..’s the bride’s house.
– That girl is the bride.
Then who is the groom?
– Your boss’ son.
Then who are you?
– She left me.
Then why are you here?
– She left me, but l didn’t.
You mean..
– lt means..
l won’t accept it. l will
tell everyone about this.
What will you tell?
– That Suresh is a cheat.
No one should trust him.
– Hello! My name is not..
..Suresh here.
– Then what is it?
Anand. – l’ll tell that Anand is
a cheat. What will you do then?
You can’t say it.
– Why can’t l?
You should have a mouth to say it.
l have it. – Have you seen
the movie ‘Bharateeyudu’?
l saw it in Tamil.
– Now, l will show you in Telugu.
Now, tell everyone.
My habit is to question
others when they make a mistake..
..and to apologise
if l make a mistake.
That day l thought you
were on the wrong side..
..and said a few rude things.
Now, l learnt the truth.
That’s why l am folding my hands.. front of you and
begging for forgiveness.
What’s the need for ‘sorry’ now?
Have sweets and join hands.
Aunt. You do the needful.
Who are you?
Are you their relative?
l see. You are their driver?
Why did you come here?
She is beautiful. She is my daughter.
Her name is Savitri.
‘Her name is Surekha and
she says it’s Savitri.’
‘l see. Just like him
she too changed her name.’
Him? He is a close friend of ours.
ldiot. Somehow we got
rid of a major problem..
..and now you want to spread
rumours about my daughter?
l am going to.. Where is it?
Perfect. When should we
fix the wedding date, Uncle?
lf the girl also sees the boy once..
What’s the need for that, Uncle?
You liked the girl,
uncle liked the boy.
What’s the need to delay?
– Are you sure?
What do you say, Uncle?
l have been watching it
since the time l came.
He is quite fast like
Spice Jet plane. Who is he?
ls he your relative?
– He’s..
He’s one of my near ones.
– l see.
Hey, who are you?
You want a cold drink?
Hey, give him a cold drink.
‘Why is he asking for
this particular drink?’
‘Did he find out that l
have mixed alcohol in this?’
Come aside. l will give you.
Have it.
l can talk again. l didn’t
know that this alcohol.. the solution for
any problem. Thanks, baby.
Buddy, l need to tell you something.
– What is it?
There is a big rogue in this house.
He is not just a rogue,
but he is also a cheat.
Who is that person in this
house without my knowledge?
You know who he is?
– Of course, l know.
His name is Anand.
– Did you hear it right?
Stand steady.
– Yes, l stood.
You.. You..
– What? Why are you beating me?
Why? You call Anand a rogue?
Of course, l will say so.
– You will say so?
Sir, sir, sir, why are you
beating him? – You ask him.
So, Lingaraju, what did you say?
– l said Anand is a rogue.
You call Mr. Anand a rogue?
– He is Anand?
– Sir.. – You..
Brother-in-law, l
will send you the card..
..once the wedding card is printed.
We shall go now.
– Let’s go.
l haven’t forgotten the
past to be overwhelmed.. what is happening.
l am getting you married
not for my love for you..
..but to get rid of you.
”Like a boat in river Godavari..”
”Like a shining star in the sky..”
”, oh, parrot.”
”Oh, parrot, smile.”
”Your smile should
sparkle like the anklet.”
”Smile like a raindrop
and put flowers to shame.”
”Like the sweet sunlight,
like the green plant..”
” a small baby
you must smile.”
”The dancing peacock
should forget singing..”
”..and come here to
enquire who is smiling.”
”The heaven should
come down to earth..”
”..and praise you to sky.”
”No heaven is greater than you.”
”Your silence shows
your love for me.”
”You smile once and we
will bring the moon for you.”
”Oh, parrot, smile.”
”Your smile should
sparkle like the anklet.”
”The one who helped me, the
one who walked by my side..”
”l want him to be my partner.”
”l thought of you, l dreamt of you.”
”l have given you my heart.”
”You are the
brightest spot of my life.”
”l want you to be
there with me forever.”
”We shall unite and be one soul.”
”There is nothing
beyond you for me.”
”Oh, parrot, smile.”
”Your smile should
sparkle like the anklet.”
”Smile like a raindrop
and put flowers to shame.”
”Like the sweet sunlight..
– ”Like the green plant..”
” a small baby
you must smile.”
The card is beautiful, isn’t it?
– Superb!
lt’s nice, isn’t it?
– Yes, sister.
We shall print our daughter’s
wedding cards as well here.
– Let this wedding be over first.
Hello! Ms. Savitri’s wedding card.
Check it out.
So, Priest, how is my son-in-law?
The boy’s very well-cultured.
They look like they
are made-for-each-other.
– What?
Nothing. Nothing.
– Srinu. Srinu.
l need to talk to you
about something urgent.
Srinu, come here once.
– Actually..
– Come. We are getting late.
The groom and your
kidnapper are one and the same?
Have you seen the photo properly?
– Yes, l did.
Just now father is
coming back to normalcy.
lf he hears this now, l
fear how he would react.
Savi, don’t worry. We
shall think of something.
What shall we do?
‘ldiot! At least now, understand
who is there in my heart.’
l got it.
No, it won’t work out.
Savi, you know
what l am going to do?
– Neither do l.
But l will somehow save
you from this problem.
Now, go and sleep.
Hey, Srinu.
lt’s been so many days
since l saw you. How are you?
Why are you looking
at me in that way?
He said you died.. – Great. l
am here right in front of you..
..and you say l died? And also,
who is that idiot..
..who said l died?
– Your son.
Son? l am not that lucky.
l thought if l will have a
son l will name him after you.
But that didn’t happen.
l have a daughter.
Her name is Malli. Sridevi’s
name is ‘Padharella Vayasu’.
l gave her that name as
you like that name very much.
And also, those days l used
to tell so many lies at home.. meet you. They say if you
lie you’ll have daughters, Srinu.
All right. Come on.
Let’s go home and talk.
Have coffee.
– Thank you.
Srinu doesn’t drink coffee.
– That’s not coffee. lt’s tea.
Oh ! Sorry.
l wonder why he left the
cow and bring calf home.
So, today, he brought
the entire family here.
Only God can save us now.
Mr. Anand, why are you tensed?
– Tensed?
Yours is not an ordinary family.
Even Al-Qaida is not as
good as you are in strategy.
Goodbye. – Al-Qaida?
Anyway l don’t need him now.
Good morning, Uncle.
Aunt, what’s the breakfast?
Who is she?
– Look at her carefully.
You must’ve seen her somewhere.
There is no way. Not
just in this birth..
..but l haven’t seen her in any
birth. Are they your relatives?
The person with whose name
you would come close to me..
She’s that Savitri.
Who are you? Tell me who you are.
Hey, why did you come here?
Why did you come here?
Why did you come to my house?
Tell me. What shall l do with you?
lf l see you anywhere around,
l will kill you.
”Who are you?”
”How are you related to me?”
”Why am l so important to you?”
”lt’s so surprising.”
”There’s fire in my heart.”
”l can’t take you off my mind.”
”When l think of you,
my eyes become moist.”
”l wonder if this is
what is called love.”
”This is the most
difficult phase of my life.”
”How long will this go on?”
”l am unable to bear this.”
”Who are you?”
”How are you related to me?”
”Why am l so important to you?”
”My friendship has
left me stranded today.”
”Who will guide me through now?”
”l am an aimless traveller.”
”Don’t depend on me.”
”Oh, dear silence, dear breeze,
go and tell him..”
”..tell him about my grief.”
Shiva, before the
auspicious time passes..
..we have to take
groom’s family to the temple.
Okay, Brother-in-law.
– Where is Anand?
He is drinking in..
– He is looking after everything.. the wedding hall.
Hey, Savitri. – l didn’t go
to the temple to meet you..
..and you are closing the door?
l am telling you clearly,
go away from here.
l don’t even want to see your face.
– Hey, come on !
You didn’t forget it yet?
– Hey, l am silent till now..
..only because l don’t
want to hurt my father.
lf you stay here one
more second, l don’t know..
..what l will do.
– What will you do? You’ll kiss me?
l am ready. Come on.
Hey, if l tell my father about
you just once, he will kill you.
How dare you to slap me?
What? You will tell your father?
Go and tell him that l even
slept with you before the wedding.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Stop there. Where will you go?
Come on. Come on.
Leave me. Leave me.
How dare you !
Uncle, you saw that?
She is about to marry me in
a while and here they are..
Uncle. – Shut up! l knew
about you and your life.
Did you remember who that girl is?
l will remind you that. She
is the same girl whom you..
..exploited and now she
is carrying your child.
Mr. Ram Mohan Rao, that day
you were talking about culture.
Culture doesn’t depend
on one’s upbringing..
..but it depends on oneself.
That day l had beaten him to pulp,
but he didn’t say a word..
..about what happened, only because..
..he didn’t want to
ruin a girl’s reputation.
You saw that?
That’s what culture is.
One doesn’t get it
from one’s upbringing..
..or by studying
in Oxford university.
lt depends on oneself.
For a mistake she once did
unknowingly, her father was..
..hurt a great deal, and just
to not tell her father again..
..she hid her love
inside her and even agreed.. marry a demon.
You saw that? That’s..
That’s my upbringing.
She’s gold.
My daughter is gold.
Mr. Ram Mohan Rao, you
already stayed here for too long.
You may go now.
Then.. – She will get
married at the time we fixed..
..with her beloved Sai.
– Uncle.. – Come.
lnstead of marrying a rich man,
my daughter will be happy..
..if she marries a man
with a heart like you.
Srinu. – Father. – Where
are you sending the kids..
..for their honeymoon?
– God should be good.. – No.
We should send them to Ooty.
Not to Ooty, Sister. We
should send them to Kulu Manali.
We should send them to
New Zealand, Brother.
Right, Brother-in-law.
You can’t send us anyway.
At least them.
– Right, Brother-in-law.
Honeymoon should be
at a far away place..
Uncle, you are still
thinking about the place..
..but they have already left.
To go to honeymoon
the wedding should be..
..consummated first. Savi,
which house?
Hey, you made me
walk-out as a watchman.
You knocked me out as a driver.
At least let me.. in this village
without being washed out.
Oh ! You won’t let me forget
the drink however hard l try.
”Oh, parrot, smile. Your smile
should sparkle like the anklet.”
”Smile like a raindrop
and put flowers to shame.”
”Like the sweet sunlight..”
”Like the green plant..”
” a small baby

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