South African vs. American Culture – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

– If there was one aspect
of South African culture that I could — [Female Guest] –
transplant to America. – Transplant to America
what would it be? What would it be? I think it would be
maybe our general ease at talking about race and
our racial past, you know. Cause South Africa and
America have very similar histories you know in that
there was many things that were done to people of color
that were extremely heinous. But we, just maybe because of
the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in our country,
we’re forced to talk about it. And we just talk about it. It’s painful but we laugh
about it and it’s out there. Whereas in America I find
that there’s like a lot of tension in and around that. People are just like “Come on,
do we have to bring that up?” And it like, dude, I’m not
saying you did slavery. Calm down. Do you know what I mean? Cause that’s how a lot
of people treat it. They’re just like
“I wasn’t there”. I didn’t say you were there. I’m just like slavery happened. “Yeah but I swear I wasn’t–” Dude, you’re 37, calm down. You know what I mean? And I feel that
there could be — It helps to be able
to have conversations about those things
because then it helps you understand how you got
to where you got to. But if you can’t have
those conversations then you just have
to operate in a blind space of like “How
did this happen?” “Why do so many
black people live in “this part of Harlem?” “I don’t know why do you think?” “I don’t know.” Do you get what I’m saying? It actually opens
it up, I think. That would be like the one part. And it doesn’t fix everything. Don’t get me wrong. But I do think it
makes it easier to address issues,
to have conversations when you can just be like
“Yeah man, this shit happened”. You know what I mean? You can just be like
yeah, that was crazy. That was wild that that
happened, that this happened. And that’s the thing,
a lot of the time people think it’s
about assigning blame, but it’s not. It’s about addressing
what happened so that everyone can move
forward and understand why things need to
be fixed or how they got there in the first place. Does that make sense? Like imagine — (applause) Imagine if like you want
to talk to your doctor about something that
happened inside your body. And then your doctor
scans and you’re like “Doc I think I might
have a cancer”. And your doctor is
like “I wasn’t there. “I wasn’t eating with you”. You’re like “No I just
need your help fixing it”. “Yeah, I wasn’t there though”. No man just like chill out. That’s the one thing. I’ll transplant
that and chickens that don’t do weights and stuff. (laughter) That’s the other part, like chickens that
just like are normal. Cause American chickens
is just like what is — I’m sorry, what, is that
the thing I’m eating? Oh, like I remember
when I first saw a chicken wing in America. This is the dumbest
thing you’ve ever heard. And you’re going to judge
me but I judge you back. I remember the first
time I had a chicken wing in America, is like I
ordered like buffalo wings. Okay, I know this sounds
crazy, but the reason I was intrigued cause I saw
it on someone else’s plate. And then I was like
“What are those?” And someone said those
are buffalo wings. And I was like “Oh, is this
like part of the buffalo “that I don’t know”. And I was like I wanna
taste buffalo wings. And then I remember eating
it and then I was like “It’s sort of like chicken.” And someone’s like
“It is chicken.” And then I was like
“But it’s buffalo.” And then they were
like “No it’s chicken.” Then I was like “What
chicken is this?” I was like “How big is
the wing of this chicken?” What dinosaur chickens
do you guys have here? Cause that’s not the size
of any normal chicken anywhere in the world. So, yeah, that’s the one
other thing I would bring is just normal animals. (laughter) That’s all. Yeah, I would bring
normal animals and conversations about race.

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  1. Excellent segment. As a European (though white) I can so relate to most of what he talks about. I adore him and his intelligence.

  2. As a white person, I have always wondered what to do about the horrible things my ancestors may have done…? My mother taught me to not be prejudice & to treat others the way I wanted to be treated. I’m 65 years old now…and have lived the way my mother had hoped I would. I’m so sorry for the past …. but I have hope for the future✨

  3. Buffalo wings???. Reminds me of the 1st time I had long island iced tea. I thought it was iced tea and I was so thirsty ???. My friend ordered it and I did same. Don't ask me what happened after????

  4. He’s totally right! The really compelling part about his argument is how everyone is so afraid to speak the truth.

    You think you’re finally about to taste a flying buffalo and they hit you wt the same damn chicken you’ve had your whole life.

  5. I was waiting for him to say we should bring white enslavement here from south africa. lol It's weird how nobody talks about that.

  6. I remember when I had chicken in Dubai, I was so upset cause I thought they gave me a baby chicken. But, turns out that natural free roaming pasture raised chickens that are not fed gmo corn and pumped with hormones & antibiotics are pretty small birds.

  7. Yeah but Trevor in America ppl treat all white ppl like they are racist slave owners. To have that type of conversation both partied have to be reasonable. For instance, altho I am black I will probably get alot of flack for thid comment. Why, bcz I am not villifying white ppl but simply saying BOTH whites & blacks have to understand how to speak abt tricky issues.

  8. Hmm… Trevor and Team:
    Please stop stealing recycling other people's jokes without giving credit: Jessica Simpsons…?

  9. My very first thought, I would bring Truth and Reconciliation. That is the only way I have heard of to create the environment where we can talk about it.
    I have been hoping for this for decades.

  10. Having conversations about race is beneficial. There are small groups that have organized to have exactly these conversations. They are most helpful when 1) white people have the desire and willingness to try to understand an experience outside of their own, and when 2) black people trust that there are white people with good intentions that want to be part of the solution. Fortunately, there are many of both points, and this is where we start. If anyone’s from the SE Wisconsin area and wants to be part of a group called “From the Same Dust” That does have these conversations, let me know.

  11. What is an American culture? There are so many races with culture and traditions. All I know about the history of America is rape, murder, diseases and slavery.

  12. Our chickens were cross bred to increase meat yield with decrease production costs and feed cost. I can go into more details if you would like.

  13. THE BUFFALO!!! THAT WAS ME!!! People judge me for not knowing, but I judge back for having such monstrous weird chickens!

  14. Then explain why the left still use "white privilege" as if it still existed, u used that term as well noah. Btw slavery is still a thing in Africa.

  15. Maybe that's where most Americans are at. We recognize the atrocities of the the past and we're and have been working to move forward. The conversations you're wanting to continue are the same as partner bringing up an old relationship. It's tired and well articulated and put to rest.

  16. In my experience in the US people love to talk about things their country did right in history, but get really weird about things it did wrong.
    Also: Why is everyone asking "how are you?" when they don't wanna know? I'm just expected to say I'm fine all the time. But why does a cashier even ask? Before I knew it was just a random phrase I answered honestly and people stared like I was crazy.

  17. Wondering if they are still killing the white farmers and their workers there as an excuse to pillage the farm houses in South Africa?

  18. My first time in America I also didn't know that buffalo wild wings is actually chicken making it horrible their logo is a buffalo not chicken ??‍♀️

  19. Bullshit, people don't laugh about it in South Africa. Black people talk about it to justify their inabilities and have an easy blame target, the white minority expecting something in return… Money, power, sense of self worth.

  20. Normal animals are overrated. We have yard birds, here in the Philippines, and they are the scrawniest, toughest, chicken ever! We just bought some 45 day birds and they are almost like American chicken. 45 days from chick to pot, they eat 24/7, and grow to a respectable size. ?

  21. Bring toitoi and and have your race issues addressed by the government and get Reconciliation in two days?One other thing that is outstanding about South Africa, is that we also bring love in protesting. When we protest, we fight and we're happy while doing it. I don't understand it either? there's nothing more successful than what is being done with passion. ?

  22. My husband was 22 when my dad took us out for buffalo wings after a baseball game, and he thought it was a part of a buffalo. So I'm not judging. (Okay, I am a little.)

  23. 1:03 this is so ridiculously true! It's just like how people be like "why are so many trans women, trans women of of color especially, in in history and in present day sex workers?!" and people hold that against them like they have a choice and it's like "um BC they literally can't get money any other way to survive BC people wanna pretend like they don't exist and kick trans kids out on the street and refuse to hire them"

  24. What kind of a chicken DO you have in America? I'm googling it now.
    Edit: WTF ARE YOU GUYS DOING WITH 4 KG CHICKEN?! Who would EAT that?

  25. I grew up in Germany & the Netherlands until I was 18, and when I came to America for college – I had the EXACT same reaction to buffalo wings! ♥ thank you for sharing, I don't feel so crazy anymore ♥

  26. With those genetically enhanced chickens no wonder little 10 year old girls are having breasts and little boys looking so big. All those growth hormones cannot be good for you!

  27. Same thing with the 'Holocaust' and many of us Germans.

    If you Talk about it, someone will say that not all what happened was bad & evil. Like they have to protect this time somehow.

  28. Well here's the problem, most white people are not your "financial doctors" because we're barely making it by as individuals. Having a family? That's a dream our parents were able to see through, this next generation, it's a laugh unless we had a head start or made perfect decisions our entire lives.

  29. I used to admire trevor noah when he was still a standing comedian…but's just money…money sad????????

  30. uh, i was pen pals with a woman who lived in south africa and she said it is so dangerous there that a woman CANNOT go out at night alone, love your show but sorry, spare me the notion that the us is totally fucked up because it's just simply not true

  31. I don't think Trevor understands that everywhere you look, in the media, in comedy, in real life, it IS about assigning blame. It doesn't matter of they're 16 or 60, if the person is white there are people of minority races blaming them for things that happened to other people, decades or centuries before either of them were born. I see this happen in real life EVERY DAY!

  32. Talk to young people. My friends and I talk about this shit all the time….not about "normal" chicken wings because fuck that shit is too good….the other thing.

  33. 1:26 Hi Japanese folks, listen, there is no need to deny the history when Japan conducted massacres in Korea, China, and South East Asia.

  34. So what's the outcome of having white people listen and understand how that happened ? ? Does it help fix the problem or just make the problem well known and more popular…? There is no fix to the problem, it's genetic ?

  35. Does Trevor have a podcast? I just want to hear him talk more. These in between the show scenes are becoming my favorite.

  36. Honestly, at least from my experience, the issue isn't in being uncomfortable having a civil conversation about race and racism. The majority of the time I have anything to say that isn't just admitting how awful I am simply based on the race I was born into apparently invalidates most of what I have to say by default in a lot (not all) of discussions.

    Trying to genuinely put yourself in someone else's shoes, particularly someone who believes something differently than you do, and especially if you firmly believe you're in the right, is always going to be a hard thing to do. The majority of people can't be bothered. If people were more focused on trying to have real talks, and come up with real solutions, we might get somewhere. Instead it's easier to lash out at the most convenient targets with often bad logic and feel momentarily vindicated for it. In the end that's generally just going to mean we all sit here screaming at each other and patting ourselves on the back without actually getting anywhere.

  37. Wow he from South Africa I didn’t even no that so impressed n think for telling me are chicken wings not real chicken smh ??‍♂️

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