Spike Lee Confronts Prince William About Prince Harry’s Secret Facebook Account At BAFTAs | TODAY

28 Replies to “Spike Lee Confronts Prince William About Prince Harry’s Secret Facebook Account At BAFTAs | TODAY”

  1. Kate needs to take it easy on the sign language. She has been coached on improving her social skills but it is too overly animated and unnatural.

  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That is too funny but I don't know why they put a title and thumbnail out there like this for this clip. They made it seem like something serious happened, like he asked Will why he didn't do a George Clooney. This was click bait for real…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Al Roker knows about Robert Redford and Spike Lee in the same circle… Ask him.. Al Roker was in the little World pretending to be Arther Williams aka Mike Tyson at the boy off the UFO apartment for money.. Tell the truth Al Roker or quite and go play golf with Matt Lauder… Matt Lauder and Bryant Gumball came to the little World and can to see the boy off the UFO back in 96.. To buy weed from Micheal Shannon Kelly …so how do you sit there and lie after lie after lie… Acting stupid.. Like a dumb Darwinist..

  4. Spike Lee movies are overrated! He is only nominated because Hollywood has to play the Liberal game of playing up black movies no matter if they are good or not. There is no way this movie gets nominated if he was white ! The movie was ok at best and is historically inaccurate they dont even have the years right! Witch if he cares about his people so much then get the story right!
    Spike Lee is the poster child for white guilt Hollywood the part that nobody seems to understand is that now when a movie form a black director is actually worth a Oscar nod is water down now because Hollywood is trying so hard to act like they are so cultural aware of the plight of black folks after they got called out 2 years ago about the show being to white remember #oscar to white ….conveniently the next year and now this year they dont care about the quality of th movies jsut as long as its not whites making the movie. It is what it is ! Oh btw so they are being judge for the color of there skin not the quality of the work.

  5. This hypocrite hating on Tyler Perry, what funny is the only time he up for an Award Ever, when had to go make sorry movie Kkk..but all those other sorry movies got over looked.. At least he figures out how 2 get reward finally

  6. Why does Lee say the Bafta is not as big? Royal Albert seats over 5200 while the Oscar Dolby seats 3400. Is it that the Oscar has more nominations? Maybe to him it's not as prestigious but based on attendance I'd say it's bigger.

  7. If y'all would watch the Video you would see that Spike Lee was joking about Prince Harry
    using his name, he did use his name as a joke. And Spike talked to Kate and she said that they thought the movie was good. I already know that some of you will criticize this movie as people did the first time the movie came out. All you people hating on it must be Racist. That would be my opinion.

  8. The name used by Harry was Spike Wales. Spike because of his red spikey hairstyle. Wales because that is his last name via his dad the Prince of Wales!

  9. Spike Lee is cool. He's done some cool movies. I know he must be happy about his six Oscar nominations. My uncle Colin Cumberbatch works for Spike.

  10. Spike Lee is either too stupid to actually lead this movement or he’s intentionally lying about most of what he says.

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