Star Wars Battlefront 2 Secret Easter Eggs – New Capital Supremacy Map

Hello everyone my name is AZZATRU, how are
you? And welcome to another Star Wars Battlefront
2 video. In this video I’m going to be sharing with
you some secrets and easter eggs from the new First Order Star Destroyer map. Some of the references connect to the Felucia
map and clone wars but more on that later in the video so stick around. The first reference I will share with you
is a schematic of the first order dreadnaught on a console. This can be found in one of the first objective
rooms. Whilst the map is set on a resurgent class
star destroyer this screen displays the data Iden, Shriv and Zay steal and send to the
Resistance in the battlefront 2 campaign before The Last Jedi. As the battle progresses through the Star
Destroyer, the canteen for the troopers becomes a battleground. There are menus that show us what is being
served for dinner. I translated the aurebesh of everything for
you. The SE letters are followed by something that
is not an actual aurebesh letter however this is meal is felucian stew and desserts. This is the same stew found on the Felucia
map. The dessert it is served with are the same
the Felucian natives also had. There are pastries, pie and candy. I’ve showed this candy off in my Felucia
secrets video but here is a reminder. There is Meiloorun fruit, driss, a gelagrub,
Ollopom and something else but I’m not sure what it is. Next up is baked kaadu ribs which is tender
meat served in a hot tomato soup or stew? The text is not clear enough to translate. Kaadu are from Naboo and we see them first
in the phantom menace and mentioned in jedi fallen order. You can also eat smoked kaadu ribs at Docking
bay 7 in Star Wars Galaxy’s edge. I ate them on my last visit and it was good! The last meal is roasted tip-yip which is
endorian chicken. It says chicken from endor all you’ll want
is one more. Tip-yips were mentioned in jedi fallen order
but first originated from return of the jedi. Also they were raised on Batuu during the
first order war and you can also eat fried tip-yip at Star Wars Galaxy’s edge. I don’t know what or if the sides for the
meals are in canon. There are multiple kiosks to order the different
meals which you can do by holding the interaction button. As for drinks, coffee and blue milk can be
found. The menu of the day can be spotted in various
locations around the cafeteria. Another hologram picture can also be found
on tables and despite the low resolution text you can get a good idea of what it says. FN-0208 is the worker of the month and the
extra text says For something something in the training program FN-0208 is awarded I
think one week of holovid access so congrats to him. Now for a proper Easter egg you can activate. There are 2 pies that can be ordered at 2
different kiosks. These pies are on Felucia and the latest ewok
hunt map and as I’ve shown before shooting them allows you to do an easter egg. Shooting these 2 pies on the star destroyer
lets you open a kiosk which reveals driss from the phantom menace and a republic chronometer
from the clone wars. These 2 are together in a crate on the Felucia
map. Joel a 3d artist at dice asked another dev
to put them there. We don’t know why at the moment or how this
connects with the Felucia map but maybe this is an easter egg hunt trial that may lead
us to more things in future maps. What could it mean? Let me know in the comments below. Finally I did check the resistance MC-85 Star
cruiser for anything to translate and other Easter eggs but nothing was there except these
consoles. I tried to translate what was legible but
it is just random letters. That is all for this video, thank you very
much for watching. If you don’t want to miss any battlefront
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this video down in the comments, check out any of the 2 videos on screen if you missed
them and I shall see you in my next battlefront 2 video.

100 Replies to “Star Wars Battlefront 2 Secret Easter Eggs – New Capital Supremacy Map”

  1. Wow, those pie and general F.O meal lunches are great to find 🙂
    Clone Wars related easter egg is a hint for what's to come after the O.T content 🙂

  2. So we’ve learnt that Dennis is hinting at someone who likes to eat. Someone who needs a lot of portions. Portions, hmmmmmmmmn

  3. This is a really interesting set of videos and shout out to the programming/mod you are using. Thank you very much azzatru and may the force be with you and your channel.

  4. You know that the video's gonna be good if at the start you hear "Hello everyone, my name is Azzatru, how are you and welcome to another Star Wars: Battlefront 2 video"

  5. It would be really cool if Dice added easter eggs with a new update that would tease the next update after that! 🙂 without spoiling to much ofcurse! 🙂

  6. This is tbe humanity the first order needed in the sequels, them walking away from kylo and one wiping blood on finn's head is about all we got

  7. I love Easter egg videos I wish there where enough Easter eggs to make one everyday btw keep up the good work

  8. I think that TCW easter egg might be the begining of soemthing bigger. I expect to see it on the Imperial Star Dystroyer on OT supremacy, I think it might that one Clone trooper lived long enough to place his tresure on star dystroyer or just gave it to a good friend on empire times

  9. Somebody needs to get onto that republic chronometer situation

    It's pretty obvious it's an easter egg of sorts, and DICE is well known for their easter eggs in the battlefield series

    Imo there's 100% something to discover in here

  10. Azzatru how are you? Instant click! I love Easter eggs. Thank you for showing them. Have a great day. I’m notified!

  11. The unknown letter at 1:16 is a number 5. If you play Kotor 2 and visit Telos, there are signs above the apartment areas that are numbered like this for reference.

  12. I absolutely love the small details in these maps. The first one that Iden found is most likely just a re-used asset. The rest is awesome!

    Must be brilliant to have to come up with these bits of details.

    Great content as always! Catch you in the next one Azzatru!

    Edit: just joined to support you. Commander on deck! 🙂

  13. When I first discovered the FO meals…It made me hungry….I feel bad that they were just enjoying a meal and had to leave it behind to battle resistance scum.

  14. I really hope that there will be a chain of Easter eggs. Imagine if they did something like bf4’s phantom project, that would be very cool

  15. I hope they replace the jumptroopers for the republic and separatists with clone blaze troopers and B1-A air battle droid

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