Steele Dossier Ties Michael Cohen To Secret Kremlin Connections | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. steele dossier dossier was fabricated by fusion gps stinson and nellie ohr. hillary laundered $ to fund the dossier. strzok and mccabe used the dossier to obtain a fisa warrant to spy on carter page. however the fbi lied about the dossier source. so comey and others have tried to distance themselves from the dossier as tje only source. Trump is considering releasing the details of the illegal use of the dossier.
    in this msNBC report there are attempting to counter the Trump release. msNBC is trying to establish some credibility to the dossier on thevyoutube audience.
    however, even the fbi key players are afraid the dossier will implicate themselves in criminal activities.

  2. Corrupt Trump attacking his own lawyer. This tells you what kind of president got into office in 2016. Sick. And then trump tries to protect Putin. Lock him up.

  3. Anyone interested in Sader's business Bayrock watch this documentary
    these are the Dutch investigators
    this is the longer one

  4. This explains why Trump sucks up to Putin, every single time. Traitors need capital punishment. Proof of an illegally elected President that is owned by Russia.

  5. Poetin (GROE)is coordinating the USA democracy..using the Trump and his family/team..And the core -instrument!!

  6. Discussing A Moscow Real Estate is not illegal . ALL FAKE NEWS MSNBC do is GOSSIP and add Sh3t to their gossip along the way. Where is this Moscow Project? NOTHING! We don't have it … where is the crime MSNBC BOZOS!!!! Hillary CLINTON IS THE CROOK. Why don't you check out that foundation? Yeah we know why.

  7. WHAT a bunch of idiots. Hillary sold at least 20% of America's uranium reserves and her hubby gave a talk to the Russians for 500,000 dollars . The Clinton Foundation also received millions from the Russians.

  8. Waiting for Trump fear-mongering any day now, that "there will be blood on the streets if I'm impeached" talk he loves to spout when he's being cornered. When you elect a criminal, you win the whole shebang– investigations, inquiries, indictments and so forth.

  9. someone please start a "go fund me" page, use the money to buy the "pee pee tapes" from putin, and post the video.

  10. Wasn't Cohen suppose to have gone to Prague to pay off the hackers according to the dossier. Cohen denied ever going to Prague even showed his passport as proof

  11. Trump just bypassed the dirty work part of the question of why did he hire Cohen to do his dirty work for 12 years by simply saying because he did me a favor. Trump didn't dismiss himself as a dirty business man because he truly is a dirty business man..

  12. trump is just like the wizard of oz, all that bluster and talk, and no substance. jigs up conman, time to fess up.
    you're going down in flames

  13. Oh by the way, nothing discussed in the segment is a crime….get your panties back on, nothing will happen…mark my words, nothing will happen to Trump because this is all speculation, mind reading and not a single crime…so if this story got you off, you need to get your IQ tested and wipe the drool off of your chin…

  14. "Russia if your listening" trump was lying in plain site and you fools bought it hook line and sinker. Good, now you know you've been hoodwinked and bamboozled. Oh his wife is the liaison. The nerve of her, decorating the peoples house in Kremlin red.

  15. Please rein in that whacked out camera operator! Sheesh, what a flippin clown act. Did he think he was making a fish swimming in water gif when his camera was on the graphics board?

  16. "A long time ago he did me a favour", hmm, might that favour have been legal work for the Trump family crimes.? Unfortunately, a weak person" to DJT is an honest person to the majority. The only reason DJT is now not as willing to volunteer the same glowing reviews of M.Cohen as he has in the past is that Cohen is no longer participating in DJT's dishonesty. DJT's fails to extend his loyalty to those who might not do as DJT says when DJT says it. DJT only shows any interest in those who are willing to lie and facilitate his selfishness.

  17. The Steel dossier proves it trustworthiness once again. You know that dossier that our liar and Cheif claims to be a bunch of lies. Dossier, 1 million- trump, 0.

  18. trump is a total criminal-cliche. Mostly,EVERY working-class person has experienced this type of CRIMINAL-POLITICIAN -REAL-ESTATE HUCKSTER and….

  19. This is a summary of Glenn Simpson’s testimony, of Fusion GPS, to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Read it yourself. I did, all 312 pages.

    Page 93 Chris (Steele) deals in a very different kind of information, which is human intelligence, human information. So by its very nature the question of whether something is accurate isn’t really asked.

    Page 114 The Russian Lawyer Ms Verselnirskyans, , Fusion GPS was paid thru Baker Hostetler by the Russian Company Prevezon. Baker Hostetler was paid by HRC.

    Page 118 Q: Did she have ties to the Russian Intelligence? A: No

    Page 132 DOJ grants Visa for Russian Lawyer to meet with Don Jr on June 9th

    Gets good about page 178. FBI, DOJ, Comey, Dossier involvement

    page 159-164 Steele meets with FBI june 20th.

    page 172 and 178 DOJ campaign rules broken by FBI/Comey

    *page 178 NYT article Trump by FBI/Comey found NO connections to Russia.

    page 201 Page 275 Media disclosures part of the plan for Orbis/Simpson

    page 214 FBI paid Steele for dossier

    page 221-225 McCain leaked to media, FBI/Comey

    *page 229 FBI found NO Trump involvement with Russia

    Page 268-22 thru 270 -Confirmation of sources, none. FBI.

    Page 270-12, thru 271 continued unsolicited intelligence after U.S. Presidential election.

    Page 272 were sources for dossier paid

    Page 273 resorting to unverified human intelligence.

    Page 275-15 276-5 Journalists knew Fusion GPS was paid by Clinton

    Page 278-13 Steele report leaked to reporters before the election

    Page 291-16 Simpson was biased against Trump

    Page 297-17 No Trump mob criminality discovered.

    Page 299-9 Trump properties, No ties to Russia or Russian Government found.

    Page 306-16 Trump campaign ties to Russian Mob, Facebook or Twitter thru Micheal Cohen, really?

  20. House Intelligence Committee Summary Memo of evidence subpoenaed from the DOJ and the FBI.
    As a result, we know that the chain of events associated with the case of Trump's "criminal collusion with Putin" looks like this:

    Trump's political opponents during the primaries hired the firm Fusion GPS, which specializes in opposition research, to dig up some dirt on Trump

    After Trump won the primaries, Fusion GPS lost the customer, but just for a short while

    The new customers of the dirt on Trump become the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC

    The new customers requested dirt on Trump from Fusion GPS, not only in the American domain but also in the international arena

    To add international dimension, Fusion GPS hired a subcontractor – former resident of British intelligence in Moscow Christopher Steele, known for his open anti-Trump beliefs

    Christopher Steele hired some former agents of the Russian intelligence services (against whom he once fought during the Cold War)

    The agents of Russian intelligence services concoct a dirty file on Trump (linguistic analysis confirmed that this dossier was written in "Russian English" with minimal editing by native English speakers)

    It is still unclear as to what extent these Russian agents were the "former" agents of the Russian intelligence services (that is, to what extent this dossier is fiction, and to what extent is it the deliberate work of the KGB/FSB disinformation effort)

    Trump's dossier, compiled by the Russians, gets to the FBI through the Assistant Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who received it from his wife. At that time, she was working for Fusion GPS and was a part of the anti-Trump research team

    The FBI used this dossier as one of the key arguments in the secret intelligence court FISC to obtain a warrant to wiretap the Trump campaign

    In other words, the Obama administration used a dossier concocted by Russian agents to legitimize its surveillance of their political opposition.

  21. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

    March 22, 2018

    Summary Table of Findings.

    Page 4

    Chapter 2 : Russian attacks on the United States

    (U) Finding #7 : Russia conducted cyber attacks on the U.S. Political Institutions from 2015-2016.

    (U) Finding #8 : Russian-state actors and third party intermediaries were responsible for the dissemination of documents and communications stolen from U.S. Political organizations.

    (U) Finding #9 : The Russian government used RT to advance its malign influence campaign during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

    (U) Finding #10 : Russian intelligence leveraged social media in an attempt to sow social discord and to undermine the U.S. electoral process.

    Chapter 3 America reacts

    Page 4-5

    Chapter 4 : Campaign Links with Russia

    Table Page 6-7

    Evidence support documentation. Please read: Page 60 thru 90.

    (U) Finding # 25: When asked directly, none of the interviewed witnesses provided evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

    (U) Finding # 26: The Committee found no evidence that President Trump’s pre-campaign business dealings formed the basis for collusion during the campaign.

    (U) Finding #27 : The Republican national security establishments opposition to candidate Trump created opportunities for two less-experienced individuals with pro-Russia views to serve as campaign advisors: George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.

    (U) Finding #28 : The change in the Republican Party platform regarding Ukraine resulted in a stronger position against Russia, not a weaker one, and there is no evidence that Paul Manafort was involved.

    (U) Finding #29 : There is no evidence that Trump associates were involved in the theft or publication of Clinton campaign-related emails.

    (U) Finding #30 : Carter Page did not travel to Moscow in July 2016 on behalf of the Trump campaign.

    (U) Finding #31 : George Papadopoulos’s attempts to leverage his Russian contacts to facilitate meetings between the Trump campaign and Russians was unsuccessful.

    (U) Finding #32 : Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort attended a JUne 9th, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower where they expected to receive- but did not ultimately obtain- derogatory information on candidate Clinton from Russian sources.

    (U) Finding #33 : Donald Trump Jr. briefly met with a Russian government official at the 2016 National Rifle Association annual meeting, but the committee found no evidence that the two discussed the U.S. Presidential election.

    (U) Finding #34 : The Committee found no evidence that meetings between Trump associates- including Jeff Sessions- and official representatives of the Russian government- including Ambassador Kislyak- reflected collusion, coordination, or conspiracy with the Russian government.

    (U) Finding #35 : Possible Russian efforts to set up a “back channel” with Trump associates after the election suggest the absence of collusion during the campaign, since the communication associated with collusion would have rendered such a “back channel” unnecessary.

    (U) Finding #36 : Prior to conducting opposition research on Trump’s business dealings, Fusion GPS conducted research benefiting Russian interests.

    (U) Finding #37 : The law firm Perkins Cole hired Fusion GPS on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee to research candidate Trump’s Russia ties.

    (U) Finding #38

    : Christopher Steele claims to have obtained his dossier information second- and third- hand from purported high placed Russian sources, such as government officials with links to

    The Kremlin and intelligence services.

    (U) #39 Finding : Christopher Steele’s information from Russian sources was provided directly to Fusion GPS and Perkins Cole and indirectly to the Clinton Campaign.

    Russian Tweets using @HillaryClinton, @realDonaldTrump page 33

    Facebook Page 34

  22. The Trump Tower Meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya
    This is the context in which we need to view the June 9, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower between Donald Trump, Jr., and Paul Manafort from the Trump campaign and a group headed by the dodgy Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Recall how that meeting went down. Veselnitskaya had claimed to have "dirt" on Hillary but​,​ when she turned up at Trump Tower, instead of dishing the "dirt" she kept yammering about the Magnitsky Act sanctions. I suggest that what was going on was an attempt by Veselnitskaya to elicit from the Trump campaign an offer of a quid pro quo — an offer to act on or reconsider sanctions against Russia in exchange for the previously promised "dirt" on Hillary. I really can't see any other way to understand that meeting and Veselnitskaya's behavior, and any hint of a quid pro quo of any sort would have served the purpose.

    Fortunately, Don Jr. didn't bite, and instead terminated the meeting. If he had discussed or hinted at a possible quid pro quo of any sort that could have spelled the end of the Trump campaign — especially if the meeting had been the subject of consensual monitoring, was recorded using one or several techniques.

    The FBI may well have been behind this attempted setup, this endeavor to utterly derail the Trump campaign, using techniques that are authorized under a Preliminary Investigation.

  23. "Because a long time ago…he did me a favor"…faint whiff of Vito Corleone?. Except, of course Don Corleone actually possessed ethics and a code of honor. Unlike 45.

  24. I'm sure Trump would consider Sater "one of the good ones" while he tear gasses starving children at the border.

  25. Here is a HUGE lesson for Trump's supporters about why all these obvious things about Trump matter. Sure – everyone has lied and it is not something to be proud of. They do not seem to understand the importance of his lying and the fact that 98% of what comes out of his mouth is a lie. Right here before us is the danger he poses. This is why I have NO patience with his supporters. If they do not see this and are willing to back him just to hopefully (and I do mean hopefully) get something they want they are certainly as corrupt as he is.

  26. #SpyGate – Collusion Scandal Bigger than Watergate [Part 1/2]
    Putting together this video has made me think about the role the media has played in this scandal. In Part 2 which is due out Monday, we will cover some of this. I just wanted to share a few soundbites from Jeff Carlson, Epoch Times Contributor and author of this Spy Gate video.

    "Most major news organizations for over two years have promoted the Russia-collusion narrative. Despite ample evidence having come out to the contrary, they have not admitted they were wrong, likely because doing so would mean they would have to admit their complicity."

    "In some respects, the media has played the most disingenuous of roles. Areas of investigation that historically would have proven irresistible to reporters of the past have been steadfastly ignored. False narratives have been all-too-willingly promoted and facts ignored. The majority of the mainstream media has represented positions of the DNC and the Clinton campaign."

    If you haven't heard some of the details we are talking about in this story the above maybe the reason why.

  27. ~The Trail of Deception by the Trump Organization from the beginning of the political campaign was based on Perpetual Lies which have been perpetuated and are now being revealed in the light of Truth~

  28. Yeah a weak person that you had by your side for 12 years sounds like a weak person to have a weak person by your side for 12 years

  29. Lmao , The Michael Cohen with supposed Russian connections isn't the Same Michael Cohen , that was Trumps Lawyer..You MSNBC people need to research your lies a bit better..You're showing everyone what lazy idiots you are !

    ( After over 70 years never done )
    Hostages and remains returned ISIS gone
    MS 13 on the run
    Fair Trade
    Save Billions of dollars withdrawal from Paris accord and Iran Deal
    Secure Border
    Move US Embassy to Jerusalem Trump / Pence 2020

  31. Trump lies, and his base doesn't care. He is corrupt, and his base doesn't mind. He compromised, colluding and immoral, and his base gives him yet another mulligan. The evidence is ridiculously overwhelming, but none of the base is moved . Hillary has been investigated for 20 years, without a single indictment. Trump has been investigated for decades by the IRS and he is a tax dodging, money laundering, ponzy scheme playing criminal with more lawyers on hire than most law firms. How did the republicans and democrats pick such awful candidates?

  32. Why, for heavens sake, do you get him on screen ? You media guys are not resourceful enough to go into real news. When Trump is gone you guys will be exposed to be pretty second rate, quite lost.

  33. I am sure Trump was the only moral ethical one flying on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express private jet flying multiple times to the private pedo island. I am sure Trump was just there to observe and record for the conservative Christian evangelicals who now so feverishly endorse him and his agenda.
    And let's not forget that Trump ran basically an underground railroad for importing teen "models", hooking them up with sketchy visas, encouraging them to work illegally, overstay visas, and housing them in disgusting basement apartments in dismal conditions (while he selected the cream of the crop for himself and his pals, maybe supplying "talent" to Epstein?). Smells like human trafficking, eh? Looks like it too…
    Oh yeah, Trump is a real quality human being. Need more? Go listen to interviews of the ghost writer of The Art of the Deal (Tony Schwartz).
    Now go look into how he "self made" his fortune. I guess taking 400 million in help from your daddy doesn't rule out being "self made". What a joke, everything about Trump is entirely fake, a facade like a Hollywood movie set. Walk around the back and you see there's nothing there.
    Think about it. You have a president who has himself said he has never read a book in his adult life, and that he hasn't changed as a person since he was eight years old. This is literally Idiocracy, way earlier than anyone could have predicted. I'd actual prefer President Camacho.

  34. Yeah, but who could have known approaching the highest government office in the land like a scummy mob-driven real estate deal could possibly go wrong?

  35. Call it what it is: Treason. The lying Traitor in Chief, his lying family, the VP, their minions, the GOP, Fox News, that defend them are traitors and Russian sympathizers.

  36. Donnie just needs to get his loyal Best staff to tattoo a mushroom on their foreheads so that his base know who is a true follower of The Don.

  37. and here we have these Toxic MSNBC flogs there is nothing to chase you morons – go look at the Clinton Crooks there is your Russian Collusion

  38. All this information was known regarding Trump's criminal activities including Sater but was never mentioned by the main media. It took Utube to set this out . Why did CNN and NBC not have someone like David Cay Johnson and other investigative reporters on during the election. Similarly the FBI knew about this The main media is coming late to the party.

  39. The thing about lying all the time, incessantly lying, pathologically lying is that rather than becoming better at it you become worse at it. Because you begin to stumble at the weight of your own consciousness. Even unknowingly. There are very few people who can keep that ruse up for their entire life, the facade will eventually crack.. even for a ' stable genius.'

  40. And "Individual one " keeps saying, I don't know putin, no business with Putin, never been to Russia, can't spell putin, etc. Etc.

  41. This: "I will arrange for Ivanka to sit in Putin's private chair at the Kremlin…."

    So, tell me….tell US, all….just how many other "chairs" has Ivanka sat in?

    Was she answering phones? Filing papers? What?


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