Stephanie Grisham slams media for promoting impeachment

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  1. This dumb person is supposed to be the Press Secretary….!!! And she is so dumb that they don't allow her to have Press Briefing for the White House reporters…!!! ..LOL

  2. Its called sedation when you are a non elected fed servant of the executive branch, try to bring the president down.
    Makes you a enemy of the free American citizen, we don't for get who and where these folk.

  3. Never ever shall or must have a Democrat president again. I will defy and spread these words to all I come in contact with.

  4. Gotta love these strong smart women that trump hires.
    Mrs Sanders, now Mrs Grisham, these gals don't do PC they call. It all for what it is.

  5. Trump himself, says NOT ALL the media is fake. He says that frequently. People NEED to LISTEN to the man, himself–and NOT what others SAY he said.

  6. The republipukes say they want public hearing…dems say ok.. Then the orange turd wines no public hearings..why PUBLIC hearings. They show guilt

  7. this guy completely ignored her main point…and went on to his normal dribble…why do these people do this? the lady made a great point…the lawyer is corrupt so what is the point of even talking about it ..its obvious to common man yet this guy tries to muddy the whole dam waters with his garbage questions

  8. We don't even listen anymore to their lies because the are on video from many months before, so it appears that the whole Democratic party is involved in it.

  9. The impeachment process hasn't been because of the media! But since they failed with the Miller probe despite the fact that Adam Schiff claimed to have evidence that the President was a Russian asset, so the Dems had to start something on impeachment without the FBI or DOJ, they held meetings to invent something, yep…unlike the Miller probe you don't need hard evidence to bring charges because, in the House, the Dems are in control, and can refuse cross-examination, limited witnesses if those witnesses hurt their case too much like Biden's son and will impeach on a belief that orange hair is bad by Christmas or shortly thereafter. lol

  10. so the 5th or 6th white house press secretary thinks she should be able to decide what a free and independent media chooses to talk about? trump and the republicans attempted demolition of free speech is staggering and criminal.

  11. What exactly do Trumpsters want this legislative body to do, just continue to allow Trump to get away with destroying this country, not abiding by the laws and constitution? Somebody has o stand up for this country and let Trump know he cant spit over the rules, laws, constitution, our children's lives are at stake. what kind of world will we be leaving them if nobody thinks the constitution is worth following, we may as well open the prison doors and let the prisoners out, if Trump can commit all these crimes and get away with it, why cant everybody else?

  12. You tinfoil wearing morons are the bane of American existence. None of you can stand the facts that are clear and obvious to everyone else – Trump broke the law, he will be held accountable, and the best President of this generation was a black man.

  13. An anonymous complaint against an elected President is as meaningful as an anonymous comment online. You cannot even begin to think that you could ever try to remove an elected President based on an anonymous opinion about something let alone about a phone call that we all read the transcript of. The DNC will be pulverized in 2020.

  14. Everybody and everything is wrong because of Trump's crimes against the constitution and American democracy… the evidence is undisputed

  15. I don't understand why the media isn't worried about the REAL quid pro quo being Biden holding funds from Ukraine to protect his son . Why aren't we talking about that ?

  16. Trump is the real whistle blower that's why they want to shut him up. I'm actually surprised they haven't tried to assassinate Trump already. I gave up on the media when I saw how they and to all so tolerant, and constitutional rights supporting democrats treated patriots and Trump and their answer was just to call us all racist and so on.. They aren't going to talk about me that way and receive my support. Never again, Obama was the last vote for the IV th Reich I'll cast.

  17. The federal court has ruled that Trumps tax returns must be turned over. We got Deutche bank records. The house of cards is going down.

  18. The whistle blower is NOT a whistle blower but a fraud, a troll, "a thief in the night" a planted spy or very close to the evil nutters trying to take down Trump

  19. When only 1 out of every 6 journalists is fair and unbiased in the stories they bring to the public; yeah, I would say the President was correct in saying that the media is corrupt, and yes, they will make up names and do whatever they want to do to be the first one out there with a story; Who cares if it's true?

  20. Die Main-Stream-Medien sind offensichtlich voreingenommen und arbeiten im Auftrage des Deep-State. Das wird auf CNN aber auch NSMBC immer deutlicher sichtbar. Da wird nicht mehr journalistisch einwandfrei gearbeitet. Da wird sogar Promotion für einen kriminellen Regierungs-Putsch betrieben. Eine sehr ernste Sache. – The mainstream media are obviously biased and work on behalf of the deep state. This becomes more and more visible on CNN as well as NSMBC. There is no longer any journalistic flawlessness. They even promote a criminal government coup. A very serious matter. –

  21. And yet….NOTHING is happening to the Left. There are no consequences. So what does it matter if we know what is wrong.
    The Prez said human scum Hillary said deplorables. Tomato Tom(a)to. He is tired of all the Bull he takes day in and out.

  22. As I have stated media is in a A C-D C mode operations = ATTACK and COLLECT – DEFEND and COLLECT they are the most CORRUPT entity in todays generation that's what they are. No principle at all MONEY is their principle .

  23. No press conferences from the press secretary. That is zero confidence. This president needs to go. Notice this press secretary reframed the issue suggesting that motives are somehow in the language of whistleblower protection. The protection doesn't disappear because you fail the 'motivation test'. Fox news really have a low opinion of our thinking skills. So far her argument is failing the logical test. Please find in the language of whistleblower protection law that provides a 'motivation test'? Good luck. So far I have only listened to less than two minutes to this press secretary and when you find illogical arguments in the beginning it rarely gets better. This woman is just like Sarah in the professional lying department. The president doesn't have the courage to put her out into the press to challenge her failed arguments.

  24. If Trump had run as a Democrat and won and had the exact same achievements as he does now, liberals would be raving about how good he is.

  25. This impeachment is nothing but a bad joke being played on the American people by a democrat party and their stooges in the media who still 3 years later can not except the election results. The media are not looking out for the people they have become nothing but state run media controlled by the democrat party. Most Americans no longer trust the media.

  26. It is in my opinion CORRUPTION is orchestrated, a seemingly legal way but deceptive in its true intent; and has long been the SOP of Corruption as I have been reading the newspaper. And if these individuals who ABUSE their AUTHORITY must be held Accountable for their Action. They likewise Committed Neglect of Duty and Responsibilities to perform just and fair Rules and Resolutions in accordance with the LAW that would benefit CITIZENS whom they are to render service and to the Country itself. WHAT do they do now? Bent the RULE of LAW for their POLITICAL AGENDA!

  27. The Media owners are part of the swamp and deep state. They cover for the rich and chastise the poor and there are so very few true journalists left in the world that have not been paid for.

  28. Subterfuge at its best. "Don the Con" conspired and colluded with a foreign adversary to win the election, with over 200 meetings with Russian operatives. The "witch Hunt" caught 150 "witches" ALL LIED under oath specifically about working with Russia to win the election. Then in the tRump interview with Stefanopolis, Trump said he "would do it AGAIN, why not?" Now he's doing it again with Ukraine. Somehow this is okay with Trump supporters. Just HOW UNPATRIOTIC of the 30% that claim to be leading patriotism.

  29. That’s why they are known as fake news…never watch any of them. Too bad they miss all the real news stories that would attract many more.

  30. The Sixth Amendment guarantees the rights of defendants including the right to a public trial without unnecessary delay, the right to a lawyer, the right to an impartial jury, AND THE RIGHT TO KNOW YOUR ACCUSER, and the nature of the charges and evidence against you.

    Period. Full stop.

    What Dems are doing is illegal…either the whistleblower comes forward or there can be NO charge against Pres Trump.

  31. Epstein got suicided ,Amy Robachs story squashed by ABC,CBS fires a person because of leaked video ,and HILLARY is on the loose,,GOOD GOD HELP US!!!

  32. Action to be taken is for the President to have its own legal way to exercise his Emergency Powers to Act and form his own Legal team to now file a Case of criminal activity and a Abuse of Authority and have all the Participants and/or those involved in the these SEDITIOUS Act against his Administration and his Personality just like an Ordinary Citizen for the Law Of Justice to be rendered in fairness and justice is serve.

  33. I say: So F-ing What? Let the Dems have all the hearings they want. Only when a vote is taken, is the only time the Republicans should get involved. Which will not pass the House!

    This impeachment stuff has been over blown! Someone please tell me the "Crime" Pres.Trump committed?


  35. The Seditious Act of all Democrat Officials involved committed a Crime of COUP CONSPIRACY and should be made Accountable; And, the President should ORDER the ATTY General to secure Subpoena and ARREST of all the participants held in HOUSE ARREST or in a jail until all evidence are all gathered and they be tried by the Justice in the SUPREME COURT for Conspiracy to oust the President, fabrication of false accusation, Abuse ofcAuthority, Neglected of Duty and Responsibility, Lawlessness, Organized Obstructionist Movement against the Gov’t Administration.


  37. Opinion–shame. On. The so. Called. ,,(. Semart. Midia. ). Palosi. &. Shift. Is playing. With. All of. You. Using and playing. With. Your. Mindes. So. Thay. Can. Have. (( something todo ). It's very. ,,,sad. ??

  38. mr. president! you see! Even stephanie is angry. As I told you many times you should king yourself and start beheading to make minaret. you are nothing less than Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi, etc.

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