Steve Bannon: Roger Stone Was ‘Access Point’ To WikiLeaks | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Russia was a hoax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didnt your reporter just resign because u r such fake news and an arm of the CIA?

  2. Havent we had of enough of the scandal and DANGEROUS CORRUPTION??

    If he were to win again, he will view it as a carte blanche to commit crimes.

  3. FAKE NEWS. How do you know fake news it was Russians who hacked DNC servers. That's never been proven as fact since the servers hard drives were never recovered in fact were lost to cover up the truth. Seth Rich avdisgruntled DNC staffer passed them on to Assange. He was angry about Hillary stealing nomination from Bernie. Soon after Seth Rich was murdered under suspicious circumstances. Assange in an interview said it was not the Russians and he at the same time alluded to Seth's death. Although he couldn't verify him as the source as he never reveals whistleblowers name. We all will never know for sure unless servers are found and hard drives recovered. Just like Hillaries blackberries and servers. I'm sure DNC had that server destroyed. So, At this point what matter does it make? Doesn't matter if Assange did get them from Russians. Doesn't mean Trump colluded to have the truth about DNC fraud released. DNC are just embarrassed they were caught cheating and that if Seth was found to be the leaker. Their party would have gone down. Seth would have been an American whistleblower revealing corruption who is than known as murdered soon after. Hilary's campaign would have been over as well as DNC. That's the true cover up. Hillary's corruption and mystery around Seth Rich's murder.

  4. If you listen to cnn abc or msnbc you would think we are in the end times. When you actually know the facts, you realize how bright things are looking for the country. Can you imagine if they actually cared about reporting all the amazing positives going on, our country would be in a great place. But here we are with a bunch of low attention span watching fake new and falling for it. FAKE NEWS IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE..

  5. Obviously, Wiki leaks released the Podesta emails for the express purpose of helping the flailing Trump campaign. What, if any part, the Trump campaign participated in this action is still unclear. After over three years, I am still waiting for clarity from anything in Trump world.


  7. Russian hackers? No it was a Seth Rich download. Assange was going to pay for information on who murdered Seth Rich. You're all fake news. It was an inside job you liars.

  8. Should Julian Assange still be hunted down?  Assange is incarcerated in HM Prison Belmarsh, where United Nations special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer has said Assange's life is at risk.

  9. Jail stone and trump, more cheating and corruption on both of their part……bannon is playing to trump at the same time trying to keep himself out of trouble, self preservation.


  11. Just in: Trump barely knows Roger Stone and Steve Bannon. Haha Trump will be very popular in prison, so popular he’ll be shittin sideways.
    Bernie 2020 USA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. trump deliberately avoids explaining how and why his long time aide/confidant Roger Stone was a conduit for Assange's hacked "dirt" on Clinton directly into the trump campaign 2016 election.
    The evidence is overwhelming, yet somehow this plain fact doesn’t get the emphasis it should get.

  13. Trump is right, Wikileaks is great. They didn’t steal anything, they published the material. Assange is a hero for telling the truth. MSLSD is fake news. Clinton is a criminal. Your network is spinning the truth to turn the story into a lie.

  14. Trump landslide! Greatest president ever 💪 💪🙌💪 🙏💪! Everyone must respect president of the United States of America! Period!!! God bless Trump and lotto 🙏🙏 😇🙌 💪🙏🙏 😇🙏

  15. Notice the language "they believed he was the access point". Stone just was just trying to make himself seem more connected then he was. He knew when all the people who pay close attention knew.

  16. I hope Roger Stone's life of immorality catches up with him and he gets to spend the remainder of his life behind bars.

  17. When you are involved with unsavory people you will end up a turncoat, convicted or the dead.

    Ask Cohen, Epstein, Flynn ext.ext…

  18. So in this specific case asking and expecting stolen materials through espionage isn't criminal according to the GOP and trumpworld.

  19. Why do I always feel like I need a cleansing bath after having to watch Guiliani, Lev & Igor, Trump, Bannon, Stone, Putin and his Oligarchs, Miller, Scaramucci, Manafort, Graham, McConnell, Jordan, Kavanaugh, Conway, Spicer, HuckaB, Pompeo, Flynn, Melania, Lewinsky, Javanka, Trump cultists, etc. etc.? How can so many creepy people all be in one administration and party?  

    DJT is dark spinning vortex sucking negative energy into its' presence contaminating any semblance of reality and Truth.

  20. So what? Just catty childish banter by anti Trumper reporter/actors. Nothing done wrong or no criminal actions by Stone. The crime is the fake accusations!

  21. Let Julian Assange defend himself! Accusing him of being in Trump's camp when he sits i arrest/carserated is not fair. He is as far as one gets to the Trumpian ideas. He is an anti-trumper (whatever the Fudge trumper means).

  22. There are SO many people who actually know what is going on. Together they can't stop this grotesque sociopath? One monstrous maniac holding the world hostage? How is this even possible? History has taught us nothing?

  23. —- > Assange blamed Hillary for his incarceration in the Ecuadorian Embassy because she was Secretary of State when he took refuge believing there was a warrant for his arrest.. Evidently, he believed that Trump would grant him assylum. Evidently, he had reason to believe Trump would grant him asylum.
    … October 3, 2016, Randy Credico emails Roger Stone about release of emails and about Trump coming out and saying he would give Julian Assange asylum
    Google: Text messages show Roger Stone and friend discussing WikiLeaks plans (nbcnews)

    —- > A journalist can't ask a source for stolen information in order to resist arrest … or break the law, specifically to solicit the theft of information or additional information and to help to plan strategy of a smear campaign and orchestrate the release of that information in order to aid in a Conspiracy to Defraud The United States.. That is what Assange /Wikileaks did
    …".a. On or about June 22, 2016, Organization I sent a private message to Guccifer 2.0 to ?[s]end any new material [stolen from the here for us to review and it will
    page 17
    have a much higher impact than what you are doing.?

    On or about July 6, 2016, Organization 1 added, ?if you have anything hillary related we want it in the next tweo [sic] days prefable [sic] because the DNC [Democratic National Convention] is approaching and she will solidify bernie supporters behind her after.
    ? The Conspirators responded, ?0k . . . i see.
    Organization 1 explained, ?we think trump has only a 25% chance of winning against hillary . . . so con?ict between bernie and hillary is interesting.?

    Read: Mueller indictment against 12 Russian spies for DNC hack

  24. The F.B.I. is going after Roger Stone, a political associate of Donald Trump. When Amarjit S. Ahluwalia embezzled ten million dollars in 2012, the F.B.I. did nothing. The F.B.I. has become a political hack job organization, but it doesn’t enforce the law any longer against real criminals.

  25. So according to T wikileaks (hacked info) is great but the whistleblower (proper channels) is bad??? and the GOP is backing that!?

  26. A big part of the problem is if "the fact don't support that" i.e. that Bannon was not forced to do what he did here, then he's safe, because Trumplodytes have a vampire-garlic level aversion to facts.

  27. Someone still think WikiLeaks had good intentions
    Someone voluntarily team up with Roger stone or any other goon of Mr Trump are bad peoples!

  28. How about just being interested in TRUTH instead of how we get the truth.  The reason corruption is rampant is due to all the constant lies enmeshed in everything especially the lying government officials  and the fake, corrupt,  lying news reporters..

  29. This whole thing is horrific scandal, did everyone forget that CNN and the FBI jointly took Stone in custody by gun point at 5am with a swat teams on air land and sea and was televised… for talking… I thought we lived in America not a communist nation.


  31. In the public record, the criminal Donald J Trump expressed his true confidence in Vladimir Putin and Wikileaks, while he duped the national security agencies CIA, FBI, and NSA as deep states. The worst culprit in this crime is AG WILLIAM P BARR. Barr is the clear and present danger to the US security and democracy.

  32. So the Russians gave to wikileaks, wikileaks gave to trump. Now just how many laws were broken here,colluding with a foreign government.

  33. Donald Trump should pardon Rodger Stone, and Michael Flynn when this is all over. I would this is complete fake bulshit it's ruined people's lives.

  34. why yall aint harping on the epstein thing when america clearly wants a movement on that and instead you are what ifing us outta our hard earned tax dollars

  35. How can they say they love Wikileaks, but have imprisoned Julian Assange?
    Everyone owes him an apology!

    #Free Assange!

  36. What exactly is it that wikileaks found in those emails? Corruption? Pedophile activity? MSN covering up for pedophilia??

  37. who cares how he got dirt on Hillary. the question is the dirt about her true . the dirt is true from wiki leaks free assange

  38. Natasha Bertrand's comments are always very cogent. She often offers inside glimpses into the political intrigues — objectively! Excellent investigative reporting, Natasha.

  39. My phone was my access point . I don't see the point .wiki could do as it wants if I remember they were in contact with all news media a month before they settled on an outlet to publish them. assange sent out feelers to find someone.i think you need those witnesses like passage to even know this question .

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