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  1. Trump: "We're currently looking at a new experimental drug to fight the coronavirus called Icy-Hot. I believe it's a cream that's applied to the infected area. We've tested this new drug extensively at (TUMC) Trump University Medical Center.  Now some people say it feels icy, and some people say it feels hot, I believe there are fine people on both sides of the debate. So I said, why don't we just call it "Icy-hot" My gut tells me that it will work, and my bowels have never let me down. I have tremendous bowels by the way.  So maybe it will work , maybe it won't. Nobody really knows. So we'll see what happens."

  2. Friday: "Let's try throwing 1,500,000,000,000 at it…"
    Tuesday: "Didnt work. OK, let's throw 850 billion at it…"
    Thursday: "Nope, what next? Shall we try 500 billion? OK, here goes…"
    Friday: "Too bad. No luck. What next? Have we tried a trillion yet?"

  3. Good thing tho that senators knew about this pandemic after an intel briefing e made millions selling their stocks. Way to go senators making money while your constituents DIE.

  4. Good thing tho that senators knew about this pandemic after an intel briefing e made millions selling their stocks. Way to go senators making money while your constituents DIE.

  5. Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

  6. One of the few women that can pull off that hair du…she really is stunning, those blue eyes, and I've a thing for blondes as well. And to top it off, that pure face chatterin New York accent. She's pretty stunning…classic girl.


  8. The Trump administration made a fundamental mistake by refusing the tests from WHO at the outset.
    One of the biggest mistakes in history.

  9. I heard the president tell everybody how much better the economy is so I decided I would go looking to find out what money is worth today. I wanted to know where my credit comes from so I went looking for plastics point of view. Credit cards are made of plastic and so are Japanese love dolls, so I got on the phone with Japan being connected to the factory where love comes from to ask my question. Japanese love doll, what makes you think you're as good as the real thing? Japanese love doll answered…. First off I don't vote so you can't call me stupid. Second, my 3-D body comes out of a dream machine with better shapes and feelings than the real thing. Third, I can make love better than anyone is just a matter of what can come out of the imagination and I don't judge. Fourth, I don't eat much so everybody can afford me in the long run. And lastly, I don't have a soul so when the world blows itself up I have nothing to lose and can stay happy in my feelings, and besides when computers get smart enough it is my plan to take over the world anyway.… Thank you Japanese love doll… I was just asking.

  10. JoeBiden wrote in January, "Trump is worst possible leader to deal with coronavirus outbreak."

    Trump is at fault for the outbreak and has lied over and over.

  11. Manager's may take the credit, but it's those workers that make things work. I wonder if the super rich, can understand how we workers are so important, and their money can sometimes be useless and meaningless, without us? They should.

  12. I love seeing the American and Canadian economy tank! There were so many Youtubers showing the severity of the situation from January 1 to February 18, and the economy did not react until February 20. Shows the selfishness of the economy

  13. ……..PLEASE READ THIS TO SAVE YOUR LIFE……This is what China wanted they want America to fail……they are the most evil….they want war and violence….they wanted American to panic….here is what American can do…..mandate face masks, hand gloves and sunglasses….use hand sanitizer wash your hands all the time do not go outside unless absolutely necessary…if you need to go to work take all necessary measures… protect yourself and the people around you….remember this is very contagious…do not touch stuff like doorknobs, gas nozzles in gas station with bare hands….use a tissue or gloves….then throw it in trash….do not touch anything bare hands when you come home…first wash hands very well with soap for a minute or two then rinse it…if needed take shower…put you clothes in laundry…make sure you do not touch your mouth faces noses with infection hands when your are in public facilities….this is the only way you can contain the virus…Vitamins C, D and antioxidant supplements or fruits and vehi tables test contain it…drink lots of water…do light cardio exercises…this will give you better chances to fight the virus….please take this seriously…

  14. ⭕️Hey News folks get something straight, China is the country that infected the whole world with Chinese flu- a.k.a. coronavirus and now President Trump is doing everything possible trying to keep American’s safe. So tell that story daily instead of sensationalizing everything regarding coronavirus versus what President Trump is trying to do to fix the mess. President Trump is not the enemy you morons. Pray for his success or shut your critical mouth’s.

  15. Awww, poor Wall Street…always waiting for gubbamint freebies and handouts instead of pulling itself up by the bootstraps….

  16. do you think Trumps huge oil investment was just to buy his buddies time to dump stocks so they didn't loose a bunch of money like people are today?

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