Suhaag Raat {HD} – Hindi Full Movie – Jeetendra, Rajashree – Bollywood Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

It’s your turn..
Master a cable for you..
– Save your king.
A cable.
Hey! Jitu is coming today.
Uncle Jitu is coming today?
– Yes, he’s is coming today.
– What is it?
What is it?
We got a cable.
Jitu is coming today.
Jeet is coming.
Jeet’s letter?
– Yes.
You won’t give?
– No.
– No.
Let me see how you don’t give.
– I won’t.
The letters come on my address.
– I won’t give you a single.
Forget it! The letter writer is
himself arriving at 4 pm today.
Is it?
– Yes…shall we wrestle again?
‘My life.’
‘ I am reaching on Tuesday
evening at 4:30 pm.’
You’d said you’ll get
holiday after six months.
Then why did you
take so long to come?
I’d said six months.
But I am back in three months.
Three months?… Yes.
You are not at fault.
Honesty, even I have missed you
as much in the past three months.
Yes, Rajjo.
The luggage is Jitu’s
but where did he go?
Oh my God, father.
I was fed up of seeing you
face all day. Now that my son..
Where are you going?
To meet aunty.
To meet aunt?
– Yes.
When I had left,
aunt had bad cough.
That was three months ago.
Yes, yes so what?
Go meet her and come.
What are you doing?
Who is it?
It’s me, Jitu.
Jitu, come inside.
– Coming.
– Were you doing fine?
– Your duty was longer this time.
No one misses me,
so who would I return sooner for?
There is no one here
who doesn’t miss you.
What are you cooking aunt?
– Pulses.
Pulses? I love the fritters you make.
You want to eat fritter?
I’ll make them.
Give me gram flour.
There is no gram flour.
– Go and get it.
Will you eat something else?
– No, you have done my job.
I love fritters.
– I’ll make them.
You make them,
I’ll change and be back.
Don’t touch me.
– Why?
I feel something when you touch me.
Since when?
In the last few years, something has
happened that’s made me zany.
What has happened?
I won’t tell you.
– No.
“Youth has come over me”
“I keep falling”
“I keep falling”
“Stop me, I have gone crazy”
“I keep falling”
“I keep falling”
“Since I have met your eyes,
I have become restless”
“I have lost my sleep”
“Since I have met your eyes,
I have become restless”
“I have lost my sleep”
“My feet falter this is my state now”
“What will happen later”
“What will happen later”
“Don’t look at me like that”
“I keep falling”
“I keep falling”
“It’s beautiful weather,
and moreover I have your love”
“How do I keep myself is control”
“It’s beautiful weather,
and moreover I have your love”
“How do I keep myself is control”
“Agreed you’re one in a million,
but don’t look at me like that”
“Let me hide my eyes in my veil”
“Let me hide my eyes in my veil”
“Everyone is looking”
“I keep falling”
“I keep falling”
“Ours is a relationship of eternity”
“If you are the body,
I am your shadow”
“Ours is a relationship of eternity”
“If you are the body,
I am your shadow”
“O my love, don’t forget me”
“I will come whenever you call me”
“I will come whenever you call me”
“I thirsting for your love”
“I keep falling”
“I keep falling”
“Youth has come over me”
“I keep falling”
“I keep falling”
If you want an early marriage date,
then Thursday..
In the month of July.
Priest, atleast give me the date.
Complete your statement.
If you want an early marriage,
then Thursday in July..
– 11th.
All right.
– 7 pm to 9 pm.
Dear, until now,
you were God’s gift to me.
The man who fills the vermilion
in your parting tomorrow.
You will belong to him forever.
Don’t consider this
vermilion ordinary colour.
The one who applies this
vermilion surrender yourself to him.
I am confident you
will never do anything…
that will bring disgrace
to your marriage.
Bless me mother,
that I never falter in life.
I will strive to keep
your confidence in me.
That is what I expect from you.
“This is All India Radio”
‘At 10 am today,
a neighbouring country has invaded us’
‘All soldiers and officers are
ordered to report on duty immediately.’
This is all India Radio.
It is an announcement.
Accent for the 5 hours our neighbouring
country has invented to our mother land.
All military officers are here by order
to report to the duty immediately.
Hey! What’s this?
Don’t cry, Rajjo.
I’ll return soon.
I don’t know why
I am feeling scared.
Silly girl!
Your ring will protect me.
And I am sure I will be back soon.
Don’t worry, you are in hospital.
But where are my father,
mother, my brother?
We’ll trace them,
you take rest.
Please call them.
– What is your father name?
Engineer Lala Harsukhrai.
And mother?
– Shantadevi.
And my brother name is Deepak.
– Your address?
Sitaram street.
– Don’t worry I’ll check.
Can you give me information
on Lala Harsukhrai,
his wife Shanta, and son
Deepak of Sitaram street?
Their names are in the casualty list.
– What! Casuality list?
Yes, non of them survived.
The entire street turned to rubble.
No one survived.
Oh God!
No one survived?
Your cousin has come looking for you.
Don’t cry.
You’ll have to cry more.
Take, read and cry.
A frying lieutenant, Jitendra,
is missing in enemy territory.
Raju! Raju!
Doctor, I want to take her with me.
Can she travel?
Yes, you can take her.
– Come sister.
Shall I give you good news?
– Yes.
Do you wish to go home?
-It’s four months since I am here.
You have been sanctioned
a 15 day medical leave.
You can leave.
– Thank you sir.
Sitaram street.
First street then rubble!
Dead! Everyone dead.
Sir, so many bombs were
dropped here no one survived.
Your resignation has been accepted.
If you like we can arrange
another job for you.
No thanks, my mental condition is not
suitable for it.
And then, I cannot fly with the
illness I’ve contracted.
– Daughter-in-law.
– Yes father.
What happened?
Why are you crying?
Tell me son. I’m like your mother.
I have lost everything.
– In the war.
Your relatives..
– None of them survived.
None of them.
– Where are you going.
Where I get some peace.
Will you come with me?
I stay on the bank of the holy Ganga.
Ganga has eliminated the sorrows of
many people.
But mother..
You called me mother,
now listen to your mother.
You are unhappy because
you have last everything.
I have everything yet I am unhappy.
Come, live with me as my son.
We will share our sorrows.
And then,
I am not doing you any favour.
I will put the burden of my
responsibility on you.
Even I have a son, but..
You’ll meet him you’ll know.
But you see him.
Come son.
Come son.
You’ve come!
– Hello mother.
Bring the luggage.
Titli, Titli, Titli!
Juman didn’t come.
– Madam you!
Juman has come. But you know
how strict he is about his prayer.
He leaves everything aside
when It’s time for prayer.
Hello, madam.
– How are you.
I’m fine, how are you?
– I’m fine. Come son.
Come son.
Greeting madam.
Sit down.
Where is Uday?
Mother, you are back?
Who is he?
My name is Jitendra
He will work as manager for us.
We have such as huge estate.
We need someone to manage it.
And then he is very nice person.
One who drinks tea at 8:30
in the night has to be nice.
He will return at 4 am
in the morning now.
He sometimes comes on the own.
Sometimes 3-4 men bring him home.
Greeting sir.
– Greeting.
Who is he?
He’s Nawab lada.
But you don’t misunderstand.
He’s likes Mohabbatbai,
not Qayamatbai.
Who would you like to hear first?
– Qayamatbai.
Why? What is special about Qayamatbai?
Then you didn’t know Qayamat.
– And you don’t know Mohabbat.
Then let’s have a competition
between them today.
Agreed. But who will decide?
Only your pockets can decide.
Take. Give it to
the one who wins.
“Show me someone as beautiful
as me in the world darling”
“And I’ll bow before you”
“Show me someone as beautiful
as me in the world darling”
“I’ll behead myself right there”
“I am Qayamat”
“The epitome of grace”
“The epitome of grace”
“I am Mohabbat”
“Who people worship”
“Who people worship”
“I am Qayamat”
“I am Mohabbat”
“I am beautiful’ my beauty
makes people as berserk”
“They swear by my beauty”
“I am love, you can get
me only if you are lucky”
“Lover swear by me”
I am the personality”
“That people call prayer”
“I am Qayamat”
“The one who gets just
one glimpse of me”
“His fate begins to shine”
“The one who gets just
one glimpse of me”
“Is stunned to silence”
“I am the sight..”
“..that people call punishment”
“I am Mohabbat”
“I am youth the world call me curse”
“I am desire, the world calls me cure”
“If I desire, garden bloom”
“If I desire spring arrives”
“I am the ecstasy that..”
“I am the personality that..”
“I am the ecstasy that
people calls a high”
“People call me faithful”
“I am Qayamat”
“I am Mohabbat”
“Who people worship”
“Who people worship”
“I am Qayamat”
“I am Mohabbat” Wonderful!
Mohabbatbai you are great!
Forget it!
You decide Chamkilibai.
I’d say, this competition was draw.
Then how will
we have a definite verdict.
Assume they both are equal.
I’ll consider that defeat.
Then arrange another competition.
Now decide, Chamkilibai.
What do I decide?
The peacock wins.
So even today,
the peacock that is Mohabbatbai wins.
Jitu, how come you are here?
Son, it is better to forget the past.
Take my example. You have
seen how my son Uday is.
Why don’t you get him married?
I suggested it several
times but he doesn’t agree.
If he is not agreeing compel him.
Threaten to disown him.
I’ll try even that today.
‘Pardon me friend, I am drunk’
Madam has come!
Uday, I want to discuss
something important with you.
And this time,
I won’t take no for answer.
Tell me.
I want you get married son.
– Yes.
If you don’t marry, I’ll give
away all my property in charity.
It won’t be proper to let
matters get out of hand.
Better get married.
If he loses all this property.
We’ll lose our free parties.
Why fear marriage? Where you
have so many women have one more.
I like that.
Why fear marriage? Where you have
so many women have one more.
Yes, Mother?
– I still tell you, join us.
You’ll proceed. I have to make
all arrangement for bride’s welcome.
– Madam.
– Come here.
What is it?
– Come here.
Even stones melt with love.
Why don’t you.
For a pauper like you?
Don’t call me a pauper.
If you like, I’ll get you
bangles of 100-200 today itself.
You will forget it.
If I do, will you marry me.
First get them.
– Is it?
Let me go.
I’ll be damned!
Where will I get money from.
My minting machine.
You are calling me so lovingly,
what is the matter?
You want money again?
– No.
I have decided that
I’ll call the priest…
and ask him to get us married.
– I swear by your youth.
If I do, I will marry only you.
But what about our wedding dress?
How much money that will cost?
I’m embarrassed to say it.
– Tell me.
There is a wall of just
Rs.100 between us.
Then break this wall. Take the money.
– Get the wedding dress stitched.
You apply henna on your hands,
I’ll get the dress stitched.
Show me some good bangles,
I want to get married.
You don’t need bangles,
If you want to woo a girl.
The moment she sees it, she’ll be
drawn to you & marry you for nothing.
Give me one charm too.
You want to woo a girl?
– Yes.
Very soon?
– Yes.
Then this charm won’t do.
You need more powerful charm.
Come to my house.
– Come.
Carry my things…
you’ll have to do that.
Father has come.
You have so many children?
It’s the magic of that same charm.
Here the charm!
It cost Rs. 100.
Rs. 100!
-You will have to pay me Rs. 20 now.
And as soon as the girl gives you
a smile pay me the balance Rs. 80.
I promise I’ll give
you the balance money.
Here is Rs. 20.
Who are you stranger?
– Wow.
Won’t you talk to me?
Even I’ll come with you.
What a wonderful
charm you have given me.
The moment a girl saw it,
she wanted to come along with me.
My balance Rs. 80.
– Yes.
Here the balance Rs. 80.
Take my blessing and leave.
Hello, hello!
Hello, hello!
Well done my child.
Did you bring bangles for me?
Forget the bangles. I have bought
something which when you see…
you’ll say won’t you talk to me?
But I won’t talk to you.
Oh really?
What have you bought?
Now you will say,
even I’ll come with you.
And I’ll say, no!
But what is this?
– It’s a charm.
It will make you come running to me.
Oh you have bought a charm
to put me under your control.
It cost Rs. 100.
– Rs. 100.
You want to cast a spell on me?
– Yes.
How dare you use magic on me!
Hey! Why are you beating him?
He has bought a charm
of Rs. 100 to cast spell on me.
But I gave you that money
for our wedding dress.
He’s fooling us both.
Beat him.
– No!
I won’t get any of those
two I’ll marry this juggler girl.
Where are you trying to escape?
Come here.
Tell me honestly how you are related
to that man who gave me the charm.
He’s my father.
– Father?
That means you two fooled me.
Why are you laughing? Many marriages
take place just like that.
How coy!
I’ll come to fix our alliance today.
This much is enough for today.
Juman, father will come any moment.
– Sweetheart.
Don’t worry about him.
– Go away!
Let’s go inside.
– I said leave.
If father comes, he’ll kill us.
– I’m not afraid of him.
Sit here.
Why had you come here?
What’s in your mouth? Remove it!
You were eating a raw chick?
I’d put an egg in my mouth.
But why had you come here.
With what intention?
– Marriage? You think I’m a fool.
If I get her married to you, who will
look after my other eight kids?
Their mother.
She died 18 months ago.
Why are you cry?
I’ll get you another wife.
You can do this?
– Yes.
Then I’ll get you married to her.
Then make arrangements,
I’ll get you a wife.
You have come again.
One who realizes his
mistake should be forgiven.
Now you have come to your senses!
What do you want?
Make me your forever.
Are you fooling me like before?
It was my mistake that
I left you and ran after her.
But this time, I’ll surely marry you,
I’ll bring the priest.
And get our horoscopes matched.
They will match!
Bring the priest tomorrow morning.
No wait!
Bring him today itself.
Why today, shall I bring him now?
God blessing.
Sit down priest.
We want to get married.
Just check if our stars match.
Keep your finger anywhere here.
– Do it, Titli.
Not your hand, your finger.
Move it.
You will get married. But on there first
night itself your husband…
will die.
He’ll die.
Can’t this be circumvented.
What’s written here
cannot be challenged.
Suggest some solution.
– There is only one solution.
You’ll have to marry someone else.
– I will not.
If you want to marry Juman
you’ll have to marry someone else.
He’ll die on the first night
then you can marry Juman.
Marry another man first
and then marry Juman? No.
Look, I’ll get hold of some sick guy.
He will die on the first night.
And then we will unite forever.
Close the door, and lock it.
How long does a moth live?
– One night.
One night.
What is your name?
– Parwana.
Understand that!
What is there to understand now?
We have to lose ourselves now!
– Move!
Do you hurt anywhere?
– In my heart.
Let me check your heartbeat.
Is the pain decreasing or increasing?
It’s increasing.
-That’s great.
Then come here.
But that’s a death bed.
– You are right.
But don’t feel shy.
Everyone has to lie on it one day.
I won’t!
– What do I now?
You won’t even if your wife tells you?
– Yes.
I can even give up my life for my wife.
That’s what I want. Lie down.
You look so good in that bed.
Is pain is increasing?
– I’m about to die.
Good. Go to sleep.
– I won’t.
Listen to me one last time.
Go to sleep.
Sleep forever.
Yes, sleep like this.
Thank you god.
Sleep forever.
He’s still alive..
Doesn’t matter, there’s still time.
His body is still warm.
When will it turn cold?
It’s going to be morning soon.
God knows what’s going to happen.
He’s snoring, the idiot!
When will he die?
It’s morning.
Is it morning?
– Yes. Anything happened to you?
I’m feeling more
energetic after the rest.
Let’s go home now.
– Home? Juman I have been ruined.
Juman, that old man didn’t die.
Titli let’s go.
Wow what a beauty.
Juman, when do you
want to marry my daughter?
I would want to marry her right now.
But I have to bring
back master’s bride.
I’ll marry her tomorrow.
– Alright but I have a condition.
And you will look after my kids.
What? Alright! I’ll manage.
Juman, hurry.
It’s time for the train to come.
Congratulation master.
– Coming madam.
Come Jitu. It is because
of you I saw this day today.
Daughter-in-law, it’s thanks to
him that you have come to our home.
Seek his blessing.
Jitu come here.
Why are you quite?
Didn’t you like her?
I cannot like anyone else.
Sit down.
Go and sit with your friends, son.
Many night will come,
but this night will not come again.
I don’t understand.
We haven’t had any liquor today.
Our throats are parched.
And then, you have honoured
your mother’s wish, so what fear?
Your nuptial night
will begin at 11 pm.
That’s another 3-4 hour away.
Let’s enjoy till then.
But I cannot wait long today.
We’ll be back soon.
No one will know.
Let’s not waist time.
Where is Jitu go?
Neelu go get him.
Okay madam.
Where had you gone, son?
Rajjo, take his blessing first.
It’s thanks to him that
you have come to our house.
And I can see happiness
filling this home again.
Bless her son.
Just giving her the ring won’t suffice.
Bless her.
May her husband live long.
May she always be happy.
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
“Leave the tears for me”
“Leave the tears for me”
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
“Why are you sad”
“I am there to bear all sorrow”
“These are your days to be happy ,
don’t sigh”
“These are your days to be happy ,
don’t sigh”
“Don’t worry until
I am around for you”
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
“Even if there is lightening
you need not worry”
“It is the beginning of
a bright life for you”
“If lightening strikes
it will strike on me”
“If lightening strikes
it will strike on me”
“All the darkness in the world for me”
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
“Don’t ever complain about spring”
“Give me the thorns,
keep the flowers for yourself”
“If you trample a flower by mistake”
“If you trample a flower by mistake”
“Assumed I have crushed”
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
“Leave the tears for me”
“Leave the tears for me”
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
“Be happy all happiness is for you”
Uday is in a hurry today.
Get the liquor, we are parched.
Give him this, or seeing me,
his throat will get more parched.
Look at him! He lost but not his ago.
One who can make others lose,
can also strip egos.
You impudent man!
Call the police! Run away!
Catch them all!
Wife, come.
Why are you looking at me?
Damn you! I have been ruined.
Father! Sister!
Wow! wow!
Wow! wow!
Go away!
What do you want?
– We want to sleep here.
If you sleep here,
will I sleep in stable?
Go sleep wherever you like,
but we will sleep here.
Let them sleep, or they
won’t sleep all night.
All night!
…Children come and sleep here.
Sleep here..
Sleep here…
My darling!
– Let the children fall asleep.
They are all sleep.
See for yourself.
Dear children…
Bane, have you fallen asleep?
– Yes.
See! Idiot!
Does one talk while asleep?
You are trying to fool me?
My darling, my love.
Hey! He’s beating sister.
Get up.
Beat him!
Save me.
Stop it!
You have ruined my nuptial night.
What do you want?
Tell me.
We’ll sleep with sister.
I won’t let you sleep
with her even if I die.
Sister, you used to sleep
with us until yesterday.
Why are you sleeping with him today?
– Answer him.
You are only six year old now.
But I won’t spare you!
Get lost!
Calm down! I’ll put them to sleep.
Until you put them to sleep,
I’ll myself fall asleep.
Oh my god!
– My darling, my love.
Atleast now come into my arm!
What happened?
What my sister and
brother-in-law wanted.
The call for prayer has been given.
I’m going to offer prayer.
Wow! wow!
– Any news?
It’s 25 days since my son is missing.
Wonder how he is.
Where he is wondering?
Why didn’t I die
before seeing this day?
Whose plate are you bringing back?
– Jitu hasn’t eating these days.
I take his plate everyday
and bring it back untouched.
Forget food,
I have seen him crying all night.
How long can one survive without food?
We’ll hear news of his death one day.
Rather than suffer every moment,
it is better one dies.
At such a late hour?
– I have come to thanks you.
Thanks me?
– Yes.
I had no one left, just you.
But even you have stopped eating.
Soon enough,
I will be free of this bond too.
So you are waiting for that day.
– Then why have you stopped eating?
Does love mean everything in life?
Those who don’t get love,
do they stop living?
Is that why you got married?
I got cable which stated..
that you were missing
And you believed it?
All of a sudden, I had lost everyone.
So I lost hope on you too.
My cousin came to take
me and I left with him.
And come here.
Now you want me
to live to watch all this?
One doesn’t get everything in life.
But one doesn’t even
lose everything like I have.
Have you ever tried to find
out how I spend my days and nights?
The night hands me over to gloom.
And the day leaves me back
in the solitude of the night.
I wait for the day to end,
for the night to come.
And wait for the night
to end for the day to break.
For how long, Rajjo?
How can I bear that you are
before me and I cannot call out to you?
That my eyes crave to see you,
but I sit in a corner and shed tears?
You step out of the mansion and I run
and open the door of the car for you?
And salute you.
No Jeet, forget me.
Forget you?
How? Who can anybody forget?
Who has forgotten anybody?
Have you been able to forget me?
Tell me.
I have forgotten you.
If that’s true, come with me! Swear by
god and say you have forgotten me.
Don’t test me, Jeet.
No, you’ll have to swear by god
and say you have forgotten me.
I swear by god that I..
I Cannot forget you ever, Jeet!
See! Didn’t I say that
you cannot forget me?
We cannot forget each other.
Then why live a suffocating life?
Rajjo, I have thought of a solution.
That will until us once again.
It’s poison. The moment we take it,
we will go so for away…
no one will be
able to separate us then.
So what if one life went wrong.
We will be born again.
We will meet again.
And unite forever!
Drink it, Rajjo.
Jeet, you say you love me.
Then why were you
leading me to the wrong path?
Wrong path?
– Yes.
In the morning people would see…
Thakur Uday Singh’s wife lying
dead in the arms of his manager.
Let them talk!
Atleast we will be at peace.
Jeet, I am someone’s wife now.
Someone’s daughter-in-law.
The honour of a family.
Those words sound good to the ear.
But your heart will cry for me.
I will crush such a heart!
Rajjo, you’ll regret this decision.
No Jeet, I am an Indian woman.
Once an Indian woman accepts
someone as her husband..
only he matters.
Not Rajjo, Call me madam.
Madam, a body has been found
on the river bank, 80 kms away.
It could be your son, Uday’s body.
Please come and identify it.
Madam! Gather courage, madam.
Let’s go.
You won’t recognise the face.
Do you recognise these clothes?
And these rings?
These are the rings madam
had herself given to master.
So you identify the body
as that of your son, Uday?
Pardon me.
– Mother!
My life was already ruined.
Why did I ruin your life too?
Madam, no one know
what happened, and now…
But it would be better if the death
related rituals were performed.
Do whatever you feel right.
I’ll make the arrangements.
I’m Uday.
Don’t you recognise me?
Then that…
It was someone else’s body.
Sir, look!
That’s a floating corpse.
The villagers must have put it there.
That body was cremated…
but I am wandering like a wild animal.
I wouldn’t come to you
but I have nothing.
I need some money.
What are you doing?
It will be disastrous.
The son who she has
cremated two days ago…
if she him alive, she’ll go mad.
She’ll die and I’ll be caught.
I’ll be hanged.
Promise me you won’t tell anyone.
I swear by you,
even if I have to lose my life…
I won’t tell anyone…
that you are alive.
Who were you talking to?
I was talking to my husband.
Your husband?
Don’t be so sad.
Being his wife,
if you feel so sorry, I am his mother.
Think about me.
Go back to bed.
You look so beautiful
even in a widow’s attire.
Wonder how beautiful you
will look if dressed as a bride.
Rajjo, will you do me a favour?
I want to see you as a bride.
Just once!
Street Sitaram…
What a strange nuptial night this is.
Rajjo, you made such a…
big sacrifice for bad man like me?
This nuptial night could be
our first and last night together.
How will you spend
such a long life alone?
A woman considers her husband as god.
Working in his interest
fulfilling his every desire…
is a woman duty.
For me, even thinking
about anyone else…
is a sin.
It’s going to be morning! Bye.
Call your daughter-in-law.
Every woman desire to
have a happy married life.
But you cannot fight your fate.
Go wear the clothes
destiny has willed for you.
Mother my husband…
Look at me.
Think of how heavy
hearted I must be feeling.
Being a mother, I am asking you
to wear a window’s attire…
and remind me every
time that I have lost my son.
Go fulfill the need of
society and your fate.
I won’t get into a widow’s attire.
What are you so proud of?
And if you are,
bring back you husband.
So that even, I can hug him & relieve
the burden of sorrow on my heart.
If you can’t bring him back,
fulfill the society’s norms.
Come dear.
Offer this water for the
peace of your husband’s soul.
Come dear.
I will not perform the rituals.
– Daughter-in-law.
But why?
Even saying that is a sin.
It is the duty of every
wife to offer water…
for her husband’s
soul to rest in peace.
Or your husband’s soul
will keep wandering for peace.
Come and do your duty.
Come. – No.
Come. – No.
Mother, I will not offer water.
It’s okay, priest.
She’s so young and
has to suffer such sorrow.
She’s not in her senses.
But she truly desires
peace for her husband.
Forget the rituals. Come dear.
Daughter-in-law don’t
want to be perform rituals.
Madam says she in not in
her senses. But that’s…
We are fasting for our
husband’s long life today.
Why mention a widow today?
– Look the moon!
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
“In the river Ganga..”
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
“In the river Ganga,
Until the water flows”
“May you live till then, dear husband”
“O river Ganga”
“May you live till then, dear husband”
“Taking round around the fire”
“Forgetting my past”
“I have come to your door,
with dreams of a happy life”
“May my lips always chant
your name””O river Ganga”
“In the river Ganga..”
“In the river Ganga..”
“In the river Ganga,
Until the water flows”
“May you live till then, dear husband”
“This woman hides
a devoted wife in her”
“Whose life is so tormented”
“O husband she chants only your name”
“May I always wear the
vermillion in my parting”
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
“In the river Ganga,
Until the water flows”
“May you live till then, dear husband”
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
“O river Ganga”
Look her!
Come doctor.
You are going to be a grandmother.
Yes, she’s pregnant.
Is what she said true?
God! Such a grave sin!
How could you commit such a grave sin!
You had not even seen
your husband’s face.
Then whose sin did
you bring in this house?
What are you making me pay for?
Now I understand why you
don’t want to dress as a widow.
Why you didn’t
want to perform rituals…
for my son’s soul to rest in peace.
Because you had accepted
someone else as you husband.
I was suffering already.
I lost my young son.
Now where do I go with
this slur on my family name!
Why will you go anywhere, madam?
You will throw this sinner out!
If she leaves, clean this house
with the holy water of Ganga.
Throw this sinner out!
What happened?
What happened?
What happened, aunty?
Master didn’t even see her face,
and she’s carrying a baby.
Such a sin.
The manager’s photo!
Jitu’s photo!
Jitu’s photo!
“Rajjo, wonder what magic
spell you have cast on me”
‘I cannot forget you
even for a moment’
‘My dear Rajjo, my life is
incomplete without you’ ‘ Your Jitu’s’
Now we understand!
She’s carrying the manager’s baby.
Look, the manager’s photo.
It was found in the things.
See what she was secretly up to.
– The manager wrote her love letters.
Madam, I think you should
throw out the rascal manager too.
What’s wrong with you people?
What have I done?
Jitu, did you write
these letters to her?
Yes, but that Jitu died long ago.
He hasn’t died,
he brought the Thakur name to dust!
Madam, theirs is an old friendship.
Which means you had sin on your mind.
Jitu, I treated you like my son.
– I have committed on sin, mother.
If you haven’t, then whose
sin is she carrying in her womb?
The doctor just said she’s..
I cannot believe this!
Don’t put on an act.
What are you waiting for madam?
It is for him that despite being
a widow, she was in a bride’s attire.
She refused to perform
the death rituals because of him.
And this sinner
fasted for his long life.
Their sin cost master his life.
Beat him!
Beat him!
Beat him!
Beat him!
Beat him!
Get out of here!
You shameless woman!
Whose sin are you carrying.
“Bear all sorrow like the earth”
‘Burn like the sun”
“Bear all sorrow like the earth”
‘Burn like the sun”
“To save your husband
suffer without a word”
“You never had any happiness”
“You never had any happiness”
“You even lost your love”
“The home you
accepted as your temple”
“You even lost that home”
“Bear all sorrow”
“You make the world go on”
“You make the world go on”
“Your womb has defeated even death”
“You are as great as god”
“But are a hapless woman”
“Bear all sorrow like the earth”
‘Burn like the sun”
“To save your husband
suffer without a word”
Wonder where she must have gone.
let’s go look for her.
– Yes son.
She’s hapless woman will you help her?
Who’s she?
– An unfortunate woman.
She married and was
windowed right before my eyes.
And now she’s pregnant.
A widowed mother?
Has she committed a sin?
You are a devotee of god,
forget whether she is sinner or saint.
Being a woman,
you can understand her pain.
I’ll help her.
Please don’t tell her anything
about our conversation.
How is she related to you?
She’s my boss.
She’s my boss.
Child you are alone?
One who has no one, God is with him.
Come with me.
I am old. even I will have company.
What is matter?
You are sitting here since morning.
Where do you want to go?
Can I get some work here?
– Work?
Can you drive a motor boat?
– Yes.
I can drive motor boat.
Come to work from tomorrow.
Show him Gulami’s house.
Come to work from tomorrow.
You may leave now.
You may leave now.
How come you are here?
Look what these brats have done!
My brother and
sister-in-law don’t be so evil.
Just help me fulfil my desire once!
What do you desire?
“Help me unit with my love”
“Or just leave me alone”
“Salutation to you!”
“Help me unit with my love”
“Or just leave me alone”
“Salutation to you!”
“I have realized today”
“Why Majnu cried in the jungles”
“I have realized today”
“Why Majnu cried in the jungles”
“Why Mahiwal died”
“Why Ranjha was so woeful”
Their brother-in-law ruined them”
“The evil hearted brats ruined them”
“The evil hearted brats ruined them”
“You atleast spare me”
“Help me unit with my love”
“Or just leave me alone”
“Salutation to you!”
“Salutation to you!”
“Help me unite..”
“If our heart unite”
“What will you lose?”
“The wife is inside,
the husband outside”
“Rustam ji will dead”
“People see the situation of me”
“If you’ll have
brother-in-law don’t get married”
“And if you do..”
“Just leave this world”
“Help me unit with my love”
“Or just leave me alone”
“Salutation to you!”
“Salutation to you!”
Really?- Yes.
I’m asking what will happen
for our nuptial night?
This is wall of sister-in-law &
brother-in-law, when will break.
What I can do?
You can with me.
No.- Tell.
I couldn’t leave here
of our sister and brother.
As it, it’s the
mistake of your father…
and finally bear it me.
Okay… I’ll come.
But what we will do?
We will go from village
to village and entertain people.
My dear.
My lover.
Look it son.
Here son of Rajjo’s.
Go to your mother, you ruffian!
Madam donate.
God will give peace to master soul.
Poor madam, just once in a
year she is becoming here for donate.
Her daughter-in-law brought her
such same, how can she face people.
She married son for happiness but…
daughter-in-law have
love affair with manager.
God know where she
is wondering with sin.
I listened they living together
near bank of Ganga river.
Leave it now, why are you his name.
Hello master.
You are here.
All this for you.
You ruined that house.
Master dead.
Mother in shame.
And we are wondering.
After hopeless I have to work
here as school teacher.
Yesterday I came here after transfer.
Tell me where is your manager?
In same village he have.
Then why are you
playing a drama of widow.
I want to admit my son in school.
Okay this one is that?
What’s his name? – Raja.
Father name?
Dear, even your mother
don’t know your father name.
Before admit in school…
We required father
name with child name also.
school is like temple.
Here pureness is important.
Deliberately, I don’t
want to make sin here.
Go… bring him.
I won’t go.
I’ll learn here.
Go from here.
For a sinner, I don’t close school.
If you want to learn, then ask your
father name from your mother.
Mother, please tell me my father name.
Why are you not telling me?
Tell me.
She’s also don’t know
and why you want to learn.
In this birth, You should
repair your mother sin.
Go from here.
I won’t.
No. – Come.
I won’t.
What happened?
Teacher will not admit me in school.
Mother is not telling my father name.
Everyone have father name…
then why my father name not have?
Why not?
Today she have to tell.
Untill she ruined herself life.
Now she want to ruin child life also.
Don’t cry.
I will ask.
Sorry to come here,
I have a question of your son.
Why you don’t tell his father name.
I cannot.
Why not?
It is animals whose
fathers don’t have names.
Do you treat your son as an animal?
– Then tell me the name of his father.
I told you, I can’t tell you.
Do you want your son to carry the
burden of your sin all his life?
If you have given him
birth give him his due.
Or one day, when world
will treat him as a bustard…
he will come crying to you
and ask you his father’s name.
If you cannot reveal his name
why did you bring him in the world?
Then what will your answer?
After death also people
will ask name of father.
Who death.
Father name.
Even after death, that question
won’t let his soul rest in peace.
For god sake, don’t punish your son.
Tell his father name.
Then do one thing.
Let me adopt Raja.
I’ll give him my name,
so that he’s atleast
treated as a human.
Atleast he should
have right to live here.
But with whose support I’ll live?
– You?
Then play a drama.
One day as you blamed me criminal…
today that crime will be
a support of woman life.
– Come with me!
Go and tell the world
Raja’s father’s name is Jeet.
No! A woman marries only once.
This is just a pretense.
A woman’s chastity
cannot be a pretense, Jeet.
I will wash this off with my blood!
Go away, Jeet! I cannot bear
such humiliation. Go away!
Why did you drop it?
Couldn’t you bear to see
me forget my sorrow for some time?
Come here.
Come here.
Come here. Don’t cry, Caesar.
Ma, uncle hasn’t come today.
I think he won’t come today.
Come, let’s go.
Leave me.
Someone help my mother.
Help my mother.
What happened?
– Save my mother.
Why are you running away?
If you are man enough, confront me!
Madam, how come you are here ?
– I was going to the temple.
On my way..
– Alright, I’ll escort you.
Ma, I’ll get flowers for you.
– Alright.
– I’d taken jewelry from you.
On my way, I heard stories
about you and the manager.
But Raja is your son.
– I came to know that only yesterday.
Master. Madam.
Such sin in the temple! Thrash him!
Run away! They will recognise you.
Who is it? A sage?
– I’m Uday, your master.
No.. no..
Believe me.
Look, Caesar recognizes me.
I am alive.
Rajjo knows everything about me.
Rajjo knows everything?
Yes, but I’ve made her
take an oath of silence.
I’ll tell you everything
but please save my life now.
Or these people will kill me.
But why?
– They saw me with Rajjo today.
They saw you with her?
That means, that child..
He is my son.
And until today
we called her unchaste..
Save my life.
Why should I save you?
Because of you, a married
woman had to live like a widow.
Dispite having a father, an innocent
child was treated as a bastard.
If you remain alive sin will live.
If sin lives, many more
sins will be committed.
Killing you will be doing a good dead.
Wait! I’m throwing
him out of the window.
Stop! He’s dead. Let’s go.
Master, forgive me.
I raised my hand on you.
You staked your life to save mine?
What happened?
– Nothing.
It was useless blood that shed away.
What happened to him?-
The villagers wanted to kill me.
But he wore my clothes
and staked his life to save mine.
So that Rajjo husband lived.
I’d come to meet you. I thought you
are in the room but it was Rajjo.
That was our first night together.
He is my son, mother.
Is he is your son, Why didn’t Rajjo..
I made her promise not
to tell anyone I am alive.
She is as pure as the holy Ganga.
Oh my god! Rajjo, forgive me.
Jitu, please forgive me.
– No mother, don’t say that.
Mother don’t apologise to their sons.
Mother, remember one day…
you had given me a job.
Yes son.
Relieve me today.
In view of the jury’s opinion
and evidence of witnesses..
the court accepts the fact that
Thakur Uday Singh son of Jaspal Singh..
did not commit the
murder intentionally.
Yet the accused changed the dead
body & fooled the police for 5 years.
The court therefore him
to one year in prison.
Rajjo, it is with you penance
that I have got back my son today.
one day I’d got angry and said..
If you have the power bring
back your husband to life.
You have proved that every
Indian woman is a truly devoted wife.
No dear, first seek
the blessing of the one…
who gave me back my happiness.
“Be happy all happiness for you”
“Leave the tears for me”
“Leave the tears for me”
“Be happy all happiness for you”
“Be happy all happiness for you”

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