Tejaa (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Sanjay Dutt, Kimi Katkar – Superhit 90’s Hindi Movie (Eng Subtitles)

Police! – Come on.
Heera, wait.
Come on.
Let’s go.
Heera, they’re coming close. Fast.
Come on.
Drive the horses away.
Where did they disappear?
Did they get down behind?
Let’s go back.
Shanti. – Coming.
Where are you?
– You’re always in a hurry.
You don’t even let me close the door.
How long will you take?
You think of work only at time.
Come fast.
Drink milk.
Not like this. But in that way.
How? – Come here. I’ll tell you.
Hey, what are you doing?
The same thing that I’ve
been doing for eight years.
When you say ‘Hmm’ I feel ‘Uhh’.
First listen to me. – Later.
Ok, what is the matter?
Tomorrow is our Teju’s birthday.
– I know.
He wants a horse.
The you know something? – What?
Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.
I know.
I want a mare.
You say anything
that pops in your head.
Teju has grown up.
He understands everything.
But he’s sleeping.
Try to call him.
Right now? – Yes.
Son Teju. – Yes, mother.
You goon! Come here.
Coming, papa.
Mother’s stooge.
I thought you were sleeping.
I’m still sleeping.
Come, my dear.
Men don’t cry.
Oh, papa.
Come, my brave warrior.
Oh.. – Come.
What’s tomorrow? – Monday.
Fool, what is tomorrow?
There is no school when
though it will be open.
Father, tomorrow is my birthday.
You’ll give me a horse
and mother will give you mare.
I heard everything.
Stop it now. Go to sleep.
I was sleeping. But you called me.
Go now – Ok, bye.
He says he was sleeping,
but he heard everything.
Don’t hear anything now.
Ok. I’m sleeping now.
Talk softly. Ok.
Good night.
Mind what you say to kids.
Fine. I won’t talk to kids,
but can I talk to you about that.
Papa, mom. – Come, Teju.
Happy birthday, dear Teju.
Happy birthday, Teju!
Happy anniversary.
He talks a lot.
May God save our house from jinx!
Son, I’ll give you a bath.
No, mother. I’m old now.
I’ll do everything myself now.
Very good, son. That’s like a man.
Now get ready.
Then where will we go? – Where?
To market to buy a horse. – Yeah!
Come, papa. Fast. – Coming.
I’m coming.
Shanti, we’ll be back in an hour.
Come fast. – Ok.
Come, papa. Hurry! It’s getting late.
You can talk later.
Teju, listen. – Yes. – Come here.
Take money.
Buy whatever you
want from the market.
Ok, mother.
Yeah! We’re going to buy horse.
Come, papa.
Walk slowly.
He’s very naughty.
Where is the gold?
You betray friends.
Lal Singh.
You raised hands on Heera.
I’ll bury you alive.
Hey.. stop this.
I too could’ve done this work.
Will we kill each other for gold?
If anyone of us had done this..
..he wouldn’t be here. – No!
This scum must’ve thought..
..if he’s here, we won’t doubt him.
– Of course.
And you want to prove yourself
true by fighting. – Shut up!
Our gold.
It’s the same.
Hey.. look at that house.
The gold must be
in this house. – Yes.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who is it?
What do you want?
Gold? – Gold.
Not this gold.
You joke with us?
Hey.. where is your husband?
He.. he’s out.
What do you want from him?
That scum stole our gold.
Tell me, where did he hide it?
I don’t know.
Look, we’re evil.
Tell us about the gold quickly.
Which gold are you talking about?
I don’t know.
You lie to us!
Mother! I’ve brought the horse.
Come fast! It’s such a nice horse.
Leave me! – Close the door.
Who is it?
Come, mother. Father has
bought such a nice horse for me.
I named it Moti.
Isn’t it a nice name?
Mother, where are you?
Why don’t you speak?
Shanti, what happened?
So you’re the owner of this house?
We were waiting for you.
You thief!
Who are you? What do you want?
Our gold.
Which gold? – Which gold?
Don’t move.
If you act,
I’ll bury each one of you..
..where you had stolen gold from.
Mother! – Teju.
Leave my son.
We’ll leave him.
Just tell us about the gold.
Tell us.
We don’t know. How can we tell?
Scoundrel! Where is the gold?
Tell me.
Leave me..
Where is the gold?
Stop, Heera.
You don’t care for your life.
Think of your wife and son.
We’re expert in plundering.
We plundered a bank yesterday.
Today in front of you,
we can molest your wife.
Mother! Mother!
No, scum! I say leave her.
We don’t know about your gold.
No! Leave me.
I say, leave my son.
Will you tell us or not?
I say leave my wife and son!
Scum! Leave them. – No!
You still have time to tell us.
We’re giving you last chance.
– Mother!
– Teju!
Teju! – Papa!
Shanti.. – Don’t kill my papa.
Shanti.. – Mother, save me..
Mother! – Teju.
Shanti. – Mother..
Hey.. look here.
– Mother!
– No!
After your son, it’s your son’s turn.
Leave my son.
If you love his life,
tell us about the gold.
My son.. leave him.
Leave me.. no!
Help me! Mother!
Mother, help me!
It seems villagers are coming
after hearing the gun shot.
She knows us.
She can be dangerous for us.
Villagers have come very near.
We’ve to flee. Come on.
But what about our gold?
– You want gold or life? Come.
Mother! Mother!
Mother! Mother!
Someone jinxed..
Everything is over.
No, mother!
How can I live without you, mother?
You said now you’ve grown up.
You can do everything yourself.
– No, mother.
I’m very small.
Don’t leave me, mother.
Don’t cry, son.
You’re your papa’s brave son, right?
Your support.. will be God.
God, protect him.
‘The way,
those killers snatched you from me..’
‘..your son Teja will
snatch their lives.’
‘After that I’ll
open these three knots.’
‘And immerse your
ashes in Holy Ganges.’
They all are dead.
Take this. Your earlier reward..
..for getting Jabber and Jalim Singh.
Give this money to those villagers..
..who suffered at
the hands of dacoits.
And to the family
of those policemen..
..who died fighting dacoits.
Make lives with these..
..while I’ll buy more
guns with these to give death.
You say the same
thing every time, Teja.
You’re neither from police nor CBI.
Yet you do the work
to help the police.
I help only myself.
The one whom I’m looking
for have three names.
But their death has only one name.
Are there rewards on them too?
Their severed heads
will be my reward.
Personal matter?
‘Son Teju. – Yes, mother.’
‘You goon. Come here.’
‘Mother’s stooge.’
‘- I thought you were sleeping.
– I’m still sleeping.’
‘Come, my son.’
‘Brave man don’t cry.’
‘Papa, mom. – Come, Teju.’
‘Happy birthday.’
‘Happy birthday, dear Teju.’
‘Happy anniversary.’
‘He talks a lot now.’
‘May God save our house from jinx!’
“Dark clouds and birds beckon you.”
“My heart calls you. Please come.”
“O damsel of mountain calls you.”
“Come before I die.”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
“..come beloved, what’s the delay?”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
“..come beloved, what’s the delay?”
“This beauty is young.”
“The heart is crazy too.”
“These bangles chime
to make me restless.”
“These anklets keeps pining me.”
“These anklets keeps pining me.”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
“..come beloved, what’s the delay?”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
“I sing like a bird.”
“My anklets too chime along.”
“I sing love song for my beloved.”
“I sing love song for my beloved.”
“I sing love song for my beloved.”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
“..come beloved, what’s the delay?”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
“Under the shade of the tree..”
Leave me.
Where is your den?
Tell me.
Where is your den?
I don’t know.
I’ll tell you.
I’ll tell you.
Oh God! The wound is very deep.
I.. I’ll call the doctor.
No need.
I’m the cure for my wounds.
Do you’ve needle and thread? – Yes.
Get it.
Needle and thread.
I can’t even see it,
but how could you endure it.
Don’t you feel the pain?
Don’t you feel the pain?
I had pain once..
..when my parents died.
Now when I feel pain..
..I miss them.
I like it very much.
I like it very much.
Henceforth don’t touch it.
This life has embraced death.
I’m death.
And this is my life. Got it?
Hey! Run!
Before attacking Lal Singh’s men,
even police think twice.
That scum killed
my two men in one day.
In revenge for each men,
I’ll kill 20 men of this village.
Hand that rogue to us, village head.
I might become merciful.
And I might take
his corpse and leave.
Or else, I’ll search every house.
Anyone who hides him..
..will face death. Did you hear me?
Village head! Open the door.
Forgive us.
That.. there..
he’s hidden in that house.
For this girl..
..you had killed Lal Singh’s men.
Now see what I do with her.
First I’ll molest her on the street.
Then I’ll shoot her
and throw her in the river.
..it will be turn of
every woman in the village.
Do you hear me?
Go home.
I felt pity for him.
Villagers, as I said..
..I’ll take this rogue along.
I’ll do that.
Take him along.
Who are you?
Won’t you tell me?
In front of Lal Singh
even stones talk.
Now tell me. Who are you?
Police? CID? Income tax?
Who are you?
God’s creature. – Shut up!
You fool!
What do you want from me?
Your death.
My death?
Do you hear him?
He has come to buy toys in fair.
He wants death for me.
Kid! Lal Singh doesn’t like jokes.
This isn’t a joke, but the truth.
You never saw death.
Today see me and fulfill your wish.
What did you say?
I’ll cut your tongue
only then will I get peace.
But no..
First thing first.
Tell me..
..who are you?
Your death!
I’ll see who brings death for whom?
Chawala Singh.
Do you know what this is?
This is salt.
What? Salt.
I’ll apply it to you..
..till you don’t tell us who you’re.
I’ve given this wound.
I’ll apply medicine.
He won’t say..
Sit! Watch the fun!
Teja. Let’s flee.
You.. are you mad?
Sonu, free their horses.
And put your horse in
front of Lal Singh. – What?
Remember Lal Singh..
..20 years ago this
house was settled.
A happy family..
..a courtyard filled with happiness..
You ruined it and
made it a graveyard.
Today this ruin is your court.
I brought you to
this court for justice.
Do you see this rope, Lal Singh?
20 years ago,
you had hung me on this rope.
Do you remember?
I still have the mark of that rope.
Oh.. so you’re the same kid.
My dying mother saved me..
..so that I can
take revenge with you.
That day you got saved, kid.
But today you can’t escape.
You were three..
You, Heera and Zoravar.
Tell me their address. Tell me.
Leave me.
..sells old guns and statues.
20 kilometers from Dharmapur.
Near the border.
And Zoravar.
Zoravar.. I don’t know.
He fled..
Leave me, Teja.
Forgive me.
I say, forgive me.
What are you doing?
Brother, take all my wealth.
But forgive me.
In the court of revenge..
..there is no mercy but justice.
Brother, leave me.
I’ll die.
Leave me!
I want an answer.
Who killed Lal Singh? Why?
This isn’t newspaper
but a letter for me.
If lal Singh’s death is just a news,
no problem..
..but if it’s a message,
then who send it?
Will you find out?
Along with morning paper,
I want my answer. Got it?
I thank you for helping me.
In return, I’ve nothing to offer you.
But you can keep the
reward of 50,000 on Lal Singh.
I didn’t help you to get the reward.
Then what do you want?
Take me along.
If two travelers have one
destination, they can walk along.
I’m a storm without any companion.
My destination is only for me.
Only me.
If two travelers have one
destination, they can walk along.
Did snake bite you?
Yes. It bit me? – Where?
What are you doing?
– Trying to get venom out.
But snake has bit you.
You were help me and
I was helping myself.
I mean.. what if poison
spreads in your body too?
Go away.
Hey, I was kidding.
If you don’t like it, I won’t do it.
I swear.
Don’t you ever smile?
Didn’t you hear me?
Go back to village.
Which village?
I made everyone enemy for you.
Lal Singh’s men are
looking for you there.
Won’t they take your revenge with me?
I won’t return to village?
– You can’t come with me.
You know I.. – I know.
You’re storm. Etc. Etc.
I too don’t wish to
be with you all my life.
If you want me to die
at hands of Lal Singh’s men..
..I’ll return.
But now it’s very late.
I’m not scared of men.
But wild animals..
I’m scared of them.
Let me stay here tonight.
We’ll part ways tomorrow morning.
I swear.
On one condition.
You won’t talk now.
Do I talk a lot?
More than a lot. – I’ll be quiet now.
Hey, not there..
It’s a matter of just one night.
Get aside.
“You walk ahead with my heart,
but don’t look back.”
“My charm and gait are unique.”
“My charm and gait are unique.”
“You don’t look back..”
“You walk ahead with my heart,
but don’t look back.”
“I give up trying
to entice you, dear.”
“How long will you
play hide and seek?”
“I lost myself in his thoughts.”
“You don’t look back..”
“You walk ahead with my heart,
but don’t look back.”
“I’ve given my heart to you.
I’m special.”
“I’ve given my heart to you.
I’m special.”
“If I get stubborn,
I’ll make it hard for you.”
“You don’t even embrace me.”
“You don’t look back..”
“You walk ahead with my heart,
but don’t look back.”
“You walk ahead with my heart,
but don’t look back.”
“My charm and gait are unique.”
“You don’t look back..”
“You walk ahead with my heart,
but don’t look back.”
“You walk ahead with my heart,
but don’t look back.”
Hukum Singh speaking.
Two strangers are approaching.
Arrange for their welcome.
I’ll be there.
What happened?
I smell danger.
Do you know how to use it? – No.
Teach me.
Fear of death will teach you.
Look.. if someone
comes in front of you..
..hold it and pull the trigger.
What if he dies?
If he doesn’t die, you’ll die.
Go deep in that forest.
I’ll handle them.
Take care. Without you.. – Go!
Come on, boys.
Nab them.
Whatever you’re thinking,
I’m thinking the same.
If you shoot me, I’ll shoot her.
And my men will shoot you.
Drop the gun.
Dad. Some men entered our area.
I’ve arrested them.
Ok. Take them in the big hall.
I’ll be there.
Do you want to say anything?
I want.. – I want to say.
First listen to me.
This rogue.. he’s very lowly!
He kidnapped me.
He told me and asked for fruits.
I gave him.
He asked for more.
I gave him basket full.
But he kept on asking for me.
I think he’s mad.
His horse is crazier.
It bit me here. There is still mark.
Want to see?
He left the horse in the village.
On the way,
he asked me to climb on his shoulder.
He threatens to get on me. – Meaning?
On my shoulder.
I was quiet as I was in your area.
And I said,
this is Panna Lal Ghosh’s area.
Not Panna Lal, but Heera Lal.
Same thing.
But this rogue said,
Panna Lal my foot!
I’m Heera Lal. – Yes.
Heera Lal. He said you
went to buy oil (go to hell).
Now tell me, you’re such a big man!
Why would you go to get oil?
Can’t they bring oil for you?
Then.. oh no.. he abused you..
What did he say?
– He said you’re this..
Shut up!
Cut him into pieces
and feed the crows.
Or else tell me to shoot him.
I’ll shoot you instead.
Tell your stooges
to drop the gun or..
Drop the gun.
Now untie him.
Untie him.
Now tell me,
what should I do with you?
The same thing that a friend
does with another friend.
Drama is still going on?
She did a drama.
Now I’ll tell you the truth.
What’s the proof that
you’ll say the truth?
If you learn to believe,
you won’t need proof.
Who are you?
– First let me tell you..
..who you’re.
There were three friends.
If one used to get hurt,
other used to feel the pain.
They robbed a bank.
The gold was worth
3 Crore at that time.
But today that gold
is worth 30 crore.
Police were after them
so they hid the gold.
That gold is still hidden.
Those three got separated.
They started living their lives.
But a while ago..
..one of them.. got killed.
Lal Singh.
How do you know?
Lal Singh was your friend.
He was my father.
You.. you’re Lal Singh’s son.
Before dying my father
told me to meet you.
Maybe he even told
you to kill our men.
Do you’ve the reason to kill them?
To reach you.
If I hadn’t killed them,
they would’ve killed me.
Why and how did Lal Singh died?
I too asked my father.
He said..
son, I’m dying at Zoravar’s hand.
Heera is my friend.
Go and tell him..
Zoravar! You’re dead now!
Don’t forget that
you’re in front of me.
That’s why I came to you.
So that you can take me to him.
I’ll take my revenge.
I want my share.
And we want our share.
Of course.
But a tired traveler needs rest.
Take him to rest room.
We’ll talk tomorrow.
Why don’t you trust him?
You said there are
two types of people.
One who don’t trust
until getting betrayed.
Second, who don’t trust
until the other is trust worthy.
You’re of the first type.
You got betrayed.
I’m from the second kind.
I don’t want to lose in deception.
You maybe be right, son.
But my interest in
Zoravar is aroused again.
If Lal Singh didn’t take the gold,
Heera didn’t take it..
..then who is the third one?
And if today we get
our share of gold..
..then think how much
our business will expand.
Do you want me to let Teja go?
You go along.
Let him fight.
Let him sow,
while you reap the reward.
And if he tries to betray..
Go, Mahendra. Prepare to leave.
Ok, dad.
Where do we’ve to go? – Mumbai.
Golden Towers. It’s jj’s fort.
Mahendra and you’ll surely succeed.
My blessings are with you.
I’ve arranged for her stay here.
Whether your blessings
are with me or not..
..but she won’t stay here. – Why?
The way Mahendra doesn’t go alone..
..I too don’t go without her.
Fine. As you wish.
I don’t mind.
Go. You’re being called.
I know you’ll wait for us.
But before your expectations,
we’ll return.
We’ve to stay here for the night.
But I’ve to return.
I understand. But how?
If a woman wants,
she can stop an entire army.
You prepare to leave.
Hey.. where are you going?
I want to bath.
Where is the bathroom?
I feel like taking a dip too.
Damn it!
Where is Teja?
Tell me.
What happened?
Where is everyone?
Who is there? – God’s devotee.
Your death.
You? And Mahendra?
He’s alive.
But today.. he’ll become orphan.
The way 20 years ago,
I became orphan.
What rubbish!
Lal Singh.. – He wasn’t my father.
He too was my parents’
killer like you.
Try to remember the day
when you three hid the gold.
And you ruined an innocent family.
Do you recognize this?
Since then I’ve kept it safe.
For you.
Oh.. you? – Yes.
Maybe God saved me..
..because at my hands, you’ve to die.
Tell me, where is Teja?
Hands up.
Arrest them!
Come on.
Mr. Zoravar.
Your men who were bringing gold..
..I robbed from them.
I’m coming with that gold to you.
In golden tower. We’ll talk there.
My name is Sanjay.
I’m not interested in your name.
Yes.. you’ve proved
three things to me.
You’re smart, brave..
..and fool.
Don’t decide so soon.
I’m a fool because
I came to your house, alone.
Is there gold in this truck?
Then it’s proved..
..that you don’t want gold,
but something else.
Friendship. Of equal share. – Why?
I’ll tell you.
After completing education,
it took me five years..
..to study your life and your ways.
I wanted to become what you’re today.
I could’ve started business alone.
But not by being your enemy..
..because I know your strenght.
So I like to offer friendship.
I’ve taken a risk.
I’ve come with my life on my palm.
And with the hope that our
partnership will start from today.
And you’ll give me
the half of this gold.
Don’t test my patience.
Maybe you don’t believe
I’ve brought gold.
Just a minute.
Why do you still believe,
my men can’t shoot you?
Ah.. never.
Because along with it,
I’ve brought something else too.
Do you know this?
This is dynamite.
If you shoot me,
your hard work of twenty years..
..this empire will fall into pieces.
It can’t happen.
This is rubbish!
This is true. – This is a lie.
This is true.
This is can’t be a lie.
This was just one.
Many more are in that truck.
Didn’t I say,
I came with my life on my palm.
Maybe you can’t see your
empire getting destroyed.
Because I’m smart, brave..
..but not foolish.
You’re right.
You’re good.
Do you accept partnership?
I can’t say for now.
But friendship is for sure.
Good. Good.
You’ve really made him your partner.
You’re my partner.
You’ll always be one.
But I liked this man.
My only worry is..
..that he knows a lot about me.
And I know nothing about him.
So you want me to find about him.
Of course.
You’re my computer.
Sanjay is smart.
And.. intelligent too.
He’s just a man.
And I..
Don’t worry about Sanjay.
I’m sorry. Your drink..
Never mind.
It was my mistake.
I kept the glass on the way.
No. I must replace your drink.
Waiter. – Yes, madam.
Bring a drink for sir. – Ok.
If you’re so kind,
do me a favor more.
Waiter. – Yes.
Two drinks. – Ok, sir.
Please sit down.
What are you looking at?
Beyond seven seas, I saw a mermaid.
And I’m seeing once more here.
Were you ever in Hong Kong.
Your sister? – No.
I’m all alone.
Strange! There should’ve
been so much crowd all around you..
..enough to fill an entire stadium.
Thank you.
I came to India for the first time.
Are you from here?
I came here for the first time.
Two strangers met like this.
Can we become friends?
We can try.
Did you come to India for tour?
No. My uncle lives in Kullu.
I came to see him.
I’d like to meet him too.
But I’ve to go far to meet him.
Oh no.
Who is it? – Your death.
What rubbish!
My name is Teja.
I’ve killed Lal Singh and Heera.
Now it’s your turn, Zora.
So you were the one. – Yes.
I’m coming to meet you tomorrow.
Tomorrow? – Did you forget
that tomorrow is your birthday.
You’ll find me near you like death.
If you survive,
wait for my call at eight.
What happened, Zora?
Sanjay isn’t the man you think.
He’s clean.
I know.
Because the real killer
Teja has come now.
He had killed Lal Singh and Heera..
He threatened that he’ll
come to tomorrow’s party.
He hasn’t put hand in snake’s hole..
..but his head.
“Who are you? What’s your name?”
“Where did you come from?”
“You are stealing glances.”
“You woo with your charm.”
“You are a blast!”
“Come close to me.”
“You are a blast!”
“Come close to me.”
“Where are you going?
Stealing hearts.”
“I am the talk of the town.”
“You are the talk of the town.”
“I am the talk of the town.”
“You are a blast! Come close to me.”
“There is magic in my gait.”
“My tresses are a trap.”
“There is magic in my gait.”
“Moon walks with me at night.”
“Moon walks with me at night.”
“Believe me.”
“Believe me.”
“I am the talk of the town.”
“You are the talk of the town.”
“You are a blast! Come close to me.”
“I’m famous far and wide.”
“I control the world.”
“I’m famous far and wide.”
“I know who you’re.”
“I have recognized the thief.”
“I know who you’re.
I have recognized the thief.”
“I know, I’m magician.”
“I am the talk of the town.”
“You are the talk of the town.”
“You are the talk of the town.”
“You are the talk of the town.”
Thank you. Thank you.
Happy birthday, Zora.
This was the last joy of your life.
Your life ends now.
Because in Teja’s flowers..
..your death is hidden
in the form of bomb.
It has bomb. Throw it out.
No. You do it.
You throw it. – You do it.
You throw it. – No, you.
What’s all this?
Teja!! Teja!!
And that bouquet.
He was scared to
even touch the flowers.
He couldn’t even breath.
He was so scared.
He stumbled on the stairs.
I thought I should say,
Zora, you’re dying.
But why are you talking
in poems with me?
Turn that way.
Why did you make me turn away?
I saw everything in the mirror.
You naughty! I won’t spare you.
Hey.. you’ve exposed..
everyone’s secret.
Is it? – Yes.
Look into my eyes
and say who was she.
You were walking so close to her.
You were even holding her hands.
I saw it.
She.. she’s a nice girl.
She’s tall and slim
enough to wear a ring.
Make her wear a ring on her finger.
Go. Don’t talk to me.
You’re jealous.
If you don’t feel jealous..
..then life will become dull.
Silly! I was kidding with her.
To get secrets.
You know that well.
But when you talk
to someone stay afar.
My desire to hug
you should be fulfilled.
I’m seeing you happy
for the first time.
This joy came after many pain, Sonu.
I want to live now.
With you.
There is only 5
minutes left for 8 pm.
When it’s 8 pm..
..he’ll phone.
You should shoot him.
If I could shoot on telephone..
..he would’ve been dead 20 times.
But I won’t spare him.
Whom are you talking about?
Breaking ties. – Come, partner.
I’m talking about Teja.
This phone has become headache.
It’s going to be 8 pm.
There will be thunder.
Partner, I remember a couplet.
Maybe you’ll like it.
“We talk and not hear tone.”
“We should fear man, not phone.”
I don’t get scared.
– There is no law of Nature..
..that he’ll surely phone
at the time of your drink.
Hello. Who is it? – Zora.
Did you like the bouquet, Zora?
This was your last birthday.
After this your death
anniversary will be celebrated.
Choose the place for your grave.
Before I kill you..
..I desire to slap you.
Actually, I feel very itchy..
– Shut up!
Hello. What do you want?
– Dog’s death for Zora.
Death.. for..
He’s calling you dog.
Just a minute..
Zora is a scum. Traitor.
He.. he deceived his friends.
What nonsense!
What deception?
Bank. – Gold.
What rubbish! – Shut up!
What? – Not to you.
Why do you care if dogs
don’t devour his corpse?
He’s expressing sympathy with dogs.
He calls you dog.
Hey.. don’t abuse Zora.
He’s my partner. – Yes.
No matter how Zora is..
dog, traitor, scum.. he’s my partner.
You’ll slap Zora.
If you come in front of me.. I’ll.
Partner.. are you hurt?
Just am minute.. – Leave it.
You’re a great partner?
He abuses once,
but you abuse ten times.
Partner, I was scolding him.
You were.. – Sir.
Work is done?
Take this.
Which work was he talking about?
I don’t know.
I too don’t know.
Mr. Zora. You should start a school.
School? For what?
To teach swimming to
fish and flying to birds.
Sir, photos are here.
Show us.
You’ll get to learn something new.
Look carefully.
May God save our house from jinx!
Come, son. I’ll give you a bath.
No, mother. I’m big now.
I’ll do everything myself.
Very good, son.
That’s like a brave boy.
Now get ready.
Then we’ll go.. – Where?
To market to buy a horse.
Leave my son..
Everything is over.
No, mother. I can’t live without you.
You said you’ve grown up now.
You can do your work. – No, mother.
I’m very small, mother.
Don’t leave me.
You were right.
I can teach swimming
to fish and flying to birds.
But I can also teach
that disguise can lie..
..but tears can’t lie.
I didn’t get it. – I’ll explain.
He.. who is he?
What Zora knows he
wants to hear from Teja?
Who are you?
Tell me.
Your partner.
And God’s devotee.
Shut up!
You’re Teja. Teja.
actually you’re scared to death.
I’m alive.
I’m live.
You’ll die.
Before dying you’ll
confess that you’re Teja.
After killing Lal Singh and Heera..
..you thought you were a big shot.
You’re the cause of all the troubles.
Teja’s phone call came
only after your arrival.
My face was blackened
in my own party.
Did you think I’ll think
Teja is doing all this?
No. You were doing all this.
Because you’re Teja.
Give him electric shock.
Who am I?
Who are you?
Partner. – No.
You can never be me partner.
Zoravar was alone. He’ll be alone.
Sir. Police is here.
IG. You’re here.
Why did you take the trouble?
You should’ve called me.
Do you know this man?
International assasin.
Professional killer.
He has killed twenty men.
He’s wanted by Interpol.
He came from Hong Kong.
Now he’s hiding in
your hotel clean shaven.
He’s not hiding..
..but he must be lodged in my hotel.
But can I ask you..
..how did you know he’s in my hotel?
If you don’t co operate,
I’ll have to search the hotel.
You don’t need to do that.
If he’s here,
he’ll be in your custody.
Sir. – If this man is in this hotel,
bring him here.
Ok, sir.
Anyway, do you want tea or coffee?
No, thanks.
I’ll wait here.
Here.. your culprit.
Arrest him.
Police’s information is great.
I couldn’t think, such an
innocent man could be a killer.
Did you do the right thing?
Zoravar can never be wrong.
Now police will do our work.
Teja will die.
And we won’t be accused for it.
Teja? – I’ve told the
police the whereabouts..
..of your illegal dens.
Very soon police will raid the place.
Good bye.
You.. rogue!
Somu! Balu!
Yes, sir.
Listen. Hurry.
Keep the gold bricks in my car.
– Ok, sir.
Vacant the place.
Police is coming here.
You’re surrounded.
Surrender with your men.
If you don’t come
out in two minutes..
..we’ll barge in shooting bullets.
I won’t surrender.
Teja, you?
Not Teja, Sanjay. Your partner.
And nobody can stop your partner.
Zoravar. It’s in your interest..
We can talk later. Let’s go out now.
Come. Hurry.
I’m warning you for the last time.
Surrender now.
Put the gold.
Teja double crossed me.
Sanjay deceived me.
Sir. Teja or Sanjay?
Come, Sanjay.
I was thinking.. – Don’t think.
I’ll fix everything.
We’ve hidden the goods.
We’ve to hide you now.
The truth will be out.
Good is new, but the move is old.
Very good.
We’ll stay here tonight.
Here? In this place?
This is a very safe place.
It’s tried and trusted.
Police can never dream..
..that my partner is hiding here.
I’ll go and arrange everything.
We’ll leave tomorrow morning. Ok?
I was waiting for
this morning for years.
What are you doing here?
Hey.. what are you doing?
I’m obeying Zora’s order.
My treasure.
You call even after
getting a person killed.
You believed..
..that Teja can never die.
Zoravar, Teja is your death.
Before killing you, how can I die?
In childhood every
child of lizard thinks..
..that he’ll become a crocodile.
You thought you’ll succeed.
I’m only successful, Zora.
Don’t try to act smart
because of this gun.
There is one more
gun pointing at you.
Today you’ll pay
for your every crimes.
Remember the day
when my mother cried..
..my father begged..
..and I.. I died hundred
times before getting saved.
Today you’ve to
answer every question.
What’s your answer?
Tell me!
Stop it, Teja!
A man doesn’t become
tall by using silts.
I’ve more experience than your age.
You’re forgetting Sonu for gold.
If I don’t reach Lal
mansion in half an hour..
..my men will devour your Sonu.
If anything happens to Sonu..
– You’ve only 2 hours.
Come there with my gold.
And take your Sonu back.
..2 hours.
I’ll tell you the way to Lal mansion.
My father had right on this gold.
Now it’s my right.
Remember your God.
Stop, Mahendra.
You can get gold later too.
But to save Sonu’s life,
I need this gold.
It’s your problem, Teja.
Do as I say.
What did you do?
I’ve tried to give
meaning to my life.
A woman’s adornment
is vermillion on her head.
I wasn’t destined to get it.
Save Sonu.
Save Sonu, Teja.
Zora, tell your men to drop the gun.
drop the guns.
As per my promise,
I brought the gold.
Take the gold and free Sonu.
Hey.. bring Sonu out.
I knew that you’d help the law, Teja.

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