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 Mere moments after landing on Netflix, horror series Marianne has basically scared the bejeebus out of the nation
 And for good reason.  The French horror series, which comes with English subtitles, follows Emma, a novelist who wrote books based on her nightmares about a witch, which are coming true
She heads back to her home town to face her demons (quite literally, in this case) after the evil witch from her nightmares starts causing chaos in the real world
 Emma has to work out the ending to her stories in order to get rid of the curse and rid the town of the witch, Marianne
The only trouble is, she doesn’t actually know how to defeat her.  And we have to sit there watching her attempt time and time again
 If you actually got through the thing and are looking to get the goosebumps raised with another binge-worthy series or film, may we suggest the following titles?  Enjoy, you horror fans
The Haunting Of Hill House  If you’re afraid of things that go bump in the night, you best skip past this bit
 Like to scare yourself by old houses and freaky creatures? Well hello to Hill House
 This 2018 masterpiece follows the Crain children reliving their time in the haunted Hill House, with their childhood memories and terrifying experiences in the house carving out their future in singular but all too painfully relevant ways
 Through an unexpected turn of events, the children are forced to return to Hill House decades after leaving in the dead of night, and confront the ghosts of their pasts in order to move forward
The actual ghosts, too.  And it’s awesome.  And scary, very, very scary. Eerie  Eerie got a lot of buzz recently and for good reason – it’s creepy AF
 The Filipino Gothic film was released in March but only landed on the streaming platform recently
 Centring around a tale of a girls’ school the nuns aren’t the creepy thing about it…for once, as we suddenly discover a character named Erika, who basically haunts all from beyond the ether
 They then call her Eri and before we know it, the Eerie title makes a whole lot more sense
 Set in Lucia Academy for girls we see guidance counsellor Pat Consolacion (Bea Alonzo) attempt to uncover what went down behind the news of a student’s gruesome suicide
Old mate Erika.  From the ridiculously bone-chilling girlish giggle we hear at multiple points, to the jump scares and the classic horror violins, we can see why people are running terrified
 In fact, they’re having to sleep with the lights on after watching. The Witch  Even though it was a hit with horror fans at Sundance film festival, one disgruntled punter complained the thing wasn’t actually ‘scary’ enough
 Pah!  The film is set in Colonial England, 1630, which is terrifying in itself, as it follows a family outcast from a religious community and trying to find their place, and a home again, on the edge of some creepy woods
 The setting of all great memories.  Similar to Marianne, we’re dealing with witch-fearing folklore and an insidious being nearby (spoiler alert: a witch) who is influencing the family, with age-old concepts of black magic and possession that will tuck you into bed nice and tight
 The family slowly starts to unravel as they suspect one of the kids is the source of his devil’s work
 Oh and a goat’s udder squirts blood instead of milk. Cute. The Apostle To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video  The movie was filmed around south Wales and stars Michael Sheen as a cult priest (what could possibly go wrong?) alongside Downton Abbey and Beauty And The Beast actor Dan Stevens, and Keeping Faith’s Mark Lewis Jones
 Without even watching the whole thing, the trailer is already stupidly terrifying and gruesome, with hand-drills and skulls, fingers and turning cogs and delightful corpses impaled on tree branches
 Nope.  Made by director Gareth Evans, who is well known for his cult action films, The Raid and The Raid 2, doesn’t his latest efforts to make us revisit breakfast sound like a lovely romp to watch with your sweetheart? Veronica  The film was released last year on the streaming site and immediately gained traction as one terrifying mofo, with punters comparing it to scare-a-thon The Conjuring
 Yeah, it’s of that ilk.  The film is Spanish subtitled, and you know all the horroriest of horrors are subtitled (hello Marianne), and directed by Paco Plaza, who earned his fright stripes as the director of the REC franchise, considered one of the best ‘found footage’ films out
 So people are rightly believing the hype for this one. Veronica tells the story of a young girl (named Veronica…classic) played by Sandra Escacena, who has to raise her younger siblings due to her mother always working and her father being dead
 To matters worse and much, much scarier, she then happens upon an ouija board during a solar eclipse and then tries to summon the spirit of a dead friend who died in a motorcycle accident
 Instead, she, along with her chums, accidentally disturbed the spirit of her aforementioned dead father – who obviously was never a fan of being woken up from a slumber – before they then summoned a much more sinister demon and that’s when things gets interesting
 We’re talking blood-stained mattresses, gnarly black hands, whispering spirits – the whole shebang
The Perfection  We should have known better than to trust Allison Williams was anything but terrifying after her turn in Get Out, and now we have The Perfection, released earlier this year
 The film stars Allison as Charlotte, a disturbing musical prodigy who tracks down the latest star to emerge from her old music school, Elizabeth, played by Dear White People’s Logan Browning
 It feels a lot like Black Swan, in a musical world, and very apocalyptic – much like the streaming giant’s hit Bird Box
 Meanwhile, the creepy music score reminds us of the recent blockbuster hit Us.  It’s terrifying, unsettling, weird and has buck loads of horrific twists and turns
Or, hey, there’s always just the classic American Horror Story, right?  Soon to his screens, like, tomorrow, American Horror Story latest romp 1984 might very well be the ultimate slasher series of all time
 Taking place in a summer camp, it features influences from classic scary movies such as Friday 13th and Sleepaway Camp, as well as Halloween and I Know What You Did Last Summer
 Expect plenty of 80s fashion, aerobics and big hair, along with blood, guts and screams (after all, there are two Scream Queens – Emma and Billie – in this season)
 If you need to catch up on all that’s gone down ahead of it landing on Fox, Netflix has got past seasons lined up and ready to go
 Anyway, sleep well, guys.

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