The 411: 4 headlines to get you through Tuesday, Sept. 10

Julie Wilson these are the four things you need to know on ABC 11 do you want to see the cutest thing that you’ll see all gosh darn date okay look at this those are two besties running to each other in the Big Apple that’s Maxwell and Finnegan they are described as inseparable they’re both two they’ve known each other for half their life so that’s exactly one year Max’s dad says the two are partners in crime ladies we love big long voluminous lashes but we don’t necessarily love the process you know getting the perm done getting the extensions trying Ave your mascara on the planet well there could be a solution Erica definitely felt the frustration her lashes actually curled down causing an issue with their eyes inter a new procedure at the Duke Athletic Center the laser lash lift that will permanently curl the lash under the direction of the procedures pioneer dr. Julie Woodward is actually cures the etiology of the problem which is that the eyelashes are growing downwards so it corrects them at the roots by tilting the roots of the eyelashes about 40 ladies every single day I glue on fake eyelashes what do you do comment below you need a job UPS is starting to hire for the holidays and it could turn into a permanent game company planning on bringing in 100,000 seasonal employees we don’t know yet what the starting pay will be jobs will range from packaged handlers to drivers to driver helpers UPS is planning to hire up to a third of those seasonal workers permanently after the holidays not only did Wendy’s bless us by bringing back their spicy chicken uggs now they’re taking aim at breakfast Wendy says they’ll start serving breakfast at all locations across the country next year and get this the company has to hire almost 20 thousand people for it to happen company is estimating there have to spend around 20 million dollars to make breakfast nationwide a thing I’m ok with that you know what I’m some monster okay with look at this seven-day forecast just look at it [Music]

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