The Deported I Official Trailer

Child: Daddy! Push me!
I’m Rosario Dawson
Immigration is about people
and right now
people are fighting
for their lives.
I came to the U.S.
when I was two years old.

This is my home
I consider myself an American.
We can’t go back to Columbia
We’re still very much
in danger there.

“We will begin to crush and
dismember one by one
the members of your family.”
I was arrested for possesion
of marijuana

and my DACA wasn’t renewed.
It’s a decision you made.
Woman: We took a vote
to be a sanctuary church.

If he isn’t entitled to stay
he should return
to his home country.
Woman: I understand he
should have followed the law

but for him to self deport
is a death sentence
for his wife.
Man: I honestly just want the
most American average life
that’s my dream
Man: What kind of a
country tears apart

honest, hard working families?
We’re not safe anymore
Watch your back
If he is deported,
It’s your chance!
this would betray,
Do what’s right!
American values.
If they’re going to find you,
they’re going to find you.

How am I supposed to
sleep tonight?
Daddy! Daddy!
Man: This struggle
that is going on
is for the soul of this country.

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