The Doll With Millions (1928) movie

Part One
Madam Collie, the rich widow,
was dying in Paris
The closest relatives were
being killed …
by the slowness of
the nearly departed
Nephews of madam Collie :
…and Paul
– I have good news for you,
gentlemen …
– The patient is better ! …
– Lend me some money …
At least 5 francs …
– You still owe a debt to me !
“The dancer Blanche’s performance
was most unsuccessful.
She had no talent and no temperament”
– Was it so difficult to pay the journalists,
so they could finally see my talent and
“The charming Blanche is
dancing at Moulin Rouge”
– To hell with the those nonsense news pieces
about the showgirls. I need to urgently find out
who is getting Madame Collier’s inheritance.
– You should pay for good news stories
– To sell, or not to sell ?
that is the question !
– Don’t shoot yourself ! …
I’ll think of something …
– Don’t be scared !..
I have sensational news !!
We’ll split the money …
– Madame Collie is leaving
her inheritance to… …
Madame Collie is dead !
– I don’t have any money …
“From reliable sources we inform you
that madam Collie’s will is written
in favor of her nephew – Pierre”
– Well, considering the latest news,
I can pay you back the debt.
– Tell auntie …
Everybody was waiting for
the will to be opened.
“My entire estate, which consists of
Tripoli Kanal shares in the amount of
300.00.000 francs, I’m leaving
… to my niece – Maria Ivanova”
“Before my cousin escaped from
Moscow she married a Russian, and hid
Maria’s documents inside her doll”
“Maria’s distinctive marks – 17 years old, birthmark on a shoulder”
“She will be able to get her inheritance
on the day she gets married”
– For auntie’s grave stone !
– Auntie let us down… Now, if you could
lend me 10,000 francs …
… we will organise a search party for the niece
with the doll the birthmark and the millions
“Goodbye baby !
I am on the search of the rich fiancee.
Forgive your old man”
In Moscow
– Cut !
– Next !..
“Advertisement. In desperate need of
a 17 year old model, with a birthmark on
a shoulder. Grand Hotel. Room 26”
“In desperate need of
a 77 year old model”
– Are you sure you are not
younger than seventeen ?!
– No, my good man, I’ve just
turned seventy seven.
Searching for the doll
– Ivanova !..
– Marusia, get ready !
– Cousin !!!
Hard working science students
– Your cousins !
– Don’t let them in !…
Say I’m not here !
– She’s not at home.
– We’ll wait !
– I’ll show them !…
Next morning
– What have you done ?
All the needles were there !
“Birth certificate form: Maria daughter
of peasant Peter Ivanov”
– You are my cousin !
You have inherited millions !
– I’m asking for your hand in marriage
– This needs to be discussed …
– We made a mistake. There are no
documents in this doll.
It’s the wrong Ivanova.
– If the stock ratio of these shares
doesn’t go down, you will be getting …
– … approximately …
“Improving the living conditions of the
proletarian student body : 500 000 roubles.
Chemistry Department : 100 000 roubles.
Ivanova…. dresses – ten roubles”
– Give me the address of
Maria Ivanova, 17 years old.
– The hen has chased the cock …
– I’m faithful to you !.. We will be rich…
But you need to distract Paul for me.
– So, it’s decided:
The wedding is tomorrow !
– Book the wedding
tomorrow at 1 pm.
– Miss has left to get
a wedding dress.
“Since comrade Ivanova had received a large
inheritance I have a full confidence that she will
be able to pay her utility and rent bills”
– Name !
“The wedding of M. Ivanova
and P. Kuzinai at 1 pm”
“Paris. To notary Verger. Found her.
Getting married tomorrow. Pierre”
“Paris. To notary Verger. Found her.
Getting married tomorrow. Paul”
– Are you still looking for a model ?
– Your name ?
– Maria Ivanova
– And the doll ?
– I love you !..
We have to get married !!!
– To get the inheritance it’s also
necessary to register a civil union …
– Ok, let’s say I will get married !
– And the next day, I will get a divorce !
– The groom has arrived !
– Come around, I want you
to try some sweets !
– Eat them yourself !
– Am I interrupting ?
– It’s all right …
We are leaving soon
– You have killed our chance of happiness.
Who are you? Why did you take
Pierre from me ?
The next day
– It’s time to get married !
– Tripoli Kanal had collapsed …
The shares are worthless …
– Now we don’t need a fake marriage
– That’s right,
we don’t need a fake marriage !..
“Comrade Ivanova can take consolation
in the fact that while she will only a see
a smile from the fantastical millions,
she will however receive
a real university allowance”
The End
Translation by mproust87, palefirefilm,
platoonskateboard and lois123.
Programming by Knappen.

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