The Don’t Laugh Newsroom Challenge

– Yes, it’s Christmas in July in May.
Oh, I’ve immediately failed (laughs).
(electronic music)
– [Announcer] From West
Hollywood, California
the only news team that doesn’t know
what’s on the teleprompter
before they read it.
Anyone who laughs or breaks loses points.
This is Breaking News.
– Good evening, and
welcome to Breaking News.
– The show where we don’t
know what we’re about to say
and we aren’t allowed to smile or laugh.
– I’m Taffy Moops.
– And I’m O.K. Simpson.
– Tonight, ho ho ho, no.
You’re not hearing things,
that’s the sound Santa Claus
makes plus an extra ho.
– No. Yes, it’s Christmas
in July in May (Laughs).
Oh, I’ve immediately failed (laughs).
And we’ve got the lowdown on the
hottest toys this holiday season.
– Kids can’t get enough of R2-Fuck You.
The rude little robot
that hates his parents.
– Fuck (laughs).
This little shit fucking
sucks, and I hate it.
– But your children love it.
– This toy is a bad influence,
just like that kid you weren’t
supposed to play with
when you were little.
– Jonathan?
– Yes, Jonathan.
– R2-Fuck You already has
a soft little mustache,
knows a lot about guns,
and hates wearing a shirt.
– He’s got a Big Dogs hat
and milk crust in the corner of his mouth.
– And he knows a surprising
amount about sex.
– If you buy R2-Fuck You,
remember to pick up a
few packs of D batteries
’cause baby, you’ll need them.
– Remember D batteries?
Well they’re back, and heavier than ever.
– Load ’em up like shotgun shells
in this disrespectful robot,
and let it corrupt your children.
– Other popular toys this season include
Your Little Pony, Tickle
Your Elmo, and YournCraft.
– We now go to Skimberly
Milk with the sport report.
– Thanks, Taffy.
The Washington Redskins announced
that they’ll change their name to
The Washington Denver Nuggets.
Xavier has decided to open a college
to support its baseball team,
and Mr. Met is in critical condition
after a terrible misunderstanding
involving his head.
All that to come.
But first: Soccer has
been officially declared
The Rick and Morty of Sports.
A highly entertaining spectacle
with just the worst fucking fans.
Yes, whether you suddenly
started using the word “lads”
or you won’t shut up about
your one visit to Europe,
you all fucking suck.
That’s it for the sports report.
Until next time, I’m Skimberly Milk.
– Thanks, Skim.
I’m getting word of breaking news.
For more on this story,
we turn to our reporter
in the field, Sumptuous Cream.
Sump, what’s going on out there?
– Tragedy, O.K.,Total tragedy.
It appears there’s been
yet another mistake
at the Fruit Roll-Up Factory.
This time resulting in the creation of
Tropical Kiwi Threesome Roll-Ups,
and the loss of seven lives.
– How terrible.
– Yes, and this same negligent factory
has twelve accidents in the
past year alone, leading to,
Oops All Wrapper, Uh-Uh
Beef on The Inside,
Fuck, Three Sided Roll-Ups,
Envelope Glue Flavor,
the dis-embarkment of four workers,
and Lame Ass Ranch.
– A shocking disaster.
What fun Fruit Roll-Ups
with they roll out next?
– God willing, none.
– Well thanks, Sump.
Sumptuous Cream will have more
on this story as it develops.
– And that’s all we have time for for now.
We close with a bit of personal news.
Oh no.
Our employee of the week
just couldn’t stop smiling
and laughing even though
they’re not allowed to.
Congrats to our employee of the week…
Oh no, it’s me.
– Well, until next time.
Thank you from everyone
here at Breaking News.
Taffy Moops, O.K. Simpson, Skimberly Milk,
and Sumptuous Cream.
(electronic blips)
– Hey, it’s Grant from College Humor.
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Sorry, guys, it feels like I’m out.
Am I out?
‘Cause I can like see the
top of the camera so it’s…
Is this better?
Alright, it feels worse.
Okay, thanks for watching!

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