‘The Fight Is Not Over In China,’ Says Reporter About Virus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. The basic reality is fairly simple. It takes two weeks to be confident whether someone has contracted covid-19 or not. If people are kept separate for a long enough time, the virus can be eliminated. No doubt, there is some danger of exceptional people who carry the virus for extended periods of time without showing symptoms. But, enforcing the basic isolation is the larger problem. New York appears to be having significant success with its social isolation. But, even in New York, it does not appear likely that the enforcement is on the same scale as China. As long as large parts of a population are not immune to the virus, there will always be a chance of new outbreaks. Any rational approach to reducing social isolation needs a large scale effort for testing and tracking to identify any new cases. China is likely to be significantly ahead of the United States in that effort because China's stronger testing, tracking, and isolating policies appear more organized and more enforced than those throughout the United States. Even with some confidence that the outbreak is under control, there is a large question about the risk reward tradeoffs from particularly large social gatherings that don't have any essential role in a nations economic life.

  2. For all the people are saying that China is lying about their numbers, I will tell you this:
    I live in Spain.
    Today is lockdown day number 24 and 75% of people are NOT wearing masks. People are still walking in the street like normal, public transportation works still like normal. Today a weekend you see more cars. Police doesn’t really control anybody.

    My family in China from day 1 they didn’t
    that YOUR GOVERNMENT IS INCOMPETENT? Go ahead, but people are keep dying no matter what you think. God bless everybody.

  3. won’t you answer I would like an answer Who told you this Virus is going away .Who told you that they have a cure

  4. China has already set up infrastructures to handle a second wave because of the first one. They are prepared and they are still monitoring the flow of human traffic between cities via planes, trains and automobiles. All passengers are tested before boarding planes. The US are not. People are still going to the beach, hanging out and now queue for unemployment benefits.

  5. It should be mentioned that most of the people leaving Wuhan are people from other cities who were caught by the lock down rushing home.

  6. covid 20 be next if china n the world dnt stop these wet markets gd chance could spring back in the future in our kids generation worrying! by then we will be old more likey catch it n to die! but world leaders dont think that far ahead just wonna argue not pervent this happening again!!! wet market in all countries need to stop! problem solved!

  7. Day 40 of the Shelter in Place:
    WH CoronaVirus Briefing just started on this Good Thursday. I think it's going to be a good one. 

    Let's get to it, 33 1/3…

    trump/pence 2020

  8. I guess the Reality of the lies will be Reported on this channel in around fourteen days from now?
    ..when the second CCP PLague is unleashed upon the Globe, and when that is undeniable…
    Then you'll see Rachel Maddow waiving her hands around about it.

  9. W.H.O. Recommended against travel restrictions pointing out a symptomatic infections would be difficult to account for- guess they think this is a global pandemic.


  11. You don't need to blame, trust or hear from anybody. Just say no speaking chinese or no speaking english, take your pick. You be at peace with yourself.

  12. Why are these guys mistreating africans.. Is that really fair you guys need to act wecwere all brought into the world and are equal.. Stop mistreating africans and blaming them China in this pandemic which yourselves created

  13. before China new it had covid-19 all the asymptomatic carriers had already spread the virus via flights all around the world

  14. They don't trust China and when China locked down cities and provinces,they were accusing China of violating human rights. China just don't know how to please the Western now. China is always the blame

  15. My James I don't know who you been listening to but i can guess who but your wrong go back and check it out China told the w h o told trump Administration even one of his guys told him back in January he had plenty of time to safeguard this country but instead he choose to call it fake news and a hoax so don't try to be like that fool in the white house cause you just spreading hate and this is not the time for that this is the time we stick together and help one another so please don't be like the fool and try and blame everyone else for Thumpers stupidity and failures thank you I don't care how you cut this lays at the white house door trump let this country down you can say what ever you want but the evidence is right in your face wake up before you fall out of the bed

  16. Huh? So China calls them "government hotels," here in the US we just simply call them jails or prison. Some might even say 'they're going on vacation to Club Fed.'

  17. Everyone saying that came from China due to Chinese eating bats, but the truth could be very different.

    (i) In Aug 2019, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Maryland, was shutdown by CDC for "failure to meet biosafety standards".

    (ii) Then suspicious 68 Vaping deaths in the US that started before the US Flu epidemic in 2019, sharply increasing in August 2019 and peaking in September, all with pneumonia like symptoms. Funny thing there is no such Vaping deaths anywhere else in the world. In fact, a leaked CT scan of the lung of so called "Vaping Victim" is identical to the same scan of COVID-19 victim.

    (iii) Federal agencies conducted a mock drill in Oct 2019 to see how the nation would handle a pandemic, specifically a deadly global outbreak with no known cure. The exercise pointed to a number of national shortcomings, including an insufficient amount of medical supplies. It is called the 'Crimson Contagion 2019 Functional Exercise' and is marked not for distribution.

    The New York Times was the first to report and publish it. This was an exercise about the flu, not the coronavirus, but the document points to specific problematic areas for a hypothetical outbreak that, prophetically, begins in China and lands in Chicago.

    Read more from here: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/crimson-contagion-2019-simulation-warned-of-pandemic-implications-in-us/2243832/

    (iv) US servicemen & women were in Wuhan in Oct. 18-27, 2019 for the Wuhan Military Sports Meeting, Hubei, which was the first time American team participated in this event but got no medals. They were staying in a hotel near the wet market that is supposed to be epicentre of COVID-19.

    (v)The first case of COVID-19 was in Nov 17 but it was initially diagnosed as pneumonia but later verified as COVID-19 in Mar 2020.

    (vi)A “strange pneumonia” was circulating in northern Italy as long ago as November, weeks before doctors were made aware of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, one of the European country’s leading medical experts said this week.


    (vii)Dec. 1, 2019: First diagnosed infected Covid-19, Wuhan, Hubei, it initially thought as the first case, but the first was actually in Nov 17.

    (viii) 27 Feb, 2020: Prof. Nanshan Zhong, the leading expert in anti-coronavirus work, pointing out after serious of researches, that the Covid-19 may NOT originated in China. The RNA sequencing shows that, the virus group in China are Group C, D and E, while the virus in America contains all A, B, C, D, E groups, which means that US could the source of COVID-19.

    (ix) End of Feb 2020: CDC America admitted, that among the America flu, there were existence of coronavirus. At the same time, the report about shutting down of Lab in Fort Detrick, Maryland were massively deleted from the internet.

  18. Yeah, just completely ignore the fact that the virus came from Wuhan, China and that their communist government denied life saving information TO THE ENTIRE WORLD.

  19. Americans have only themselves to blame for being the number one nation thats suffering most from covid 19 due to the lies and inactions from the Liar in chief. Despite all the horrific numbers we still see 45% happy with the performance of the Liar in Chief, even God wont have mercy on such people.

    Whats happening in Korea or China etc cannot be replicated because they have leaders who care about the people and take active actions to tackle the virus not try to lie it to death. All politicians stretch the truth or even lie occasionally but none lies like the American Liar in chief who lies endlessly every day about little things as well as about big and important things. Which leader is focused on praise and grades himself 10/10 when the pandemic is in full swing? Only one in our solar system maybe the universe.
    To be objective Americans are reaping what they sowed when they elected this Liar in Chief who now wants a 2nd term.

  20. I found that living in China right now is much safer than else where.
    Recent news from US said majority of virus came from Europe not china. The US scientists know that because although these are same Covid 19, but different strain. US apparently barking the wrong tree. Sadly US people pay the price for demonizing China.

  21. This documentary points to China as the origin. Evidence seems very compelling! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gdd7dtDaYmM

  22. These people are saying the exact opposite of the truth. It’s so frustrating that we can’t trust our media anymore ?

  23. Stop With Your FAKE NEWS…Is There A Second Wave NO…Best President Ever…You Idiots And The Deep State Democrats Are The Ones Making Things Worse.

  24. If China's numbers are wrong, they're obviously are, how are they gonna help at all since they're not factual, I think studying China is a waste of time we don't have

  25. Believe or not, our economy is recovering, and your people are dying because you wasted all the time shifting attention from covering your government's inability. Save the time, be a volunteer, save your people's lives, and stop acting a child blaming China, AT LEAST USE YOUR BRAIN THAT WE CANT BRING THE VIRUS TO YOUR TWO CARRIERS.

  26. As a trumper I believe in our commander in chief not so much what he does or says but what he stand for we morons must unite must go back to work soon as possible mostly just blacks and old people are dying 10000+ he's doing a great job

  27. The disappointing fact is that I will trust what emperor Xi says over what Trump says. That's how immoral trump is….

  28. Well if a second wave does come hopefully we won't shut down the entire country again. Because what's the point of passing all these stimulus bills to jump start the economy if we're just gonna shut it down again. We need to find a balance.

  29. China knew about this virus 12 years ago

    cut and paste (660.full.pdf) to read the full report written in the year 2007.Whats up?

  30. The whole country needs to sit down at the same time for 14 days, it's not that difficult to do, freeze everything except emergencies, the National guard was deployed, so let them do there job, so we as a people can get better as a whole.

  31. "its one thing for a mayor to say "were locking everything down…"
    and what, mr. opi, do you propose, since you have no dolutions, i presume?

  32. When did America ever trust China?
    If u have never trusted china to begin with why now keep blaming china?
    What a interesting logic. .

  33. That's why our Capital is under Lockdown and going into extended lockdown. Because our government was afraid of china and the western "liberals" of calling us racist. And by that… a whole lot of people died. The world got bullied by china(with the help of those what they called "liberals" in the west) into spreading the CCP Virus. In a Pandemic, closing ones "borders" is not racism. It's called Survival.

  34. Have the wet markets reopened? We are waiting with bated breath or is it laboured breathing for a new Covid 20.

  35. As a Chinese I understand why American are so upset about how we started the virus, I did the same thing blaming the wuhan people in the first place . However it is Important to know blame is one thing but taking action against other is the other.

  36. There is nothin wrong of a government to tell lies to keep most of us not scared, both the China and trump did a good job on that one

  37. I don’t believe any of y’all. People can’t be trusted period. This is all so easy to see for what it truly is. ?

  38. Shutdown borders will only work if the borders of a country are totally shut to ALL countries and not individual countries because the virus can come from everywhere.

  39. They told the WHO? Just Not every other country in the world ! The W.H.O whom they control like the scientists they extinguished whom were trying to warn the world. They are psychopaths and terrorists with a crazy dictator abd anyone who defends them should move their!!!

  40. The people in China who recovered from the virus are displaying symptoms of being deceased but in an automoton like state. They feel no pain and show signs of aggression. The Chinese are trying to keep it under wraps but word is leaking. 30 days after recovery. That’s why the started cremation of the dead.

  41. Why what a white man say is always true but when any other ethnic group speak they can't be trusted ?
    do I see xenophobia and discrimination ?
    don't people have a brain to think on their own and make their own opinion ?

  42. If China's anti epidemic measures fail and lie, then mankind will be extinct. Because so far, no country has adopted a stricter isolation program than China, and no country has more medical resources than China.

  43. Those 400,000+ people who came over from China are American citizens! Why should they be shut out from going back to their own country?

  44. Regarding whether the China ban was actually racist, aside from the conspicuous fact that it didn't apply to Europe when it should have, think of "the boy who cried wolf" – Trumps been pushing racist policy and rhetoric for so long that regardless of the merits, the China ban was going to be regarded as just more of the same. Self inflicted wound there (story of his life really).

  45. I believe the real number of China is bigger than they reported, but what does the matter? Figure out the accurate number of China can save more american?

  46. How China "LIED" to the world!

    4 months ago

    China: OK there's a new virus. From now on no one moves around. If you go out, you must wear a mask. Nationwide lockdown and quarantine policies implemented.

    The West: Don't trust anything these f**ing commies say! It's just a flu! They are trying to control everyone's life! There's no need for masks.

    Asia: Let's take measures, wear masks and control frontiers

    3 months ago

    China: Start building hospitals so the medical system doesn't get overwhelmed.

    The West: It's a concentration camp! They are murdering people out there! They are untrustworthy!

    Asia: We keep our distance and security high

    2 month ago

    China: We are experiencing a surge of patients and this virus is super infectious via air and physical contact. We are also experiencing shortage on medical supplies and medical practitioners. Pulling everything from the country to Wuhan.

    The West: Look how backward they are, not even having enough PPE for their doctors and nurses. They are clearly wrong about the method of transmission, that's why they are making everyone wear masks. They've even locked down the country and stopped the economy. What a bunch of idiots.

    Whole Asia: Are those western countries gonna do something?

    over a month ago

    China: Numbers are reducing in China. People are slowly getting back to work now.

    The West: F**ing liar! We are seeing numbers in Italy and it clearly doesn't match data from China! Millions of Chinese people must have died! It's still spreading!

    Whole Asia: Why do they say masks are useless?

    a month ago

    China: Dude, why are things getting out of control out there? Where are your hospitals and why are you not in total lockdown? Were you just sitting there pointing fingers at me for three months, and did nothing?

    The west: You commies never told us how dangerous this virus is! You've been giving us false data the whole time!!!

    China: I don't understand. If you never trusted me, and when I said it's a big deal, you insisted it's actually a small flu, why do you maintain that millions of people must have died in China? If you think the number of deaths must be very high, doesn't that indicate it's a dangerous virus and you should be prepared? How could you believe millions of people have died, but at the same time not recognising it's dangerous?

    the West: It's only a big deal in a backward country like yours, where people are poor and unhygienic, where the medical system is still in the 50's, where the government covers up figures and doesn't alarm people [as to] how dangerous it is! It shouldn't affect advanced countries like us!

    China: But it is with you and killing your people now!!! Do something about it so you can still save lives!!!

    The West: Not before we found everything we can blame on you!!! It's too late for us to do something now, people will just die and eventually we'll have herd immunity, but you must take the full responsibility for it!


    World: China help us. We need masks, ventilators, PPE etc.

    China: To the best of my ability, I'll send PPE and medical personnel.

    The west: You helped out of ulterior political motives to expand your influence ! Your numbers are fake. Tons of people died in your country. Our superior system technology and medicine are the proof that this virus couldn't be beaten with such low death numbers.

    Whole Asia: What about all our numbers? much lower than China?

    England: I'm going to sue you for billions of dollars and make you take responsability for all that mess.

  47. Funny, MSNBC now saying the same things about China that they accused President Trump of being racist for.

  48. China is a very good country, don’t believe American media’s propaganda. Every western media speak for their owner. Trump’s best friend own Fox News. The reason of so many American get killed by the virus is American politician play politics game when the virus is spreading. And those politician alway worry more about their money than your lives. After they realized it was too late to stop the spreading of the virus, they tried to fool American by blaming China. The truth is if they care about you American and treat the wires more seriously, they would take action earlier then there would be so many people die. Why they didn’t take action earlier? Because they are afraid doing that may affect their business and economic.

  49. When Trump chokes a chicken , he always starts at the ankles. Then blames the chicken farmer for putting the neck at the wrong end.

  50. Any Communist countries in this world, We can not trust believed or to get up front answer from them, Because they are living under paranoid and cover up to protect their Communist evolution, They are willing to sacrifices their citizens to protect their evolution, For years and decade they knew how to brain wash and manipulated their people's. The damage is done beyond more then our imagination, After all of this ordeal some body will have to pay very heavy price, Because of their actions and behavior.

  51. Wimp world h1n1 killed the same like the corona cuz its a flu virus like corona same effects, Stop blaming the chinese for a flu virus

  52. The most important thing to Chinese government is people's lives, while economy in USA. They are different understanding about human rights among countries.

  53. China didn't say the pandemic is over, only internally they are no new cases of COVID-19 and all new cases are from external coming in. China opening up Wuhan city with caution.

  54. The thing is Canada didn’t shut down flights from china earlier and they’re doing so much better than Us. Guess why? Their leader didn’t think it’s a flu at first place.

  55. China didn’t include the number of people who have no symptoms of corona virus in the number of the virus positive patients.

  56. Would someone tell those correspondents abroad that the pace of their talking is affecting the transmission?

  57. I don’t know for sure if chinese government make a decision to lift off curfew for coronavirus in Wuhan is good ? and let millions its own people go out to others places in the country..what if the coronavirus come back in a second wave in winter then how the chinese government can’t control with people from Wuhan already go and live in different places..it is doom day for china and the world.

  58. It is a sad time for Americans people..trump is a bad, worst, evil President in the US history and the world..what a shame to hear and to know.

  59. This is all bs are glorious leader said it was a hoax the 15 k deaths is a lie from the deep state Republicans go out mingle gather in very very large numbers c19 is just a mild cold fox news said so

  60. I'm a Chinese, and I'm glad to see the objective media on YouTube. From the outbreak to now, most of the media are working hard to stigmatize China, because many people just want to see what they want to see and neglect their discrimination. Do the Chinese government seriously deal with the epidemic? We Chinese people can see it. We have free treatment. People who stay in the isolation area send food and materials to the community every day. And Chinese people cooperate with the epidemic so much that we are a country with a population of 1.4 billion and can reduce the number of infected people as much as possible.

  61. I'm a Chinese, and I'm glad to see the objective media on YouTube. From the outbreak to now, most of the media are working hard to stigmatize China, because many people just want to see what they want to see and neglect their discrimination. Do the Chinese government seriously deal with the epidemic? We Chinese people can see it. We have free treatment. People who stay in the isolation area send food and materials to the community every day. And Chinese people cooperate with the epidemic so much that we are a country with a population of 1.4 billion and can reduce the number of infected people as much as possible.

  62. So those who survived c-19 r now carriers and Wuhan wants to quarantine them. And it’s likely that the carriers r among those who have fled. This virus will never be contained! What happens if u refuse to take vaccine?

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