‘The Five’ reacts to the media’s criticism of AG Barr’s new DOJ decision

100 Replies to “‘The Five’ reacts to the media’s criticism of AG Barr’s new DOJ decision”

  1. With the GOP cover up / fake trial of impeached lawless trump, with Barr corrupting the whole DOJ on behalf of his handler Don, America has officially become a banana republic. Don the con did that in 3 years! With the support of a deeply corrupt GOP of course.
    Or if you want, you can call it an autocracy, very much like what Putin has. We it was lawless immoral repugnant trump's plan all the way. Putin has always been his role model…
    Now, it's official. America has gone down the sh… 🕳

  2. Impeach Chucky Schmucky Schumer! And shut up, Juan. Your day has come and gone. Our awesome Trump has trumped all of you yackity yackers. LOL!

  3. If Juan was under a full FBI Investigation for ANY CRIMES he ever did, he would be in Jail from some Under-age crime, for sure or nothing at all… it could all be Fake… jail for Williams ???

  4. Juan is a disgraceful rabble rouser. His lies are seditious, imo. He ruins an otherwise decent show. In terms of breaking his contract, check the comments of the people he insults routinely.

  5. waun has to resign. every time he starts speaking its always negative attitude and bashing trump. he supports socializem . i will start watching the show when he is gone .

  6. The Injustice Department, Anything related to a bogus lie investigation Fake Russia nonsense all cases related should be tossed out. Fruit of the poisonous tree.

  7. Hey Jaun You ask what type of government is this ? This is a government that cost The US tax payer 30 million on a lie predicated on Hillary Clinton Fake dossia

  8. Trust The Plan, Greg is aware of Q, the rest on this panel is not, Like many in this comment section. Juan's brain will soon explode on the show. Stay tuned 😉

  9. Defying ALL the norms: That is exactly what the basement dwelling Democrats did with their ridiculous impeachment effort.

  10. I will no longer watch your show…..so sad because it's really so great–WITHOUT JUAN. I just can't stomach him another moment.

  11. Trump says lock her up. She's Free, Charge Comey, He's Free. Charge Mccabe, Free. What exactly is Bill Barr doing that indicates he is Rounding up Trump's political enemies or interfering in Legal cases.

  12. Somebody smarter than me needs to go back through all the presidents in history with the same intense scrutiny the media has been putting on Trump, let's see how much more of the exact same things that are so spotlighted right now have happened for quite literally all of our country's history.

  13. You guys are amazing. The lawyers are corrupt, the FBI is corrupt, the CIA is corrupt, the Democrats are corrupt. The only person who is not corrupt is the guy who went bankrupt multiple times, who stole money from a children's charity, who swindled people through a fake university, who has lied thousands of time since Putin put him in power. He is destroying your country and constitution, and you are cheering every inch of the way

  14. Juan's an idiot…"either Trump now the cover … or Bill Bar's sincerely saying"… you're an idiot… Bar's way too smart… here's simply saying to the the world that "I'm independent"… dumb Dems

  15. Hey Juan, the double set of laws that says the INSIDERS are all above the law and all OUTSIDERS are below the law. This corruption is why we elected President Trump is not the only one who is highly indignant over the DOJ office still apparently operating with the same double standard, If Stone should get 7 to 9 years for lying to the FBI, Rosenstein. Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Yates, Obama, Pelosi, Schitf, and ,many others still walking free. They should be held to a higher standard and should get an even harsher sentence for making a mockery of law, order & justice!

  16. FREE ROGER STONE and Gen.FLYNN, they were VICTIM of HOAX on RUSSIAN COLLUSION HOAX Investigation..

    Juan Shut up!! You want to go to Jail?? Or you go to CNN.😍😍💜💜.

  17. Juan, you are ridiculous! You are STILL barking up the same old tree—get a clue! The investigation of Candidate Trump was a HOAX and a FRAUD perpetrated by the Democrat elites and the anti-Trump deep state.

  18. I 'm really tired of listening to Juan he cries a whole lot for such a stinking party he represents NO BACK BONE BUT RIP U OFF PARTY

  19. "A lack of candor specifically implies dishonesty by omission… It means that you said nothing when you should have said something. To be more to the point, candor is the quality of being forthcoming, more so than it is being honest". A quick google search. Regrettably, it is not the same as an outright lie. Therefore, no charges for perjury. Sorry to disappoint but don't be like the Dems or MSM in your videos. Learn or have your staff google your choice of words, like I did, before spouting them out. The Dems and MSM do lie and twist words enough as it is. I will still watch your videos but with a little bit more caution. Maybe Barr will catch the next one. Seems like Barr is doing his job with no bias nor is he trying to protect or validate Trump. So go stuff it Dems. Way off path yet again. I am a first time voter at the age of 66, Trump 2020. I never cared one way or the other before about voting or politics but I hate seeing our country headed towards any type of a socialist agenda. And, I get a kick out of what Trump is doing and saying. Never stop being yourself Mr. President especially in your next term.

  20. So now the president can't even run his country the world is coming to a end everywhere. There's going to be street wars all over

  21. As the chairman of US Senate Judicial Committee for over year, LIndsey Graham has done nothing to restore justice in the US. Absolutely NOTHING!!!
    Eric Swalwell is a well-known farter from different holes of his body. As widely expected, it smells the same regardless whether it comes from Swalwell's mouth and his anus

  22. It's just Media Noise.

    Bill Barr shouldn't scold Trump, or pay attention to the Fake News. We know what they do, 2 failed coups on Trump, 1 failed on Kavanaugh. These ppl are vile traitors. This isn't about Democrat/Republican – it's about ruining American politics. I bet they're bribed.

  23. Please get rid of Juan. I'm tired of his BS and he lowers the ratings of The Five. If I want to hear negativity, I can get it at CNN.

  24. GOP members has lost all credibillity… We know you suck up too Trump or Whoever is in power.. GOP is fore sale for Votes and Power


  26. Juan can't even get his story straight, don't drag Ms. Perino into your drama.

    I think the ridiculous sentence recommendation is a planned attack by the Deep Stater and the Dems in order to lure POTUS to weigh in, Split the Republicans and get rid of AG Barr. The Media is Colluding.

  27. I try watching this show once in a while. I have to admit defeat though. That Juan guy is intolerable. I do understand that you're aiming for a show where the contributors have different opinions, but that Juan guy is still intolerable. I just can't watch this show.

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  29. If they are not going to prosecute McCabe then release and exonerate Roger Stone IMMEDIATELY. That's the only way to show their's equal justice.

  30. I sill do not understand why keeping Juan in this great show. He is a parasite constantly polluting the message conveyed in this show. Get Juan out! If we want to hearJuan like twisted truth we would listen to CNN or MSNBC, where Juan belongs.

  31. How are these stories a waste of time? It clearly shows the corruption of the justice system. The American people need to know about this. Don't listen to that Greg guy!!

  32. Remember when Holder bragged about being Obama’s wingman? How is Trump and Barr any different? They have the right to do their job how they see fit. The dems didn’t see any problem when Holder cleaned up after Obama.

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