The Henry Danger Gang Uncover The Most Fun Secret Ever! 🤐 | Henry Danger

– Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
– What, what, what, what, what? Woah, guys, we can’t just go
running into tunnels! I mean, we don’t know
who built these things! Or who could be hiding inside! I mean, where’s Charlotte? If Charlotte were here,
she’d be crossing her arms and saying, mmm, I dunno about this guys! You guys, these tunnels go
to Nacho dang Ball, come on! [laughing] Or she’d say that. – Get outta the way!
– Go, go, go! [groaning] [music playing] This underground air
is great for my skin. Yeah, I was gonna say that,
you look great! I know. I could not have been more wrong
about these tunnels. – You were so wrong!
– I was, I was wrong! It takes like no time to get anywhere
when you’re going in a tunnel! Yeah, if we took surface streets, we never would have made it
to Nacho Ball, Six Poles Over Swellview, the movies
and another Nacho Ball. – Plus, Ray voted!
– Twice in the same election! [laughing] And guys, it’s not even noon! We should stop calling these tunnels
and start calling them funnels! Am I right?
‘Cause of how much fun they are! Er… guys? All I know is that there is absolutely
no downside to these tunnels. – None!
– At all! – Guys!
– Hmm? Mole people! Hey look, a downside. [laughing] [music playing] [screaming] What is that sound? We assume it’s the sound
of the terrified children being tortured by the monster. Have any of you actually gone through
the portal to see what’s going on in the other dimension? No, no, no, no, no,
that is way too scary! We hear a lot of screaming
coming from that thing. [screaming] See?
There it is again! Oh, it’s terrifying! [laughing] [screaming] Take that! I’ve never had
a jelly donut fight before! Oh, Piper, your smile is so infectious! I love it here, Kevin! I’m so glad! I love you all! Friendship forever! [cheering] Can you hear that?
We gotta go in and save them! Yeah, yeah, yeah you do,
go, go, go, go, go ahead. Wait, what? You heard the scientist! Only one person
can go through the portal! We have never said that. Alright, fine! We go in, we kick some monster butt,
we get the kids and we get outta there! Sounds good! [laughing] [screaming] [groaning] Get the kids! Would you like a hug? Die, you foul beast! [screaming] [laughing] I’m done being Ray’s sidekick! But– but why?
You don’t wanna fight crime anymore? No, I do, but… I mean, dude, we don’t– We don’t need Captain Man! [laughing] But Ray’s indestructible,
you can’t just get rid of Captain Man! Well… See… I’ve been working secretly
with Dr. Minyak.. – No!
– Yeah, man! We’ve been developing this weapon
that can melt Captain Man! [laughing] And check this out. – Once Ray’s outta the picture…
– Yeah? Come here. – Come here.
– What? Yeah, all the way, come here! [laughing] I’m gonna take over… And make you… My sidekick. [laughing] No, Ray’s our friend! We can’t just– [laughing] – OK, I’m in.
– What, you’re in? Oh, yes, sir!
Whatever you need me to do, I’ll do! [clapping] Alright, Henry. How’d you know
Jasper was wearing a wire? ‘Cause I’m not an idiot! Ray, I didn’t know you
also come to this restaurant! [laughing] Give it up, son. [laughing] I can’t believe you spied on me! Yeah, well I wouldn’t have had
to do all this if you hadn’t lied to me
about being sick for three days. Well, I wasn’t lying, dude! I– I had a cold
and like the flu or something. Oh, yeah, ’cause everyone with the flu
wants to sit around eating big ol’ honking bowls of chili! [laughing] Yeah, I saw it. – No, that was brown soup!
– Brown– pfft, OK! I knew it was brown soup! [laughing]

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