100 Replies to “The Light Show With Stephen Colb-Air – We’re All In This Together”

  1. I kept waiting for the part where Stephen would be talking about how we're coming together, only to cut away to a shot of Trump saying something really stupid.

  2. Almost got teary eyed at the end. A clearly left comedian who can give a non-bias message to their country and their leader can not… smh. We're so fat away from normal.

  3. Steve, it would be funny if you used a green screen, and replaced it with a virtual set, YOUR actual real-life set. Like life imitating life. Like if your show was a low budget show simulating being a big-budget show from major broadcaster 🙂 (maybe even recorded laughs)
    It would be great fan service, we are all well aware of our quarantine (I have four small children!!!!!), so pretending everything is all the same, take our minds off our anxiety, and hope everything blows over soon!

  4. I love you Stephen. Your show has been a small slice of sanity and reality over the last few years and especially now. Wishing you and the rest of your crew good health and keep laughing along with us!

  5. Hey,. remember back in december.
    trumps buddy,. kim jong-un. "I have a present for you". -google it,.. only a bio weapon can spreads like this,.
    most likely introduced it into china,. laboratory warfare

  6. feedback about the jokes…here are the places I laughed:
    0:21 laugh
    0:49 laugh
    1:20 laugh
    2:05 laugh
    2:41 laugh
    3:05 laugh but i didn't get it at first
    3:42 laugh
    4:16 laugh and now it has me wondering if that's really a thing
    4:26 laugh
    4:42 laugh
    5:09 crying cuz it's true
    5:23 laughing. that was great. nice comeback from the crying. thanks!
    5:47 laugh
    6:34 laugh
    enough with the buttholes. geez
    8:07 laugh
    8:14 laugh
    i just said enough with the buttholes. i'm sure people love that sort of thing so I'll get over it.
    @ meanwhile I stopped watching cuz that bit is annoying.

  7. Thank you Stephen! You are amazing and now is the time to find time to laugh ~ we need it to take our minds off the severity of our state; even if just for a few minutes.

  8. How about comparing global death totals to the lame c-virus hysteria stats?
    56 MILLION people died worldwide in 2017. That's 4.6 MILLION a month. https://ourworldindata.org/causes-of-death … https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/live-world-death-totals
    Now, how many worldwide have died of this hyped virus since they started counting (more than three months at least, right)? Just 18,559, or (being generous) just 6,186 per month.
    Take note of how many preventable diseases and causes (suicide 700k+) exist that far exceed the likelihood of death by the hyped up virus.
    The vast majority of those dying from this virus are close to the front of the line to die ANYWAY, along with the other millions whom we are NOT cowardly hoarding, hiding, masking and hand-washing over.
    If we were totally ignorant of the c-virus, it would pass through the population, hardly increasing the death total, rate or demographic impact beyond what would have happened without it.
    So, what is the real purpose of this scam? Is it just to rob and hoard wealth, scapegoat the virus "crisis" for everything governments are being criticized for, to vie for political power, and practice the implementation of martial law, as it seems on the surface?


  10. Thank you for your show. Looks like you're trying to grow a Colonel Sanders stache. Looking forward to seeing its evolution. 😀

  11. That was a very subtle flex on Jon's part: "I'm playing 'Pure Imagination,' and can kick your ass at Scrabble!"

  12. I wish we were all in this together, but unfortunately, some Democrats seem more obsessed with Trump than ever even though he is doing everything he can through this.

  13. Old cloth which can be cut into squares and chucked – for gals same block of cloth only keep bleach water bucket then you can use after washed and dried wash separate and with laundry soap and bleach toss in when you do the other throw away. Trust me it will be fine make sure you wash hands thoroughly.

  14. Thank you so much for providing the levity we need! It’s lovely to still be able to watch you. You brighten my day and bring me the needed laughter after a day of working as an RN! 😍😍

  15. The difference between this phony's vulgar garbage and Jimmy Fallon's brilliant The Tonight Show At Home Edition is quite amazing.
    (hur hur he said butthole)

  16. Mostly these days people irritate me, but then you see a bunch of them run off a cliff in mass and you can't help but laugh.

  17. Someone who is paid an average yearly salary each day of the year is maybe feeling the squeeze a bit less than those of use who make an average daily salary each day of the year – before layoffs and such. But by all means, pretend to be an average Joe – you've got time to spare.

  18. I really for a second thought there was a lady called Secretary Alice Cooper, like "huh what a coincidence…"

  19. Need to seriously start covering Biden's Mental Decline!!!! Or his child molestation – something that isn't just ignoring the media-pumping machine paid for by high-dollar interests.

  20. RIP to the thousands who have lost their lives, and all of their families. And RIP to the thousands who will sadly still succumb to this disease. Thank you, to all of the actual heroes who serve on the front lines, battling this disease. Doctors, nurses, EMS, and any other medical professionals. My parents are immunocompromised, and we live in California. I’m sure plenty of people are happy to flame me for living where I was born, but in any case, I wish everyone well. This will be difficult, to put it in the lightest possible terms. I humbly ask all of the new parents out there, to stay safe, and eventually, to share this story, so that future generations might learn from what we’re going through today.

  21. Turns out that Stephens critism at President Trump was wrong. He promised to make america great again. And he is doing it!
    Looks like the USA will be the number one in the list of cases per country very soon. Never forget that he put in a great deal of personal effort to get you guys back to the top.

  22. The fact that the biggest proponent for compassion and medicare for all can be so soundly defeated IN THE MIDDLE OF A GLOBAL PANDEMIC is one of the most depressing things ever.

  23. Dear Mr. Colbert. Last time you were in Russia of Ivan Urgant show you've announced you would run for President in 2020. Here, in Russia we are very disappointed that you are not in the list of candidates. Is there any explanation why have you decided not to hold your word?

  24. Are we? The super rich will have antibodies spun into serum and recover much easier than the other 99%. You will definitely be one of the 1% that will have the money to purchase that. How are you in anything with us when it comes to this?

  25. Senior methatict snakes Haha still the best night now day talk show host ever! Thank you so much I needed to laugh.

  26. There is just something really awesome about the fact that everyone, even the musicians, are filming from at home. <3

  27. Wish your show was on paper, I would whip my butt with that. Glad your on late night your right where you belong with infomercials and the other trash no one wants to see.

  28. Thanks for the laughs, Stephen! Great singing @4:40! 😂🤣😂
    Also, that was the most accurate meanwhile & I'm glad they're still coming

  29. " i read that on facebook" lol. That joke says all you need to know about america and those who get their news on facebook and believe anything they read on s.m

  30. It is crazy he still wears his suit- I would be in my PJs!!!! BUT that’s why I am not the host of one of the greats talk shows out there! 😂

  31. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    this video deserves to be in trending
    1:45 ❣💜🖤

  32. Haven't watched you since Comedy Central.
    There is more to life and comedy than bashing the president that beat your candidate.
    Then again, you will have 4 more years of cheap shots to continue your pathetic career.
    BTW, love the gimp ear.

  33. This episode had me laughing harder than I have in a while. I had no idea that repeated references to butt holes could be so funny and they caught me off guard every time.

  34. That you Stephen Colbert and staff. You've truly helped so many of us endure the Trump Presidency, something I still wince at writing. May that and COVID19 end as soon as possible.

  35. The "Butthole Cut" story has been a bit misleading. The editor was tasked with altering any shots where it looked like the characters had a visible butthole. Unfortunate shading and whatnot. There was never a cut of the movie where they had intentionally added cat buttholes.

  36. To the media, Please, for the love of God, stop asking trump questions about anything. It has been obvious since 11/09/16 to all of us with a brain, that trump couldn't change his own diaper and if not for his parents having money, natural selection would have aborted the malignant fetus, that people call Donald, in utero. There is absolutely no reason to ask trump anything except to humiliate him over and over because he is inept and has no idea what he is doing. I will admit that I have enjoyed watching trump shove his head farther and farther up his ass every night and Pence shove his head up trumps ass farther and farther every night until they look like a snake that just ate a rat and has a big lump in its body. I'm just waiting for trump to pass a big lump of grey hair connected to a perfect set of dentures so we can give mike back to his family for proper burial.

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