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on January 4, 2011
I was again homeless and
penniless and hopeless,
in some people’s eyes.
And when I got the call
that they were looking
for a homeless guy with
a– a golden voice,
I had no idea, really, who
they were talking about
until someone called
me and told me,
it’s you that
you’re looking for!
Your video went viral!
Again, I don’t know what to
make of that because I wasn’t
familiar with viral videos.
And I didn’t post that video.
And I knew nothing–
very little,
should I say– of
the internet at all.
And next thing you
know, I’m on “The Today
Show” with Matt
Lauer and Meredith
and all of those great people.
And all of a sudden thereafter
I’m on one of the leading
doctor shows on television.
I mean, the cameras,
the lights–
I’ve had all of the
networks around the world.
I went from homeless
to Hollywood.
[LAUGHS] I went
from drinking rotgut
to Grey Goose in a
matter of minutes.

Overwhelming would
be an understatement.
Let’s just say I was
paralyzed with fear.
I was paralyzed
with– with success.
I just didn’t know what
to feel at any given time.
My emotions surfaced
out of nowhere.
All through my homeless
days, I never cried.
My father died, I never cried.
Here, I get to this point.
And it seemed like everything
that I should have and would
have cried for surfaced.
And I just became
an emotional wreck.
I– I feel like it was,
really, too much too fast.
I mean, hey, giving me a job
would have been one thing.
Ted, you know, you’ve won this.
You’ve– you’ve got that.
And thank you so much.
I would’ve– I’d have been
satisfied right then and there.

When people see me,
they see an act of God.
They also see that
God is still alive,
and he’s still working
modern-day miracles.
I really do feel that
he who was homeless
will lead the hopeless home.
I don’t want people to think
of me as I left this earth
that I was a crackhead.
I want them to–
to see the impact.
And I want my grandkids
to look on YouTube
and see some of the
things that their pawpaw
was proud of, that did.
And– and I’m not going to
sell myself short for anything
because God gave me
this for a reason.
And that reason is to
be here, to talk to you,
to tell you to keep
me in your prayers.

This is Friends of the Homeless.
It’s a shelter that was
here when I needed it.
One of the big things that I
know that many of these guys
suffer from, as well as me
back in the day, was socks.
We didn’t have many.
But today, I’m going to
give back some socks.
All right, Danny.
-I love you, brother.
-I love you.
You know I do.
Thank you, man.
(VOICEOVER) I was right
there at the head of the
line waiting for my handout.
So this is where I have
a lot of loyalties now.
There’s my brother.
How you doing?
It’s just exciting
to meet the people and to
embrace them with hugs and all
of that stuff because
they know that I
was just, five years ago, in the
same situations that they were.

Five years ago I held
a sign that said, “I
have a God-given gift of voice.
I’m an ex-radio announcer
who’s fallen on hard times.
Please, any help would
be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, and God bless.”
You know, if I was
asked to rewrite
that sign today it would say, “I
have a God-given gift of voice.
Acknowledge him in all my ways,
and he will direct my path.
Thank you, and God bless.”

100 Replies to “The Man with the Golden Voice: “I Went from Homeless to Hollywood” | Where Are They Now | OWN”

  1. Oprah said “tragically drugs and alcohol interfered”. No he chose to do drugs. Then he chose to change his life and live differently. And now look.

  2. Just so everyone knows, after hollywood he used his saved up money to become a crack addict and became homeless again.
    Theres no fixing these types of ignorant people

  3. You did the opposite of what others did. They start in Hollywood and end up as homeless, you started out homeless and ended up in Hollywood

  4. Not to discredit his current success, all glory to him…. but what kind of person stays homeless for 20 years? It doesn't add up. Feels to me like he waited for life to come to him rather than him chasing life.

  5. Amen brother ,may Gods glory shine through your work and commitment to Him(Jesus Christ).Stay the course brother.Praying for you.

  6. Humble man. It takes a lot of humility to admit what you were, and where you come from. To knowingly acknowledge your mistakes, and say you need help to continue to live right… That takes guts! God bless him

  7. Notice, he gives God all the Glory. Think about how much he's gone through, to not even cry when his parents died… Then when God moves a Hand on his life his humanity returns. Oprah ours it on TV to make more mo ey. She needs to experience EVERYTHING this man went through, for her betterment. Let's challenge her to stop thinking about money, and go to the mean streets for 6ontbs with zero money, then 6 months in a homeless shelter, then 1 year of subsidized housing e8th still no money. That would be 25% of the population of big city America, though you'd never know it from them later… New York figured out a way to end their homeless 9ronlem… They're shipping them off (12,000 of them!) to other big cities all over the USA, by bus. Look it up on the news.

  8. sadly he died today on 10th of November 2019 at 1045 due to a heart attack. You will be remembered in our hearts ted! RIP

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