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HILLARY: On January 3rd, Lifetime debuted
the documentary ‘Surviving R.Kelly,’ illuminating some sobering news about the artist, who has long been accused of sexually abusing young women. MIKKA: Why didn’t anyone notice? We all notice it’s just that no one cared
because we were black girls. SURVIVOR: I’m sorry… HILLARY: One revelation was that R.Kelly wrote
Michael Jackson’s 1995 hit “You Are Not Alone,” about a teen he was abusing. LIZETTE: At this time I’m a senior in high
school and I had found out that I was pregnant. And a few days later, I had a miscarriage. When he wrote it, he was thinking of me. HILLARY: “You Are Not Alone,” topped the
Billboard Hot 100 in September 1995. HILLARY: And according to R.Kelly, he wrote
it for the King of Pop himself, saying quote: HILLARY: By 1994, R.Kelly, then 27, had already
wed and separated from singer Aaliyah, who was 15. They met through the production of her debut
album ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’ and he’d written her breakout single of the same name about a young girl talking an older man into sleeping with her. HILLARY: In another, terrible revelation from
the documentary, a background singer named Javonte Cunningham said she walked in on Kelly
and Aaliyah having sex. HILLARY: Aaliyah’s family issued a statement
saying the story isn’t true. HILLARY: While R.Kelly has made music that’s
sexually over the top, he’s also made gospel-influenced hits that may have muddied the waters for
some about whether they should walk away from him. Songs like “I Believe I Can Fly” from
1996’s kid-friendly ‘Space Jam.’ HILLARY: And Celine Dion’s “Angel” in
1998. HILLARY: Even the remix to “Ignition”
dropped in the shadow of allegations that he’d sexually abused a 14-year-old girl
and filmed the encounter in 2000. The DVD was literally sold on city streets
like a bootleg movie. In 2003, “Ignition” peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. HILLARY: Numerous women have accused R.Kelly
of abuse. In 2000, Jim DeRogatis first wrote about Kelly’s
child pornography tape, leading to a criminal trial in 2008. Despite 14 witnesses and the victim’s aunt,
singer Sparkle, identifying the girl in the video, Kelly was acquitted. HILLARY: And then he said this. TOURE: Do you like teenage girls? R. KELLY: When you say teenage, how old are
we talking? HILLARY: In 2017, DeRogatis also broke a story
about a young woman who was reportedly being held against her will in a “sex cult”
led by Kelly. HILLARY: The following year, R. Kelly released
a nineteen minute long song called “I Admit,” where he addressed those allegations directly. HILLARY: Along with longtime accusations of
sexual assault and pedophilia. HILLARY: Singer K. Michelle, who was also
in a relationship with R. Kelly for a time, had this to say. K. MICHELLE: At the same time I was the girl saying something happened to me, and the world told me it didn’t happen. When I look on the blogs and
I see these girls telling they stories… it breaks my heart, because I was once that girl like, somebody knows the truth. Nobody gonna take up for me? HILLARY: R. Kelly reportedly announced plans
to sue Lifetime if the documentary aired. He has denied all allegations. HILLARY: But based on these recent revelations,
there’s probably more damning evidence on the way. HILLARY: I’m Hillary with Genius News bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.

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  1. If he wrote the song for you why didn't he sing it Michael Jackson song the dam song r.kelly is a singer why didn't he sing it

  2. Been listening and watching patently and I want to know where are the facts like the undeniable facts, of course alot of these people aren't fabricating thier entire stories but still. Besides the people directly involved everybody else are just listening how can we as a society continue destroying people based on words alone, how many more until there's no culture left just bland nothingness. The tragets are Drugs, Guns, and Sex they want the 3 pillars of America to be destroyed and replaced with more cosiststant catalysis of destruction

  3. She reached on this claim. That song from top to bottom was all about MJ and Lisa Presley. He still a monster though


  5. ‘I Believe I Am Annie From Michael Jackson’s Song ‘Smooth Criminal’’ :/

  6. What does this have to do with this song. Yo these people all need to fuck out of here with these allegations and rumors cuz it’s all for checks

  7. You dumbasses just believe ‘allegations’. You dumb fucks. Wait til you are ‘accused’ and people come to hang your asses.

  8. What's a definition of a pedophile? Let's see…🧐 Ped-o-phile: 1. A person who takes interest in sexual engagement with young children or teenagers 2. Robert Kelly of Chicago, IL aka #RKelly

  9. the comments are like dead zombies talking lol if I see the word sick or monster one more time…. lmao o and NOW that Micheal Jackson dead after sony killed him everbody all of sudden believes he was innocent of pedophilia smmfh they ran pedo propaganda on MJ for damn near 20 years and most people believed the shit!! Same shit they did with R Kelly they did with Micheal Jackson, surprisingly they both where signed to Sony…..

  10. These niggas are some weirdos
    But they should have done this when Michael was alive
    These niggas are music gods

  11. Leave Michael Jackson all of here and R Kelly because its there parent fault they let them in there house y'all know he is a men and y'all heard about Aaliyah and the 14yr old girl. I'm tied y'all white people accused black people doing something y'all just mad because black people rich and doing good there life if y'all wonder fuck someone y'all need to talk about all the white people that rape too like the judge this what wrong with world now.

  12. MJ and R Kelly both got something in common ! They both paid there accusers off and made them sign disclosures not to talk.
    Similar modus operandi !

  13. R kelly wrote the song before he even met that girl. Do your research she lying right along with that scripted one sided documentary

  14. I blv those girls who claim that they were raped are "Dirty Dianas" also. They crying rape now coz they were dumped at last.

  15. K Michelle…. = I put my hand in fire and I got burnt…. And now No one's gonna listen to me that I got burnt?……. Even tho all the other young girls knew not to touch the fire I did anyway……. No one's gonna look at me? 🍇

  16. Wow! TELEVISION = Tells Lies to your Vision. He wrote I believe I can Fly! Because Me and Kelly smoke weed that night! Lol Documentation Beats Conversation! Do a Documentary Series on John Newton he was a murderer, rapist, molester, and was compared to the devil he also wrote the song Amazing Grace! Elvis Presley, Jerry Lewis, and Hugh Hefner. Francis Scott Key! The First 15 president was Slave Owners Murderer's Rapist, Cross Dressers. Do a Series about the Law Maker who make the for drinking or Having Consensual Sex . Most States says 16 This World is Pathetic

  17. Bruh it's crazy how far a lie can go. That song was written and recorded in 1994. She said she met him in 1995! How dumb can humanity be when we all have access to GOOGLE. Geezus. So much work went into this video, it looks very nice props for that. Too bad the info wasn't researched first…

  18. 0:03 was bogus how they tried to pretend that R Kelly had a music video to You Are Not Alone 😂, it was really Step in the Name of Love’s video at 1:13

  19. he did some fucked up shit, even on tape.. but i dont believe half of these woman on that doc some are just lying for money and say what u will about r kelly he is a great singer and songwriter

  20. He gave that song to Micheal Jackson because the both had something in common . So sad people are defending them just cause they are famous

  21. Literally, they dragged Michael into this for the clicks.. 300k are MJ fans, 8.3k fans are here for MJ, 500 are the people who realize it's clickbait.

  22. It's sad how black people continue to drag M J & R Kelly why not do one about Harvey Weinstein, Kelsey Grammer, Charlie Sheen, or Donald Trump for that matter

  23. He is not a pedophile. Them fast ass hoes wanted R. Kelly, like they are gonna tell him no, he's R. Kelly for God's sake. And black women think it's all about them, poor fucking me. He should have made The Vanilla Factory because we wouldn't have told shit on him.

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