The Secret Factory NEWS #1

Hello everybody, Jordan here ! First of all we wanted to wish you an Happy New Year to you and all your family/friends. Today, a special video… No tricks, no effects, no gimmick, no nothing ! Just a little video to give you some news about The Secret Factory ! So, we decided to make a game with our first product : Spotrix So, what this game is ? We just put a rabbit like this one in ONE of the 100 Spotrix And on this rabbit on the back of this rabbit …just here…! There’s a code (number with 8 figures) And if you find this rabbit in your Spotrix you win automaticly 3 effects on our website ! If you decipher this code you win 5 effects of you choice in our website The Secret Factory team is working on a lot of effects/projects And all will be released very soon ! We also decided to put some games/contests on our Facebook page One of them is very easy All 100 likes We make a random drawing and one person will be choosen to win the effect of his choice ! That’s not bad… Yes, that’s not bad…. As you know, to release new effects/products we need your support So please like our FaceBook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel, share our videos on FaceBook/forums Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter ! (Contact page on our website) It’s here (and on FaceBook) that we put our news, offers, games/contest, etc… So yes, don’t hesitate to share our videos ! Something quick before finishing this video Don’t forget the The Secret Factory is here to share with you some of our ideas But it’s also a platform to help YOU to share your ideas with others magicians ! So if you have original effect, new method/principle or simply an idea to develop Do not hesitate to contact us on FaceBook or on our Contact page and we will see what we can purpose you ! We try to answer as quick as possible It’s all for me today, thanks you very much for your help/loyalty/support and I hope to see you next time ! 🙂

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