The Secret Garden | Official Trailer [HD] | Coming Soon to Theaters

Shall I tell you a story? Shall I tell you a story? It’s the story of an orphan girl, who was sent to live in a mysterious
house. If you cause me trouble, i’ll have you sent away in the instant. You understand? But she discovered something, something magical, something secret. But let me start at the
beginning. My name is Mary Lennox and my uncle owns this house. I’m Colin Craven and the uncle you speak of is my father. We’re cousins! When’s the last time you used your chair? I’ve never been able to walk. We could go outside. Who knows? You might feel
better. Who are you? I’m Dickon. I need you to
keep a secret. Why have you just spat on yourself? If you are too much of a lady then there is no… I’m no lady sir. What if I told you, I know of a magical place capable of extraordinary things. I’d say that you were lying. Do you trust me? You know what you risk? It’s worth the risk. The wall! Magic is on our side. Once this house was filled with light, laughter, happiness. This garden needs to cure Colin. Your excitement could kill him. Colin needs to live, and this house is a prison. Your son needs you! It’s beautiful. How is this? Magic. Secrets. Her.

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  1. omg first little women then the secret garden …. we're rlly getting all the childhood stories as films in 2020, my copy of the usborn illustrated classics for girls is THRIVING

  2. Vusuals are not half bad! But i need more than just star power. I have seen 1993 and 1949 movie versions

  3. why most of the adventure story starts with an orphan or people having a sad past? Can't there be a story where someone normal exploring something extraordinary?

  4. I hope the fantasy elements are just from the kids' imaginations. The story is powerful enough without needing to add unnecessary magic

  5. CG使えばいいと思うなよ?
    これじゃあharry potterとaliceを足して割ったような映画になってる…

  6. Lets play… Spot the woke line and diversity token character.

    “I'm no lady, sir!”
    Dickon Sowerby color swapped.

    Parents, do yourselves a favor and show your kids the one from 1993. Do not support degenerates and racists that relegate non-white people to forgetful roles that serve no other purpose besides filling a check box.

  7. Can't tell what the movie has to offer until I've seen it, but from the music, the vibe is really different from the 1993 version. Have you heard that one's soundtrack? Less 'heroic adventure' like this trailer's song, more 'magic within the ordinary'.

  8. This looks a little weird… The Secret Garden is baby's first Gothic, not… this vibe… Not sure if I'll see this, but I'm excited that Colin Firth is in the role of the uncle. Perfect casting there.

  9. Looks terrible. The garden is so wrong. I’m aware that it could be their imagination but that isn’t much better. Dickon should be white. They just couldn’t miss an opportunity to ruin a beloved character. It’s undoubtedly no coincidence that they chose him of all characters to be black. The sick minds that run the media are obsessed with brainwashing white girls into wanting men of color.

  10. Sem a regényben, sem a régi filmekben nincs szó semmilyen varázslatról, sem égő kastélyról, ami a bemutatón látszik. Érdekes változat lesz, az biztos, véleményem szerint egy kicsit túlzó, vagyis giccses.

  11. One of my most fav books from my childhood and I cannot remember how many times i have read this story to my lil cousins and kids in our family.

  12. I remember my childhood the old animation MARY AND THE SECRET GARDEN. I like and good moral lesson. Excited the new and reality version

  13. My school is doing this for our musical this year, or rather we were because the Coronavirus caused it to be delayed or (hopefully not) cancelled

  14. This movie old version 1992 I don't know but I and my grandfather see in together I miss my grandfather ????some talier take to the past ??

  15. Was really excited to take my Daughter to this but it seems too fantastical. I liked the 90s version with it's gritty look and how nature can be magical all by itself. ?

  16. Think the remake is to give that black(or whatever) kid a job. Just surprised that all the remaining characters magically didn't changed color.

  17. يااااااعمري هل مسلسل طفولتي كله بي شوكت يبدي ماااااجاي اصبر ?♡♡♡♡♥️

  18. Sorry, but there’s a thing called overdoing and this is it. Mary didn’t fall into the garden, no one yelled at mr craven ‘your son needs you’ and there were absolutely no house fires. Did they even read the book?

  19. I have so much problems with this first of the hair in the original book and movie she had blonde curled hair and her hair is brown short and straight this is an absolute disgrace to the world

  20. Yes the 1993 version was definitely a masterpiece and also one of my most beloved movies. Still the point of new movie adaptations is to bring the story back to life, especially for younger generations and to discover maybe new aspects of the story that are relevant to our current time. New content won‘t take away the content we already have and love, so why not be open to it?:) But yea the trend to include CGI excessively in any new children’s movie is getting on my nerves, too, I won‘t lie.

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