The Secret History of the Moon: Teaser

For most of human history, For most of human history, the story
of the moon was cloacked in myth and mystery. Its true history remained locked inside
its rocks for billions of years. Until now. The Secret History of the Moon Coming soon Subtitles by the community

100 Replies to “The Secret History of the Moon: Teaser”

  1. This dude makes a video/teaser of the moon like some superhero end of the world type shit lmao

  2. You are literally better at making movies/videos than all of marvel, for real you have some serious talent cant wait for it

  3. Oh man! I can't wait!!! I really enjoyed your other two 30 minute videos. Here's hoping this one is long too!

  4. Seriously? A teaser? It's not even a full length documentary. I like your videos but the last thing I want is more anticipation. 😉 #Annoyed

  5. I think you are the best Youtuber that exists and I beg you to never stop making Youtube videos until you can't anymore. I am literally addicted to it and I've watched some videos like 30 times and one video I even watched over a 100 times. I really don't understand how a human being can make such a good video and you are literally making this on your own (or with a small group of people idk) like that's insane. There are whole companies with hundreds of people working on a cinematic that can't make it as good as you do it and you even make the music. I wish I could be a Patreon I will always be here to watch your videos 30 times I am literally not even joking one of your biggest fans.

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