The Story Behind The Roswell UFO Incident

For a long time, people thought that in july 1947 a spaceship visited the earth It is known as the Roswell Incident People believed that the government covered up the truth about it The truth was hidden for more than 30 years In june 1947, rancher named W.W.”MAC” Brazel found wreckage on his sizable property in Lincoln County, New Mexico His findings looked like a broken kite There was glittering paper-like material, metalic sticks, and broken plastic parts Brazel assumed that it might be the ” flying saucer” A following day, the police issued a press release stating that a “flying disk” had crashed on a ranch near Roswell during a powerful storm Later, as government scientists arrived in the area the story appeared to change Instead, it was described as a weather balloon not UFO People were confused But in fact, the thing, which fell down in the field, was a balloon It was a sample of the Top Secret
Project Mogul The military was developing high-altitude balloons to spy on the USSR They wanted to know whether the Soviet Union had developed the atomic bomb The balloon with sound sensors was supposed to fly in the atmosphere The sensors were expected to spot the Soviet nuclear tests But the military didn’t want to disclose the information on the spying program To lie about the UFO was more convenient The truth was uncovered only in 1990s The US Air Force declassified many documents about the roswell incident It happened when new gossips about the incident appeared In the 1980s a book containing interviews with hundreds of so-called witness of the incident was published Some of them even mentioned that they saw dying aliens The popularity of Roswell Incident didn’t go down even after official documents were published Some people still believe that aliens visited the earth However, there is no proved evidence…

4 Replies to “The Story Behind The Roswell UFO Incident”

  1. Well, that was anti-climatic. A lot of people just think that those files from the 90s were faked to make people believe exactly what this video says.

  2. I bailed out at 1:31. Your insertion of irrelevant, clearly falsified depictions of aliens, and misunderstanding of the facts make this utter trash. Research your topic, and treat it seriously if you want the upvotes.

  3. It's obvious you made this video having no factual knowledge about the Roswell incident. Among the numerous things you presented incorrectly, the most notable was not telling viewers it is well-documented that a "Project Mogul" balloon array could not have, and did not crash outside Roswell. You assert the opposite even though the documentation can easily be found in official Govt Project Mogul records and notes… which you either didn't read before making your video – or you did and chose to ignore. That is a common, dishonest, tactic used by debunkers. How could you have so many things obviously wrong when an enormous amount of knowledge about Roswell is easy to find? Overall, it appears you are a debunker-in-training.

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