The Surprising Secret to Progress | Pastor Steven Furtick

change your approach and stop trying to
grow in the stuff that is glamorous and noticed by people Paul said I want to
know Christ that’s one of those little phrases that I don’t think we really
know what it means it’s like sort of I want to know Christ you know what that
means sort of I’ve heard it before it’s like quoting the Bible right stop
smoking stuff like that pray a lot missions trips to know him
Paul said I had to go into partnership with his sufferings to experience
closeness and this is why Jesus was forsaken by those that he called loved
shepherded taught and imparted into is because the closer you get the further
you feel this is the paradox of progress and this is why you are growing in your
faith at the same time that you’re about to give up on it because it’s a paradox
of progress the closer Jesus got to the cross the more confused his disciples
became and sometimes the closer you get to God and the more you walk in his ways
the more questions you will have as you give up on the answers that were simple
for one stage but the closer you get the more mature you become the more progress
you make you find that the answers don’t come so easy you are no longer content
with cliches because you want to know him
you want to know who he really is now they loved him on Palm Sunday remember
they put these palm branches down I don’t know where they got it from
because that was from the other festival they didn’t even use those at Passover
but whether or not it’s two different accounts merged together we’ll never
know they put the palm branches down in this passage and all of the Gospels that
record it and they were like in a loud voice Hosanna Hosanna blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord Hosanna here’s what’s weird about it the
Pharisees are like shut him up Jesus is like I can’t if they stop the rocks will
start shouting because who I am creates praise who I am
creates expectation when my presence shows up things have to change things
have to change if you’re sitting next to somebody who doesn’t like you clapping
tell them if I don’t do it the chair will something’s got to praise God
something’s got to glorify Him it might as well be something with breath it
might as well be me so now back to the text he’s going in
and they’re like Hosanna blessed is the King who comes in the name of the
Lord peace in heaven and glory doxa doxa
remember doxa glory doxology doxa glory in the highest doxa peace and heaven
glory in the highest some Pharisees were like shut him up he’s like then the stones
will cry out but then what’s crazy to me is this paradox remember I love that word I want
you to love that word I’m gonna preach on that word until you love that word
paradox it’s like a contradiction only it happens to be true
and sometimes when you are when you are frustrated with yourself because you
feel like a contradiction right I love God but I love certain sins I love God
but I still love this thing over here that I shouldn’t love it’s not a
contradiction it’s a paradox because his strength is made perfect in your
weakness and His grace needs a place to operate
so he leaves a weakness in your life so that the king can ride in on a cult so
that they won’t celebrate what he rode in on they’ll celebrate him when he
rides in where was I at oh verse 41 as he approached Jerusalem and saw the
city you got it 19:41 he wept over it wow they were shouting he was weeping
they were cheering and when he was crying he wasn’t on the cross yet that’s not why
he was crying he wasn’t in the garden yet that’s not why he was crying there
was no physical pain he was crying because he knew they were celebrating
the wrong thing he knew that they thought that he was coming to fix it
he was coming to fix them they thought he was coming to change the
situation and the kingdom would come at once but what he was really coming to do
was deeper he said Jerusalem the name of the city means peace city of peace je
rue salem salem sounds like shalom right peace city of peace you were supposed to
be the city of peace and look at verse 42 if you even you had only known on
this day what would bring you peace but now it is hidden from your eyes what
would bring you peace is at your gate and you will reject it because it comes
riding on a cult looking common looking ordinary you will reject it because you
do not understand the cross and the closer Jesus got to his purpose the
further he got from their plan have your plans been disrupted lately you might be getting closer you know how
we used to play closer closer closer I always thought it was interesting how Paul
was blinded when he first got converted by Jesus on the Damascus Road and it
must have been weird because he had never been closer to God than he was in
that moment he’d been close to religion he had climbed that ladder but now he
can’t see and there’s a sense in which when you really make progress in your
walk with God at first you think you know everything and now you’ve
got the answer Jesus is the answer what’s the answer Jesus is the answer
what’s the answer for America Jesus is the answer for America what’s the answer
for our young people in the drug epidemic in the Appalachian Jesus is the
answer you know what’s the answer for the inner-city Jesus is the answer what’s
the answer for alcoholism Jesus is the answer but over time you start asking
better questions and as you ask deeper questions when you first start you think
you’re awesome like Elijah is making beats right now and I’m so proud of him
and they’re good the first one he made he thought it was ready for radio he was
ready to send it to Pump Uzi all the other Lil’s that I don’t
really like to listen to and he’s like dad this is amazing listen to my beat
but then he messed around and got good enough to know how much better he needed
to be when you first started something you know when I first started playing
guitar I told you about this last week I thought I was amazing when I first
started preaching I thought I was Billy Graham just waiting for a Tokyo crusade
to call me but today I stand before you and I understand that more than
ever before at this point that even the attempt to describe the ways of God is
an exercise in futility so it took me getting good enough at it to know how
good at it I was not it took me it took me getting just good enough at it to
know I’m not good at it at all Paul said the more that I press toward the mark
the more I realize that I have so far to go and so much to learn
and so many things in me you know when you first start trying to walk
with God you get the mechanics down and you do this and you don’t do that but
then God starts challenging your motives and now it’s no longer just about doing
the right things and saying the right things and learning the right words and
changing these protocols now it’s about something so much deeper but the good
news is if you feel like you’ve got so far to go that is a good sign that you
are actually getting closer to God God’s presence creates awareness awareness of
your need awareness of His grace awareness of his greatness awareness of
his glory and you start to see that all have sinned and fallen short of the
glory of God and I don’t have any judgment to give and I don’t have any
hell to put anybody in and I’m writing off all the things that I thought I knew
to know the one who made me the closer you get the further you feel you have to
go this is the paradox of progress it’s the paradox of Jesus hanging on the
cross and he’s never been more powerful and he’s never looked weaker so I want
to address what Paul said before we finished today because it always
confused me it always seemed like a paradox you know what that means paradox
sort of you know what I’m saying like the idea that
God is sovereign but I’m responsible it’s a paradox that’s what makes him God
if I could explain it I wouldn’t have to have faith to believe it I’m completely
comfortable how can you serve and love God when God I’m completely comfortable
with it he’s great big God I’m little old me that settles it for me
I understand how his ways are higher than my ways his thoughts are higher
than my thoughts so Paul says I want to know him and the power of his resurrection
yeah yeah yeah I want some of that resurrection power and participation in
the fellowship of his sufferings at first I thought he meant that he wanted
to die for Christ and ultimately he was on house arrest at the end of the book
of Acts when he did suffer many imprisonments and an eventual death for
Christ right but I read it differently he said I want to participate in his
sufferings in his death while I live that’s the paradox now watch this
Lord help me deliver this Paul’s not saying I want to die like Christ died
he’s saying I want to live like Christ died and that means that I’m constantly going
through cycles of death and resurrection that means I’m constantly having to die
to shallow desires so that he can give me the desires of my heart and do a new
thing in me and whatever I have to let go and whatever I have to write off and
whatever I have to let you have you know some things are not worth
me fighting for anymore whatever was gain whatever I thought was important
I’m giving it up for something more important I want to know connection with
Christ and I want to live like he died so when people insult me I want to learn
to let that go like he did I want to live like he died you want to die like
he died no I want to live like he died and what it’ll look like sometimes
people will think I’m losing but really I’m winning it’ll seem like and feel
like I’m losing now the Lord told me it was really important to say this some of
you have been convinced you’re in a losing season right now because you feel
very discombobulated on the inside you’re not so certain about certain
things that are going on in your life right now it is not a loss in fact it is
a new level it is actually you going deeper into the things of God to
understand his heart at a level that you couldn’t have before so Paul said if I
have to take an L if I have to go through some things that are painful for
me if I have to be a colt if I have to look like a donkey if I have to ride in
looking ridiculous for the purpose of God to be fulfilled I want to live like
he died if I have to hang on a cross to bring forth resurrection power if I have to go to Jerusalem and if I
have to face the jeers and the taunts and the ridicule and the rejection if I
have to pray in the garden of Gethsemane nevertheless not my will but yours be
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  1. Something will have to praise the Lord. In extreme cases it may become rocks or sticks…but I choose to let praise go up from me.
    Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.πŸ™ŒπŸΎI have breath. I will praise.

  2. Just got my Life sentence reversed for a wrongful conviction and I couldn't have done those 8 years without Pastor Steven! Thank you Jesus πŸ™ for Elevation!!!

  3. When the Messiah was executed on the stake as a criminal, I was too; so that my proud ego no longer lives. But the Messiah lives in me, and the life I now live in my body I live by the same trusting faithfulness that the Son of God had, who loved me and gave himself up for me.
    Gal 2:20 CJB

  4. So…the further away I feel from Him the closer I really am? For too long I thought I hurt Him too much and He left to punish me.

  5. To know him… Partnering in his suffering… Accepting rejection…paradox of progress.. The closer we get the more we walk in his ways… The more questions and answers don't come so easy..we wanna go deeper in our relationship. Amen.

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  17. Wow this message..
    My plans were disrupted and I've been lost …
    And then I watch this
    Thank you Jesus
    Praise the Lord for this message

  18. wrong,,,the closer you get to the lord the more you see how holy he is and how sinful we were and how sinful we still live even after being saved…we find how much the old man has control and how little we follow and obey the holy spirit…..furtick NEVER talks about holiness …

  19. Earlier this evening I commented on your 1 min Motivation 'You don't have to hide'…today for me was a battle between my walk with Christ & the world we have to live in. Prayed earlier this afternoon for a real relationship as I get closer and more folks to speak with about Christ. Had a job interview this afternoon & was asked 'who do I genuinely admire the most in my life' !? To this I hesitated initially as in Australia, 'sharing Christians' are very well spaced apart !! My reply was 'OK if you really want my honest answer then my answer would be 'Jesus Christ'…as is the nature of our nation at the moment I knew it was a gamble but what the heck that's who I admire the most !! Not only was I commended for my honesty but we got to share Jesus some more as it turned out the owner of the business himself is a practising Christian. Thank you again Ps Steve(n) for a timely message…in the right time !! Cheers πŸ˜‰

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    Praise be to God.

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    Takes my breath away, so much wisdom and meaning, everytime!
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    World Peaceβ™‘

  28. Very enlightening perspective for my life ❀ Progress from world's/man's point of view or from Kingdom's. The way up is down. Humility. Cross. Less of me/us. Give, not get.

  29. This is nuts! I have never thought of Paul "trying to live like Jesus died" which is a different perspective that ultimately sparks more questions in me, what else in the bible do to we take at face value but have an alternative deeper meaning that Christ is trying to reveals to us. This teaching was dope Steven big ratings to you!

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  31. The closer you get, the further you have to go.. this is the paradox of progress.
    β€”His ways are higher than my ways, His thoughts are higher than my thoughts
    β€”Die to shallow desires, so that He can give me the desires of my heart and do a new thing in me

    I want to know connection with Christ

    It seem like and feel like I’m loosing, but really I’m winning.. Let the purpose of God be fulfilled

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