‘The Things I See In The ER Are Scary’: Medical Staff Speak From Frontlines | NBC News NOW

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  1. I have found this amazing video on making a face mask with a simple water bottle. I’ll try and send the video.. I think it may be a life saving solution to facemasks..

  2. Provide these healthcare workers with a hotel so worrying about infecting everyone else is minimal. So much incompetence in government they should all be fired.

  3. Docter and nurses are real warrior of today's generation .. world should now invest in heath care then in warfare ..may god bless all of you the god on earth

  4. If one person digs a hole in the ship, everyone will sink.
    If one country eats bats and other wild animals for delicacy/traditional medicine, etc, the whole world pays the price.

  5. What they need to do is have regional co-vid 19 hospitals with most materials going there. Then all ER should have a small Co-Vid19 section in isolation. With arrows pointing to that section. All patients who go to that hospital who think they might have it would be screened and evaluated. If serious a.d unstable put them on one of your few ventilators. If not send them to the regional Co-Vid19 center. This way the hospitals can limit the Co-Vid patiemts being admitted. You can concentrate all your resources and staff at those facilities. That facility can lead the region in all co-vid responses. They should have a co-vid response team. Then all Co-Vid19 centers should be identified and report to the co-vid19 task force for federal identification. This way there will be better comunications amd we can limit confusion. This way general hospitals are not being over crowded with asymptomatic patients or people with mild symptoms. Most test should be done at the co-vid19 centers. All patients would be screened wherever they report, but sent on their way to the centers if stable. They can ambulance if need to. Only severe actute respiratory patients would be admitted. Then all federal supplies can be distrubuted to the centers. Eve. Big states would probably not have more than 25 to 30 cemters. Smaller states might only have 5. So only about a thousand nationwide. This would make the treatment much smoother and easier to facilitate.

  6. As a nurse, I know the struggle. Protect yourself as much as possible we are together under God’s protection????

  7. Selling fear is what the fake news does to trash Trump and trash our US economy. Great job fake news! ???

  8. They need to send U.N inspectors to China to check on their biochemical labs, and if they dont comply they need to freez and seize all Chinese assets around the world, and completely isolated them from the rest of the world.

  9. Just going outside trying to maintain and stay healthy is scary i cry everytime i hear these stories of strength continue to do an amazing job…we need you??

  10. Imagine World War II soldiers doing a vlog/diary everyday like the doctors and nurses. "I am scared, I don't want to shoot any enemies, but the government tells us that we have to". I guess by talking to the camera they're hoping someone is listening and it will comfort them. Crazy times we're going through.

  11. Please give us some stats, like age of patients, existing conditions. I have health issues and would like to know

  12. America/NBC News, President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the
    U.S. TASK FORCE … Our Nation of Medical Professionals are speaking to everyone,
    from the dangerous , stressful, exhausting, high risk "FRONTLINE" areas of COVID -19
    statewide hospitals.
    Thanks, for the daily updates concerning our federal government expeditious actions to
    help everyone stop the spread of COVID-19 but the doctors and nurses need more P.P.E.s.
    President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and all task force dedicated professionals, everyone I know, wants to send our overall appreciation … due to the
    challenges you all face everyday, because of the devastating unknowns in helping to stop the
    spread/sending urgently needed medical supplies to quash the pandemic disease COVID-19.

  13. It's so hypocritical to saccharinely say they are heroes while denying them proper PPE. Our government is murdering these good people!


  15. Thank you guys so much God give you before districts and the power to overcome the situation will you appreciate all you are doing for people thank you guys so much once again

  16. Really sad these people have got the nerve to do this to their own country! They should of picked another profession. Your spredding anxiety, you should be ashamed of yourself.! You better get tough cause you aint seen nothing yet!

  17. If you had Jesus Christ, you would be fearless, and also have discernment, as to whats really going on.?

  18. Stay away from the sreets Get outside your home by taking every precaution.The longer you stay inside,the most chances you have to take rhe drag for the disease when it releases.Dont let your countrys health system collapse.Respect all those doctors and nurses and stay inside.It needs time but itll pass.Love from Greece.

  19. Forget masks, test kits or ventilators, trump! Order more body bags. Body bags are what count!

  20. I don’t understand how this is scary for American doctors for three months you watched the world explode with this pandemic for three months you could’ve prepared so much, now you’re completely completely cut off at every level I pray for Americans

  21. South Korea's pharmaceutical company has treatment medicine which has been treated before and no side effect. It showed a good treatment for coronavirus infected patients. Now they're going to use this medicine on massive human trial next week. If it works, SK will save lives for the world ASAP.

  22. I never thought I would know every name of every governor in the US BY NAME and just about 40 of all world leaders by name this is how much TIME I HAVE ON MY HANDS WITH TWO KIDS

  23. I am not sure but possibly good Corona Virus Articles on the site I linked below.   https://ca.figu.org/coronavirus-covid-19.html

  24. Its not anything like a battlefield but of course thats what that arabs/muslim nurse would say. From an American of Israeli background. And tell that nurse who maybe Chinese to thank his country for this. They love bats!

  25. My mom works at a hospital but she doesnt see covid patients but she has to do a lot of calls to the people that have been around covid patients

  26. Im an RN. I blame the hospitals for not taking action earlier. It’s the incompetence of the whole health care system. They could have ordered everything they needed in Jan.

    To add to that you have doctors and the WHO telling ppl the wrong advice on how to stay safe. They aren’t even tracking the disease correctly. The numbers are higher than reported.

  27. Drumpf had a chance to force manufacturing of protective gear, and mayors and governors have been begging him to do it for weeks. He refuses to get involved because he wants to be able to point fingers at everyone else, when this gets really bad.

  28. Im in tears, to see how we all come together in a time of crisis lets us all know that none of us is really prejudiced at all. We all have the american spirit in times of trouble and thats what the united states is all about… United..

  29. this is a shadow war between the deepstate and china. Just before the outbreak the deepstate was kicking out Huawei from the states, and arresting chinese spies. Its impossible to discern wether the deepstate release bioweapon in effort to forment blame on China, or China diet mistakes or containment mistakes are at root. It certainly an easy target to blame when it begins in Wuhan, but the World Military games was in Wuhan too.

  30. https://youtu.be/qnmNdXwKkTE?t=227


  31. So you became a nurse/doctor to "help" but now that it really matters no one wants to do their job but they still want their fat paychecks


  33. These people r gonna be the reason y there r people still here after the rest of us r gone. Thank the lord for every day.

  34. “The rich counting bodies & counting profit.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqJ9EJryBa8&fbclid=IwAR0EAx9xlkZJ4zrcHToRaKp_BSevm2KA0B0j9dmr3IEVZXQIv-MI-mk4JXI

  35. You people are being duped. #filmyourhospital. That is the truth about this "pandemic". Our freedoms and our very livelihoods are being stripped from us and most of you are acting thankful over it. Your minds are shackled. We need to stop living in fear and start protesting in the streets and demanding real answers from our government. They are trying to reset the economy and push for a one world currency and government using this "pandemic" as the starting point.

  36. So worried these news outlets are because of medical personal not having protection that they "fail" to report on a man of a certain tribe hoarding not hand sanitizers and toilet paper like that other dude but ESSENTIAL PPE. The FBI raided a Brooklyn apartment of a someone who had hundreds of n95 masks for reselling to hospitals later at a higher price. You won't see that in the news because the suspect is of a certain group that i wont mention.

  37. America is a 3rd world country!!!! Why do we have medical staff begging for equipment for the pass month?! America has random stylist sewing cloth mask for doctors. This is crazy!!! How can we be short ventilators, that we have to beg other places for theirs.
    Where is the infectious disease hospital in America??? I have yet to see any hospital staff in America with proper pandemic equipment. The lack of organization is what bothers me so much. They are winging it. Which means they NEVER prepared for this at all.

  38. OMG!! Is this America? The frontline workers like Doctors and Nurses get one mask per week. Imagine if most of them got infected, who will save your country?

  39. anyone need to listen this once in lifetime! coronavirus is serious and not joking around! most business shut down and many tourism shut down because people have the nerve to go shopping like wal mart or any store that is open to public in order to buy food. i have nothing to against it. people still carry virus spread through breathe and touch and talk. most students want go back to school to learn and be able to walk out during graduation once in lifetime. But people seem don’t listen and hard head and don’t see the point!! life depend on job and social and work. stop social now just for few weeks and allow virus destroy!!! nurse and doctor are work hard try to save everyone life. all doctor and nurse make their sacrifice life in order to get everyone back to normal!! why can’t anyone listen???? let pretend if it was you and your love one die over coronavirus while they don’t listen to you??? answer is exactly same!!! WAKE UP and SMELL THE COFFEE before too late!!!!!! sighhhhhhhhh

  40. To add to this if a healthcare worker needs to be quarantined the are exempt from getting medical leave or family medical leave. Thanks to our White House and congress members. They don’t care about our healthcare worker

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