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– The tickles have begun. – Woo. (laughing) Oh, it’s so gross. (water bubbling) – [Both] Yes, yes, yes. – What a bizarre sensation. – Why is it making me cry? – “The Try guys” are getting beautiful. Hello from social distancing. The video you’re about to watch
was filmed many weeks ago, before the world turned upside down. But, before we start, as you may know, many small businesses and local restaurants are
really struggling right now. We wanna do our part to help. If you buy a gift card
for one of those places, then send proof to this email below, we will send you a $5
gift card to It’s a small thing,
but hopefully something we can all do together to help them out in their time of need. With that, stay safe out there, and enjoy the video, bye. (upbeat music) (speaking in foreign language), and welcome to back to beauty month here at “The Try Guys”. Today, we’re getting Korean. – Take it back, try it again. – Today we’re gonna be
beautiful like Koreans. – There we go. The Korean beauty industry is huge. It’s one of the top industries
for skincare in the world. People seek these products out. – And today, we are getting
the ultimate beauty routine with a 14 step process. – That’s too many steps. – I didn’t really start washing
my face until this year. I have been blessed with
perfect skin my entire life. No maintenance needed. – Probably ’cause your skin
might be naturally drier so you didn’t have acne. But you’ll get wrinkles faster. – Oh, I will. – You’re gonna be like Bernie Sanders. – Today, we are gonna get
beautiful like the Koreans. – I try to take good care of my skin now. I’m often breaking out here, and here. I’ve been trying to change
up my pillowcases more, ’cause I do sleep on my left side. I’m thinking maybe that’s why. – This is not a hickey on my face. We filmed the cupping video yesterday. You’ll see it eventually. We thought it’d be funny
to keep one on my face so that I could do a joke. Turns out, if you leave a suction cup on your face too long, you get this. – Just looks like someone gave
you a big old chin hickey. – I am definitely breaking out. You can see it right here,
I’ve got a little red guy. It’s been there since Monday. And today is Friday. Which is why this video is sponsored by us getting drunk on camera. – Jinro soju, number one
choice for Korean brand. – Are we getting sponsored? – Nope, I just wanted to do that. Low proof liquor’s delicious. – That’s too sweet. – I don’t like the flavor. – I don’t like the flavored soju. I like it straight, I like it hard. – The only time Eugene likes it straight, – The only thing that’s
straight is my soju. – Let’s get beautiful. – Step one, butt plug. This is a peach punch
sherbet cleansing balm. – You say sherbet? – Sherbet, like Sharpay.
– It’s sherbet. – It is a boob and a butt,
depending on how you look at it. – When you think of peaches, do you think of butts or “Parasite”? (loud coughing) – Jessica, only child, Illinos Chicago. Go watch parasite. – Good reference, we all love it. It won best picture, Trump was mad. (bleep) that guy. – (bleep) Trump, (bleep) that guy. – So the proper way to do
this, always to scoop out is you take one of your
fingernails and you go backwards. So you’re good to get a
nice, measured amount. Like that. – Feels great. – I kind of hate how
it feels, it’s so thin. It feels like oil.
– Just slippery. – Asians love melon smells. – (bleep) can you do? It’s never ripe. It’s a (bleep) fruit bowl filler. Honeydew can suck a
butt, and you know what? It tastes like once too. – I’ve never rinsed my face sitting down. It’s very challenging. – I feel like a T-Rex, my
hands just don’t work as well. – So, stick your face in the bowl, and sing your favorite BTS song. – Okay great. (humming) – It does feel soft. – Yeah, I do feel cleansed. I feel soft like a peach. – Can you touch my face? Oh, yeah, fun choice. – [Both] Soft, rough, soft, rough. – I’m obviously the
Jimin of “The Try Guys”. What am I missing? Why do you call yourselves the army? Where does that name come from? Also, I’m totally prepared
for you to come after me. I get it,
– No, no, no, you’re not. – BTS army, if you wanna
blow up my mentions, get in there. Your band’s overrated. – Oh my god Zach. – I’m just kidding. – Up next, black paint rubar. Deep pore cleansing benefits that allow for targeted application of concentrated pore treatment. – To help draw dirt, oil, and impurities. – It’s like a glue stick. – It doesn’t go on very smooth. It’s very tough. – I’m gonna give myself
the Tony Stark goatee. I look like Scarlett
Johansson in “Jojo Rabbit”, when she’s pretending to be his dad. There’s a fine line between funny beard and accidental blackface. We’re just gonna call it like it is. We don’t wanna cross that line. Its possible I did by accident. – This looks like I made
out with a chimney sweep. ♪ Chim chiminey ♪ ♪ Chim chiminey ♪ ♪ Chim chim cher-oo ♪ – The cut scene from the
end of “Mary Poppins”. – Yeah she’s like, “oh no. “I wasn’t doing anything
with old Vick Van Dyke here. – [Crew Member] You look like
you got laid off from work. – Do you know what I said to my friend? – What’d you say? – Don’t say anything bad about army. You know what he did? – What’d he do? – He talked shit, and then he got smacked. Then, he drowned. Do you know how he drowned? (water bubbling) BTS is not overrated. – And up next, we’ve got the lettuce and cucumber watery toner. – That smells nice,
very fresh, very clean. – Call up Gwenyth, ’cause this is goopy. – So I think that’s what toner does right? That’s one of the steps a lot of people use in their process.
– I don’t. I have one, and I skip it. – It really just readies your skin for the next step typically. But, this is nice. (deep sniffle) – Just remember, skin is the
largest organ on your body. So if you took off all of the skin, like a flaying someone opened and then just ripped it off
and held it in your hands. It’d be the largest organ. – Yeah, how ’bout that. Even bigger than Ned’s butt? – [Ned] Welcome to booty
month on The Try Guys channel. – [Keith] Ned, it’s beauty month. – [Ned] Oh, is it? – I’m just gonna say it. This has the consistency of a watery lube. – You don’t want that inside you. – No, invest in good lube. – Or coconut oil. Coconut oil, good for
cooking, good for (bleep). – This has Julia and Jacque Pepin. Please come next time,
when we will prepare another nice side of
cucumber lettuce and (bleep). – I gotta say, I do like the smell. I like that it reminds me of salad. I do think, that they
should have a ranch option. – That’s true. – Lettuce and cucumber and ranch. Hydrating cleanser, I’d be like whoa. Get me a bottle. – Demi-rinse hydrating cleanser. If you want something
that will clog your pores, – It’s clogging your pores
to smooth out the skin. – Exactly. – There’s a Milky Piggy
carbonated bubble clay mask. Goes on so smooth. – It feels good. – Oh my god, this is what
I always wanted to do with slime as a kid. – It kind of makes it
look like were painting ourselves into robot. – You be Julie, and I’ll be Julia. – So you’re gonna be Amy Adams? – Oh my god, I would love that. – Wow this dries, and
someone give Amy Adams a god damn Oscar. – I’m Tucci? I’m honored. Lets call it out. Stanley Tucci, he’s hot. – [Eugene] I don’t know
how I saw this photo. He’s like DTF, Stanley
Tucci in this, right? – Dude, Stanley Tucci.
– Look at my pizza oven. Give Amy Adams an Oscar, and
give Stanley Tucci a booty. – This is pretty good for a
Squidward cosplay as well. I would love to see Ned
goop on a lot on his nose and give us that classic laugh. (laughing) – ‘Cause there’s that one thing when he was in a bubble mask. – That’s my actual laugh. – This is actually quite nice. I’ve tried bubbly foam masks before. Sometimes, they’re a little too intense. – It tickles and itches. It feels like a bunch of bugs on my skin. – I wanna scratch my face furiously. This is driving me crazy. – Oh no, the tickles have begun. – Do you feel it?
– Tickles have begun. (uncomfortable cheering) – Especially where, – My nose is tickley. – I get why it’s a pig now. – Pretty sure I got
some of this in my mouth and I can confirm, it’s not tasty. – Wasn’t that careful around my eyes. (horror music) – Collagen luxury gold peel off pack. That bubbling mask makes
your skin feel pretty taut. Like Stanley Tucci’s sexy bald head. – It’s so dry. – I feel like my face
is a basketball court. If you put shoes to your face, it would just be like this. (sneakers squeaking) – It’s gorgeous. That’s why everyone here wants this. – I like gold. – Gold nose, I can smell when
somebody’s stealing from me. – This really does satisfy
every itch in your body to look expensive. While our gold masks dry, we’re gonna go over to I’m
lovely peach hand mask. – It’s so gross. – Oh, it’s so wet inside. – I imagine it’s a cold
version of reaching your hand into an animal and giving birth. – Probably with my first date, that was really bad one. – I think this entry was a little easier. – Normally, you put on the gloves so you don’t feel the fluids. This is fun ’cause it’s filled with fluid. – This is the opposite
reason gloves were invented. – Oh, you wear these
gloves on opposite day. – Its like if you lost your
contact inside a fleshlight and had to go digging. – 20 minutes? – 20 (bleep) minutes for my hands? Nobody even looks at those. – It’s like I just finished giving Java the Hut a rectal exam. – This is what a really cute little Korean girl would use
if she was a serial killer. (speaking in foreign language) (neck snapping) – This would be great if we were getting a massage right now, do you wanna? – Should we just give each
other a massage on the front? – It’s nice.
– It’s cool, yeah. I do like this, yeah. – Get the– – Oh yeah, the pectorals. – Get the pecs. – It hurts to massage the pecs. When you work ’em out, you
do those hip hinge fly’s? What are they called? – Yeah bro, hip hinge fly’s. – When you do this one. – Get flyers. – Then, you wake up the next
morning and you’re like, Jesus, my tits. – Oh Christ, my (bleep) tits. Went too hard on my
(bleep) tits last night. – It’s time we as men
reclaim tits for ourselves. – Oh, that’s nice. I like the feeling, cooling out. – Does look kind of, – Cummy. I tried to say it as soft as I could. – All right, now we’re gonna attempt to peel off our masks. (vocalizing) – It’s like new skin. – Oh my god. It’s peeling. This is a horror movie. (groaning) – Am I Korean beauty now mom? (groaning) – I’m trying to harmonize with his pain. (both groaning) – Why is it making me cry? It’s so beautiful. – I think I would like to keep this one. – All right, let’s get,
the (bleep) is this? What the hell? – I bet it’s like, one goes in your mouth
and one goes on your eyes. All right, did I do it right? – Are we sure this is for your jaw and it’s not one of those head scratchers? – Oh maybe it’s, no, why would it go down my throat? I don’t wanna smooth out my atoms apple. I need it. – Koreans have a particular obsession with making their jaw slimmer. – [Crew Member] What are you doing? – Rolling out my leg. – It doesn’t look like you’re
rolling your leg, Zach. – It feels really nice,
you should try this. – It looks very suspicious Zach. – Do you wanna give it a go? – No, I don’t think you realize Zach how, – [Crew Member] We’re
all so uncomfortable. – Zach, how does it feel? – Do you want me to do it to you? – No, I don’t need it, I don’t need it. – Try it. – Oh, that’s nice.
– It’s really nice, right? – That is quite nice. It’s almost like a mouth. You do me, I do you. – It’s easier to do it to yourself though, ’cause I know what I like. Oh, you’re good at it. – Yeah, that’s ’cause I’m going faster. (laughing) You’re not going hard or fast enough. No, no, too hard, too hard. – Too hard? We need to find a rhythm. – It’s called escargot. That’s fun, ’cause that’s snails. Then, read the next one. – Botanic Garden Bee Venom Mist. – With snail and lavender extracts. Skin revitalizing treatment mist. This sounds incredibly interesting. – Bee venom? They aren’t even snakes. – I didn’t even think they were venomous. I thought they just had stingers. – You could just say poison, right? But, they didn’t wanna put
poison on their product. – [Eugene] Think snail. – I’ll miss my face. Oh, I missed. Just kidding, no, I got it. – Stings like tiny little bee stingers, waking up my face.
– I like it. – And there’s lavender in it. – The lavender’s lovely. – Kind of covers up the
bee venom and snail. – That sounds like a cute
children’s book though. The bee and the snail.
– The bee and the snail. – Bee venom, what do you want to do today? – Today I wanna go rule the garden. How ’bout you snail? – I’m on my way. – [Ned] My little pet eye patch. – Be my best friend, heart. – [Both] From hamster. – So, this is for putting under your eyes. It makes your eyes better. – It’s very cooling. – Yeah, this is cool. – Remember when the plastic surgeon said I had big bullfrog eyes? I’ve been thinking about that ever since. He wouldn’t even draw a dick on my face. – We wanna be beautiful too. It’s not just fun and jokes. (slow violin playing) (laughing) – Kind of looks like you. – Blink, blink. – You’re supposed to
leave these eye patches on for about 30 minutes. So, while we let them rest, we’re gonna do some neckercises? – We’ve discussed in
many food baby’s videos that I have the fattest throat. I need to slam this mother (bleep) down. What the hell? – Did you break it already Zach? – I did break it. – Yes, yes, this is working. – Why does it sound like an
old playground equipment? (squeaking) Doesn’t it sound like a creepy
seesaw in a horror film? (squeaking) (horror music) (screaming) – I think it sounds like having sex in your twin bed at your parent’s house. (squeaking) – Nora Ephron always said
“the face is the lie, “and the neck is the truth.” – What about Shakira though? ‘Cause her hips don’t lie. – Well, she has a beautiful neck. – That’s the truth. – [Both] Ah. – I could wear these while
doing “Eat the Menus”. Then, I could lose weight,
while I gain weight. – Sort of like a urinal. – I’ve been thinking, when
are they gonna change out urinals with just vacuum hoses? That guys walk up, they put their pants, they start talking to me now. – [Crew Member] You’ve
been thinking about that? – If NASA does it, why don’t we? – [Crew Member] Because we have gravity. – Well, I don’t think you
understand the gravity of this situation. – To my pee stains. – Eye patches removed. Is this the bee venom? I can’t remember. – No, that was the spray. – You know, the eyes are
the windows to the soul. And this soul is tired. – It looks like I got 12 hours of sleep. – It does look better. I don’t know, what do you think audience? Let’s throw away these hamsters. – [Ned] Oh, it’s a little panda. – What do pandas dream about? – I don’t know. – You know it’s not sex, ’cause they can’t pay them
to have sex with each other. We think they’re so
cute, but they mustn’t. – You put it on your under eyes. This portable stick-type eye serum instantly moisturizes, cools, and soothes tired and puffy eyes. – Oh my god, dope. – Whoa, that is goopy. – Am I hot? Do I look Korean? – Whitening and anti-wrinkle snail cream. I don’t think we have to get more wine. – Zach, where’d you go? You’re so much whiter. – I’m so white. – They’re very wrinkly, snails. – They’re just sluggy,
wrinkly little goop monsters. – Did we grind up the snail? Did we take its slime? – Are you talking about snail cum? – Eugene, disgusting. – He was making a snail cum joke. – That’s gross. But, is that what it is though? – Snail me baby, oh yeah. There’s my skin taking the
light a little bit more. – I look dewy.
– I feel like I look brighter. – Right, dewy? – Dewy, that’s what they say. – Dewy.
– Dewy fresh. It’s time for the I’m
lovely peach foot mask. – Get ready foot fetish community. You’re gonna see some toes here. – You have nice feet. No you don’t, his feet are (bleep) up. – Please read the instructions
thoroughly before applying. – [Both] Put sheets on your feet. – It’s kind of like
wearing really wet shoes. – Perfect fit. – I’m actually really into this. – I don’t think South Korea has
a lot of six foot three men. – It’s like a lubricated
condom for your feet. – You think everything
is basically a condom. ♪ A one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ Da, da, ♪ ♪ Da, da, da, da, ♪ ♪ Da, da, da, da ♪ ♪ Da, da ♪ – You wanna get back to the chin roller? (laughing) It’s coming. (screaming) Here it comes. Congratulations Mrs. Cornfeld. – My feet are about to be born like the (speaking in foreign language). (groaning) – That was cool. (groaning) – Wiggle your big toe. (laughing) – Foot bag trick shots, one. – This is nice. Rub your two big toes together. – Do you wanna make it really gross? – [Zach] Yeah, get in there. – No, no. (laughing) I hate this. (moaning) That was the worst, I think
we know that was the worst, but we both kind of liked it. – That was the worst thing we’ve ever done in a “Try Guys” video. – We both kind of liked it.
– No, that was bad. – [Crew Member] Did you guys
just cross the friendship line? – I think we’ve crossed
multiple lines there. – I don’t think I can
look you in the eyes. – Tony Moly changing U
magic foot peeling shoes. – Steps that can transform
an average looking woman into an attractive lady. – Oh yeah, now my foot looks
like a “Dexter” victim. – In four to six days, the dead cells will naturally start
falling off from your feet. Cut back to the gold peeling off my face. That’s what’s gonna happen to your feet, but your skin. – Get these the (bleep) off of me. I don’t want that. – Get these the (bleep) off my feet. – I’m not ready for that. – I learned a lot today. I learned that the beauty
world is varied and fun. But, it takes a lot of hard work. I learned that Koreans
know how to stay beautiful. And, I learned that I’m such a Jimin. – These were some fun,
cute, weird, awesome, creative beauty products. Now, I feel like a real attractive lady. – I learned there’s a lot
that I’m missing out on and some things that I’m not. – Yeah, I liked that some
stuff has bees in it. I like that. I like that, my feet smell (bleep) crazy. They smell like I put my foot in everything I keep under the sink. – This has been #TryBeauty. We got one more video coming your way. Beauty month on “The Try Guys”. – Who’s your favorite member of BTS? Why am I the most Jimin? Let me know below, #cancelthetryguys. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Try doing it there. (squeaking) No, with your chin. Can’t, I’m medically inflexible. – How much of this joke
is gonna make it in? I hope all of it.

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