The Undertaker answers Sami Zayn’s disrespect with Chokeslam: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 10, 2019

I’ve considered these
hallowed grounds my home.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Now I don’t know how many times
I’m gonna get to come home anymore.>>We love you.>>But there’s one thing that I want
everyone to remember about this place. The titans that were born here,>>[APPLAUSE].>>The legends that made
their name here and the heroes that were created right
here in Madison Square Garden.>>[APPLAUSE].>>And it’s rewarding for
me to know that each and every one of those souls,
I took a little piece of it with me.>>[APPLAUSE]>>But they will not be forgotten, because the echoes of their
memories will go through these hallways for all of eternity.>>[APPLAUSE]>>And now, we usher in a new era of superstar.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>No, no, no, Sami, no. I don’t think this is what
Undertaker had in mind. What is this fool doing?>>I wanna say first and foremost,
I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, sir. However, however I think even
you could admit that tonight it probably shouldn’t be you opening
Smackdown Live in Madison Square Garden.>>[NOISE]
>>Even you can probably admit that
probably should have been me.>>[NOISE]
>>30 years is a long time. When is enough, enough? Look, I know how much you love WWE, I do. And I know that everything
you’ve ever done has been about paving the way for
the future. I am here to ask you to turn around and to leave this ring right now.>>[NOISE]
>>I’m asking you to do the right thing, to leave this
ring to me and to pass the torch. I promise you, Madison Square Garden and the future of the WWE is in
good hands with Sami Zayn.>>[APPLAUSE]>>It work?>>[NOISE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Uh-oh.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The Undertaker’s got Sami Zayn. Chokeslam from the dead man.>>That would be an emphatic, no. [SOUND]
>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Another soul taken by the Undertaker. That’s Sami Zayn that echoes
throughout these famous hallways.>>What a way to begin
SmackDown Live Tonight inside Madison Square Garden,
another name claimed by The Phenom. [MUSIC]

100 Replies to “The Undertaker answers Sami Zayn’s disrespect with Chokeslam: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 10, 2019”

  1. Undertaker is and always will be one of my favorites. But it is time to retire tbh as hes clearly just there to up the ratings for vince! Hes getting on and you can see that the things he used to be able to do with ease actually hurt him now and i dont want to see one of my heros in pain.

  2. Undertaker keeps saying rest in peace but WWE keep waking up the phoenom. No wonder he can't walk straight, brother can't get no sleep.

  3. Well… he just asked him to leave the ring. Not HOW to do so. Taker left with a chokeslam. Be careful what you wish for 😀

  4. People saying the Undertaker should retire makes me laugh haha hes already RETIRED you morons lol hes not going to be in line for a championship, if a LEGEND comes to the ring just to say hi and people say retire 🤦‍♂️ 🤣

  5. He needs to retire now before somebody retires him. You know what I mean? He's just too old now. He should be chillin now. Just spending all that money he's made

  6. its time to ride off into the sunset Mark…at least go out as American BadAss .. not this mythical character.. this is lame.. his daddy vince tells him… NO STARCAST FOR YOU.. lame…

  7. Sami zayn being a heel is not working they need to turn Sami face and get the crowd back on his side and he will start winning matches again as well.

  8. Taker should seriously retire for his own personal health. He is 54 already, although wrestling is fake bones dont mend easily when they break at this age.

  9. Man I wish this man never aged and we get to see him forever. As gracefully as he has aged, it would be sad to see him get old amd leave. :'(

  10. What was Zayn thinking? You don't mess with the Reaper of Souls 'cause he might as well take yours for being off script like an idiot.

  11. That is how they are using legends…??????…..shame on wwe ..shame….this man has given his all life to wwe….and in end you just let him deal with these low level wrestlers…🙄

  12. He undertaker should have just retired when he lost to Brock Lesnar. Would have been a perfect ending to his career and legacy….smh

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