I’ve heard tales of your kind, witcher.
You are a mutant.
Created by magic.
Roaming the continent.
We don’t want your kind here.
Hunting monsters…
for a price.
I thought you’d have fangs
or horns or something.
I had them filed down.
People call you a monster too.
Why not kill them?
Because then I am what they say I am.
All of our choices
draw our destinies closer.

Go. If he’s out there, there’s still hope.
I have to find Geralt of Rivia.
Don’t judge me.
They say witchers
can’t feel human emotion.
What do you believe in?
Evil is evil.
It’s all the same.
Princess Cirilla…
is your destiny.
I can’t protect her.
If you dismiss it…
…you will unleash…
true calamity upon us all.
I’ll take that chance.


  1. Overall nice. The only thing im still not convinced about is Yennefer. She doesnt seem to have the presense and charisma as described in the books, imho the actress is just to young to play such a role.

  2. Ok. This looks better than I expected. Will give it a shot.

    Edit: Im now less excited after learning Geralt is not the main character of the story.

  3. Cat shaped eyes nobody miss? I love Henry. Such a great guy and the best Superman we could get but I really fear it will be like Walking Dead series – unwatchable.

  4. Based on the Polish book, or series of Books by Andzej Sapkowski… curious if it will resemble any of the authors’ work. Can’t wait to watch it!!

  5. Yeah so netflix started cencoring in my country, aka Turkey, I guess they will leave us no other choice other than torrenting and unsubbing from netflix. Just sad..

  6. I feel in home in this comment section most people bombarding Netflix with witcher memes
    Not So Fast Roach!

  7. Behold for after this day we will be bombarded by kids nagging that witcher games came after netflix's witcher series

  8. They gave Black people a role in the show to stop them from complaining. But at least Yennefer isn't Chinese/black and Ciri trans.

  9. I know books, games, and I really don't understand the main plot, and what is about. And where is beautiful, badass Yennefer? I didn't noticed her. Can someone explain this to me?

  10. I can't get over the ballsack-armor. WTF is that design guys. Who greenlit that design.
    Also, armor does nothing and people die when tapped with a sword despite wearing plate. I won't hold it against this production in particular because it's industry standard unfortunately, but that trope has to die.

  11. Not bad but also not so good, but when i compare good and bad sides i think its ok but not so ok and also great but at the same time bad

  12. So, it's gonna be released on my birthday?

    Oh, thank you Netflix. You shouldn't have… 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  13. Man why does this gotta be on Netflix? Dropped that shit months ago due to them dropping pretty much everything not Netflix original.

  14. Никак вы блять не научитесь! Игровой ведьмак, самый лучший ведьмак!

  15. They're definitely going by the books rather than the games and I'm excited because of that. It seems like he will be doing contracts but underneath it all is the overarching story that pieces it all together.

  16. честно говоря Нетфликс это ДНО… наидерьмовейшая параша, удивлен что за подписку к этому гавну кто то платит реальные деньги :))

  17. I've got few issues with this series. I dislike some castings. I HATE the nilfgaardian armour.
    That being said, the show seems very true to the first two books for the most part. And for that much, I appreciate it a lot.

    I can deal with castings that don't look like the characters, I can't deal with messed up storylines.
    Game of Thrones had great casting, the storyline in the last few seasons destroyed the show.

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