87 Replies to “Tim Scott calls impeachment a ‘flawed, failed, fictional’ attempt to remove Trump”

  1. * BREAKING NEWS * Kenneth Starr in Fox News: "We herewith declare the immediate dismissal of President Donald Trump. Trump has been arrested and detained for crimes against humanity, abuse of power and severe sexual offense of over 50 women.” His office duties were taken over by Mike Pence. President Pence will shortly go public and make a statement to the nation. No more infantile twitter messages from coward Donald Trump * BREAKING NEWS *

  2. If the next the President who is voted in office isn't Trump, should America immediately cast this person out without giving him/her a chance?
    What if the majority of people, don't accept his/her past and present sexual preferences, should we still not give this President a chance?
    What if the next person in office isn't in shape and has physical features that can easily be laughed at and made fun of. What if the next president speaks differently, and is sometimes considered slow. What If we end up with a president who suffers with insecurities, so he/she solely relies on insults to deflect his/her own shortcomings… Should we allow someone like this in office? Can we support someone who is less than perfect?

  3. sounds like scott refers to the disgraced dnc spectacle as a ford flopped fantasy, which would be consistent with political reality and americas accuracy.

  4. The sad but true reason why Trump is not getting removed i s the democrats wrote the articles of impeachment wrong. They should have had another one for just crimes Trump committed instead of including said crimes in abuse of power even though he was able to commit them because he abused his power. So as they were written i can see how Trump is not guilty of the first of them but of the second he is. To that if only 1 of the 2 is enough then they would take another vote to see if Trump should be removed because of withholding evidence from congress and the independent prosecutor. The part about the independent prosecutor was not made out to be that straight forward.

    So in short the Dems did the job wrong. Trump should be removed but the impeachment should have gathered more evidence and focused on more than just the Ukraine bit. Due to them focusing on that 1 bit they failed to get a 2/3s vote in the Senate by leaving out the condemning parts that Trump did. Mostly usurping the power of congress by moving around tax payer money without their permission. Giving tax payer money to projects they did not approve. Etc. and so on about money. Congress is the only branch with the power of moving around and allocating tax payer money. Now that one would have been a harder case for the republicans to throw away but the dems did not put forward that case they did and only did the Ukraine thing.

    In short what he did could have been done in a different way and have been legal but how he did it it was illegal. So if you want to phrase it as such it was a "process crime". Like obstruction of justice and obstruction of congress are "process crimes". The USA has put people behind bars for 5+ years for those crimes. Some times 20+ years. So ones no longer president he most likely will go to prison. He will as state prosecutors are not wanting to do the politically beneficial thing they are to follow the law. Which Trump broke many times over and the dems did not care until presidential elections came.

  5. Collins is like Pelosi, she's to old to be there. Another Republican, conservative Republican needs to take her place.

  6. This is how far in deep Hillary Clinton was entrenched in the minds and the hearts of all the Democrats that they spent four years trying to remove a duly elected president😂😂😂…👽💩

  7. If the President does not have the right to investigate Joseph Biden's history of conflicts of interests and the appearance of impropriety, even on face value , there may be no crime anywhere involved, then who has the right to ask even an ally nation to report the truth about a former government official ?

  8. shes say the country is so divided about this ? you witch the left Democratic media and the lies is what is dividing us

  9. During day 8 of the impeachment trial House Manager Val Demings (D-10th District Florida) mentioned the US-Ukraine Mutual Legal Aid Treaty. This binds the two countries to cooperate in legal matters. Mr Trump is authorized and compelled by the the treaty to cooperate in this investigation.

  10. Maine can do a whole lot better than Susan Collins. She always appears to be on another planet. I think a lot of what she does is for attention than what her constituents want.

  11. Hahahaha so funny to see African act diligently to protect the dirty of Europe

  12. It was definitely flawed when the cowardly Republicans did their cover-up move in preventing the already clear, solid, factual evidence of Trump's corruption from being further documented by key witnesses inside the white House. It will fail tomorrow because the Republicans are cowardly, sniveling political hacks who don't feel any responsibility to stand up for America against a criminal president. Their stature as statespersons has been reduced to a joke.

  13. I really like Senator Scott. South Carolina is lucky to have him represent them. Family is everything. Ditto sir.

  14. Ok what I’m not understanding is how is he acquitted when he NEVER committed a crime in the first place. Well if anybody should be facing charges is shifty schiff nasty nancy and the rest progressive leftist Democratic Party.

  15. Scripture says that a house divided against itself will not stand. American history has exposed the agenda of the Democratic Socialists as in line with the United Nations "Helms Agenda 21 which would deprive the American people of representative government. . . . move farmers into the cities turn N. America into an agricultural area for the other Communist nations. President William J. Clinton spoke of this in an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch many years ago during his first administration. He spoke of plowing under roads and highways also.

    The bottom line is if the American populous has been so deprived of integrity and self respect as to elect a retched halfwit as president that can move our industry to communist countries and keep the nation in 100 year wars they may be judged by people who cant accept the truth.

  16. So if you’re an elite/government official you cannot commit a crime that’s what she just stated. When would it be appropriate ,makes no sense.

  17. I think everyone who lives in reality, knew the end result. The delusional left is now going to try to make something else up!

  18. Got it all wrong, Chester. It was a prolonged campaign conducted by the demoCrooks in collusion with the republiCrooks to reelect their Crime Boss In Chief, at tax payers expense. Just a simple scam pulled on Americans, the people they love to steal from. So, git on out there and cast your vote for the Orange Criminal In Chief, the criminal made out to be a victim by himself and his cons in Congress! HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  19. Well this is truly a win for all Americans even if you didn't vote for Donald Trump . This show the rest of the world the power of the people and we live in the best place on earth . We should cherish our family's and the ones we love . This why we fight an work so hard to keep it our country . Sorry Nancy an Adam Schiff it's not your country to control !

  20. I like this guy, and i feel sorry for him for what im sure libs would label him as just for being a black conservative.

  21. Martha, only hard core liberals want Trump impeached, let alone over nothing. The country is not that divided on this issue.

  22. Are Republicans so mesmerized by fake new and Twitter lies from the former reality TV star Donald Trump that they can't tell when he turns the state of the union into a reality TV show it's self?

  23. The good thing about being that brown is that the streaks don't show from being up Trump's ärse, Timmy. Did you canvas for Roy Moore down yond'r?

  24. We are solidly in the upper 5% with a household income nearly 3X the median household income in Volusia county Florida, were I live. It is good to see those of lesser means catching up.

  25. What does Tim Scott mean when he says the President didn't have a chance to bring witnesses to the trial? Didn't the Senate vote to NOT include witnesses??? I'm so confused by the lies of the Republicans. They lie with a straight face and the Trump supporters eat it up!!

  26. It was criminal. It's called sedition and treason. And no one did anything to stop the domestic enemies and deal with them in a proper manner, as as the DUTY of Americans. The Republic is totally ruined and lost. Failed by all in the modern age.

  27. Trump = That's My African American Senator Tim Scott…😅
    Gotta Love Trump…😁👏👏🇺🇸

  28. Wait. Did he ever actually mention the Bidens in the call's transcript ? That's what's said at the beginning of this clip. I don't recall Joe or Hunter being specifically mentioned in the transcript of the call…shoot, I certainly could be wrong. 🤓

  29. America is denying climate change, don't buy their products. Every year they wait with action they are showing they are not worthy as leader in the world. European products will be climate neutral in 2050. Just compare the happiness of people living in the US and in Europe and you will see the direction to go.

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