Top 15 Secret Messages in Live Broadcasts

15. Editie NL
A Youtuber by the name of Bas Welling claims to have hacked the teleprompter of a famous
Dutch television program called Editie NL. Bas hacked into Editie’s network and connected
live to their autocue. The autocue is the text that anchors read
live on camera. For example, in Anchorman, Ron Burgundy is
known for reading everything that appears on the prompter. Bas used it to his advantage too, changing
the text live, while millions of Dutch viewers were looking on. The anchors were reporting about a “fish
fraud case” that was going on in Holland, in which there were 26 convictions. But this isn’t even the strangest story
reported that night. Then, as the pair of anchors exchange barbs
according to Bas’ hacked input, one of the anchors calls attention to the fact that something
is wrong with the autocue. He calls out the person doing it and tells
them to keep their hands to themselves. He doesn’t seem too thrilled with the hack
and secret teleprompter messages, but his female co-anchor does. 14. Fox News Anonymous Hack
In 2015, this video was posted to YouTube claiming hacktivists, Anonymous, hacked Fox
News live on air. During Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s first live national
TV interview, static started breaking into the exclusive. Replacing the doctor in the right-hand viewfinder
was an Anonymous representative. “Dear Fox News,” he starts, “it has
come to our attention that you’ve been alienating the American people.” He goes on to accuse Fox of promoting fear
and bowing down to corporate America and covering up corporate corruption. Anonymous also accuses Fox of “participating
in an orchestrated attempt to misinform the general public.” He takes a dig at Fox’s claim to be “fair
and balanced,” saying Fox is against the People. He tears down Fox’s “journalistic integrity,”
accusing it of being “sacrificed to the dollar.” Anonymous then claims to have been watching
their “corporate masters” and that they know their secrets. They can no longer hide from Anonymous and
the American people. “The dollar cannot stop an idea whose time
has come,” Anonymous states. Fox then returns to its regularly-scheduled
programming, as though nothing ever happened. 13. Johnson Ferry
Not all secret messages hidden in live broadcasts are super cryptic. It doesn’t take a genius to break this code
on WSB TV, for instance. Someone posted the secret message, “Don’t
get on Johnson Ferry. Seriously. Don’t.” It seems that the warning was given for a
reason, as Imgur user, OccasionallyWright, wrote “I must have been one of the last
people to cross the river” Apparently, everyone on that imgur thread
had a horrible time getting home that night, with someone claiming it took anywhere from
9-10 hours to get to their destination of a few miles. Yikes. Seems like you really wouldn’t want to get
on Johnson Ferry. Seriously. Don’t. 12. Swedish Rhapsody No. 1
This entry is a number station. As Wikipedia defines it, a numbers station
is “a shortwave radio station characterized by broadcasts of formatted numbers, which
are believed to be addressed to intelligence officers operating in foreign countries.” Some are still going strong today. This station sounds innocent enough. After all, it’s only a symphonic rhapsody
composed in 1903. But the Rhapsody put on its spy mask and became
a frequent interval signal on a numbers station. In fact, the melody was being used by Polish
intelligence by opening up a music box with “Luxembourg Polka” playing. What type of intelligence was being exchanged
hasn’t been cracked, but the numbers station is still being monitored. The station uses a young girl’s voice to
transmit the messages. Swedish Rhapsody went off the air during flooding
in Germany, which was unprecedented. Some suggest that this indicates that the
station’s staff or the transmitter must be located in Germany. But, as long as the music box plays, we’ll
likely never know. 11. Fox News Ticker Hack
Yet another secret message scrolled out on Fox News. This one was not so secret. This footage was sent to Russian news agency,
Russia Today. The hack claims that we (the American people,
I presume) are being lied to and that “Rightwingers” are knocking out unions and destroying the
middle class. The hack goes on to say that America is “the
richest country in the world” and “twice as rich as China,” while the American economy
could beat out that of the entire European continent. The hack ends with claims that there will
be an uprising and a fight and that the truth will be spread. Well, this ticker hack is a start in spreading
that news. While many believe the whole thing is a hoax,
a YouTuber by the name of Unknown-Revolver begs to differ. “For those who have a hard time believing
it is real or it could possibly happen, these news tickers in NYC have been hacked several
times during protests like Occupy Wall Street,” he writes. “One ticker was hacked during a protest
on a live stream saying ‘NYPD are disgusting Pigs.’” So it’s up for you to decide. 10. North Korean Radio
Kim Jong Un has been accused of using North Korea’s state radio station to broadcast
number codes to his minion spies who are likely embedded in the West. The propaganda channel, Radio Pyongyang, went
a bit off-track in its continuous propaganda-spewing last November 2016, when it began broadcasting
messages that included numbers series and other nonsense. Just after midnight, the female radio host
said, “We give review work in metal engineering to No. 27 expedition agents,” a phrase she’s
said on at least one other occasion. The station isn’t a stranger to cryptic
codes. It’s delivered at least thirteen of them
since June of 2016. The same host coded on the forth of July:
“Now we’ll begin a mathematics review assignment for members of the 27th expeditionary unit
of the distance learning university. Turn to page 459, question 35; 913, question
55; 135, question 86.” For some odd reason, most people believe Kim
isn’t really preparing his populace for an international math tournament. The coded numbers are likely to correspond
to a reference book handed out to North Korean spies. Once they decipher these numbers, they know
exactly what to do. But we have no idea what they’re doing. 9. Another Fox News Ticker Hack
Anonymous seems to be accurate in their view that the goal of Fox News is to drum up fear,
as this was scrolling in red text on their news ticker on 6th Avenue in New York City. Although the tweet by Tim Burrowes (@mumbrella)
clarified that the preceding text had indicated that North Korea was saying this and it wasn’t
literally true (at least, not yet, anyway), the secret message does inject a subliminal
message of fear into the minds and hearts of many. 8. The “Atención” Station
The “Atencion” station receives the award for being the first numbers station to be
officially accused of being used in espionage. In 1998, the Wasp Network of Cuban spies in
America were all taken into custody and charged by the federal court with espionage. Prosecutors said that the spies had used shortwave
receivers to receive number codes transmitted by the Atencion station. They then entered these codes into a decryption
program on their laptops. How do the prosecutors know this? Well, the FBI searched the apartment of one
of the culprits and copied the program, thereafter using it to decode other Atención spy messages. Some of these decoded messages include:
“prioritize and continue to strengthen friendship with Joe and Dennis.” – Yikes, Joe and Dennis had better watch
their backs. Another decoded message: “Under no circumstances
should [agents] German nor Castor fly with BTTR or another organization on days 24, 25,
26 and 27.” BTTR was Brothers to the Rescue, an airborne
group who was against Castro. On March 8th one year, the message even congratulated
“female comrades” for International Women’s Day. In 2001, members of The Wasp Network were
sentenced, with the most lenient term being 15 years, and the harshest being two life
sentences. Quite a price to pay for espionage. 7. Wyoming Hack
During a live K2 news broadcast in Wyoming, the screen suddenly went static as then-presidential
candidate, Mitt Romney, appeared onscreen. Coded number 333-333-333 displayed with the
message: “We present a special presentation.” Everything in grey, black, and white, with
the text appearing inversely and upside down below. The video then claimed that viewers will “see
such pretty things.” What follows isn’t very pretty. Two spooky images of grainy close-up faces
of taunting-looking men appear. The original message reappears, followed by
the question, “Why do you hate?” Creepy music begins to enter into the picture,
along with more heads, all sinister and making the viewer feel very uneasy. The hack claims that the viewer is ill and
the hackers want to fix it. They can, because they have already seen what
hides in your mind. The music is jarring and unsettling and, along
with the continued images of close-up heads, will surely creep into your nightmares. The messages get more and more cryptic, with
the messenger claiming that you could “lose everything” and that all things come at
a price. The messages also become more creepy, as the
viewer is told they can’t hide forever and that the messenger is standing at their door. Before fading into static and back to the
original programming, the sentence “All good things” appears on the screen. While most of the hack was bogus, this last
point is true. All good things must come to an end. 6. The Lincolnshire Poacher
This station was Cyprus-based, transmitting there in the mid 70’s until all the way
up to 2008. Music, again, served as the interval signal. This time, it was a few bars from “The Lincolnshire
Poacher,” an old English folk song. So who was operating this numbers station? It’s believed that the British Secret Intelligence
Service were operating out of Cyprus. How do we know? Well, some say the curtain antennas of a Royal
Air Force base served as the station’s transmitter. After the “Poacher” played, a British
female voice, sounding like synthesized electronics, would read groups of numbers in fives. Like 0-3-6-9-9, for instance. The last number in the group was read in a
high pitch. The Poacher station operated in order to correspond
to spies in various countries. The codes were then to be decoded. The final transmission on record was on the
29th of June, 2008. Some suggest the Poacher may have gone off-air,
instead, relying on telephones and other communication methods. In fact, give a call to a certain registered
phone number in Aldershot and supposedly you’ll hear the interval signal, followed by the
sequences of five numbers. After this information was published, a message
at this number said to use “backup channel romeo x-ray three nine” followed by “end”. Now, if only we had access to the backup channel. Then we might be able to decode this mystery. 5. Fox News Hack II
This Fox News hack apparently came as Trump reacted to the attacks in France back in 2016. As Greta Van Susteren speaks to some guy who’s
defending Trump’s comments on the attack, he says, “This is the presidential candidate,”
and up pops an image of Elliot Alderson of the TV series Mr. Robot. Alderson, a young cyber-security engineer
who becomes part of a hacker group. While neither the hack nor the secret message
behind it seems all that significant, this doesn’t stop believers from seeing deeper
into it. Some think Greta’s subscription to Scientology
might be the reason hacktivists targeted her show. Scientology is one of the mortal enemies of
hacktivists. Could be? But seems a bit of a stretch. 4. The Pip
Broadcasted somewhere in Southern Europe, radio listeners gave this shortwave radio
station the name, The Pip in English, because it broadcasts brief regular beeps at about
50 a minute, all day, every day. In Russia (which is believed to be its originator),
it’s called Kaplya, aka “the drop.” Sometimes a Russian voice breaks into the
pips. The voice transmission often launches off
with the code, 8S1Shch, which most believe is either the call sign or the station’s
real name. The station’s owner has been hypothesized
to be an army district communication center “Akacia,” by While The Pip’s ultimate purpose remains
unknown, it is believed to be just a cog in a network of a much bigger radio communication
or control center. As mentioned, The Buzzer and another sister
station called The Squeaky Wheel, are also believed to be cogs. The Pip and The Squeaky Wheel seem to be intimately
tied, as whenever something’s broadcast on The Pip, a message on The Squeaky Wheel
soon follows. Some claim that you can hear the Pip beeping
on in the background during one of the Squeaky Wheel’s message transmissions. 3. HM01
It seems every nation on Earth is in on numbers stations. The frequency, 17480 kHz, is believed to be
a Cuban numbers station. The code is read in an electronic female Spanish-speaking
voice, and the number sequences are provided in a series of five digits. There is often a long pause after the sequence
is read, after which it’s read again. A bell tone and an early 90’s modem noise
blast follow it. The sequence is repeated over and over like
this for around twenty minutes. Static follows. Known as HM01, the shortwave numbers station
is nicknamed (“voice of the girl”). Naturally, most believe the Cuban intelligence
directorate, known as the DI, is behind the station. HM01 continues to operate and is believed
to be a sister station of “Atención,” which was an entry on this list. This station uses a one-time pad – a key
that was previously shared and is tossed aside after one use. The pad isn’t recycled, making the codes
indecipherable by anyone who doesn’t have the pad. Some believe that HM01 and the government-run
radio station, Radio Havana Cuba, are broadcasting from the same building, as the frequencies
often mix. As the US and Cuban relations have started
to warm, some wonder why the station is still in operation. Others think the political climate between
nations doesn’t matter. Spies are everywhere, and they will always
be. Even friendly nations are all up in each other’s
business. Looks like HM01 won’t be going away anytime
soon. 2. ENIGMA – Station X
If you’ve seen The Imitation Game, you know some of the history of ENIGMA. If you haven’t, go see it; it’s really
good. The codebreakers at the Government Code and
Cypher School in Britain, were trained to break the secret communications passed between
the agents of the enemy. Also known as “B.P.” or “Station X,”
the headquarters recruited those who could solve cryptic crossword puzzles in epic time,
as their lateral thinking skills were much needed. Codebreaking efforts peaked in January 1945. At that point, around 10,000 people were working
there or in its other network stations, 75% of whom were women and many of whom held degrees
in engineering, physics, and math and some of whom were bilingual. Perhaps the most famed of the codes broken
involved the German Enigma and Lorenze ciphers. In theory, they should have been unbreakable,
but a lack of discipline from German personnel, along with failures in their cryptographic
procedures, made them vulnerable to decoding…which is just what those at Bletchley Park did. If Germany had known Bletchley was having
any success, they could have easily altered their procedures. But, thankfully, they didn’t. The secret was kept amongst staff, with a
security warning posted on campus that stated: “Do not talk at meals, do not talk in the
transport, do not talk travelling, do not talk in the billet, do not talk by your own
fireside. Be careful even in your Hut …”
One of the most successful cryptologists at Bletchley was Alan Turing. He created a technique, which was used to
decode the Lorenz cipher messages that a new German secret writer machine created. It involved wheel-breaking, so that the cam
settings could be figured out and codes could be deciphered fast and with precision. Without these top coders and their efforts,
many historians believe the outcome would have been significantly altered. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
we upload every Tuesday and Saturday. 1. The Captive News Report Taking over a news studio with a list of demands
seems like an impossible challenge, but that’s exactly what happened in this entry. In Phoenix, Arizona on May 28th 1983. This KOOL-TV broadcast had a very sudden change
of plans, when Joe Gwin, barged into the studio, armed with demands. Anchorman, Bill Close, thought it was a joke
until Gwin fired a shot in the air. He took a production assistant and camerawoman
captive and demanded to be put on the air. This continued for almost five hours until
the station owner agreed to his demands to save his employee’s lives. In a sealed room, Gwim kept his piece pointed
at the anchorman’s stomach as he read Gwin’s 12-page statement, written by hand. “He thought the message had to get out to
save the world.” the anchorman later said. After another confrontation, the two were
put on air for the whole area to watch. Anchorman, Bill Close read the statement for
20 minutes as Gwim sat in silence. Afterwards, Gwim let the anchorman go and
the police promptly took him into custody.

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