do you see if this didn’t make it home
okay is it okay I think it – hey Sharers what’s going on welcome to the vlog Grace
let’s check this thing out I think it made it home okay Wow Wow we got it back
look at this thing it’s really heavy hang on grace this thing is old
look at this thing Sharers look how old this is you can tell like straight no
look at this thing this is like a hand a leather handle it’s so old it’s flaking
off look at this thing cuz if you didn’t see last of all grace and I have an
exploring and we went explore abandoned ghost ship and we found this like safe
chest thing not only one but two oh you’re right this is a massive lock look
how big and thick that lock is well it’s huge
this thing is definitely really really old I think it’s just like antique this
is probably a treasure chest yeah it looks like gold like actual gold yes
yours like I was saying grace and I picked this up last vlog it was washed
up on that old abandoned ship the craziest thing is there were some people
that are following us so we got to get this thing inside
oh shoot who is that okay we’re gonna just workers my gosh grace look at these
chains Wow heavy let’s open it okay we got to get this thing into the garage oh
my goodness this thing is so heavy Wow by the way shows via many ideas on how
we can open this thing comment down below what there’s somebody
down by the pond whoa I’m stuck I’m stuck
Oh No who is that no no the workers are right there yeah they’re all over there
okay Yeshua’s we’re getting our house completely redone they’re just doing the
house of benign that does not look like a worker you see
them right down by the pond yeah like right behind those trees hang let’s get
a closer look no one should ever be oh wait I think it’s raining what someone’s
down by the pond do you see it right there next to that tree
grace go down go down go down no no I’m gonna go down to the pond quick look
someone’s with jibt down there this is like actually creepy hang on hang on
what’s going on stay don’t go behind this tree over here where did they go
where do they go Poland you see em where do they go oh my gosh oh wait oh wait
that’s so scary that’s so scary what do we do who is that I’m running
after holding I mean brother take the camera try come with or say
wait see what are you doing we’re Steven person wait where did they
go where do they go wait the water is disgusting again remember last time the
water is disgusting right yeah if you saw any clues of who that person was
comment down below was that like some hacker spy person maybe that was the
person that was at the beach grace I don’t know that if you have you if you
saw them pause the video on that screen shot at comment in the section below we
gotta find that person let’s go back to the house yeah
what is that it looks like they were snacking maybe they were down here to
eat these things what are these things I don’t know but they were definitely
eating them they look like they’re fruit or something that’s so weird that’s all
okay so where are they Oh false alarm false alarm is just a log oh yeah that’s
the logs looks like a person hiding there okay I guess we can put my little
attack room back my football fell off when I was running out to that person
yay and now it’s pouring down grace let’s go inside let’s go I don’t know
what that was that was ridiculous I’m coming you run way too fast guess we got
what what I wonder what it is Oh what does it come from I don’t know if it’s from Big Bear
Lake California I don’t know who it is grant grant maybe initial grant it
really good oh my gosh because they can’t get it okay
whoa there we go let’s see what whoa wait Steven stand back
what is that this is not normal a black box and this this looks like snakes me
no it’s just like paper right what kind of paper is that’s weird what is it picture whoa what is that
what does it say it says Steven and baby otter August 18th 2018 at 2:00 p.m.
is that me walking otter that’s me walking baby otter that’s a little
creepy that’s weird but maybe a fan saw you walking in wait here’s one of you
great August 12 at 5 p.m. is that youth scootering yes you share the love
merch, of course oh wait look at that there’s a car behind you following
you maybe oh that’s so weird what were they doing that day I don’t remember
anything suspicious maybe just a fan sent us this they saw this like outside
maybe I don’t know that’s kind of odd oh is that all it’s in there no there’s
this what is this some girl reading a map does that mean she’s got what say
she has blonde now I don’t know who that is
That’s not me okay I don’t know what that’s doing that’s weird making on
their back what’s this that’s a really old picture looks like
some type of cabin it’s like a pool or something yeah that’s right there’s a
pool hmm it’s weird no address maybe this is like their house or something
actually kind of looks like where is this problem this is from I think it’s
at California yeah Big Bear Lake this looks like it could be like a cabin or
something yeah maybe maybe that’s where this
person is from let’s see what else is there is anything else let’s see what is
this another house wait a second oh my mom look familiar oh my gosh what
grace look at this wait a second somebody yes
Plus this wait what is this let’s whip it out look at that one hundred in
discrete 114th Street and third Avenue that was this is the beach house we
worries I know it’s like this picture great this all makes sense
remember the spy was spying on the beach house that red dot is where the car was
I know exactly where the picture came from check this out that iPhone that
that spy dropped outside our house we have that iPhone back here let’s see
sure sorry the house is such a mess we’re getting construction redone
where was that iPhone we found that iPhone at the beach where was it is it look at plug it in is it there’s no
screen yeah bro yeah okay we’re gonna plug this thing in okay it’s too noisy
in this room let’s grab my computer got the phone got a cable let’s go
downstairs to the basement okay let’s go have God see that’s real
female well we just got was not real fan mail that was creepy you got a half this
phone you got a Fiat was phone because I’m pretty sure that’s where that
picture came from the spy that was outside our house definitely was taking
pictures that one day and when I snuck up on him they drop that phone this is
the phone and I’m pretty sure that’s where that picture came from doesn’t
that make sense yeah absolutely whoa did you sign yeah careful make sure
they don’t see you because we don’t know what this person is doing well nothing
no one’s out there no one’s out there wait what is that
no it’s just maybe we just saw something plugging it in will this thing even work
this thing looks so oh look at this is so broken that glass is just falling off
of that whoa powering up the computer let’s see let’s see let’s see so far
nothing I’m assuming it’s good dead though is it fitting in right yeah fit
in yeah okay this thing works maybe we have to press the try something try
anything can pressing that button did that do anything what wait right here
what what is this well it’s like reprogramming something look at this
what is it even saying I don’t know it Mac hacks hacks port scan it’s scanning
the computer look at this something’s going on I don’t know what’s
going on we should unplug it okay hang on that’s not good okay so this must not
be an iPhone this must be something else look at this what’s this do you think
they probably guys don’t have this in the iPhone so I’ll have this in the
center do they know this isn’t a real iPhone this is something else they’re
trying to track us grace it says I found them no it’s fake it’s a decoy it’s got
to be a decoy grace they wanted us to find this they purposely dropped it they
want oh my gosh you’re right one thing I don’t think they caught
check this out remember on that box at the front door
there was an address yeah so it got shipped from someplace yeah check this
out great I think I know where we could go to find this person
look at this ready Oh their return address they didn’t block it out walk it
out three nine eight edge edge more Drive Big Bear Lake California Wow okay
we need to get there grace pack your bags we’re going on a trip oh boy let’s
go sure if you have any awesome ideas come
with me down below if you have any ideas who this hacker to be let us know we’ll
see you tomorrow I guess we’ll be in Big Bear Lake let’s go!

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