100 Replies to “Transcript of key diplomat’s testimony in impeachment inquiry released”

  1. John Bolton is a fucking coward, always has been always will be. I hope they remember to put that on his tombstone.
    Oligarch Trump already threatening to attack America by shutting down our government if Congress is allowed to its constitutional obligations.

  2. Whackjob 45 has corrupted every dept of American Government for his own personal enrichment …Time for accountability & exposing of the lies in PUBLIC!

  3. It's not fair that the Democrats get to call witness after witness to testify that Donald Trump withheld $390 million in military aid to Ukraine and repeatedly asked the Ukrainian president to investigate his political rival in exchange for the release of the funds; and all the Republicans do is repeat unfounded conspiracy claims and whine and cry about hearing procedures that the Republicans promulgated in 2015.

  4. i don't need cnn's commentary on the transcripts—if there are any. i don't need cnn to interpret them or put the cnn spin cycle/sanitization/rinse/wash on raw transcripts…i am very capable of reading them and drawing accurate conclusions. as enlightened viewers know, one can't get that from cnn, msnbc or most media outlets in the mainstream.

  5. I wonder how much fake news the Republican's will claim the media is giving the public by broadcasting the actual words and interviews of the inquiries.

  6. The coward so-called whistle-blower" Eric Ciaramella can run, but he cannot hide. Millions of Americans have come to know him already and who he is connected with.

  7. The phrase 'Rudi Guiliani's influence' is ominously ominous in any context whatsoever. In foreign policy, it simply brings on the shudders.

  8. "Look, the average Democrat is just plain stupid. They're easy to manipulate. That's the easy part" – Hillary Clinton 2005

  9. Israeli Adam scratch-n-Schiff is SOVIET KGB in plain sight .. Trace the payments for the FAKE FUSION GPS dossier and you will find the Clinton ORG Crime Family! Sedition or TREASON?

  10. DEM Whistle Blower is another SOVIET Blasey Ford lunatic from the SCREECHING HAGS Party via Senile Diane Fienstien, her China SPY chauffeur and Crazy Mazie from Hawaii!

  11. Thank You President Trump and VP Mike Pence for KILLING MUS-LAMI monster BAG-DADI and making USA SAFER from Radical Mus-lami's and Clinton-Soros deep state THUGS! As for Capt. Vindman, he is MILITARY! If Vindman does not like foreign policy RESIGN you PUFFY desk WIMP, you were not elected to make foreign policy Vindman so just RESIGN !

  12. All diplomats are low-life no-good for nothing rancid sacks of stinking shit and they are all traitors basically.

  13. Jim Jordan wants the whistle blower, because when he doesn't get him/her then he can use that as a fight that "it's all a farce". All those witnesses who have already testified have confirmed the whistle blower's account was accurate. Not one of those Republicans would want to have themselves exposed if they were the "whistle blower". Jordan is an ASS

  14. Whistle blower make is job. No need for the rest of the inquiry. All the whiteness said it is all true. He do extortion.

  15. All these transcripts and hearings only prooves that honest people are in a conspiracy to remove our nearly elected President from the office.

  16. Pence the Putz is a phony,”holier than thou”,insincere empty suit, this man has the nerve to lie everyday. He will answer to God for his crimes

  17. Denny, Seems that when the media and the Democrats when assassinated the Characters of all Trumps staff it was ok for them to do that and you stayed quiet. Double standard Dems. Enough is enough go cry wolf somewhere in the Soviet Union.

  18. It takes 67 Senators to remove a president from office and there are only 47 Democrats in the Senate . Pelosi and The House are just placating their rabid left-wing base who are still unhinged about their anointed queen losing the 2016 election.

  19. Republicans will call as witnesses, Radio Personalities Rush Limpballs and Mark Levin. Television Personalities Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity and Rocker Ted Nugent. Probably a couple of Cartoon Characters too! 😄

  20. ****WHAT CNN IS NOT TELLING YOU : Lawyers for House impeachment investigators dropped their subpoena to compel a former National Security Council official to testify before Congress. House Democrats said in a new court filing Wednesday they had dropped their subpoena of former deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman on Tuesday and did not intend to reissue it. They requested that the lawsuit that Kupperman filed to compel the courts to determine whether he should appear for impeachment testimony be dropped. The case was meant to serve as a control test to determine whether the House can enforce a subpoena for the testimony of a former White House official in its impeachment inquiry.-TPM- SCHIFF KNOWS HIS SUBPOENAS ARE NOT ENFORCEABLE. THAT IS WHY BOTON IS NOT TESTIFYING. THE WHOLE DEMOCRAT HOAX IS FALLING APART. CNN IS DESPERATE****

  21. President Donald Arnold hears the tick tick speeding up. He promises not to take away the guns, he already owns their balls, tick tick and the noise of his exploding synapses every time he flushes that mouth, tickety, tickety, no one left to trust

  22. IS TRUMP RUNNING A STOCK MARKET SCAM? A comment from him can move the market up or down almost instantly, as happened over the past few days when first he said that China tariffs would be reduced and then changed his mind. A trader with insider knowledge may make a huge profit from any slight market movement, up or down, perhaps a Trump lackey. The only thing that would stop a POTUS from abusing this power would be his/her integrity! Trump has none!

  23. Ambassadors "serve at the president's pleasure"
    Yovanovitch was appointed by obama to replace another ambassador who was involved in the "fuck the EU" conversation with Victoria Nuland. So yovanovitch apparently needed to be told by her associate that a few nice words about her new boss would go a long way. I should think that as a "respected career diplomat" thats the kind of thing she shouldn't need telling. It's like the whole job. Saying nice stuff to people you may consider adversaries.
    That's what being an ambassador is

    So if she was pulled from the Ukraine because she was anti trump enough not to show her employer even the most basic professional courtesy then she deserved to be fired. America is well rid.
    All she had to say was "congratulations Mr trump on your win and thank you for your continued faith in my ability to serve the country I love". Thats it.

    If that rubbed her the wrong way then her head is on backward.

  24. @realDonaldTrump: We don't have freedom of the press?? I thought the press was the enemy of the people. Make up your mind, can't have it both ways although you'd like to.

  25. What's the need to identify the whistleblower now when so many with direct in touch with that perfect phone call have listened in have testified?

  26. 40% of the US voters are imbeciles who follow like sheep – worshipping rather than understanding! And they’ve chosen to worship a moron who would throw everyone of them under the bus if it suited him! What idiots!

  27. I enjoy watching republicans turn on one another. They are only loyal while you play their game- step out of line and watch out- They turned on Nixon, both Bushs, Newt, Romney, Paul Ryan once their darling on the congress, McCain and Sarah Palin who? and now Rick Perry is Mulvaney, Sondland or Bolton next? And they will turn on Trump when it suits their survival. Trump is the kind of old man that while drowning in the pool will flail helplessly and pull down everyone trying to save him. And once the bodies of the attempted heros are stacked high enough in the pool he will crawl out of the pool on their lifeless bodies and walk away and never look back to those who helped. Hey once Trumpty dumpty and penile implant pence are removed from office for their obvious crimes- You get the first female American President, Nancy Pelosi for Christmas. God Bless The USA

  28. Why do vice president Pence and other Repugnicans keep calling that trash "transcript"? According to the heading on the document, it says "summary" and not "transcript". Come y'all,you Repugnicans can't continue to fool us.

  29. In a way I degree with Pence about quid pro quo. Quid pro quo is far too weak a description. The accurate term is extortion.

  30. Republicans are asking for the whistleblower to come and testify knowing damn well that won't happen. Later the republicans will scream foul, blaming the democrats for not allowing them to request any witnesses. This will be the republicans master plan, to try and discredit the impeachment process as unfair. Trump's base will eat this bullshit up as unfair as well. Trump supporters are poorly educated and unable to understand how the impeachment process work. This is the reason they are so easily brainwashed, because of the republican lies and misleading interpretation of the law.

  31. Good thing Trump is going to not let these deep State actors get away with it. G I hope CNN if not complicit, hate to see them hanging for treason

  32. Out of all the witness statements given to the House, it looks like Marie Yovanovitch’s evidence will be the mist damning.

  33. So Trump would have to be an idiot to skip the election and run off to Russia to see Putin and his parade. That's why I believe he'll go. What do you want to bet that tonight he'll be dreaming of a shirtless Putin riding on a really big nuke, with some big guns, in a military parade? It'll drive him nuts to try and stay away from his man. Just watch.

  34. Pence is a lying fuck. He thinks the world is 4000 years old, and that his wife should stay in the kitchen. Fuck Pence and his kind.

  35. Oh, Pence says it was just a "personal" call, not a diplomatic one? Guess what? Not even a President makes "PERSONAL" calls that use American military aid as bait. You don't get to dangle THAT for your "PERSONAL" calls! The Pentagon designated it. Congress voted on and passed it. It's a national asset, not your own PERSONAL plaything!!

  36. Sure seems like a bunch of crap…. First off i'm really apolitical meaning i don't care for demon-craps nor repulsicans, in the end we have a bunch of entitled people manipulating a system to work it for their own benefit. Would argue not on political lines but more in respect to those in the "House & Senate" vs. "We the sheepole" and how to manipulate the system for their own personal gain. In the end they get power/rich all the while they manipulate things by getting the average person in the U.S. to argue amoung ourselves…. Really more to distract us so they can stay in power. George Orwell was so close to saying this in his book 1984… If you haven't read it, might be well worth to read it.

    But that said the problem is the have the demon-craps to manipulate the system that someone can be accused by a person and remain anonomouss is complete B.S. Simply because the U.S. legal system, and lets be clear i don't like the person that was so bold and proud about grabbing a woman by the "P"… But our laws do say that one is entitled to face their accusers.

    Closing i'd ask at what point to we lower the system we have in the U.S. to allow certain politically motivated people to suppress us… The people… We deserve better… And the worse part out of all of this, first thing i mentioned to a friend of mine when i heard the to candidates in the last election would be Hitlery and T-rump…. Was these are the two best people we can get to run the county… Honestly i'm more with the people here in that we deserve better leaders than this, and in the end why i'm really more apolitical these days as neither party, as much as they might suggest really are servants for the people they represent as they should be vs being more interested in lining their own pockets at our (the people's) expense…

  37. Waiting on Fox Entertainment Department (Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham) to distract with the Durham/Barr probe that's going nowhere.

  38. Elections have consequences. The American people spoke during the 2018 midterm elections and took away subpoena power from the GOPs.

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