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Madrid will attempt to sign Paul Pogba but he will cost at least 120million, Liverpool
are trying to sign the ‘Messi of goalkeepers’ Roma’s shot-stopper Alisson- but he will
cost at least 62 million. Bordeaux forward Malcolm has admitted he will be allowed to
leave the club in the summer- Spurs and Arsenal are still interested. Leicester
are looking to get Eden Hazard’s brother Football legend and hard man Roy Keane has
laid into his former club Manchester United. Keane has said that United’s defence is
poor and hasn’t improved in years. The Irishman also said Paul Pogba needs to focus on playing
football and improving his game. Keane said pogba should be able to play in a 2 or 3 man
midfield. Barcelona might end up in a clash with Argentina.
Argentina wants Barcelona to limit Messi’s game time so that he does not burn out. Argentina
themselves intend to not use Messi in their upcoming friendly games against Spain and
Italy. Therefore, they want Messi to be used less by Barcelona, so he is fit to help Argentina
try and win the FIFA World Cup. With so many major trophies available before the FIFA World Cup, there’s
little chance of Barcelona agreeing to this. Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe has been named
Premier League manager of the month for January. The Englishman and his side were unbeaten
in the league in January, drawing twice and winning twice. With a big 3-0 win over Chelsea. One of the biggest scandals in football has
ended with the conviction of former Manchester City coach, Barry Bennell, who has been convicted
of 43 sexual offences against boys. To young footballers and their parents, Bennell was
the star-mark, considered a talented coach that could turn young boys into professional
footballers and stars. However, he used his position to abuse dozens of young boys. One
of the victims of Bennell has said ‘my dreams were shattered by Barry Bennell’. And another
of the victims has said former Wales Coach Gary Speed, whom committed suicide, was abused
by Barry Bennell as a boy. Champions League and Europa League are over
for the week. But FA cup continues tonight as Chelsea tag on Hull City and Leicester
versus Sheffield United. The FA Cup goes all the way to Monday. Thankfully,
the Premiership returns next Saturday and next Sunday is also the Carabao Cup final-
Where Manchester City take on Arsenal- But more on all of that next week. Questions for today are:
Who will win Europa League? Who will win the FA Cup
Why is Batshuayi scoring for Dortmund but not Chelsea?
Is Pogba overrated? With that said, I’ve been Antoine Allen,
remember if you want the biggest football stories of the day- make sure you join me
every day for Onefootball daily news. Peace!

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  1. Antoine, a question specifically for you, when are we gonna se AUBA-effect in Arsenal?

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