Trouble Brewing In The Bromance Between Trump And His Attorney General? | Deadline | MSNBC

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  1. If. U believe manic reporting from msnbc…good luck…I don't believe anything they report…why..that news outlook doesn't like trump period…fake news…spin…u call it

  2. Humpty Trumpty wanted to stonewall. Dumpty Trumpty will have a great fall. All the "King's" horses (azzes) and ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, soon will join Trumpty in jail for at least ten…(YEARS, that is…).

  3. FFS Stop calling it a transcript. It's a summary or a memorandum. Transcript sounds like it's an accurate and complete copy.

  4. He appoints these guys in the belief that the government is a business and he's in charge. He expects that they're his flunkies and will do what he orders, because that's what he's been used to all his charmed life. And when he discovers they serve the government and not him personally, he's flummoxed.

  5. The guy in the White House wants to be a Dictator so bad that he will risk impeachment. If there is sufficient evidence to impeach this guy we need to impeach him to save our democracy/constitution/rule of law/our country. This should be loud and clear to everyone. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

  6. I think it's vital to refer to Barr as The AG, not Trump's AG. Barr was confirmed. He's the AG. Maybe, just just maybe his 'no' to Donny Boy indicates he has the balls to do his job as AG, rather than a DJ stooge.

  7. He's gonna sing," former federal prosecutor @glennkirschner2
    joins @AriMelber
    to discuss Rudy Giuliani being at the center of two probes and reportedly hiring THREE criminal defense lawyers.

  8. No trouble at all. They're both on the same page … they want to destroy the democrat Party, with evidence as it should have been done following the Civil War and the assassination of a president.

  9. Anything or Anyone this guy touches disintegrates. But why? His mom saw this coming, hence her stance on sending him to a regimented school. He still hold that against his mom.

  10. With every thing I am finding out about our government. I believe we need to go back and review all our laws that these people have passed, and find all the corruption that has been going on. If the President has the power to start wars for profit( Iraq) and bring down the twin towers ( Corbet report), and with the pentagon losing trillions, trillions mind you we are on the brinks of collapse.

  11. Loyalty only lasts as long as it is beneficial to both parties. You can see how far Trump's loyalty goes by the number of his helpers that he has pardoned. Barr on the other hand is worse than Trump because he knows the Law and the Constitution and should have stopped Trump in his tracks.

  12. Vindictive Trump said he would not endorse Jeff Sessions if Sessions seeks his old Senate seat. What a spoiled childish weanie.

  13. The reason Trump Demands unrealistic loyalty is because he has a mental disorder. He is also Greedy and Dumb. I wouldn't trust Barr any further than I could throw him.

  14. It’s going to happen all over again. Barr is busy putting hit list together to clean out Washington criminals. Giuliani will be gigantic black eye for Biden and Obama. Can’t wait.

  15. Thanks, Nicolle Miller and Deadline Team, plus panel. Personally, I believe Bill Barr is going into CYA mode, and beginning to consider his own legal vulnerabilities, not just in the Ukraine dealings, but in all else that has gone before, INCLUDING his pre-exculpatory memo of June 2018, that got him nominated to replace Sessions!

  16. Trump is causing the need to impeach himself.
    Boycott Trump.
    Send Trump and his family back to Europe.
    To live forever.
    Boycott Trump.

  17. Let me simplify it for everybody, Barr knows that he can't get Trump out of this one ,so he's keeping his distance, to make sure that he doesn't get hit with any of the shrapnel, when it all blows up in Trump's face.

  18. tRump shoots someone on Fifth Avenue. Bill Barr investigates and proclaims that there is no evidence of campaign finance violations. Trump declares himself innocent and goes on a murder spree. People who try to defend themselves are shot by police.

  19. "he wished Barr would have held the News conference" I do to, because Congress would have voted that afternoon to Impeach Barr for Dereliction of Duty and conflict or interest and Failure to Uphold the Constitution.

  20. Trump thinks when all these government officials took an oath for their office, they swore to be loyal to him and to protect him. Remember when he publicly criticized Session for “Taking the job and then recusing himself from it?”. That only means he views Session or Barr as only his personal lawyer. They must act like one simply because he picked them for the job.

  21. There will always be trouble and conflict between a lawman and a criminal.- even if the lawman is the criminal’s #1 fan

  22. "Trouble Brewing In The Bromance Between Trump And His Attorney General?"
    The question at the end is a clear indication that this is opinion.

  23. Why is it so scary to be the target of one of Trump's tweets? He behaves like a spoiled teenager. Ignore him; his tweets are meaningless. If anything being the target should be a badge of honour, indicating that you are on point with your assessment of his actions. It would however be much more beneficial to the world if Twitter removed Trump from its subscribers. It might be akin to an addict going cold turkey.

  24. If you remember all this started with hacked, Clinton emails . But what has not been publicly stated , acknowledged or rarely mentioned is that Clinton's private email account was never hacked .It was of a Russian cyber attack, that started the rumor that it had been. It was her government secured account and the email account of the Democratic National Committee . Those were the servers that were hacked and the data stolen from there was labeled "Hacked Clinton emails " and made to look like her private server had been hacked . That is what the investigation found and the reason no chargers has been or could be file against her . The case was quietly drooped by the Justice department , with little fan fare. Now , how many inquiries do you think the government will use to investigate it self , since it's secure servers were the source of the emails and the victim of the hack. Instead, the government investigators will say ssSH , because they don't want you to know that her private server was more secure than their's .

  25. Once Trump goes to prison they should honor him posthumously naming the prison after him "DoggyDon prison", Bill Barr gates, Stonewall. A Don jr & Eric Wing, Ivanka recreations area, Melancholy Melania mental health wing.

  26. Let's just say what your lawyers have already told YOU: FLIP on trump or go to jail for him.
    Come on Barr. try to save your legacy. (and soul)

  27. JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. TheGOP must’ve so proud of the joker in the White House . He really should be in a warehouse .and even there he would make a complete stuff up .

  28. Like that's really going to make me feel better! Having his personal AG stating Trump didnt do anything wrong LMAO!!!
    Its unfortunate that at this time I do not believe anything that Trump says. Known liar, and has a whole den of liars to back up a lie!! Too many people have gone to jail. And many more will follow!!!
    When several of his people that he brought in, then fired when they wouldn't do what he was asking them to do do!! The man honestly believes he is above the law, he genuinely doesnt think he is doing anything wrong!! Sad, very sad!!! He has lived a life of not being told NO!!! My dog has more of a moral code then Trump does!!! That's sad!!

  29. This is about the thousandth time these liberal corrupt propaganda spewing media idiots tell us about how much trouble trump is in . they are the ones dividing this great country

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  31. I hope Barr's in jail for his attempted coverup of Trump's crimes and the coverups of Iran-Contra and Bush's weapon dealings.

  32. Bill Barr must immediately RESIGN and RUN to Congress to give testimony. If he does not do the right thing- eventually he will go to JAIL. Barr is now a worse criminal than ALL of them due to his oath of office. Trump won’t be President forever

  33. The dirty deeds of the previous administration are what everyone will soon be talking about,because they are in big trouble.Obama's legacy will be in ruin and so will the Dems political fortunes.The corruption of Barry and company will soon be on full display,and there will be heavy price to pay.

  34. Democrats respected both Barr and Durham…..till they were the ones being investigated.Truth is coming,there own will flip and name names.Even the ones they loved,then call them traitors.

  35. Now if only the AG had been disbarred back when he deceived the Senate and disregarded the Congressional subpoena. 🤨🤨🤨

  36. Why the Impeachment Inquiry Makes No Sense

    Brad Johnson
    November 5, 2019 Updated: November 5, 2019

    On Oct. 31, the U.S. House of Representatives voted along party lines to open an investigation into whether President Donald Trump should be impeached.

    The Democrats are attempting to wear a cloak of patriotism and claim they’re defending democracy and the U.S. Constitution. They take great umbrage when conservatives and the occasional Republican question their patriotism.

    That said, let’s take a quick look at the facts and see if this makes any sense.

    What we know is that then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was working for a Ukrainian energy company and making at least $50,000 per month. He has admitted to this publicly. We can all agree that for someone with no experience in the energy sector, a salary of $50,000 per month is wildly beyond extravagant. It’s beyond dispute that Hunter Biden was supplying something of great value to the energy company in question in order to be paid that amount of money.

    Since Hunter Biden has no energy experience, what was it that he had to offer of such great value? There’s only one thing that suggests itself, and it’s that Hunter Biden could supply direct, completely private access to the vice president of the United States at the time, his father, Joe Biden. We know this access was given because of photographs that have surfaced with Joe and Hunter Biden playing golf with the energy company executives.

    What followed is that in 2016, Vice President Biden threatened the president of Ukraine with withholding very large and badly needed sums of money in the form of loan guarantees if Ukraine didn’t immediately fire one particular prosecutor. Subsequently, Ukraine relented and did indeed fire the prosecutor. Joe Biden has publicly admitted to this and has confirmed it all as fact. Interestingly, that particular prosecutor was investigating the very same energy company that was paying Hunter Biden such an extravagant salary.

    The implication is pretty straightforward and impossible to avoid. It appears the energy company knew it was in serious legal jeopardy and was likely to be indicted and convicted in Ukraine of illegal activities.

    So, looking for a solution, they hired the vice president’s son and paid him an enormous amount of money when he had no apparent value to the company other than the connection to his father. That connection to his father made Hunter Biden of real value, something so valuable that it would be worth paying him $50,000 per month.

    It certainly looks like corruption when Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor and thereby leave that same energy company in the clear and free of the legal jeopardy. There’s no question that there was quid pro quo. Biden clearly stated that he would withhold a billion-dollar aid package if the prosecutor wasn’t fired. They fired him and the aid went forward, a textbook example of quid pro quo.

    The remaining question of fundamental importance is, why did Joe Biden do it? It sure looks like a case of corruption in which Hunter Biden received the payoff. The official explanation is that Joe Biden wanted the prosecutor fired for failing to tackle corruption in the country.

    This brings us back to the present moment. Trump asked the current president of Ukraine to look into the Biden case to find out if Joe Biden was involved in a blatant case of corruption with a big money payoff. It certainly appears to be the case, which is oddly almost completely ignored in public debate. The president of the United States is fully within his rights to seek to find out if former senior officials were corrupt and receiving payoffs. It’s both moral and correct.

    Democrats initially argued that Trump staged a quid pro quo by insisting the Ukraine investigate the Biden corruption case or he would withhold a big dollar aid package. Oddly, we know for a fact by his own admission this is exactly what Biden did. When Trump released the transcripts of the conversation, it was proven that there was no quid pro quo pressure put on Ukraine, and it was merely a request to investigate what we all agree looks like corruption.

    Democrats changed their blatant political attack once again and now argue that Trump abused his power by asking that corruption be investigated. It’s absurd to suggest that investigating what clearly looks like corruption is an abuse of any sort. Yet there are even a number of elite Republicans in Washington who openly state that while it was not illegal, it was wrong for Trump to have done it. Really? Why? Because it’s wrong to investigate corrupt Washington elites? I think it’s long overdue.

    Democrats have hated Trump since before he was elected and tried over and over to have him removed. This is only the latest idiotic attempt based on hate and politics, nothing more. We the people deserve better.

    Brad Johnson is a retired CIA senior operations officer and a former chief of station. He is president of Americans for Intelligence Reform.

    Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

    Why the Impeachment Inquiry Makes No Sense via @epochtimes

  37. Guess what Barr you and Rudy are going to be blamed then you go to prison. Or tell the truth and get TRUMP thrown into the pen.

  38. It’s so entertaining to see everyone that works for trump go to jail … and then new ones come and they go to jail too… it’s funny and satisfying

  39. trump is drunk on power. he thinks he is a king. in his businesses, he may have fired people and there were no consequences. he keeps firing these like-minded idiots and his well of corrupt puppets is gonna run dry. what will he do then? I hope trump does to Barr what he did to all the others. my guess is trump knows what's up. Barr not going public means trump is in trouble and Barr knows it.

  40. Is Barr finally seeing just how much of a criminal we have in the oval office? 'Bout time he became the people's lawyer instead of in private practice for the president.

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  42. I know anyone writing headlines is contractually obligated to use "Bromance" to describe any two males getting along, but Trump/Barr is not a Bromance. Obama/Trudeau was a Bromance. This is corruption.

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