95 Replies to “Trudeau promises more Canadians to receive COVID-19 emergency benefit”


  2. Tr-ump sacrifices political capital for his citizens….Turdeau sacrifices his citizens for political capital.

  3. Is the Trudeau coward still hiding in his house? You bet. The coward is so low that he has no problem sending Chrystia Freeland out in the public to do his job for him while he hides. Liberals have no moral compass at all. Smh.

  4. I think that Health Care workers do need to make a choice of where they choose to work, to lower the chance bringing the virus into both countries hospitals and facilities. That is what is been the focus in BC where health care workers are to only work in one facility. Choosing one place of work can save lives.

  5. Anyone else wishing we had a real media in Canada right about now, one that is not financially beholden to the very government it is supposedly reporting on?

  6. This is what people need rn. Someone talking about positivity and togetherness. All the negative, conspiracy, anti-government, critical, self-centered whining is NOT going to help people feel safe and hopeful.
    I thank God that my government is trying to emphasize the positive. Thank You.

  7. Mr. Trudeau said there was going to be help for seniors to get groceries. I haven't seen any of these programs implemented. Don't hold your breath for an income supplement I believe it's just more hot air coming out of you know the back end of Trudeau I've gone on to Russian media and I've asked the Russian people not to send Canada any medical Aid because at the end of the day will do the exact same thing as America did call it propaganda. I've lots of people agreeing with me from the country of Russia that no Western Country except ones that are reasonable deserve Aid

  8. Why cant they get it from india; instead of the lousy, wicked china?
    That's because they screwed their relations with India to win elections. They know what shameless game they played for petty personal gains. They sold the country to get pennies for themselves…..And now they are making a pretence of saving Canadian lives

  9. I feel like China was more of a victim then the u.s. and I pray a full recovery and everybody please be safe and wash your hands and stay safe

  10. My friend sent a few masks to me from the US and it was blocked and taken by the US custom. Canada should never reply on one single country, especially the Americans

  11. So disappointed in the GST. I'm only getting approximately $190.00. I'm on CPP DSAB & SUV and ODSP. I've had to take a taxi to four different stores to get toilet paper. Nothing special being done at our local grocery stores. We are spending money we don't have. The full $ 400 would be so wonderful. Just a drop in the bucket long term. Seniors and the Disabled are being left out!!!!

  12. I am still working long term care,but as casul waorker,only every other weekend, few hours per month.
    Can l apply CERB

  13. I am glad people are being supported. But seniors and disabled are not given help. With spending on stocking up for food which would last me for months, is putting me at a vulnerable position financially and in stress which is leading to anxiety and PTSD which I am being treated for. But I am very thankful to Canada for all they are doing. Be blessed .

  14. I was laid off and applied for EI in early March….so far haven't seen squat. My lay-off has been extended for another 60 days and hopefully money will start coming soon. Bills need to be paid here…..I know the politicians aren't suffering any.

  15. I wonder if this chiro REALLY needs it? How much does she have in the bank? Is she married? What does her husband make? Why is none of that relevant?

  16. I’m low key annoyed that a chiropractor can qualify for the benefit meanwhile I can’t pay rent on my 1 bedroom apartment but don’t qualify because I have severely reduced hours and was a student before the crisis

  17. It took less than 15 seconds before he started to say “from coast, to coast, to coast” so what else could I do? I had to stop him. I wonder what else he had to say? Why is there a road hockey stick leaning against the R. jamb of the front door? What is that supposed to mean?

    Why not “from one coast to the others”.. or “from coast to coast to coast to international boundary”

  18. Lol.. I applied for EI on March 18th, tried to fill out my first online report, got an error message saying I had to call to speak with a representative.. 😐 I called 231 times over the course of two days, not ONE call went through. I was told that I'd be able to apply for CERB today since my birthday is in March, both My Service Canada and MyCRA login pages have both crashed. Good luck everyone!

  19. I was laid off before Xmas, have been looking for a job, up till this time.
    I hope there is something in it for me? I used up my savings in
    the meantime.

  20. This pandemic has highlighted the fact that we're going to need a Universal Basic Income sooner than later. They should just be cutting every citizen a flat rate check regardless of income. If you're a citizen, you get money.

  21. If this lady on the report is working part-time, then she is fraudulent applying for CERB. Remember it is every 4 weeks application. She is doing online work. And going into the office once in while. Let those who have no source of income.

  22. Question, What about part time workers are not able to do such part time jobs, were getting T4s and taxes were deducted at source and still have full time position, can they apply although they loose income.

  23. You cannot catch a virus, you can however have a virus injected into you. Educate yourself, the media is lying to you. Be well everyone and take care

  24. What about the ppl stuck going to work bcuz it’s seen as “essential” even though it’s not like fast food restaurants? I’m losing 50hrs from each cheque. I can’t survive on that. I have bills to pay, gas, groceries, prescriptions that I pay out of pocket bcuz I don’t get offered benefits. Where am I supposed to get money from? The magically wage subsidy I’ve been hearing about for months now? The one that’s supposed to be available in 3-6weeks? I can’t wait 3-6weeks to eat. The ones stuck out here still working in this virus should of been taking care of first. Right away this wage subsidy should of went through. We are out there every damn day being exposed to god knows what, going back home to our families giving them god knows what, for a paycheque that won’t even cover half our bills. Either give us the wage subsidy now or close everything down so we can get EI. It’s pathetic that I still have to risk being exposed to the public, especially since we have no drive thru or delivery service so every customer that wants to eat has to come in and face you and tell you their entire order face to face. I’m making $100 a week while I have to go home everyday not knowing if ill bring this damn virus to my family, still stressed out where I’m going to get money to pay the bills and eat. Then there’s the option to sit at home in the safety of your house and get $500 a week and not be at risk to catch the virus. ? I wonder which one of those is a better option.

  25. Rosie, you laugh, miss Full Time Secure Job. Way to go. If the system crashes because of your glib journalism, I’d love to see someone else in your comfy chair!

  26. What about severely reduced hours? 10h/week on minimum wage, after deduction it is cca 10×12 CAD/week. That makes it 500 CAD/month. My rent is 900/month

  27. So ei ran out end of February. No income in march. Shutdowns in Alberta were just
    starting to hire then all jobs got cancelled. So do the thousands of workers in this situation qualify?

  28. Wow. Actually useful information without a bunch of harmful propaganda! Amazing. Saving up for a better time to get back to stirring the pot?

  29. COVID-19 should be permitted to run its course without intervention. When the numbers are adjusted to take into account the backlog of living dead in whom rigor mortis has been forestalled the mortality rate of this epidemic is within the normal range for seasonal influenza. Hearts are kept beating with drugs, pacemakers and oxygen for a decade after a person is already dead. This effort will not change the end result, shutdown is destroying this nation and is a futile attempt to rescue those whom the flu takes out annually in any event. Annual mortality due to seasonal influenza in the USA is 60,000.

  30. China used hundreds of thousands of Daiguo's (profession shoppers for the worlds largest online marketplace Taobao) in America, Australia, Europe, UK ect to buy up all of the worlds medical supplies in January from every local store and online stores worldwide and did this while also telling the world there was no risk from the virus

  31. China used hundreds of thousands of Daiguo's (profession shoppers for the worlds largest online marketplace Taobao) in America, Australia, Europe, UK ect to buy up all of the worlds medical supplies in January from every local store and online stores worldwide and did this while also telling the world there was no risk from the virus

  32. They won't tell you Turdeau sent 16 tons of supplies to China…..now he is a lowly beggar propped up by the paid for media.

  33. I am nurse but I stopped working on March 18 because I didnt have where to leave my 4 years old until I applied today and it was very easy .Lets see in 3 days

  34. People who were making good money must be having decent savings too. People who struggle to have a decent job, self respecting , not going on social welfare and living off their miniscule savings will have no where to go and no help. Already marginalized will have to hit the rock bottom of marginalization. Sad.

  35. If this goes on any length of time, the money, even if received, may become increasingly worthless. If the government doesn't allow the economy to function, it cannot get tax money to service the debt and restriction in trade will not allow GST income.

  36. What about the people who r new in Canada and have no job for 7 months since arrival . My husband is laid off and I already had no job we have three kids 2000 is not enough for us .

  37. What’s is crucial thing right now? We should absolutely cut the path of virus spreading, otherwise more and more people will not only suffer infection but also financial issue. Talking too much instead of serious and swift actions is not much helpful

  38. What about them who have fallen under the essential work duty, like security guards, and they have to reluctantly pack up to work full time every week with lots of stress but with the same amount of minimum payment and without any hope for a weeks break even? Please don't ignore their contributions too.

  39. We are in the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Young and Old do our part in this historic time in OUR LIVES. Together we will become even better and stronger. The World is looking to Canada as how we support each other in times of need. If there was a time where the next generations to take notice and shine… THIS IS THE TIME.. Your actions will dictate as to what goes down in HISTORY…

  40. disabled folks' struggle more, cuz community groups programs coop services are closed. Volunteers must be safe too. ?

  41. Con virus global smoke screen
    Global collapse New world order. Pop controll
    Georgia guidstones check it out

  42. Liberal leaders hate USA because they are in service of their owners cruel dictatorial China government and corrupt India government


  44. At least the NDP is pushing Trudeau to do better and hope he does help the poorly paid grocery and emergency workers as promised.

  45. This is great, when people can get thru, (my daughter has been trying since this morning and no luck) BUT…there needs to be more money put into testing. IF we ever expect to get a handle on this thing.

  46. ODSP and OW gets nothing. ? So $250 for groceries , bills etc is enough. Stores upping prices of produce! Doesn’t make sense
    Karen gets the royal treatment again

  47. Liberal leader decisive Canadian by giving Cash money
    Permeant solution is
    Lower the rent,, price of house and bank interest

  48. Dr. Tam should take the responsibility of fail to advice Canadian wear mask earlier disregard fact in Asian country's success in control the spread.

  49. Turdeau— I have closed down barricade supply stores and seized the pitchfork stores. Kenny– a traitor– will get 1.00 a barrel for his crude oil, those in On and QUE. will get free $ and facemasks and heaps of free TP. In Alberta GST goes up to 50% Sask and Peopletoba too. Parts of separtist Que. not a dime!! Maritimes free masks and larger cod quotas.

  50. Trudeau should immediately release Wanzhou Meng and then seek help from China. USA has betrayed Canada!

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