Trump Admits There’s No Emergency While Declaring a National Emergency | The Daily Show

President Trump’s border wall. It was his number one
campaign promise, but now Trump can’t find anyone
willing to pay for it. Mexico refused to pay for it. Congress refused to pay for it. He tried to put it
on Jared’s credit card, but couldn’t figure out
how the chip works. Was like, “Sir, you’re
pulling it out too soon.” He was like, “Well, I don’t know
if this machine is on the pill. “I’m not getting trapped again! I don’t want another Eric.” -(audience groans)
-And so on Friday… on Friday, the president
had no other choice but to take emergency action. NEWSMAN: In the Rose Garden,
the president did what he had long
threatened to do, declaring a national emergency
to get billions of dollars Congress wouldn’t give him
to build his border wall. Now the battle moves
to the courts, with challenges coming
from border states, landowners and others,
and they’re already pointing to this stunning admission. I didn’t need to do this, but I’d rather do it
much faster. Wait, hold up. So Trump admitted he didn’t need
to declare an emergency? He was just doing it
to save time? That sort of negates
his entire argument. It would be like a pilot coming out of the cockpit
with a parachute, saying, “Look, I don’t have
to open the emergency door, “but we’re right over my house, “and I don’t want
to fight traffic. Thank you for flying
Spirit Airlines…!” (applause, whooping) But look…
you can argue about it, but Trump clearly thinks that
Mexicans coming over the border is a national emergency. And so in response,
America has to build a wall. Which is a very gradual response
to an emergency. It’s like,
“Sir, they’re invading. Should we mobilize our tanks
and call an airstrike?” (like Trump): “No, no, no.
Bring your finest bricklayers. In three to five years,
they’ll regret invading us.” So look, Trump knows
that this isn’t the end of the border wall fight, right? Because it’s
a national emergency, this declaration will be
challenged in the courts. And we know he knows this, because he wrote
a song about it. We will have
a national emergency. (singsongy): And we will then
be sued, and they will sue us in the Ninth Circuit, even
though it shouldn’t be there, and we will possibly get
a bad ruling, and then we’ll get
another bad ruling, and then we’ll end up
in the Supreme Court, and hopefully
we’ll get a fair shake, and we’ll win in the Supreme
Court, just like the ban. They sued us
in the Ninth Circuit, and we lost, and then we lost
in the Appellate Division. And then we went to
the Supreme Court, and we won… (singsongy):
Okay, that was super weird. Why is he talking like that? It sounds like he’s being
auto-tuned, but it’s very addictive–
I don’t think I can stop now. Somebody help me. (normal voice): But… but
as crazy as his delivery was, I think we should
at least be thankful that he used it
to talk about the wall and not, like,
a natural disaster. Imagine if he whipped that out
for the first time after, like, a giant earthquake.
He’d be like: (singsongy):
There was this big earthquake. Lots of people were trapped. We’re gonna do our best.
But expect the worst. I’m not saying move on, but even if your husband
has survived, his face is probably smushed
and all gross… (normal voice):
But surprisingly, surprisingly, Cardi D’s jam over here
probably wasn’t wrong. Right? His prediction
of the court battle makes sense. It really does, it makes sense,
which made me think– what if the whole time the key to making Trump
a smarter president is to just teach him
in song form. Maybe that’s why he
doesn’t retain information. His advisors should do this
the next time they have to explain
anything to Trump. They should be like,
“Sir, we’ve been monitoring sectarian violence in Yemen,
and if you look…” (like Trump):
“Sex-tarian? What did you say? I don’t understand!” (sighs):
“Well, sir… (singsongy):
“Sir, you have the Sunnis, “and you have the Shiites. This conflict goes back
thousands of years.” (like Trump):
♪ Now I get it! ♪ (laughter) -(applause, whooping)
-Honestly… Honestly… it doesn’t… it didn’t even
sound like Trump was singing. It sounded like he was trying
to play his own speech on Guitar Hero. (singsongy): And we will
possibly get a bad ruling, and then we’ll get
another bad ruling, and then we’ll end up
in the Supreme Court, and hopefully
we’ll get a fair shake, and we’ll win
in the Supreme Court, just like the ban. They sued us
in the Ninth Circuit, and we lost, and then we lost
in the Appellate Division, and then we went
to the Supreme Court, -and we won…
-(video game sound effects) You rock! Now… as you’d expect, prominent Democrats are calling
Trump’s emergency declaration an unconstitutional power grab. Because only Congress should
decide how to appropriate money. And while Trump now thinks that executive action
is the way to go, back in the day,
he had a very different opinion. I’ll make great deals,
and we’ll get them done, and we don’t have to use
executive orders and all the stuff
that Obama’s using. We’re not gonna be opening our
borders or closing our borders based on executive orders. TRUMP: You get ’em in a room
and you make a deal, -Mm-hmm. -but, uh, certainly he
has not been able to do that, and now he has to use
executive action, and this is a very,
very dangerous thing. The whole concept
of executive order, it’s not the way the country’s
supposed to be run. (singsongy): You’re supposed
to go through Congress and make a deal
and go and talk to people and get the guys in there and… and, you know, whether you’re
Republican or Democrat, you’re supposed
to all get together… (singsongy): So there
you have it, once again, President Trump is full of shit. He criticized Obama for the thing he’s doing now, but you’ll thank Trump when
the national emergency is over in three to five years,
provided the drug dealers don’t figure out
how to build tunnels. Oh, no, I’m stuck again.
Let’s go to an ad break so I can get my brain
checked out.

100 Replies to “Trump Admits There’s No Emergency While Declaring a National Emergency | The Daily Show”

  1. Trump is terrible, but ridiculing him doesn't really convince his following to see reason. Cold facts paired with empathy might be more effective. Also, those jokes are all the same. Do you comedy news shows all steal from each other or is this scripted like the fox shows? Repetition, repetition, repetition…

  2. Why doesn´t Trevor Noah make such jokes about the president of his native South Africa? I dare him to do that in Johannesburg where his talent `for uniting the races` is more desperately needed.

  3. The government should not be able to take your land WTF !! The Government is wasting so much money they should be required to list the amount they are spending along with what they're spending it on

  4. we Mexicans are not the ones that are crossing the border illegally,those are the central and south americans,we have an amazing president, we don't want to leave our beautiful country.

  5. This has always been about his base. He will literally say anything to keep them. He admitted this during his campaign and continues to. This President is a total nightmare of a person. I really hope that in the end, this will be a huge lesson for the U.S.

  6. That Trump "song"… he is just mocking his opposers. That's like saying "Yeah, yeah, I heard all that… If it gets to Supreme Court, where I have backing, I'll win. So, you can speak alone, I don't care."

  7. This Trevor Noah guy sucks. Is he even a comedian? Trump is way funnier and is a great president. I disliked this video. #MAGA and yes, I am an African, darkskinned black Trump supporter.

  8. I love watching this idiot's show. I laugh at what a moron he shows what he is in every show. What is his name anyway? Traitor? ohhh sorry Trevor.

  9. I am currently on a cruise through Caribbean and was in mexico today. I didnt see one trump hat or shirt. Even from people who have worn them the entire trip so far. Conservatives are such cowards.

  10. CNN and Don and democrates lying again ,go look at the leaked photos that just came out ! CNN and MSNBC and Hollywood and democrates are fake! Fake RACISM and wall! How about me and ten of my friends invade your house don, your a. Ass clown !

  11. Guys America is putting taxes on German cars Lol
    Cuz they(Trump) thinks it's a national Threat
    PS I got the info on German news pages and Research.

  12. Trump is a terrorist. He is the most unamerican president we have ever seen. If you support his hateful agenda, you are also a terrorist.

  13. Is that wall get built Mexico people are smart I know they will figured how to pass drug and come to the u.s illegally

  14. Trevor is an idiot. How many national emergencies did Obama declare. Many that were for giving money to other countries. Trump has every right to declare it as a national emergency since it relates to immigration.

  15. Unfortunately, a thug, liar, sexual predator, white supremacist and Russian agent has become the leader of the free world. God help us!

  16. He is rushing because he is failed President!
    He wants the WALL as he legacy!
    This Wall could have been a 20year project….creating jobs!
    Instead you have a point President fighting in court claiming National Emergency … you have to prove it and fight land owners along the border!

  17. Why do people care about jobs for uneducated people? Surely his supports are educated enough to get jobs illegals cant get.

    Hmm. Gets me thinking.

    PS. Illegals don't cost us billions. Not enough here and not enough with properties to not pay taxes on.

  18. They went to the Supreme Court with a slightly altered bill claiming that it wasn't a ban and this is him admitting that it was a Muslim ban.

  19. I love President Trump ! It's rare when I actually get a laugh out of these Anti-Trump shows making fun of him, but that Guitar Hero bit was pure Genius ! =) . . .

    With a face like Mussolini, hands so teeny weenie,
    He's so proud, of his Emperor's New Clothes.
    He's the Twitter In Chief, and the nation needs relief,
    From this con-man, and his Emperor's New Clothes.
    You can fool some of the people, some of the time,
    But who's gonna believe a man who never stops lyin',
    The man, in the Emperor's New Clothes.

    So in love with himself, he can't love no-one else,
    He's alone, in his Emperor's New Clothes.
    Surrounded by sycophants, who shower him with compliments,
    This sad man, and his Emperor's New Clothes.
    He's an honorary member, of the Ku Klux Klan,
    An Army of Deplorables, and he's their biggest fan.
    And they love him, and his Emperor's New Clothes.

    These clothes are so beautiful,
    The threads, are magical,
    So fine, they're invisible,
    Truly fantastical.
    Believe me, the world,
    Has never seen anything like it.
    Sensational, majestical,
    I am invincible!

    Twiddle diddle dee, twiddle diddle dum,
    I sit on the throne and twiddle my thumbs.
    Twiddle diddle dee, twiddle diddle dum,
    I'll get them all with my two little thumbs!
    Rome burns, I twiddle my thumbs.
    Twiddle diddle diddle diddle, diddle diddle dum.

    Guilty of collusion, livin' in delusion,
    He can't distinguish fact from fantasy.
    Up against the FBI, he can run, but he can't hide,
    Justice, will get him, eventually.
    He's standing' buck naked, HE's the one who's fakin',
    But history's in the makin',
    'Cause we're not gonna take it anymore.

    From the madman in the Emperor's New Clothes.

  21. 🎶 that’s why 45 is special, he ‘s a racist bastard, he likes to lie, he’s a hypocrite….🎶 Wow, Trevor is right, this is addicting!!🎶

  22. So funny , but so damned sad that this is the President of the United States….OUR BELOVED NATION : 🤪😂 /🥺😱

  23. Why are his worshipers unable to accept these facts? I stall from calling them morons and idiots although they present themselves as such because if it was Obama or Hillary they would scream and point at the obvious. WTF? It's okay to agree with someone's view that you share but why suck their anus when they are full of sh8 on other matters? That makes you appear devoid of rationality.

  24. fuck this guy people need to stop with trump the fucking mexicans comming across is a fucking emergancy .

  25. when all these freeloaders come up you all will change youre tune hell we can let them stay with you fucking idiots.

  26. lack of respect is a bid problem in the usa now a days they took dicapline from the homes now we are raising ungratfull punks ,thats rite punks

  27. dear mexico and mexicans:

    Separate Lives

    Phil Collins, Marilyn Martin

    So you build that wall (build that wall)

    Yes, you…

  28. Trump & Trevor would be the best comedy duo on the earth LMAO!!!
    At least thank u for making me laugh hard!!! This is the best episode ever

  29. Here a question from the other side of the world:
    What would happen if all immigrants from Mexico would go on strike for 2 to 3 weeks?
    Would U.S. realise the importance of this people for the US-economy ?
    Greatings from Europe

  30. Ok this man is clearly not qualified to do his job, even Trump himself knows it. My question is: If all of US citizens are aware of this issue and most of all, you know the kind of damage he's doing to your country with all the nonsense he is displaying everyday (and is getting worse and worse)….are you planning to just let him continue to do more damage??
    I mean, I see you are having a good tlme making jokes about him and laughing about the way he talks, his ignorance his lack of knowledge about pretty much everything…..but then, you are just continue with the jokes and let him run your country like that?
    Letting him ruin everything while everybody is just having a good time and not do anything about it…. is as strange as the things this guy is doing.

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