Trump Attacks Biden; NRA Calls Trump: A Closer Look

-The President is already back
to lashing out at his critics
and taking his cues
from the NRA.
For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.”
[ Cheers and applause ]
We are now once again
going through the absurd
post tragedy ritual
of watching the media speculate
over whether Donald Trump
is capable of changing his tone.
The media seems desperate
to believe that Trump
has a bunch of different tones
and moves and strategies,
but he doesn’t.
He’s not a Swiss Army knife.
He’s just a sharp stick.
Yesterday, he insisted to
reporters that he had already
changed his tone and he began
by stating the obvious.
-What do you say to your critics
that believe that your rhetoric
is emboldening
white nationalists
and inciting them with anger?
-So, my critics are political
They are trying to make points.
-Yes. I agree.
They are trying to make points.
That’s not a defense.
That’s just a literal
description of what’s happening.
[ As Trump ]
So my critics are human beings
who are forming sentences
with their mouths,
and out of those mouths
are coming words
that are in English.
[ Normal voice ]
Sounds like an alien
trying to explain
the rules of basketball.
“They are tall beings who use
the orange orb to make points.”
Trump can’t go a day —
he can’t even go a few hours
without fighting with someone
because that’s
his favorite thing to do.
It might be the only thing
he likes doing.
If he weren’t President,
he’d be a guy around the city
waiting for someone to
accidentally bump into him.
That’s why he always
walks around
with his chest puffed out
like that.
[ As Trump ] Hey [bleep]
Did you bump into me?
You want to go?
Let’s go right now.
[ Laughter ]
[ Normal voice ] For example,
just hours after he lied
and said he changed his tone,
Trump found time to respond
to a speech by Joe Biden.
-“Watching Sleepy Joe Biden
making a speech, so boring.
The lame stream media
will die in the ratings
and clicks with this guy.
It will be over for them,
not to mention the fact
that our country will do poorly
with him.
It will be one big crash, but
at least China will be happy.”
-Think about how much
of a narcissist you have to be
to tweet about
how much better you are
for TV ratings on a day
when you are supposed to be
consoling victims of a tragedy.
It’s like if you crashed
a car while drunk driving
and your first thought was,
“Oh, my God,
I’m going to be on ‘Cops’!”
[ Laughter ]
Yesterday, Biden was asked
if he wanted to respond
to any of Trump’s attacks
on him.
And he had a very curt response.
-Do you want to respond to
the president responding to you?
-He should get a life.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-That’s the problem.
That is the problem right there.
Fighting with people online
is his life.
That’s all he wants to do.
If he were President in 1996
instead of 2019,
Biden would have gotten
an AOL instant message
from someone named “TheDonald69”
that said,
“You suck, loser. Sad.
See you at school tomorrow.”
In fact,
Trump seemed to spend all day
lashing out at people
even if they didn’t actually
criticize him.
For example, he picked
a totally bizarre fight
with the mayor of Dayton,
Nan Whaley,
and Ohio senator Sherrod Brown.
According to CNN,
after Trump’s trip,
Brown said Trump was received
well by the patients,
was comforting,
and did the right things.
Whaley said victims
were grateful to see Trump
and that he was treated well
by the victims, for sure.
Neither of the two Democrats
alleged that Trump was badly
received at the hospital.
Now, you might think,
“How could he possibly
find a way to get mad
about that?”
Well, if you’re thinking that,
You don’t have Donald Trump’s
brain disease.
Because despite saying
only nice things
about his reception
at the hospital,
Brown and Whaley
were both subjected
to nasty tweets from Trump.
-The president weighed in,
saying, “Just left Dayton, Ohio,
where I met with the victims
and families,
law enforcement, medical staff,
and first responders.
It was a warm
and wonderful visit.
Tremendous enthusiasm
and even love.
Then I saw
failed presidential candidate,
“Zero Percent” Sherrod Brown
and Mayor Whaley
totally misrepresenting
what took place
inside of the hospital.
-Their news conference after
I left El Paso was a fraud.
It bore no resemblance
to what took place
with those incredible people
that I was so lucky
to meet and spend time with.
They were all amazing.
-First of all,
in case you missed it,
he accidentally wrote
Which I guess is a knock-off
version of SpaghettiOs.
“Dad, we want SpaghettiOs
for dinner!”
[ As Trump ]
Here, have some Amazing-Os.
They’re just as good.
I bought them at ShopWrong.
[ Laughter ]
[ Normal voice ] Second,
and I’m asking this sincerely,
what the [bleep]
are you talking about?
How did you manage to take
what they said about you
and get mad about it?
What chemical are you missing
from your brain
that makes you like this?
Is it the same chemical
responsible for telling you
which direction to walk in
so you don’t amble around
in circles
on the White House lawn
like an old man who wandered
away from the group home?
I mean, look at him,
just shuffling around
like he’s looking for
a golf ball.
[ As Trump ]
You guys seen a Titleist
with a dollar sign on it?
[ Normal voice ] Gonna have to
put a sign around his neck
that says, “If found, return
to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”
[ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ]
after Trump’s
unhinged tweet barrage,
we got to watch the mayor of
Dayton find out in real time
that Trump
had tweeted about her,
read the tweet,
and try to figure out
what the hell
he was talking about.
-“Just left Dayton, Ohio.
You got two tweets.Doble.
-“Totally misrepresenting.”
[ Mumbling ]
-What does the tweet say?
-I don’t — I mean, like,
I’m really confused.
We said he was treated, like,
very well, so…
-I’d love to hear what his —
-I don’t know what he’s
talking about misrepresenting.
Oh, well. You know.
He lives in his world
of Twitter.
-You know, it’s such a relief
to see a politician
have a normal, human reaction
to Trump’s tweets.
You usually either get
Republicans making excuses
or Democrats justifiably angrily
denouncing him.
But it’s rare to see someone
in real time just be like,
I — I — What?
Well, I mean, I guess somebody
put something
in his Amazing-Os.”
[ Laughter ]
But in that press conference,
Whaley and Brown did offer
some justified criticisms
of Trump
that had nothing to do with
the hospital visits.
Brown, for example,
said Trump would never
act on gun violence because
he and Senate Majority Leader
Mitch McConnell are, of course,
beholden to the NRA.
-Republicans for years now
have dug in
and done the bidding of the NRA.
The National Rifle Association,
the gun lobby
gives millions of dollars
to Republican candidates
and spends millions and millions
against Democrats like me
that get an “F” from the NRA,
that stood up to the NRA.
We can’t get anything done
in the Senate
because Mitch McConnell
and the President
of the United States
are in bed with the gun lobby.
-That’s true,
but the only quibble I have
is with the metaphor.
I don’t think Trump
ever goes to bed.
I think he spends all night
wandering around
the White House lawn
looking for reporters
to yell at.
[ As Trump ]
Where are you, Jake Tapper?!
Come out!
[ Laughter ]
But it’s true, of course.
Trump takes his marching orders
on gun policy from the NRA.
In fact yesterday
during a Q&A with reporters
on the White House lawn
amid a national crisis
over gun violence
and white supremacy,
Trump said that
there was no political will
for a ban on assault weapons
and offered some vague,
half-hearted comments about
background checks
where even he seemed unclear on
what exactly he was proposing.
-I have had plenty of talks
over the last two days,
and I think something
is going to be come up with —
We are going to come up
with something
that’s going to be
really very good,
beyond anything
that’s been done so far.
I think we can bring up
background checks
like we have never had before.
I think both Republican
and Democrats
are getting close to
a bill on —
to doing something
on background checks.
-They’re doing something
on background checks.
This is a national emergency,
and he talks about it
with all the specificity
of a dad who has no idea
where his kids are.
“I don’t know, I think they’re
upstairs doing something
on the computer.
I also think I heard a bobcat.”
But Trump reportedly got a call
from NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre
warning him to back off.
-What we are told
by the reporting
of “The Washington Post”
is that there was
a Tuesday phone call from
Wayne LaPierre
with the president
and the message
from the
National Rifle Association
would be that
the Trump supporters
in that powerful organization
would not support the president
if he were to move forward
with background checks.
The message from the NRA
to the president was,
“Careful about doing that.”
That goes against what
the president
has been saying publicly.
-Of course it does.
Because you can’t trust anything
this President says publicly.
First of all, he barely said
anything to begin with.
I mean, listen
to how vague he was.
-I think something is going to
be come up with —
We’re going to come up
with something
that’s going to be
really very good,
beyond anything
that’s been done so far.
-He is a master of using
a bunch of words
to say absolutely nothing.
He always sounds like
the guy in a movie
whose job it is to distract
the security guard
while his partner steals
a painting from the Louvre.
[ As Trump ] They are going to
come up with something,
something that’s
gonna be so good, very good,
beyond anything — That’s right.
Roll it up.
[ Normal voice ] Trump
and the NRA are closely linked
for many reasons,
one of which is something
they both have in common —
They are grifters
and scam artists.
Take for example Trump’s visit
to El Paso yesterday.
This isn’t the first time
he’s been there.
In fact, he held a rally there
in February.
And his campaign racked up more
than half a million dollars
in expenses owed
to the city of El Paso,
expenses they still
haven’t paid.
-Donald Trump
is going to El Paso,
while he still owes the city
of El Paso
over half a million dollars
from his last visit to El Paso.
The president has
an outstanding bill
of $569,204.63
for police
and public safety services
associated with a February
campaign rally in El Paso.
-Man, going back to El Paso
when you owe the city half a
million dollars is a bold move.
They’re going to have to put
the boot on Air Force One.
[ Laughter ]
In fact, the bill…
[ As Trump ]
Let’s get out of here.
Oh, no!
[ Laughter ]
[ Normal voice ] In fact, the
bill has actually gotten bigger
the longer it goes unpaid.
Trump owed an initial fee
of about $470,000,
but the city tacked on
a 21% one-time late fee in June.
And of course Donald Trump
has incurred a late fee.
That’s so him!
I’m surprised his oval office
desk isn’t covered
in unreturned Blockbuster DVDs.
[ As Trump ]
You guys seen “Tango & Cash”?
It’s really good.
Lot of chemistry
between the two leads.
[ Laughter ]
I’m a Tango guy.
[ Laughter ]
Teri — [ Laughs ]
[ Laughter ]
Got a young Teri Hatcher in it.
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ]
By the way — by the way —
[ Cheers and applause ]
By the way, at the same time
Trump is ignoring a half-million
dollar debt to El Paso,
he also scheduled a headline
fundraiser in the Hamptons
where tickets run as high
as $250,000.
But this is something Trump
has in common with the NRA.
They’re also huge grifters,
as we learned from
a recent string
of financial scandals that
have nearly crippled the NRA.
In fact, just yesterday, “The
Washington Post” reported
that LaPierre sought to have
the nonprofit organization
buy him a luxury mansion,
a French-country-style estate
in a gated Dallas-area
golf club,
a 10,000-square-foot estate
with lakefront
and golf course views
on the market
for about $6 million.
A $6 million mansion in Texas.
Meanwhile, in New York,
$6 million will get you
a two-bedroom condo, and your
landlord is an actual rat.
[ Laughter and applause ]
This explains so much, so much
about politics right now.
Donald Trump and his fellow
grifters on the right
sell their base racism
and paranoia, and all the while,
they and their wealthy patrons
are cashing in.
We have seen corruption and
racism from presidents before.
But what Trump is doing now
-Beyond anything
that’s been done so far.
-This has been “A Closer Look.”
[ Cheers and applause ]

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