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There are a lot of things that President Trump inherited
from President Obama that we know he hates. The Affordable Care Act, the White House
vegetable garden, the container of cocoa butter Obama left behind
in the bathroom. He’s like, “This is terrible. It doesn’t taste like cocoa
or butter.” (grunting) But what Trump
probably hated the most was the intelligence officials
who stayed on after Obama left. Do you think
any intelligence agencies, U.S. intelligence agencies
are out to get you? Well, certainly in the past,
uh, it’s been terrible. Uh, you look at Brennan,
you look at Clapper, you look at Hayden,
uh, you look at, uh, Comey, uh, you look at McCabe, you look at Strzok
and his lover, Lisa Page. It’s so… it’s so cute how Trump lists all the members
of the deep state like they’re Santa’s reindeer,
you know? He’s like… ♪ You know Brennan and Clapper
and Hayden and Comey ♪ ♪ But do you recall
the most famous of all? ♪ He just loves everybody. ♪ Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. ♪ But after cleaning house
and firing his enemies, Trump’s intelligence community is now led completely
by people he handpicked. Although after yesterday,
he might want to pick again. Tonight,
top U.S. intelligence officials are openly contradicting
President Trump’s assessment of some of America’s
most dangerous adversaries. On Iran,
U.S. intelligence agencies say Tehran is still not restarting
its nuclear program. At the moment, technically,
they’re in compliance. President Trump today launching
a remarkable series of attacks on his own
top intelligence officials. He calls them, “Extremely
passive and naive about Iran,” saying that the United States
needs to be careful and suggesting– get this– perhaps intelligence
should go back to school. Go back to school? The intelligence community doesn’t need to go back
to school. They’re intelligence. They know more than anyone.
Like, you realize they know what’s in
the presidential daily briefing. Not even the president knows
what’s in that. But I do understand
why Trump’s mad, because yesterday
his own intelligence officials said that everything he believes
is bullshit. A striking difference
over one of the biggest issues looming over the White House:
Russia. I have, uh, President Putin. Uh, he just said
it’s not Russia. I will say this. I don’t see
any reason why it would be. We expect Russia will continue to wage its information war
against democracies and to use social media to attempt
to divide our societies. And on ISIS… We have won against ISIS. ISIS is intent on resurging and still commands thousands
of fighters in Iraq and Syria. Wow, that is awkward. Especially the part about ISIS, because when he claimed victory, Trump was basically spiking
the football. And now the officials are like,
“No. “We’ve reviewed the touchdown.
We’re calling it back. “Also, we’re worried
about your head trauma, because you’ve been saying
some crazy shit.” And the most painful
contradiction of all might have been the differences
over North Korea. And we have a good relationship
with Kim Jong-un. No more rockets,
no more missiles, no more nuclear testing. We currently assess
that North Korea will seek to retain
its WMD capabilities and is unlikely
to completely give up its nuclear weapons
and production capabilities. The regime is committed
to developing a long-range
nuclear armed missile that would pose a direct threat
to the United States. Oh, man,
this is heartbreaking, guys. Trump is running around
on the streets saying he loves Kim
and how much they’re in love. And now his intelligence team
is telling the whole world that Kim’s not that into him. The only way
this would be more humiliating is if Trump tried
to hold Kim’s hand in public and Kim just swatted it away. (laughter and applause) #NeverForget. But look… but look, after yesterday, it’s very clear there’s
two totally different views of the threats
facing America today. And the American people,
you have to make a choice. Are you gonna believe
the heads of the CIA, the FBI, and the director
of National Intelligence or the guy who doesn’t believe
in global “waming”?

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