Trump defends reallocating military funds to build border wall

81 Replies to “Trump defends reallocating military funds to build border wall”

  1. Trump doesn't need to "defend" anything. The wall is CLEARLY in response to a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. And HE'S the Commander In Chief.
    Thank you Mr. President, for FINALLY answering America's prayers for border security. Send our ARMED military to the border along with the funds.

  2. Democrats are freaking out about the military losing some money when they did not want the military to have the money in the first place.

  3. Trump is trying to put out the fire.
    The democratic cartel is claiming that that is their goal as well, however, it would be like the Fire Department trying to put out a fire with gasoline instead of water.

  4. How much are Taxpayers having to pay those thieves for twenty five thousand Mexican troops, We should put a military base smack dab in the center of Mexico wether they like it or not,and go after the meth labs poppy fields,marijuana field's and cartels.that would save the U.S. BILLIONS

  5. When it comes to our safety (American citizens ) there is no discussion … This is nothing different than a large conpany shifting internal money to be secure in the future.

    Using military founds is just fine with me.

    Future investments. Long term thinking.

    It will pay for itself and bennifit all in the long run.

    U.S. Citizens over all.

  6. Mexico is helping protect America's border more than Democrats are. Less than 3 years ago, all Democrats stressed the importance of border security, scrutiny of immigrants and asylum seekers, and now to spite Trump and most of American citizens, they have done a complete about-face.

  7. I useta wonder how Trump was elected and then it darned on me! Trump is America. His lies, his racism, his hypocrisy, his immorality, his insanity, his religious beliefs, he's the epitome of what America is to the core. I no longer question his illegitimacy as President of the United States.

  8. I claim to be neither Democrat nor Republican, because I embrace and reject, pretty equally, aspects of both parties, but what floors me is, how from the very beginning, there are so many people who can't or who choose not to see the blatant inconsistencies, incompetency, and lack of ethics DT exudes? Have too many toxic chemicals been dumped into the US' soil, water, and air, so the American people's intelligence is actually digressing? I just don't get it?

  9. Whatever it takes. Imagine that, actually doing something that actually protects America. The Democrats are Communists that can all burn in hell.

  10. You all have messed up. When President Warren declares she's diverting money from the military to fund the Green New Deal, there will be a precedent for it. And, guess what, the military has stated Climate Change is a National Security issue more than they have said the Mexican border is a national security issue.


  12. Wait, so the Pentagon and the US military are paying for the wall??

    What happen to Mexico?

    Insert Mexicans laughing at naive/gullible Americans.. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  13. Fake news is not telling the truth as usual. Dems and Senate publicly agreed last month that there were crises at the south border. As a result, when it comes to national crises, moving fund from one source to another is the right thing to do. It's in fact legal.

  14. America, hoe is this even possible ?! He is a liar, each time he open his mouth it is a lie ! Just listen this bull sith, people !

  15. Thats why he wont talk about what happened in TEXAS maybe he should use those funds to actually stop the terrorists taking out americans.

  16. So trump u say u are protecting us with a wall but ur letting the stupid get high and sell the pot so they can , but ur against people dying from opioids,which is it ????

  17. Why isnt MEXICO paying for it like Trump said they would when he was campaigning. I want all those 'whose gonna build that wall? MEXICO !! ' chants back please.

  18. Woah woah. I thought Mexico were paying for the wall? Oh was it just another Trump lie. Got ya up to speed! Trump lied and made a promise that won't be kept

  19. What, if Trump said Mexico is paying for the wall and now we are gonna pay for the wall, does that mean that we are now Mexico? Take that Republicans, Trump turned the US into Mexico. Right? Since Trump never lies… means we are now Mexico.

  20. Hope all you military guys like your kids schools and military bases getting the shaft for a shiny new wall! I'll be getting high off of cocaine that I got from the cartels in their drug submarines you should check them out the coast guard did a real great job catching one!

  21. The reason there is a problem at the border is that Trump stopped funding 3rd world countries in Sth America that kept people fed. Those people moved towards a country that they had a chance of surviving. That country told them that there would be a big wall built in their way. That is it. that is why families are walking up to the US border. And, No. Mexico won't pay for a wall unless it is a southern wall.

  22. China is not trading with the USA now. China is trading with Russia. If you are losing money, the money you re losing is going to Russia making them richer at your expense. Your jobs. Your income.

  23. North Korea is having meetings with Trump. No other US President would meet with Kim Jong Un or Il because they are liars and despots. They promise anything to get what they want then go about doing what they want. Trump has just changed them from being a 3rd world dictator into a world leader.

  24. Trump said he would fill the Whitehouse with the best people. He has not filled most jobs in the Whitehouse and the people he has put in position, those not fired yet, are all acting. Including DHS and military heads. USA is being run by people who are filling positions until the position is filled by real people.

  25. People are buying gold. Gogle Gold and silver prices. The only times people do this is when your country is in a tailspin into recession. You don't need ot wait for the News to tell you. Just google gold prices.

  26. Trump lies all the time and those who support him are trying to save their jobs. Those that don't support him lose their jobs. Look at the midterms for verification.

  27. Trump is in the batshit insane 3rd world dictator phase of his presidency. Apparently it's even worse behind the scene – he rambles and raves incoherently.

  28. Why isn't fox news covering the sharpie edited weather map video? State media wants to make this senile maniac look good.


  30. I BE D–N SO WHO PAYING FOR THE WALL SMDH guess y'all just wasted your breath with that chant hell if you wanted to pay for it all you had to do was chant it oblivious to the truth like a love struck teenager!!!!!!!!

  31. Trump doing for the American people. Vote demakkkrants out we need to clean out Congress and put in term limits and mental health evaluation for Congress.

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