Trump Facing Live Impeachment Hearings | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. The centerpiece of this Congressional Theater of the Absurd demonstrates that the demonicrats never thought 'she' [HRC] would lose. The psycho-political complexity of at least the past 4 Presidential administrations has created deeply entrenched crony criminal syndicates on myriad international levels with entanglements of all branches of the government; but DJT won as an 'outsider' who isn't an elitist initiate of this preexisting complicity (likened to a metastasizing malignant cancer of State) which is now being exposed and deconstructed by the Trump administration through means of an entirely different initiative of public transparency and perception of the government resulting in forensic 'revelations' and due process 'justice' in the light of Conservative Constitutional Ethics and Morality. There are much deeper and more sinister aspects of this absurdity; one must expect that these seditious demonicrats will persist in doing everything within their remaining power to destroy America as this has been their hidden agenda [DS = Crown] which for many decades now has been the real and present 'enemy within' of the U.S. Constitutional Republic, of its People, and of the Divine Principles for which this Nation represents as a beacon of political enlightenment to the World. In the words of President Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg November 19th 1863 "….we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure…." ?!….

  2. Ukrainian people died from Trump/Mulvaney witholding aid. These people are being attacked in civilian areas, there's so much evidence on the net of these atrocities. People just going to work going about there business are being engaged and terrorized. What if that were us? And our shrinking ally base said no, you need to do something for US first. Makes me sick to think what our politicians have become.

  3. "Nevertrumper"? Why thank you very much for that linguistic gift sir. In the future, it will be used by historians as a badge of honor… kinda like "Anti-Putin," and "Anti-Hitler." Viva "Nevertrump Day"!

  4. Oh, poor Donnie– always the victim, even as he works consciously against our Constitutional process in trying to extort a foreign leader just to try to satisfy yet another wacky debunked conspiracy theory rumbling around in his diminished, severely compromised brain. Does this guy do ANYthing that doesn't revolve around far-right propaganda? Yeah, yeah, I know– he plays a lot of golf at taxpayer expense on his own gold courses. Last year that amounted to a taxpayer expense of $90 million. Anybody have an idea of how much we're throwing away on that this year?

  5. The testimony is fine but I haven't hear the testimony. They all hate me but the testimony is fine. I never heard of them even though I hired them. So typical of Dotard's scrambled brains.

  6. Admit it guys, he is too weird. We knew this was coming. People prepare their whole lives to be US president. You can't wing it.

  7. Trump,Putin,Catolic churches,Vatican,members of Jewish mafia, Poroshenko, Akhmetov, they all say 'there are no crimes'. But later we see the crimes again.

  8. HAAA! HAAA! HAAA! The SHAM of the DemocRATs have almost DESTROYED the HOR. These democRATic CONS have changed congress into CON-gress!!
    YEP! The "closed door" meetings = COMMUNIST STYLE of COERCION!!!!!!

  9. The way you can tell Trump is terrified is when he feels the need to deny everything that he’s clearly done. He learned that from Roy Cohn his disbarred lawyer. Deny deny deny. Everyone but you is a liar.

  10. Donald Trump could help his legacy greatly with one last act as President of the United States. That act is resignation. It would show to everyone that he cared more about our nation that he does about himself. Anyone who has seriously looked at the evidence to date has to come to conclusion that President Trump will be impeached and should be removed. Regardless of his personality or how you feel about his personality or even his policies for the most part he is simply ineffective. He is a failure as a president. He needs to stand up and state to the American people that he wants to spare the country the fracturing act of removing him from office and the further division it would cause. This is the act of a patriot, is Donald Trump a patriot? That is yet to be seen.

  11. some of these republicans are so incompetent the house has legal authority to hold these impeachment inquiries and they could have participated if they wanted to. for lindsey grahamn to say he is not going to read anything regarding this then he should not be part of the process going forward

  12. We are outraged!!!!! BIGLY so, that you turncoats continue to defend the Liar-in-Chief. He got himself into this muckety-muck, let him claw his way out of the cesspool. VOTE 💙

  13. The public is always misled when media states “Behind Closed Doors/Secret Meetings”. Need to always add “with Republican & Democratic Committee Members”. Many ignorant people & politicians wrongfully assume Republicans can’t participate when in reality 47 Republicans are on those impeachment inquiry committees! Republicans lie when they say they were shut out.

  14. One would think that the “cabinet” would begin to consider seriously about invoking the 25th amendment. It would short circuit the impeachment process and save a few republican
    a$$es and possibly the party.

  15. I don't like that the young son has to attend this stuff…..i didn't like it when Clinton was president, I didn't like it when the Bush twins were expose to this crap….i didn't like it when Obama girls we're put on front street….i know that's not the focus of this news feeds……i just see that this is being soooooo uncomfortable for all the President's Chidren who have to deal with their parents political choices…..i speak for all the children who are in the public eye by force…not choice…..they puts the kids in position’s where they have to defend their parents…..i know life is not fair…..but it's also hurtful when your parents are being attacked, …..right…. wrong….or indifferent…..legislation should be put forth to protect them…steps off my soap box…..

  16. Why are republicans so crooked? I mean, they got their tax-free plan and they continue to lie through their teeth? It’s a swamp now for sure!

  17. Jesus listening to Trump whine about himself being victim and accusing career national security officials makes one think whose side Trump is on. Trump with Rudy's cronies vs Dr Hill,Vindman and the Bill Taylor's who defend America

  18. For the good of this Nation,contact your Representatives,contact your Senators and demand that they Impeach and Remove the trash in the White House 2020 🇺🇸👍

  19. What is wrong with impeaching the President? If he has committed crime why not? Are Republicans suggesting the President is above the law and can commit murder

  20. It looks like Trump has tried to tamper with American elections using extortion of Ukraine. The House must impeach no matter what GOP fake defense.

  21. Msnbc needs to be firebombed and all its employees killed in my opinion. This ia very important step in human development.

  22. Well christians….
    you chose a ruler over God…and He gave you what you wanted.
    Remember the out come the 1st time He did it?

  23. Once you stop listening to the Liberal media and read the transcripts, you see the Dems desperation and the medias spin on the actual hearings….still just, as the Left has admitted, a coup of the 2016 election

  24. Just to give everyone an idea of who the Democrats are just look at the reason this war criminal trump is being punished for and it paints a plain pic of their priorities.

  25. The orange president DISTORTS reality, he taps in to peoples fears and plays poor white people greatest hits over and over again.

  26. this is a lie that they are telling you a lie you are going see what is really going to see the truth the Dems are going Down now that the really turth

  27. But I have a big truck and a red hat, and I dropped out of high school. I…have to vote for Trump.

    You expect me to vote for a GIRL? That challenges my core values.

  28. Keep the big picture in mind here. Open, public hearings are for the benefit of you and me, the voters. It's one thing to read a transcript (which the vast majority of us did not do), but to see/hear the actual witnesses testify is very powerful. It will be evidence presented to us, the ultimate jury. We get to decide the verdict on Nov 3, 2020. Encourage everyone you know to register, if needed, and then vote. The future/fate of our country is in our hands.

  29. you really need to visit the Drs. Mr. trickster, you are so over the hill and over the head of your capabilities…Mr. Trump… … k.c.

  30. 100 percent Attorney General William Barr jumps ship this week or next. For 2 reasons : 1) Trump will continue to demand he publicly exonerate Trump's culpability in the Ukraine extortion phone call and the withholding of Congressional-approved money for Ukraine's defense against Russia's expansionism who have invaded their country on the basis that the country belongs to Russia, and 2) Barr realizes he has lost the good faith of the public that he did not directly cause Trump not to be impeached when the Russian investigation concluded and the findings were publicly announced through his rewrite of its conclusion to protect Trump from obstruction of justice.

  31. Democrats: Russians exposing Hillary's impeachable corruptions is election meddling… Trump and Ukraine investigating Joe bidens impeachable corruptions is an impeachable offense..
    You guys all smoke crack…

  32. Trump is like a difficult pregnancy with complications and after the birth the baby has brain damage, dwarfism,, blind and deaf and a hole in the heart. This child if he/ she survives would need 24hr care. With all this he should be out of the WHITE HOUSE BEFORE CHRISTMAS .

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