Trump to release second Ukraine phone call transcript

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  1. Thank You, Devin Nunes, has been determined to expose these high crimes against our President. Then only thing President Trump has done, is, Win the Presidency

  2. It’s funny how the narrative of these people change: first it was a perfect call. Then it was not quid pro quo. After it was clear that it was not a perfect call and there was a quid pro quo, it’s again about discrediting witnesses. These folks have nothing to add on the matter, which says everything on the guilty of Trump. Get that crook out of office and replace him with some serious conservative, who cares about law and order as a conservative should.

  3. I am slowly becoming a Hard Trump supporter. Idk that I can argue he isn’t being transparent. What more can you ask for? Was his phone call “perfect”? Well, meaning perfectly without an agenda no. The questions of quid pro quo tho should be cut and dry, he didn’t make requests of the Ukraine that weren’t in his power to ask. I am sure a Trump has more info than us about Joe. On the outside it looks corrupt as sin. Sounds like he got the justice dept on it and reminded Ukraine to cooperate. It’s unfortunate that Joe thought he had a chance at the presidency… but come on Trump would have eviscerated him after the primaries.

  4. The only reason they gave this person whistleblower status was to hide and protect him so they could have a reason to start an impeachment procedure. Like the "Steele dossier" this is a false and intentional deception to start a new attempt to discredit Trump and get him removed or to help him lose the next election. Too bad John Durham can't investigate Schiff, the "whistleblower" and company before they complete their scam.

  5. In every other impeachment a Special prosecutor investigated and brought charges against the president. All we get here is
    Steaming pile of Schiff . A proven liar and a partisan hack, and a fact witness, that shouldn't be investigating a lost puppy.

  6. Next were going to here Schitty Schiff cry about the second transcript is fake, just you watch. I mean they already believe the first one was fake.

  7. The "whistleblower's" could have the president removed from office. You accuse the president of treason than you better show yourself and back it up.

  8. "IMPEACH THE DUMB DNC!!!!!!!"👍👍👍👍👍👍TRUMP GOT 2020💪💪💪💪💪, LoL, hey, Thanx demwits🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  9. No he should not do this.
    If he is going to do this, he might as well release every single phonecall transcript with every single world leader he had.

  10. This is the democrats agenda to take down president trump and and the Republican Party because they are doing everything they can to use the fake news media to take down president trump and and the Republican Party this is very dangerous we haft to fight back

  11. No one is going to accept The Apocalypse until one of the Stellar Cores overwhelms the veil that NASA has raised in the heavens; no one is going to believe this is a "legitimate" coup until blood is shed…!

  12. No one wants the other transcript. I think trump is delusional if he thinks his holding aid for Biden investigation is perfect. It's far from perfect, it's extortion.

  13. Is it strange to anyone else that they are claiming that the whistleblower is being put in danger by having to come forward to speak about his relationships with various democrat groups to members of congress who were shot at on a baseball diamond?

  14. Write this once instead of throughout the feed.
    Unless I missed it transcript of what call or who was on it isn't known.
    Trump has the right to declassify anything he chooses, and could be releasing a call that Biden, Obama, whomever if he wants. Remember those are also official records and his choice to declassify them.
    Next, by data to date, the whistle blower should be concerned about his safety. If his testimony could implicate career bureaucrats, members of Congress with a coup (his attorneys word) having a heart attack the night before wouldn't surprise me, or being shot in the head during a botched robbery. It seems to happen concerning the DNC kinda often.
    Not saying it doesn't happen with Republicans, just I can't recall any recently.

  15. Their not worried about the whistleblower's safety at all. They just don't want him to blow the whistle on the coup that's been cooked up since the Obama administration.

  16. Schiff's name is on Epstein's Flight Log. He has a domestic violence background. He assaulted his man wife numerous times and other men friends of his. Lets talk about that.

  17. Even the sound has been corrupted by the network here. Why? Because Hunter Biden was and has been part of the Ukraine corruption that was discussed in the text that was unsealed by the Pres. Trump.
    Hunter Biden and former VP Biden needs to be investigated as they are the ones who seem to have more dirt in their hands…

  18. I want to see Obama's and John Kerry's phone transcripts from the Iran Nuke Deal, I can only imagine the outright horse crap they flung to get that horrific deal over the line.

  19. i like to leave my account logged into public libraries so that someone can stand up to donald trump!!!!
    he is a racist person.

  20. It's time for Sen. Graham needs to start fighting back. If anybody tried this in the lowest courts they would be in jail.

  21. "Impeachment" has identity, it is defined by "high
    crimes" and "misdemeanors." The ingredients of
    an impeachment cannot be made up of gossip,
    WHICH IS WHAT WE HAVE SO FAR. Therefore, to
    impeach, based on gossip- based on hearsay, is
    an unjustified removal from office. AND, the very
    definition of an unjustified removal from office, is
    guess what, ITS A COUP!!

    Adam is orchestrating a coup, based on unjustified

    Now, even if we accept the gossip at face value, the
    corruption aspects of Ukraine's actions and that of
    the potential criminal aspects ofJoe Biden's actions
    DO TAKE PRECEDENCE over Joe Biden's political
    aspirations. Criminal behavior while in political office
    cannot go unpunished. If Joe Biden is innocent, he
    has nothing to worry to about.!!

  22. Biden and son should be at the center of any Ukraine investigation. Blow on this whistle you hypocrites. Schiff should be jailed for this hoax.

  23. He will hand it over after he blacking everything out where they cannot read it Donald Trump think he is slick but he is not slick enough Democrats got a surprise for him

  24. mr. president! you don't have to do this. Those who trust you just trust you no matter if you are a nasty shameful piece of junk with a daughter named ivanka. As long as you are MAGAing with always unbutton coat, it's fine.

  25. This nut job no class having corrupt creature has ENRICHED HIMSELF since the first day he took office !! Who would care about a 400k Salary when you can make 130 MILLION GOLFING !! y'all are gonna go down in history as the DUMBEST MOST NAIVE group of low IQ creatures in HISTORY !! So PATHETIC to watch so called AMERICANS having no COMMON SENSE and no pride for their own country

  26. Is this the same trump who said that he would release his taxes after the election?
    Or who said “Mexico will pay for the wall”?
    Or that he would repeal and replace Obamacare?
    Or said the patriots during the American Revolution stormed the airports?
    ……trump says a lot of things….I ain’t gonna hold my breath.

  27. Can you imagine Hunter Biden having to Testify in front of Congress!! He would have a total meltdown You can tell that man is Soft AF & Junkie

  28. It is imperative that the whistleblower's identity be kept secret otherwise he is subject to getting Epsteined by Trump's goons.

  29. There's a HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN whistleblowers identities of the past versus whistleblowers as of the August rule change on whistleblowing. The whistleblowers prior to August HAD to have FIRSTHAND KNOWLEDGE about the information they were exposing. The August rule change dictated that a whistleblower needn't have firsthand knowledge to be credible, just 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th…hand knowledge is now perfectly acceptable and is now considered credible. Funny how that rule change was authored by a Deep State operative and within a day or two this whistleblower files his charge against Trump. It's a freaking HEARSAY and HIS IDENTITY NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED!

  30. All media and social media is weaponized and monopolized through the Democrat Party !
    And I'm definitely not brainwashed ..
    I see the coup and what is happening to America through the Democrats

  31. Trump: hello there Zelensky. Have I ever told you how much I hate quid pro quo’s and extortion? It’s an ugly world Zelensky. Many men are unfaithful to their wives. And the worst of them sexually prey on teenagers in dressing rooms. They’re even attracted to their daughters. Zelensky, did you know that there are even men out there who are so cowardly, that they pretend to have injuries to avoid fighting for our country? These traitors pretend to respect our armed forces while mocking our troops who are captured in enemy territory. The hypocrisy and complete lack of honor and integrity astounds me.

    Zelensky: yes sir. Truly there is no man left on this planet with your integrity and unwavering goodness.

    Trump: There is no need to shower me with praise Zelensky. I hate worship. I am not some teenage girl on Twitter that needs validation from millions of uneducated people. I do not have time to waste feeding my own ego. I have the responsibility of fighting for the greatest country this world has ever known. That is the weight of my office. And I carry that honor with pride and self-sacrifice. Anyway…if I ever call you in the future trying to extort you or anything, just know now that I’m completely joking ok?

    Zelensky: y-yes sir. And about that aid you promised us that we need if we are to survive this war with Russia…

    Trump: Hold that thought Zelensky. I need to take this. I think my lawyer just butt-dialed me. You can talk to him about the aid actually. He’s an honorable guy that runs in the most legal of circles. But I’ve only known him as friends for years and years. Whatever he tells you, remember that I know nothing about it alright? I’m entrusting him completely without any input from me. So long buddy

  32. I said this was a Coup from the start. Now more evidence is coming out that that’s the case. That’s why they didn’t want the whistleblower to be named.

  33. Looks like the whistleblower is just a figment of Schiff's imagination and doesn't exist, meanwhile he's trying to create one before it all hits the fan.

  34. Something tells me things will get violent before it's all said and done and America will collapse on it's own stupidity and apathy.

  35. If there is this much corruption at the FBI, State Department, Congress, Washington DC, how do We the People trust the local law enforcement.

  36. Add on 4 more years of impeachment and the Dems will start dropping from self inflicted….stress, anxiety, depression, dizziness, motion sickness from imagining mirages of Hillary and knowing …4 more years of the Truth setting America free from all the Lies !!

  37. Trump has already done as much for these flea bags as needed, and should ignore them now and let God sort it all out with the help of people who were actually "elected" in the Senate, not the "17-Terms Pelosi's machine vote minted Democrats, bought to us in spite of who we voted by "Democrat Provisional Balloting".

  38. I don't know but look like media the enemy of the people they talk for what they pay for at .When they investigate the investigators the Russia collusion,Spygate and another gates ? Or this die like Epstein ?

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