Trump’s Best Words: 2019 Edition | The Daily Show

– I know words, I have the best words. He was awarded the bronze star, and the combat ‘infantroopen’ badge. ‘Heroilynn’ alone, if you
look at the heroin epidemic… Last year alone, ICE
‘offices’ removed 10,000 known or ‘susbesdig’ gang members. And to ‘delegitimatize’… Heart lung and liver ‘transpants’… …and his daughter Laura, at a ‘resaption’ for the Italian… And we’re reclaiming our noble ‘herridje’. …companies are really big ‘benefishers’. Patriotic citizens who want
their families ‘protectored’… …made a ‘pivittible’, really,
and I mean this was pivotal. …to fully reauthorize the
‘9/elective’, 11 victims… …the national ‘humanitaries’ medal. …ever ‘foistered’… …women’s basketball national
‘championch’, champions… …house, and Senate ‘lawmarkers’. …advising lawmarkers. Secretary Pompeo is
here, Secretary of State, Mike Bolton, John Bolton is here. President Franklin
‘De-lay-no’ Roosevelt… Oman, UAE, ‘Chili’… …but China’s ‘thee-er’ supply ‘chern’, chain is breaking up… We must seek real ‘bipartiss solucius’. ‘Asbadidizziz’, it meant something. The members of our armed ‘forsiva’, and you understand that very well, the members of our armed ‘forsuh’… …to immediately waive all
‘appliculibulls’ state taxes… Despite these ‘obtuulz karen’… Americans of all walks of
‘lice’, ‘rofe’, rose up… And we used to have ‘raydoh’
for your, like, I think radio. …the invasion of Normandy and the ‘liberal-ation’ of Europe. …want to also thank the
‘Mini-on-apolis’ police. As Jack has said about the
Battle of the ‘B’owlje’… You know, he just sent
another ‘slock rocket’, you saw that, right? The stock market… On January 23rd, ‘Veneswaylass’… …by ‘Venezwellzso’… …’Venezwhalezz’… I hope they now go and take
a look at the ‘oranges’, the ‘oranges’ of the
investigation, the beginnings. And vicious ‘MS-3’ gang members… You’ve really put a big
investment in our country. We appreciate it very much, Tim ‘Apple’. More than two thousand ago years ago, a brilliant star shone
and the ‘eastwisemen’ traveled far, far… afield. ‘Enentheyannoucedtherewasnobyesno’,
you know what? …our army man the ‘airmputs,
ranned’, the ramparts, it took over the airports,
it did everything… …to improve this country
and ‘duurrrr’ the government. I have the best words, I have the b-… but there’s
no better word than ‘stupid’.

100 Replies to “Trump’s Best Words: 2019 Edition | The Daily Show”

  1. Either he’s got some neurological thing going on or side affects from to much Adderal and previous use of Cocaine. Remember the sniffing at the beginning of presidency.

  2. Tongue-tied, stupid, unlearned asshole in deep cognitive decline..Yeah, let's have him hold the nuclear codes.

  3. He's sluring his words. He sounds like drunk or on drugs. He's got one hell of a nerve to talk about Bidens mental health. He's such an embarresment to our country.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💙

  4. This literally made me laugh until I cried. Do not drink anything while watching this, haha. On a side note, don jr was just on fox saying there's something wrong with Biden and wants to know how many gaffes a person can make.

  5. Trump tries to speak fast and intelligent but his brain and tongue can't catch up. The buffoon is drunk and drugged up.

  6. Americans in 2009: Well, at least we’ll never have to deal with an illiterate president like George W Bush again!

    Donald Trump: Held my Diet Cake.

  7. This is someone who judges EVERYONE. Someone whom several individuals trust with their lives. He had to pay his way through school. God bless America!

  8. Embarrassing, not that Sleepy Joe is any less gaffe prone when he gets excited. Bernie blows both of them away on stage.

  9. He will forever go down as one of the dumbest presidents ever… I guess he doesnt practice his speeches and speaking off the top of his head has been disastrous..!! He doesnt know the ORANGES 🍊🍊of his words.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. 1:30 is the best one imo…waaaaay too many syllables for him.

    …May be if his rye turrs split his spee chiz up in to sin gull sill uh bull, fun et ick words all the way through he'd be a bull to read them with out may king him self look like such a fur king more on.

  11. Just a suggestion for his speech-writers, but…… may be if they split his spee chiz up in to sin gull sill uh bull, fun et ick words all the way through he'd be a bull to read them with out may king him self look like such a fur king more on…a toe tall fur quit cow word with tie knee hands. Like I say, just a suggestion.

  12. This is a PRIME EXAMPLE for our Children "DON'T DO DRUGS" this fuckin ORANGUTAN is CLEARLY ON FUCKIN DRUGS!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP "WHITE AMERICA" Your damn president needs to be kicked out of the damn white house on his ORANGE FAT ASS!!!!!

  13. This is truly a disgrace to the people who voted for a idiot who can't hat stays on yo all those crazys who voted.lmao🎃🎃 pumpkin face ..!! We will hear more retard words keep them coming trummpy

  14. Wow, how can a person mess up so many words, only a dumb azz would be that stupid, and people think he's great. His followers don't know he's mispronouncing the words. How stupid can people be.

  15. I laughed my ass off when Trump said he wants the Border Wall to be electrocuted. Fuckin' moron. LMFAO

  16. I can watch this over and over and over….I always end up rolling on the floor…what a silly MF, 🤣😂🤣🤪🤣😂🤪

  17. Sorry, my mother said that I was not allowed to make fun of anyone less fortunate than myself, not sure if she had this in mind😳

  18. Stop it. Are you sure that trump is American? He sounds like a brain-damaged gorilla. No way can English be his mother tongue.

  19. My dad and I laughed like it was……………….you know what I cant.

    Trump:May god bless the united shaysh of america.

    Jesus:Its states my son.

  20. Lmao he’s tired hes president and shit, record hours and hours of video on anyone and look for the f-ups. It’ll be clockwork like clockwork. This is the funniest comedian to ever exist tho.

  21. ‪OMG Jim, you have a treasure trove here but not for the reason you think! Now decode them! Jim, Trump NEVER misspeaks or misspells unless on purpose for a reason. @Qanon76 @prayingmedic @VincentCrypt46 @EyesOnQ look what this guy has! I’ve saving this! It’s priceless!‬

  22. The thing you fools in the comments section need to realize is Donald Trump have done literally over 700 hours of speaking started campaigning for president and throughout his presidency the fact that they were only able to get three or four minutes of gaffes should show you how good at speaking he really is

  23. Gave this a chance from a tik tok'er on a Joe Biden dimensia trip….gotta say I was hoping to be entertained and was for about the 1st 45 seconds then I just realized it's just a bunch of tongue tied moments…..Joe can speak an entire paragraph that is english….reads left to right but makes absolutely zero sense. The left cant meme…

  24. Come on you guys, STOP MAKING OF FUN OF TRUMP 😡it's not nice at all to make fun of mentally challenged people. It's not his fault if he's stupid !!!

  25. Sick, sad, capitalist, racist, sexist, xenophobic sociopath…. that is Donald " Infantroopen Adbadadidazizzzz" Trump

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