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Hey, everybody, Trevor Noah
here with another episode of The Daily Social
Distancing Show. It is now day 13
of being stuck in the house to try and stop the coronavirus. And yes, I’m going
a little bit crazy, but I’m also learning things. For instance, here’s a tip
to help you in quarantine. If you’re alone
and you’re feeling lonely, all you need to do
is take some pillows and you fill them up
with potatoes, wrap them up in a blanket, stack them on your couch
and now you have a friend. Jerry. Always fighting
over the remote. Anyway, tonight
we’re gonna catch up on all the latest
coronavirus news, like Congress is giving
everyone money, the royal family is getting
personal with coronavirus and Donald Trump
teaches us about manners. So let’s get into it. Welcome to The Daily
Social Distancing Show. -♪ ♪ -ANNOUNCER: From Trevor’s
couch in New York City to your couch
somewhere in the world, this is The Daily Social Distancing Show
With Trevor Noah. Let’s kick it off
as we always do, with some good news of the day. This morning Republicans
and Democrats in the Senate reached a deal to pump
two trillion dollars into the economy to help
deal with this pandemic. It is the biggest stimulus
in United States history, and it basically
spreads money everywhere. Direct payments to Americans,
expanded unemployment insurance, aid to small businesses,
aid to the airline industry and billions of dollars
to help prop up the health care industry,
which is vital right now. So all over America
people are gonna be getting checks
from the government. And I know a lot of people
out there are desperate for toilet paper, but please
do not use those checks to wipe your ass.
You take the check, you cash the check
and then you take the cash and you go to the toilet
and you wipe your ass. Or you use the cash
to buy toilet paper. I should have
gone with that one first. But now you-now you know.
If you were-if you were already doing it, you were
too fast, I can’t help you. Now, apparently Democrats
and Republicans only managed to reach a deal after
they agreed that they were going to include an
oversight committee to make sure that all of this money is being
spent appropriately. Right? And there’s also a provision
that blocks bailout money from going to businesses
that are owned by government officials, including the president
and his family. Imagine that, hmm?
In fact, just take a second to appreciate how strange it is
that lawmakers felt that they needed to write in that the
president cannot use this money for himself and his family.
And even Republicans were like, “Yeah, yeah, no, you’re right,
we should include that. We should include that.”
Because, don’t forget, this is the same guy
who took $150,000 from a small business
recovery program after 9/11. And he didn’t need that. So, yeah, Trump would have looted the shit
out of this fund. And even with this restriction,
I bet Trump will find a loophole to try and get some of this
money. He’ll be like, “Okay, Eric, if anyone asks, you’re no longer my son.” “Oh, damn, Dad, is this a plan
to get that bailout money?” “No, this is just something
I’ve always wanted.” In more good news, the
Chinese government has announced that there has been
so much improvement in Wuhan– the place where
this whole epidemic began– that the lockdown
will be lifted there in just a couple of weeks. Yeah. So, basically,
coronavirus is like TikTok– it started in China
but it’s blowing up in America. And pretty soon
the people of Wuhan are gonna be discriminating
against us. Yeah, they’re just gonna be
holding press conferences like, “We need to shut down
our borders to prevent the America virus
from coming in.” “The America virus?” “Yeah,
that’s how it works, right? “You name it after where it is,
’cause it not in Wuhan anymore. So, you… America virus?
Yeah?” But this news out of Wuhan
gives me hope, because it shows that the coronavirus
can be beaten. Right? All you need to do is wash
your hands, social distance and have an
all-powerful government that can force you
to do whatever they want. Yeah, because meanwhile,
in America, people are like, “If I want to lick a toilet
seat, it’s my God-given right to lick a goddam toilet seat!
Mwah!” So that’s the good news. Money coming into America and China seems to have
coronavirus under control. Now, we need a little bit
of good news every day, because outside of that,
the coronavirus is showing no signs
of slowing down. The number of confirmed
cases worldwide has jumped to over 430,000. Spain has surpassed China as the country with
the most deaths after Italy, and even the royal family
isn’t immune. Prince Charles has now tested
positive for coronavirus. Yeah. So, basically,
Harry and Megan left and coronavirus joined. Which is a pretty bad trade,
if you ask me. But don’t worry, the prince only has mild symptoms
and they say he’s recovering,
he’s in self-isolation in his palace. Yeah.
And I won’t lie– “the prince being in
self-isolation in the palace” sounds like the beginning
of a very strange Disney movie. The prince was trapped
in his castle, until one day a fair maiden
came to rescue him. “Only your kiss can save me, fair maiden.” “Oh, a kiss? Man, you lucky
if I wink at you from far. Get away from me.” Meanwhile, across the pond,
America is quickly becoming one of the world’s
coronavirus hot spots, with over 60,000 people
now infected. Businesses are continuing
to react in different ways to try and work through this.
For example, airlines are now
reassigning passengers so that nobody
sits in a middle seat. And this is in an attempt
to give everyone more distance from each other. Now, this is gonna be tough
for airlines. And, I mean, it’s probably gonna completely destroy
Spirit Airlines because they only have
middle seats. Spirit Airlines: if you’re still flying,
you deserve us. Another company dealing with the coronavirus fallout
right now is Amazon. Due to surging demand, they’ve been hiring
more workers. And to help pay for it, Amazon is asking us,
the public, to donate. So yeah,
the richest company in the world owned by the richest man
in the world is asking us for money. Which, let’s be honest,
is some bullshit. Can someone please order
Jeff Bezos a conscience? With Prime,
it can arrive within two days. In fact, screw Amazon.
Don’t be asking us for money. You know what I’m gonna do
as a protest? From now on, I’m only ordering stuff
from them once a day. Maybe twice a day,
but that’s it. But the big story today, the story
that’s got everybody talking, is that while more and more
countries around the world are shutting down to stop
coronavirus from spreading, Donald Jameson Trump is preparing
for a grand opening. President Trump now says he wants to reopen the country
for business by Easter even as health officials warn
the coronavirus pandemic will continue to worsen
in the U.S. I’d love to have it open
by Easter. Okay? I would love -to have it open by Easter.
-NEWSWOMAN: Oh, wow. Okay. I will…
I will tell you that right now. Easter’s a very special day
for me. And I say, wouldn’t it be great to have all
of the churches full? You know,
the churches aren’t allowed, essentially, to have much
of a congregation there. So I think Easter Sunday, and you’ll have packed churches
all over our country. I-I think it would be
a beautiful time. Yes, President Trump says he wants to reopen America
on Easter. Which makes sense. I mean, Easter is
about resurrection, after all. It’ll be,
“Happy Easter, everyone. He is risen.” “He” meaning coronavirus. And I love that Trump says Easter is a very special day
for him, because I’m willing to bet all five rolls
of my toilet paper that he doesn’t even know
what Easter is about. He’s acting like it’s special. I bet if you asked him,
he’d be like, “Easter is a very special time
for me. “It’s the day a giant rabbit “saved Jesus
from dying on the egg. So special, folks.” Now, you don’t have
to be a genius to see why the president’s plan is alarming a lot of people
right now. Right? It’s not just because
it seems way too early but it’s also
because he’s saying he wants everyone
to congregate together in churches around the country, which is the worst idea possible
in a pandemic. This is basically every
supervillain’s wet dream, right? A big event with huge crowds where everyone gets infected
by a deadly toxin. Trump is like the Joker,
just with more makeup. And this idea’s so insane that everyone
from Democratic governors to conservative politicians to the entire field
of medical experts agrees that unless
the virus is contained, people have no business
gathering in large groups. And, you know, it’s so surreal
that we ended up in a situation where the one person
who doesn’t understand how complex
and dangerous this is happens to be the most powerful
man in the world. It feels like
if there was an asteroid hurtling towards the Earth, everyone would be trying
to blow it up off course, and Trump would be like, “I think we should give
the asteroid a chance, folks. “Maybe it’s friendly. Look, it even has my hair.” Because what’s most mind-blowing about Trump’s sudden impulse
to get back to normal is that right now the situation
is far from under control. Especially here in New York, which right now has over half the country’s
confirmed coronavirus cases. It’s gotten so bad in New York that the White House’s
coronavirus task force is advising that even people who left New York already should self-quarantine
for 14 days, regardless of where they are
in the country or in the world. And that’s gonna be hard
for anyone who has to look after a New Yorker
who’s, like, visiting them. It’s gonna be people complaining
about their quarantined friends. Just like, “He won’t eat. “He says the pastrami’s too dry
and the bagels aren’t boiled. “I-I tried ordering pizza, and then he just cussed at me
for ten minutes.” And with coronavirus cases
not even expected to peak until two or three weeks
from now, the city is already
in desperate need for more hospital beds, more medical supplies,
more ventilators, which literally
keep people breathing when they can’t do it
on their own. And Governor Cuomo
definitely doesn’t feel like Trump and the federal government
are doing enough to help. NEWSWOMAN:
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blasting
the federal government, saying it needs to provide more medical equipment,
like ventilators. You want a pat on the back
for sending 400 ventilators? What are we gonna do for 400…
with 400 ventilators when we need 30,000 ventilators? You’re missing the magnitude
of the problem, and the problem is defined
by the magnitude. Yeah, man. I’m not gonna lie. I can see why
Cuomo is pissed at Trump. If you need 30,000 ventilators, it’s insulting
for someone to give you 400. It’s like seeing
someone drowning in the ocean, and instead of throwing them
a life preserver, you just toss them
a rubber duck. “Here, at least you’re
entertained. Quack, quack.” And apparently,
part of the reason New York isn’t getting
enough federal help is because Trump feels that Governor Cuomo
is just too mean to him. This is an actual thing.
Today the Daily Beast quotes a White House official saying,
“If you’re good and respectful “to Trump,
he will treat you the same. It’s that simple.” And yesterday in an interview, Trump said pretty much the same
thing right out in the open. And, uh, we are doing very well
with, I think, almost all of the governors,
for the most part. But, you know,
it’s a two-way street. They have to treat us well also.
They can’t say, “Oh, gee, we should get this,
we should get that.” Yes, you treat Trump well
and he’ll treat you well. Or as he would call it,
a quid pro corona. And so,
as mind-boggling as it seems, while New York is in
an actual crisis right now, with thousands of lives at stake
and people actually dying, Donald Trump is asking people
to be polite to him in exchange for his help. And so I guess,
to all New Yorkers, I say, give the president
what he wants. Tell him,
“Please, Mr. President, do your mother(bleep) job.”

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