Trump’s Dog Rant – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

That whole rally was hilarious. I don’t know if you watched it. Trump was in El Paso
fighting for the wall. And, like, he just…
I mean, like, one thing about him is he’s terrifying, but he’s
hilarious at the same time. Right? And he goes on this rant about, like, all the technology that America has and how, like, sometimes old things are better than new things. That’s why walls work great
instead of other technology. Then he starts talking
about how they showed him new technology that can
find bombs in airports, but then dogs are still
better than the technology. And then he’s like, “I love dogs.” Then he’s like, “You guys
love dogs, I don’t like dogs. Do you guys have dogs? I don’t have a dog. I don’t have a dog. Can you imagine me with a dog?” And this is when, like, he just
goes off, like his mind… He just goes – he is like a
dog that just saw a squirrel. Just like… He’s like, “I don’t have a dog. Could you imagine me with a dog, folks? Can’t imagine me with a dog.
No dog. Some people say I should get a dog. I don’t want a dog! I can’t, I can’t walk. Can you imagine me on
the White House lawn, walking a dog, folks? Walking a dog, that’s not me, folks. That’s not me. I could never do it.” And I was just like…
It’s so funny. But if you are an immigrant, especially an African immigrant, Trump reminds you of every African father you’ve ever come across in your life. ‘Cause that’s like the exact
same reasoning that they have. Like, they’ll just be like – Like, a little kid would be like, “Daddy, can we have a dog?” He’d be like, “A dog? You want me to own a dog, ah? And then what? Am I walking that? Can you imagine me walking a dog, ah? Now this animal is pulling me. I am a grown man, but the
animal is pulling me, ah? Oh, the dog wants to go poo-poo, ah? Now I must take the dog to poop. Then when he poo-poo,
who must pick it up, ah? Now I’m picking up…
Now can you imagine telling people your father is picking up poo-poo, ah? Is that what you’re going to tell them? Is that what you…
No, no dog for me, ah. There’s no dogs here, no. There’s no dogs for me.
No, no, no. No dogs.” Be none of that. He’s just living his best life. “I don’t…
A dog, folks, I can’t see it. Can’t see it, not me, no.” And then, like, one of the guys
in the crowd screams like, “Obama had a dog!” And he’s like, “Yeah, Obama…” And then the crowd’s like, “Boo!” It’s like, wait, so now
white people are booing dogs? It’s just like…
That was the craziest thing. It’s… What are you saying? -They were trying to say Obama had too much time on his hands. Is that what they were
trying to say in that moment? -Yeah. That he has too much time on
his hands. That’s why. OK. -Yeah, with the dog
and walking the dog. This is from the same guy who just built a full golf simulator in the White House. That’s what literally,
today the news came out. Trump just built a brand-new
golf simulator. Like, a full state-of-the-art golf simulator in the White House. -Yeah, but it’s not outside, so you can’t see him doing it. Yeah, it’s inside. What’s funny is that, actually,
Obama had a golf simulator as well, and then Trump bought a new one. Like, a super state-of-the-art one. Like, the latest model. And we were like,
why would he do that? And I was saying it’s probably because he couldn’t beat Obama’s high score.

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  1. "Which food will the dog eat eh? I am feeding so many mouths already unless you are going to give the dog your share!" says an upper middle class African father of 3😂😂

  2. Booing at Obama owning a dog sounds eerily reminiscent of the Hitler Ate Sugar fallacy. This rally would rather hate Obama more than like Obama's dog…

  3. I was like… Trevor you might be right… Trump must have got himself a new golf simulator just because he was frustrated with Obamas high score record..

  4. 2:42 That's just too hilarious and all too possible😬

    🥉You'd think he would prefer bronze as motivational goal with that bad fake tan of his.

  5. the way Trevor immitated the African father ranting about owning a dog reminded me of my own father. it's like he was right there.

    Trump replaced Obama's golf simulator with a new one because he couldn't beat Obama's high score! ROTFLMAO!!!

  7. Noah, I'm with you on the High Score! Hamilton is known as Pramilton…. !
    You sir… have managed to prove John Stewart has Vision unlike any Radio DJ I've ever came across!
    Better than Limbo!


  9. tries to come up with something witty, but then sees that the top comment is someone who quoted the video's punchline

  10. Trump always trying to out do Obama. Even in the golf simulator. That's his whole agenda. To talk down Obama and out shine Obama. Money is not everything because he build greater things in the White House. In the Bible the Rich man died and was buried and his money perish with him.

  11. We had a coworker once who brought her then-boyfriend to a get-together. The dog living at the home we attended loved each and every one of us, especially this coworker until she met the boyfriend. She growled when he put his hand out, her owners yelled at her, she sidled away, her owners apologized profusely saying she's never done anything like that before.
    But we knew. She eventually came over next to me and leaned against my leg, and I rubbed her head and told her she was a good girl. Her owners went into the house, she looked at me, then the boyfriend, and growled, only then the owner came out, and ordered her into the house.
    The boyfriend went to smoke a cigarette with our coworker in tow. One of our other coworkers said, "Dogs know." We agreed. 3 months later our coworker and her boyfriend broke up. Thank goodness.
    Can you imagine how dead the White House dog would be if it growled at our lovely President?

  12. There is a golf simulator in the White House? I'm from Germany and the only thing fun in the Chancellery building I think is a coffee machine that gives you shit for free.

  13. Constantly seeing this must've driven Trump up a wall.
    1. OBM
    2. OBM
    3. OBM
    4. OBM
    5. DJT
    We all know how OCD he is about winning.

  14. I've always wondered that…cuz I'm so used to seeing the first family owning a dog. Cuz that's the thing, model family has a fenced house and a lovely dog. And his reason for not owning one of course is as vain as his tanned skin. How ridiculous.

  15. Dogs, literal butthole lickers most often LOVED by people who love the taste allowing them to lick their mouths and calling it affection, to their natural core only care about food and their survival.
    Foolish people think they are protecting the owner's property but to the dog it is its property.
    I've had 2 Rottweilers and one pitbull by the way so, not a dog hater but obsessive owner who french kiss/lick them make me sick. The illusion of loyalty only goes as far as instinct, it's a fkn animal. Some folks give dogs more care, regard, love, respect more than their fellow human being. Disgusting.

  16. Hahahhaha… That part about a kid asking his/her African Dad for a 🐕 dog is so hilariously good…

  17. The hypocrisy here:
    "Trump has too much time in his hands, that is why he built a golf simulator"
    "Actually Obama also had a golf simulator"
    Too much biased?

  18. Can you imagine me walking a dog🤔 just when you think a person couldn't be more brainless there he is folks 45

  19. Trump needs one of those "Nissan golf balls" (ProPILOT GOLF BALL) which rolls automatically into the hole.

  20. Trevor is making fun of Donald Trump and when he is saying dog he is talking about Israel so I think that trevor can go fuck himself.

  21. Trevor do you have marbles in your mouth or is that a fake accent? Your neither funny nor as smart as you think! You come into my country and talk dirt on my President! F you find another country that will pay you for your bull shit lies!

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