100 Replies to “Tucker: Trace the decline of men to disappearance of fathers”

  1. Men are made to "disappear" from their families long before they're actually kicked out as a result of the wife filing for divorce. Fathers are often belittled, denigrated and marginalized during the course of the marriage. They are often treated as outsiders or guests in their own homes and are deemed only as sources of income for the spending requirements of the wife. I'm speaking generally, of course, but it is so often the case in at least varying degrees that it is a real problem that should be addressed. Meanwhile, the fathers often have no recourse other than to quietly acquiesce, until they can no longer take it. The best solution for most is to not play the game, a form of Russian Roulette, as it is rigged against them.

  2. Can we get honest and also consider that the disappearance of fathers is also partly cause of the decline of men? There's personal responsibility in making a relationship work and in parenting. This isn't all about women. This is also about people choosing to have kids with somebody they're not willing to commit to long term. That's on both genders and it's a problem of lack in dedication, compromise, willingness, discipline, and planning that comes from poor decision making and a selfish, impulsive world view.

  3. Men are no longer marrying because it puts nearly 100% of their power in the hands of a creature that is governed by whim, impulse and hypergamy. There is no wisdom in signing a contract with someone who benefits from breaking it.
    And yes, our civilization will suffer from this.
    Blame feminism, blame Hollywood, blame woke colleges, blame nanny/welfare state socialists…blame the left. They are THE problem.

  4. What you failed to list as a reason for fatherless homes is mostly the following… lazy, good-for-nothing, irresponsible, financially inept, lying, cheating, noncommittal, pot head, alcoholic, argumentative, abusive, game playing….MEN…WHO ARE NOT GOOD TO HAVE AROUND CHILDREN !!! Women won't tolerate that stuff around their children anymore they kick the man to the curb and raise their children by themselves.
    A wholesome, quiet, stable home without a man in it is far superior to a home with a "father at home" who has one, many, or ALL of those listed problems.
    What men have become very good at is putting on a facade of being stable, worthwhile, responsible and reliable UNTIL they get a woman to marry them or even trust them enough to become pregnant…THEN THE FACADE COMES OFF and the woman is left with a total jerk on her hands…that she dumps as fast as she can….children or no children. Ask any single mom if the reasons I gave aren't the REAL reasons for single mom homes…….it is 👎 men.

  5. Thank you Tucker for addressing this issue without bias. It has been a serious concern in this country for far too long.

  6. The end of America fill fall extremely hard on all of us

    But in hardship we will find salvation

    And easy life is not a life worth living

    Adversity is what makes life meaningful

  7. I'm the poster child for this; a latch key kid from the 70s who grew up fatherless. I had a lot of the characteristic symptoms, and I had to make a stand to be a regular father to my son. It may be the most important stand I ever took, and I'll never regret it.





  9. And still women can't figure out why men won't marry them, in much the same way that Hillary can't figure out why men wouldn't vote for her.

  10. It is racial and bigotry when anybody states we have to have a woman president or too many old white men, whoever is most qualified should be the standard. God, Jehovah Yahwey (sp) is male female

  11. The money grubbing legal system deciding how to get the most money out of a situation has set the tone of our laws. Feminism is not the problem it is weak man who have turned their back on God.

  12. Dad left, Mom did what she could with 5 kids when we were very young . Dad didn’t pay child support he hid from us and the government meant we had to be on welfare for a time till she got a job, but life was really hard still! Now 2 of us have fantastic careers, 2 are doing better than we ever had and I get paid a decent wage happily married so are 3 of the family members 1 has never been. Not all children of Mom’s only around turn out bad. Still miss having a Dad around.

  13. I-was-married-to-an-American-woman-once.She-started-whoring-around-so-I-would-devorce-her.That-cost-me-50%-of-my-lifes-earnings.I-wouldn"t-ever-go-near-another-American-woman.My-Asian-girlfriend-loves-and-needs-me.Just-say-no-to-American-women.

  14. it seems to me, that men are getting abused, physically , emotionally and now have a broken spirit BECAUSE of women~ sorry ladies, you wonder why men aren't interested?  look at yourselves we have raddled an pushed too far~ now we are paying the price,

  15. Yep. That's why I am a 100% White Nationalist ! Feminism and Homosexuality are a huge part of the Equality, Diversity, and Tolerance poison that is destroying White Western Civilization and Prosperity. That offends FOX NEWS and MSNBC, but I don't care. I don't care about people who hate me.

  16. Wrong Mantis, it is now fashionable to "get with" a "girl"(woman) now, not marry and make a commitment, have kids and think nothing of leaving. Fatherless kids are a serious problem, and this program is on point!

  17. What no one seems to recognize is that throughout history , every great civilization that ever existed met it's demise
    when the family unit broke down>history always repeats itself.

  18. While the nuclear family is generally superior to a single parent fiasco, it can't even begin to match the idea of the extended family, which at this point is indeed largely a mere idea, an artifact. And we've all paid the price.

  19. We are at war. The us government is at war with white males. If you are a white male it is okay to abuse you. They also hire other white males to do harm to you. The white male here talking for faux news is a trust fund millionaire baby and he doesn't care about you or america.

    Its funny. RINO's complain about liberals/big government and government power always increases during a RINO presidency. Then RINO's bootlick like their life depends on it. Its almost RINO's are oblivious to reality.

  20. Why did the CIA support Gloria Steinam and the 'women's liberation' movement? I had not realised she had CIA support until only a few years ago, and have never seen anything about why the CIA might have decided to do that.

    Tucker is right that being a single mother is not a model for society. Been there, done that – and I would not wish it on anyone. Except, I have to say, for trying to continue in an abusive marriage, or when a husband is too frequently or consistently unfaithful, or other such nightmare circumstances.

  21. It's a joke how our country is manipulated by the media and morality just evaporates.
    Obama was the worst president as he lacks the ability to comprehend a strong moral society and his role in its destruction. Kenya is a lousy place to be educated on the constitution of the United States. Loser, his is one of incredible ignorance.

  22. Feminism is not about gender equality. It is about destroying the family so that there will be a dysfunctional society that embraces socialism. The welfare state is part of the same agenda.

  23. Tucker is spot on…this is killing the black community daily, but folks don’t want to acknowledge this out loud…..

  24. This video is older, but still relevant. Thanks, Tucker. For folks who want to understand better what is happening here, look up the Cloward–Piven strategy.

  25. Tucker and Fox and Friends are some of the most down to earth people. Thank you all for showing support for us young men. We need to all here that being a normal man is a very important thing to society

    Stop the family court madness, stop the feminist lies, stop the media and their ignorance, stop the politician's pandering, and finally wake up all women in the U.S.A. to the fact that you NEED men! Stop the lies you women need us not vice versa!

  27. Even when the father is present in a home the current shape of our society limits their effectiveness. Media portrays fathers as buffoons to be manipulated by their wives and families. Whenever a family has issues, it's always assumed that the father is the problem and the Psychology and Counseling community jump on that no matter how dysfunctional the mother may be. Education has decided to teach feminist revisionist history, feminist literature, and are teaching our children that being a man is bad. The "Feminists" have decided that Men are the problem and that Men have no place in "the solution".

  28. So, these women see unemployed/underemployed men as poor marriage material but are fine to breed with? Seems like very faulty logic.
    But yes, the loss of gov. benefits and decline of religion go far in explaining the marriage divide btw the classes

  29. Remember that to the libbies, Wealth is a disease! You don't want to be caught suffering from Affluenza in liberal Amerika!

  30. It's the same here in the UK. The entire system is utterly biased against men, especially white men, so that we always lose our homes and kids, no matter what we did or why we got divorced. MGTOW Brit-style is the only sensible response.

  31. An amazing speech, simply and beautifully expressed. I call this real thinking and really good writing. Unforgettable, profound, and moving.

  32. Feminism is the worst that has happened to women… and has it made women happier? And like Tucker says, it is a tragedy for young boys growing up without a father leading the household.

  33. They planned it out, they have been dislodging men from society, and they have been doing a really good job of it. Communism can not work if men are in the way, they have to remove all the founding fathers, no meeting places, no gathering points, and no family's.

  34. Trump, after repeatedly complaining and accusing Obama for golfing to much, and on the campaign said that he would have no time to play himself, and because “he would just work, work, work, believe me”. Remember that one- Suckers? In reality Trump has played a round every 4.2 days – twice Obama’s rate. And, naturally he tends to lie and cover up how often he plays while (not) on the job.

  35. Mr Obama was cheated out of his Childhood, not really knowing who his Real Father was! I'm not
    Sure Mr. Obama really knows for sure…..???

  36. Interesting until Tucker comes to drawing conclusions: this is all the Democrats fault! What a load of codswallop. Shallow and unscientific conclusions…

  37. I have no boys. Just two daughters. When their mom passed away they was in their teens. I’m remarried and my wife has treated them as her own. I thank God for her. She treats and gives the girls things I know I can’t as a father. Moms and dads both give the kids something that the other one can’t.

  38. Women who give birth outside marriage should be punished, not rewarded. They have plenty of incentives to become single mothers. For example: I have a single mother family member who works a low paying job and gets between 5k and 10k tax refund, no way she paid in that much.

  39. Men abandoned God and made women their god, now that women are the god of men she is treating you like her slave and her slave you most certainly are!! She’ll divorce men take every paycheck you earn for the rest of your life, you’ll die in abject poverty and totally alone!!! You want the American family back?!? Turn back to God and follow His rules!! Otherwise enjoy your idol and suffer the consequences of your vicious actions!!

  40. Appreciate the sentiment Tucker but it is too late, women's Superior rights in the system has doomed men not having a mate. I'm 60 and I know a lot of young men that say they will never get married, and a lot of them young men today not even have a relationship with a woman. Today's women are not worth the squeeze.

  41. Interestingly,out of the top 5 reasons divorce Financial instability is no 1 women have been taught that all they have to do in life is have a baby with a guy and they have the" golden ticket". Thanks democrats and feminists

  42. If You Have An Half Brain An Wont Hump Like An Rabbit Alway Rent An Hotle or Tempoary House
    Never Let Her Know Where You Live Are Your Real Name Get Dispose Phone Number
    To Hump And Dump By Just Fake Like Your Rich WithOut Waste Your Cash On Them
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    Always Watch Out For Those Simp And Captian Save An Whole & The Whihe Knight Pose
    Not To Forget Those THIRSTY Bro

  43. Fathers aren’t disappearing- toxic mothers are keeping them from their children with the help of the cops and courts at tax payer expense.

  44. the new, late-20th-21st century phenomenon of a lack of fathers is just another symptom – the root cause of almost all of societies problems is EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals), and they can be linked to the lack of fatherhood also.

  45. This is why the leftist family courts greatly prefer giving child custody to women. The more destructive a policy is to men and boys the better, according to feminist doctrine.

  46. FEMINISTS, Liberalists, Leftists etc ARE responsible for Men being emasculated and sick of crying/ yelling/ oestrogen "feelings" driven Females!!! I can't stand Them (Feminist, Lefties, Weirdos) and I am a well educated, sensible female who appreciates Family and the Role Men play in Life to balance us/whoever/whatever as NO Female thinks quite as logically like a Man as They are Not Men; Not wired like Men! NO MATTER HOW THEY TRY!!!! Thank God for Men…I feel sorry for what some of them have to " put up with"!! Don't get me going on a whole, little known "epidemic" called Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Women!!! (Google it) It goes under the Radar, but what Devastation to The Victims in their Family ( Husband and Children, etc even friends) for Life!!! I wish I could teach young men what Signs/Traits/Words/Actions, etc of a N.P.D Female, to look for!!! So, no wonder Men are becoming anti-women!! Choose, if you want one, with your Reasoning and take your time, Gentlemen! Great Show Tucker Carlson, as always!!

  47. You are so right about boy's and girls with no fathers. Last night I was talking to my son about this who married and devoriced at age 18 with one child. It is so important for children to be raised by both parents, but this no longeir is the trend in America. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have no answer for this sad situation inflicted on our children.

  48. As someone who was raised religious, was mocked and ridiculed for it, and still clings to those traditional values, it is extremely gratifying to see a network openly and unabashedly standing up for these values I hold dear. God bless.

  49. FeMEnism destroyed America. Satanic demon-possessed feMEnists did it. There used to be an US. There ain't no US no more. It's US against the THEM.

  50. Why cant you see the abundance of alluminum we breath continually from chemtrails and the 5G effects are weakening all of us ???!!

  51. How about fathers are abusive. Irish immigrant has courts demanding visitation and child is terrified of his father. Boulder County sanctuary city.

  52. Im native full blood .at a time long ago man new the secrets of who and why he wlks the earth in a fragile body and mind and to be with everything you see and breath is right in front of you. Reality is a strange emotional seeing thing for a human being buts its their be has one with everything you kno around. .then you.ll see the differance .stay alert. Wake up .

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