TVJ Midday News: Fire Destroy Food for Poor Shelter Dwelling – August 28 2019

good afternoon I’m Herman green with
your midday news a special welcome if
you’re watching online at one spot
mediacom more than 100 persons have been
displaced after fire last night
destroyed several houses on Fleet Street
in downtown Kingston and gutted a
facility which holds several physically
challenged and homeless persons on Tower
Street the blaze started sometime after
nine o’clock
70 persons who were at the facility
which is operated by missionaries of the
poor were evacuated by residents one of
the physically challenged person
sustained serious burns for two other
persons who occupied the mainly board
houses on Fleet Street lost most of
their belongings it’s still not clear
what caused the fire and we will have
more on this in our primetime news
package at 7 acting director of
corruption prosecutions at the Integrity
Commission Dirk Harrison will retire on
September 1 he has informed the Governor
General of his decision to retire in a
letter dated August 4 we have more in
this report Derrick Harrison was
appointed contractor general On February
25 2013 the office of a contractor
general was later subsumed into the
interpreter commission under the
Integrity Commission at 2017 that
statute which took effect on February 22
2018 abolished the post of contractor
general and in its place created the
post of director of corruption
prosecutions but mr. Harrison was never
appointed to the position instead he was
asked to act in the role on an interim
basis earlier this year the public
became aware of strong differences of
opinion between mr. Harrison and the
commissioners of the Integrity
Commission following a report by mr.
Harrison as former contractor general
about the government sale of the rooms
on the beach property in notorious his
report stated that the Urban Development
Corporation was not able to negotiate
freely and from a position of strength
in the sale of rooms on the beach
to porter Caribe properties limited
because of the alleged meddling of
government minister there involves and
others that claim was strongly contested
by mr. Vaz
the controversy depend when
commissioners of the integrity
commissioner raised doubts about the
credibility of the report in a statement
issued on April 30 in June mr. Harrison
said Jamaica’s anti-corruption
strategies are ineffective adding that
the country runs a risk of suffering
reputational damage unless decisive
action is taken
he raised concern about the operations
of integrity Commission and the major
organized crime and anti-corruption
agency MOCA while speaking at a crime
and corruption forum in New Kingston Oh
Shane masters TVJ news a call from the
Consumer Affairs Commission for parents
and guardians to be vigilant in their
back to school shopping the director of
communications was speaking on TV Jai’s
smile Jamaica program this week TV days
Angela Lee has the report look out for
counterfeit goods that’s the call from
the Consumer Affairs Commission as the
back-to-school shopping period
intensifies director of communications
at the CAC Latoya Halstead says reports
of fake school bags and shoes have
increased in this period after the rush
where everybody generally trying to do
last-minute shopping what generally
happens we see a 5 to 10 percent
increase in the number of complaints
miss house they’d made a plea to those
who purchase goods without getting a
receipt while encouraging parents to buy
brands they are familiar with and I’m
gonna ask beg lead the consumers ensure
that you get a receipt when you purchase
the items because at the end of the day
it comes down to three hours you either
repair it replace it or you get a
redress as for textbooks miss house that
said parents should look out for books
which have been defaced in terms of
books persons would have written their
names in the books and they would have
wrapped the books and when you take that
back to the store the bookstore cannot
sell it to somebody else
because somebody else’s name is
in it okay so what we call Shan parents
is that when you purchase books do not
write the names do not wrap the books
until you have confirmed with a teacher
this is what we will be using and you
lately TVJ news administrators at the
edna manic college of the visual and
performing arts staged a demonstration
to highlight their support of the
principle it’s reported that the Board
of Directors voted to acts principal dr.
nickel in the grass Johnson to take a
leave of absence from the institution
this amidst the sexual harassment
investigation that is underway at the
college TVJ News understands that the
leave of absence is with immediate
effect since the news broke
administrators at the school organized a
protest to throw their support behind
the principal initiative the board
speaks to the press and the public and
and the principal I’ve been doing oh
I’ve been doing real work in trying to
address the issue I’m doing here that
can be that the principal is the
scapegoat and that’s not fair her staff
members say they do not support the
Board’s decision and they are upset that
for far too long they have been left in
the dark about the investigations with
the new school year starting yesterday
they would like to have the issue result
soon it’s essentially just asking for
closure the the going on and on is no
becoming like a colleague said a soap
opera we’re we’re just adding to the
drama and we’re not trying to resolve so
we genuinely want to resolve the
situation we have students or hurting we
have staff or hurting and we really just
want to respect due process we want to
respect each other and we want to
function as a College TVJ News
understands that both vice principals
will assume day-to-day responsibility
for activities at the college in the
interim and we now take a break here on
the midday news but please stay with us
we have more news when you return
welcome back continuing the midday news
a warning from Prime Minister Andrew
Holness that more contractors will be
barred from state-funded works
mr. holiness said he has given
directives for a strictest system to be
in place so that those contractors who
have produced inferior work or are late
in completing projects will be
overlooked the new procurement authority
to give cabinet a policy outline as to
how we can introduce performance
management contracting that is we know
of several contractors who have work
they don’t finish they don’t complete it
on time but yet they come back into the
process so there must be a way within
the procurement process in which the
past performance of contractors feature
in their ability to get future work the
National Water Commission nwc says its
operations teams are working to restore
water supply to several communities and
st. Andrew which had been disrupted by
ongoing roadwork activities in recent –
our NewsCenter earlier today the nwc
says several sections of transmission
mains were moved as the contractors
cleared a pathway for infrastructure
along the new roadway as a result the
agency will be reinstalling new pipeline
to restore water supply in Richmond Park
maxvill Avenue open sections of Hagley
Park and surrounding communities who
have been affected the release also
states that normal water supply
operations are expected to be restored
by midnight August 28th the st.
elizabeth police have intensified their
investigation into last weekend’s
break-in at a Western Union outlet in
balaclava during which as safe was
stolen the burglary took place on
Saturday night it was reported that the
burglars removed the safe from wall and
made off with it this morning head of a
sent Elizabeth Police Superintendent
Simon Martin TVJ news that the police
are yet to recover the stolen safe or
its contents are making progress in
their investigation with the help of
technology in
of the recent break-in counselor for the
balaclava division Everton Fisher and
the residents have urged the st.
Elizabeth police and error 3 High
Command to deploy more police personnel
and vehicles to the community arising
from this and other recent incidents a
community meeting is to be held inside
low primary at the silo primary school
with residents of balaclava Shiloh
Marathi and adjoining areas to deal with
community and safety matters now the
meeting is to begin at 3 o’clock this
here’s a preview now of what’s coming up
in this evenings health report in the
next edition of the health report we
look at natural birth versus a caesarean
section a normal delivery means that you
are delivering the baby through a
passage that’s created for that purpose
with a c-section you have to be given
whether it’s spinal anesthesia which
means we didn’t from the opah abdomen
don’t know what’s on your awake or
you’re put to sleep
and those have risks involved you know
themselves doing the surgery itself has
risk involved and the aftercare has
written vows because you will be in bed
for some time he can’t get infections
you can get flushed in the different
veins and in your future pregnancies it
can impact on how you deliver it can
impact on how your your placenta or
afterbirth decides to implant and so
there are so many things that can happen
because of a c-section that’s the health
report this evening in primetime news
and now for today’s healthy living tip
when preparing for a natural birth find
the right health care provider choose
where you want to give birth
learn about alternative pain relief
methods go to prenatal classes and
prepared for the unexpected
we go now to news in sports defending
champions waterhouse will go in search
of their first win when they oppose
Royal Lakes at the Royal Lakes play
field as the jmf Women’s Premier League
continues on Wednesday elsewhere in the
zone Trelawny women’s FC play real Mona
FC at the Elliston wake land center
while Olympic gardens are at home at
Kling Kling oval against real MOBA FC
over in Zone B Barnet
or rather Arnett Gardens who thrashed
Rangers for 1 on the opening day will
play Fraser’s
p.m. Jamaica’s world on the twenty
double sprint gold medalist Brianna
Williams will be facing an anti-doping
disciplinary hearing in the coming weeks
after testing positive for the banned
diuretic hydrochlorothiazide HC TZ
Fiorina has the details t VJ sport
sources on Tuesday confirmed that
Brianna Williams is ABI sample has
confirmed the a sample as being positive
for the battle diuretic
hydrochlorothiazide both those samples
were tested at the water in Montreal
Canada highjack Laura Thea side is a
diuretic used by some athletes to lose
weight or mass the use of anabolic
steroids pending a disciplinary hearing
Williams o clock – yet to be ratified
national junuh record of ten point nine
four seconds to place third in a 100
meters at the National Sea no trials
could no miss the a double AF World
Championships in Doha Qatar between
September 27 and October 7 contacted by
TV Jay sports Tuesday afternoon Canadian
base the sports attorney dr. Amir Crone
confirmed he had been retained to
represent young Williams in the case but
expressed disappointment that details of
her case was in the public domain very
public revealing I think that didn’t
have been released till at least there
was a positive confirmation of the B
sample when again we’re dealing with a
minor here it wouldn’t have been
anyone’s preference her name to be to be
bandied about before there was any such
public finding at least with respect to
her B sample when contacted by telephone
choose the morning Alexander Williams
who chairs the Jamaica anti-doping
Commission declined comment on any
doping matter Cronin tends to argue that
the banned substance was contained in
contaminated over-the-counter medication
former cold and flu which was declared
on her doping control form
that we have done independent tests on
an over cool medication that the athlete
and the independent tests confirm the
presence listed amongst the ingredients
in that cool medicine it is understood
that the matter will not be heard by the
local independent anti-doping
disciplinary panel under the world
anti-doping agency and iwf rules the
athlete is facing the possibility of a
maximum four-year banned for a first
offense if she’s found guilty that on
her control but beyond anyone’s control
really there was no way to do that
their ethics would find its way into
over-the-counter cold medicine 1440 VJ
sports and that wraps up the midday news
I’m Herman green please join us at 7:00
for the prime time news package on
behalf of the new sports and production
teams good afternoon

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  1. Hmmmm???Very Suspect Told U It's Not By Chance Very Dodgy Never Clear What Causes The Fires When Their Tryna Cover?️

  2. Every black Jamaican should own their own home in Jamaica a piece of the land Jamaica is their land REPARATION
    compensation now. If Israel can do it. Why can't Jamaican government black Jamaican should be protected in Jamaica. white people come and get free house they're not paying for those homes they are coming into those homes, and land. America, and the prime minister of Jamaica is calling for more pale face to come in and make Jamaica less black, and more multi cultural. Re gentrifying Jamaica. As poverty grow for the black people. Sorry to hear what happened to the homeless shelter but good God. Freedom for the black people of Jamaica.

  3. Jamaican needs government that genuinely loves the people, love the country. A government that believe the imperialism Charter should be do away with. Not a puppet foreign interest.

  4. It's so funny and laughable Hong kong don't trust the Chinese Government yet our leaders would have us to trust the Chinese Jamaican should not trust them there is nothing free from the Chinese government they don't even treat them own people good the Chinese cannot be trusted their people are controlled by an iron rod

  5. This is so shocking! Food for the Poor homes up in flames! What's next? Am so sorry for those pple n what's going to happen to them now. I pray God Almighty make a way for all involved. God cares n will help. Thanks for those volunteers who assisted to move those pple.

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