TVJ Midday News: Higher Food Prices | Dengue Preventative Measures – November 6 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news for this Wednesday
November 6 a special welcome if you’re
watching on one spot Mediacom consumers
will have to dig deeper in their pockets
for the upcoming festive season as the
price of agricultural produce will
increase speaking with TVJ news this
morning president of the Jamaica
agricultural society Len Worth Fulton
said this is due to the recent drought
which affected the majority of farm
producing areas well I think we’ll have
some higher price than Yuja in that we
came off late in the drought and so you
not have the full production of things
like sorrel which we are accustomed to
will have some Cyril but not in the same
quantity as we had in yester years he’s
expecting that prices will increase by
as much as 15 percent that epi in higher
inputs because the dollar is not
behaving itself and that feed right
through to every input most all of these
input are imported
so another ala know is that 141 it can’t
do anything good for farmers so
something needs to be done to control
that volatility I don’t say to fix it
but it is too volatile now and for too
long and it is affecting the importation
of planting material and if the Jamaica
agriculture society says it will be
looking to the government to clear a
debt of over 20 million dollars this
follows the staging of the Denby
Agricultural Show in Clarendon three
months ago
mr. Fulton says the debt is due to the
non payment of monies by some major
sponsors 15 million is owed to the
National Water Commission while another
13 million is owed to a private security
I am going to approach the government to
advance us something to to clear them
and then it would be the Jews and the
government instead of the Jas and
private contractors so I would that’s
that’s the route we want to go Minister
with responsibility for information call
Samoa says the revocation of cabinet
minister Daryl Vaz is u.s. visa will
have little impact on investor
confidence in Jamaica mr. Sam muda was
responding to questions at the post
cabinet press briefing today it’s a
matter that affects the minister himself
quite personally as for the government I
doubt very much if it will have that
great impact on the government and
therefore I’m not fearful of the image
of the government I am NOT apprehensive
about any fallout by investors in their
confidence in this government because
the work of this government has clearly
demonstrated that the country is being
run efficiently services are being
provided on a timely basis and the
opportunities for growth and development
have never been better the US visas of
mr. Vaz and senior opposition MP Philip
Paul well were revoked recently by way
of correspondence from the United States
embassy they were informed that if they
had intentions of traveling to the US
they would have to reapply the
politicians were among a list of
business persons and members of D
Jamaica constable Air Force whose visas
were revoked and in light of concerns
about an increase in dengue cases the
Education Ministry is increasing
preventative measures in schools acting
permanent secretary dr. grace McLean
provided an update at today’s post
cabinet press briefing we have sent out
the system all the appropriate
documentation for them to be guided by
we collaborate with the Fogg in as well
as the tips that are provided for our
school administrators we also follow up
closely with our teachers to ensure that
if and when there are symptoms which we
all know the students are facilitated in
seeking medical treatment immediately
and I believe so far we have been doing
an excellent job in terms of the
collaboration and we will continue to do
so the woman who was taken into custody
in connection with the fatal stabbing of
a senior member of the national women’s
football team
Tariana Clark has been charged 20-year
old Rochelle foster over Brandon Hill
st. Andrew was charged the last night
this was confirmed by crime officer for
the st. Andrews Central Police Deputy
Superintendent Percival Anderson MS
foster is to appear before the corporate
era Criminal Court next week
reports are that last Thursday the women
got into an altercation over a cell
phone in half way tree which led to miss
Clark being stabbed an investigation has
been launched following the removal of a
several children from a compound which
is believed to be the site of a
religious group in Norwood st. James the
office of the children’s advocate
confirmed that the children were taken
from the property during operations last
week and yesterday children’s advocate
Eden Garden Harrison told our NewsCenter
that the children were removed after
concerns were raised about their welfare
so without giving too many details as
this is a life matter that will involve
appearances before the court I can
compound that there was in fact an
operation today there was also one last
week and there are several issues at
play of both religious and sexual
natures and we basically are concerned
about certainly the children who are
involved there are two broad categories
of children who seem to be on the
compound those of tender years which
would be below 12 and adolescence and
we’re of course concerned about their
the compound and the nature of the
activities that they’re involved in the
children’s advocate gave details on what
wanted her office doing overall at OCA
is just to see that everything that’s
probed points to securing the best
interests of these children but as I
said it’s a live issue it’s unfolding
and so I really can’t give very much
more detail at this time in this video
several individuals on the property
objected to the removal of the children
when we visited the church this morning
they refused to speak with our news team
and it’s Sam for break more stories
right after these messages
welcome back and we’re continuing the
news the National Environment and
planning agents in Napa has given
information which is in conflict with
the allegations made by some members of
the Discovery Bay Community Development
Committee members have alleged that the
Dolphin Cove attraction at Port osika
Beach have caused increased pollution
but senior manager for the environmental
management subdivision at Napa Richard
Nelson says based on information
gathered by the agency the claims cannot
be verified criticisms and advocacy by
community activists have increased since
the opening of the beach a recent letter
in the Delina by the community committee
ignited another round of debate and a
sharp reaction from dolphin Cove which
has denied the claims for nipper and the
Minister of Health that is the
Environmental Health Unit also bought a
consult and from time to time on we call
a free samples and do independent
testing and this also provides some
verification of what a la the
independent lab is doing know what it is
sure is that before the dolphins were
introduced what never Johnny with you
dilemma has picked up is that it’s
pretty much similar to to what has been
obtained from 2005 and and pretty much
pristine quality water good quality of
water and since introduction of the
dolphin the data has shown no
significant change it remains pretty
much more or less the same as before and
after so we have not seen any
information in data that indicated that
there has been any increased pollution
the justices of the Peace Association
held its annual awards in st. and
yesterday to recognize those who have
made outstanding contributions in
society CEO of the rgr cleaner
communications group Gary Allen
commended the justices of the peace who
have stayed true to the theme dedication
to service above self we as Jews are
called upon to try and find some
of all we help our community to be right
and many many many of you working on er
than even those not being honored
tonight are doing an outstanding job are
trying to help to introduce that balance
in our society which has turned as he
highlighted that having on question of
the integrity is one of the main
characters that a JP must have he
suggested that they be trained in order
to assist in the effective operation of
the justice system
I encourage more of our justices of the
peace to see and I encourage the
authorities to recommend justices of the
peace who have been so trained to be
used in some of the high-paying core
edited mediation sessions with the some
JPS being in conflict with the law mr.
Allen reminded them of their sworn duty
critical repairs to the poppy market are
expected to be completed soon for years
vendors have been complaining about the
status of the facility counselor for the
papen division Venetia Phillips gave an
update on the project we have the
electrical work going on because we want
to make sure that the property market is
properly lit because we have had
concerns from vendors about the security
and so that too is happening
simultaneously as we do the restoration
of the roof I still notice that we have
water in you know just one passage and
we’re going to be dealing with that in
terms of the soakaway in the meantime is
Philip said there have also been
improvements in garbage collection at
the market we have impressed upon the
office staff here at the market to
continue to monitor how the garbage
being managed by the grown persons we
have here we don’t always unfortunately
get collections on time but we are
working with NSW ma who partner with us
to cut away the garbage from the beer
when we’re not able ourselves to respond
from KCC residents of Newlin Daniela st.
Thomas are calling on the Jamaica Public
Service to replace a light post in the
community the post has deteriorated and
poses a threat to residents one resident
told our news center that the matter was
reported to the Moran to my office of
the JPS but they are yet to get a
response if you notice the wire even did
because the root of the force is open
rat node and we try to we make several
complain about it but nobody take us in
consideration and this thing is very
dangerous to both our home and to the
people in the community because if this
pours fall down it gonna cost PS so we
are asking for an urgent look at the
force and if they can do something about
it even the street light for the past
three four months now this street light
is old and we’ve been we’ve been talking
about it and nobody seems to recognize
us and the time now for a preview of
what’s coming up in this evenings health
report in the next edition of the health
report we look at the importance of per
speeding they will stop when they want
to and when they’ve had enough they will
stop it’s not somebody holding a bottle
at an angle and they’re almost sucking
as long as that nipple is in their mouth
so that’s what I mean by self regulating
and this has implications for the babies
are the child’s weight in latter years
you often find that breastfed babies of
heavier bigger than then breastfed
babies that’s the health report this
evening in primetime news I do know for
today’s healthy living tip get
comfortable while nursing
pure baby find the right position let
your be able to determine how often and
how long to nurse don’t be alarmed
it’s common for milk to leak from your
breasts and stay hydrated and in sports
Ralston chase fell four runs short of
his mean one day international century
as the Western discus to a seven wicket
win over Afghanistan to take a one-nil
lead in their three-game series set 195
runs the win for victory the windows
lost Evan Lewis for seven and Shimron
hatma for 3 with a score 25 for to chase
94 and she hopes Center 7 not out added
163 for the third wicket as the West End
has reached victory at 197 for three
earlier Afghanistan recovered from 15
for 2 with Rama Shah 61 and a chromatic
Hill 58 leading the way however a strong
response from the cabin bowlers saw the
hosts and hosts losing their last four
wickets for the three runs
Jason holder romário Shepherd and chase
all ended with two wickets and that’s
the midday news I’m Andrea Chisholm join
us at 7:00 for the prime time news
package on behalf of the news sports and
production teams good afternoon

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  1. Really ever year is the same cry when will this change….there is got be a way that the government needs to try harder to the dollar… Cost of living is getting higher and poor is getting poorer..

  2. Ja going to reach the stage where you going to of to make grills for our pot when it on the stove cooking. Or it going to missing off the fire.

  3. Everybody plant dem own sinting whether inna ground or inna pot anywhere u live u can grow something. Eat what u grow and grow what u wa eat .

  4. Lie, lie. Jamaica Gov- is putting in the people heads. How the hell the poor people is going to eat when food is so high. Corrupt Gov.

  5. I believe what they're saying about Dolphin Cove 100%. Nepa is acting like is a pool the dolphin dem in. A sea! Lol sea move! By time you come and test the nastiness gone. Dolphin Cove is one of the worst smelling places I've ever walked by and I don't understand how people swim round wid dem.

  6. Why cant the jamaica government help the farming people because thay are curripted and falling up there for when thay leave politics jamaica people dont belive some of those pm stand for your right

  7. Food going up? It's called "Austerity" difficult economic conditions created by government due to bowering money from the World Bank. The US dollar has no value due to printing money from nothing ($1.00 = negative .$05 Cent). USA is the center of austerity, Jamaica's connection to the US dollar and it's government is Austerity 101. The only answer to the slavery caused by Austerity is to honker down and plant food and trees with food on it where you can. Share out the food with thy neighbor. The government will not be able to change the price of food and the prices will not go back down. Inflation is in control and unstoppable. Grills will not stop anything. Every Elder, the JP's, the people must come to together to keep the peace. Food in the ground is in the best interest for Jamaica. Treat the soil like gold (learn how to do this with the internet) and the children will develop correctly. The government needs to make Education the #1 priority for Jamaica to move forward. The State of Emergency plan is not and will not stop "Austerity" that was and is caused by inflation due to printing money out of thin air. Educate the Nation and nothing but good will come. Allow the government to Borrow more money from them out there is total corruption in terms of this can cause Genocide.

    The power pole that is going to fall, it who you know that can make the call and it's fixed. Call your JP and he will guide you.

    TVJ, Thank You for helping the people and keeping the politicians honest and tuned into what the people need.

    Note: Money spent at the Embassy to get out is enough to revamp the entire Educational system.

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