U.S. threatens Turkey over Syria invasion – TV7 Israel News 08.10.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcasting to you from Jerusalem;
And in today’s top stories;
Turkey launched a military offensive against
northeast Syria, near the country’s border
with Iraq – vowing to eradicate all terror
organizations operating in the area.
U.S. President Donald Trump warned Turkish
president Recep Tayyip Erdogan not to exceed
from its declared operational intensions,
or else, it would suffer an American response,
which Trump asserted, would lead Turkey to
“an extremely decimated economy.”
Most of the Israel’s Jewish population started
fasting this evening as part of the holiest
Jewish day of the year, Yom Kippur, Hebrew
for the day of atonement.
Turkey’s military had launched an offensive
against northeastern Syria last night, near
the country’s border with Iraq.
Local sources reported that Turkish artillery
batteries opened fire toward positions belonging
to the Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-led
alliance that operated for the past several
years as the major ground force of the U.S.-led
coalition against the Islamic State.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan underscored
that American and Turkish delegations are
still holding talks regarding a so-called
“safe zone” along the Turkish-Syrian border,
which Ankara views as vital for its security.
That said, Erdogan emphasized that these talks
will not delay the military operation in northeast
“U.S. delegations and our delegations held
talks and still do.
This will continue with the same determination
after last night’s call.
We have a decision that we made.
We had said that we may come one night.”
The Turkish leader also announced his plan
to visit Washington next month, during which
he plans to discuss with his American counterpart,
President Donald trump, for the purpose of
discussing the bilateral relations between
Turkey and the United States, as well as the
developments in the region.
Meanwhile in Washington;
U.S. President Donald Trump insisted that
he does did not ‘side’ with Turkey – a
NATO ally – over the long-time U.S.-backed
SDF militias, which are predominantly Kurdish;
after his decision to pull-out a remaining
50 U.S. special forces from Syria.
“Well I’m not siding with anybody.
We’ve been in Syria for many years.
Syria was supposed to be a short-term hit.
Just a short-term hit.
We were supposed to be in and out.
That was many, many years ago.
And we only have 50 people in that area – it’s
a small sector.
And I don’t want those 50 people hurt or killed
or anything.
I don’t want anything bad to happen to our
people and I told that to President Erdogan.
I said that – Don’t hurt any of our people.
Any of our people get hurt, big trouble.”
President Trump further revealed that he warned
Turkey not to exceed from its declared operational
intensions, or else, Ankara would face the
That said, the American President reiterated
that his decision to withdraw the U.S. forces
from the area aimed at protecting them, while
stressing that it was time for the countries
of the region to deal with the Islamic State;
and for the U.S. troops to “come back home.
“Right now we’re at a position where if
Turkey does anything out of what they should
be doing, we will hit them so hard in the
economy; but when you talk about soldiers,
we only had 50 soldiers in the area.
I think the area was, it’s a very small
area and very small area, but we had 50 soldiers
I don’t want them to be in a bad or a compromising
And I will tell you this, everybody respects
our country again.
If we want to go in, if we have to go back
for any reason – because bad things happen
– but we’re 7,000 miles away.
These ISIS people – whatever you want to call
them – these people are right there.
They’re right there.
They’re touching many of these countries
that I just named.
Iran is an example.
Hates ISIS, and ISIS hates Iran.
Iraq, you know all about that.
Turkey, Syria -let them take care of it.
Let them take care of it.
We want to bring our troops back home.”
Despite President Trump’s declared intension
to return the American forces back to the
United States, a senior U.S. administration
official denied that the Washington would
immediately pull its troops out of Syria.
According to the official, who spoke to a
select group of reporters in Washington on
condition of anonymity, “the 50 combat troops
would be relocated from the border with Turkey
to other American bases in Syria.”
The senior American official underlined that
the decision should not be construed as American
support for a Turkish military operation but,
rather, as recognition of the fact that Turkey
intends to act and that, as a consequence,
the American troops needed to be removed from
the danger zone.
The official further argued that “anyone
who says that President Trump has given Turkey
a green light to carry out a massacre is being
Meanwhile in Brussels;
The European Union called on Turkey to exercise
restraint – warning Ankara that while it
has legitimate security concerns, a military
operation in northeast Syria “will exacerbate
civilian suffering and lead to massive displacement
but will also risk severely undermining current
political efforts.”
The EU further urged on the so-called Astana
guarantors, which include Russia, Turkey and
Iran, to ensure a cessation of hostilities,
the protection of civilians, and unhindered
safe and sustainable humanitarian access through
all of Syria.
Meanwhile in Jerusalem;
Incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu hailed Jerusalem’s relations with
Moscow as critical for the security of the
Jewish State.
During a celebratory ceremony at the Prime
Minister’s office, marking the Hebrew-calendar’s
new year, Netanyahu emphasized the importance
of maintaining close cooperation and coordination
with Russia, amid major challenges that surround
the state of Israel.
“I had an important conversation with Russian
President Vladimir Putin.
I met with him several weeks ago on matters
that are important to the security of the
State of Israel, and this conversation was
also important for the security of the State
of Israel.
We have major challenges around us but we
also benefit from important cooperation and
coordination with Russia, and this is critical
for us and we will continue to be engaged.”
Netanyahu did not miss the opportunity to
mention the growing challenges from Israel’s
archrival, the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The Israeli leader emphasized that while it
openly aspires to annihilate us, Jerusalem
remains determined to protect the state of
Israel, in all ways necessary, that are already
being implemented on the ground.
Now in other news;
Most of the Israel’s Jewish population started
fasting this evening as part of the holiest
Jewish day of the year, Yom Kippur, Hebrew
for the day of atonement.
As part of necessary security arrangements,
the IDF announced a general closure on all
Palestinian territories, including the West
Bank and the crossings to the Gaza Strip.
The closure will be lifted, and the crossings
will be reopened, tomorrow at midnight.
Entry will be allowed only in humanitarian,
medical, and extraordinary cases.
Meanwhile, Police and Border Police forces
have been deployed in the Jerusalem area and
patrols have been increased at points of friction,
particularly in areas along the seamline.
Furthermore, Flights at Israel’s Ben-Gurion
International Airport ceased today at 01:50
PM and will resume operations tomorrow night,
at 10:30 PM.
Ahead of the day of atonement, today;
Orthodox and religious Jews performed their
traditional rituals, which they believe replaced
the Biblical sacrifices at the Temples, including
the waving of chickens over their heads or
emptying their pockets into a stream of water,
actions they believe would provide them atonement
for their sins.
The waving of a chicken over their heads is
called ‘Kapparot’, in which orthodox Jews
believe the act would pass their sins onto
the animal.
“Every year before Yom Kippur, during these
ten days of repentance that we are currently
in, we have the opportunity to transfer many
of our sins so to speak after a thorough repentance
onto either a chicken or onto money, give
it to charity, and with that we’ll atone for
much through a proper repentance, and that’s
what’s going right behind me.”
Along Israel’s Mediterranean shoreline, scores
of ultra-orthodox and religious Jews performed
ceremonies called ‘Tashlich’, where people
empty their pockets into a running source
of water, symbolically casting their sins
out to the sea.
“We need to throw our sins
to the sea.”
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